Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Monmusu Quest: Paradox [Part 2] is out!

I was out at the weekend so I wasn't able to blog about this going live on Friday.

Goddammit.  The new Crimson Court DLC for Darkest Dungeon came out last week as well.  How am I ever going to get any writing done?

Monmusu Quest: Paradox is the follow-up to Toro Toro Resistance's Monster Girl Quest series.  Personally I thought the switch to a typical grindy JRPG over the VN-with-puzzle-battles of the original did lose some of the hentai sexiness, although MQ:P is a much stronger game.  Don't let the porn aspects fool you, the first Monmusu Quest: Paradox was every bit as complex as a Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest.

Last time I did a fairly epic series of blogging my misadventures (and repeatedly getting lost) playing through the first game.  Unfortunately I won't be able to do it this time.  I don't know if it's an upgrade to Windows 10 or a change in the base RPGMaker programs developers use to make these games, but I've been unable to make text hooking and machine translation work for Japanese games over the past year or so.  Monmusu Quest: Paradox is unfortunately no exception - the program implodes the moment I try to start it with AGTH hooked. :(

This means I'll be waiting along with everybody else on Dargoth and team for an English translation.  A partial one for MQ:P part 1 already exists and you can keep up-to-date with where the part 2 translation is at here.

In the meantime I did the naughty impatient thing of checking through the game's Graphics folders to see what lovely new monster girl Bad End scenes we have to look forward to.  Yes, a lot of them are recycled from the previous MGQ series, but even with that there are a lot of new sexy (ish, YMMV) monster girls to look forward to.

It looks like Toro Toro Resistance has done a similar thing to part 1 - taken the various themed areas/factions and added new Arachnes/Vampires/Fairies/Mermaids/Slimes/etc to fight alongside the monster girls from the original series.

Artwork is again a little inconsistent.  I've always liked Setouchi's work, but some of the newer artists are a bit meh.  (Xelvy is obviously still Xelvy, and we wouldn't want them to change at all! :) )

There are a few by this artist and hmm, not my thing.  It's effective for creepy little bug girls and there are a few, and that might tickle the right spot for some peeps.

I loved seeing this, mainly for how comically ripped Luka is.  I suspect most people couldn't give a rat's ass about how Luka is depicted as they're playing Monmusu Quest: Paradox to imagine themselves in his place having all the smexy done to them by gorgeous monster girls, but it's nice to see him painted as the Bad Ass hero he would have to be to survive all the nonsense thrown at him.

And as for Purple, she can wrap those thighs around my head all day long.  Yum yum.

And it wouldn't be a Monster Girl Quest game if we didn't have a few WTF! designs.

Random sea creature merged with naked big-boob chick.  Check.

Tentacles.  Check.  (I think this one might be pushing the vampire=leech metaphor a little too hard...)

Delphinus angel abominations.  shudder.  Check.

Of course, the great thing about Monster Girl Quest is there are so many monster girls, there's usually something for everyone.  I found this lovely group artwork of some very cute succubi.

(probably in the process of squeezing poor Luka dry - it is MGQ after all!)

Would love to get in and start playing, but it looks like I'm going to have to wait patiently (very, like a year or more!) for the English translation like everyone else.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

H-space MGB Profile: Purple Skin-Wearing Slime

Name:  Purple Skin-Wearing Slime
Type:  Slime
Habitat:  Urban

A species of sentient slime that inhabits and wears the skins of previously consumed victims.  Outside of its host's skin, the slime is clear purple in colour.  While wearing a human skin, the slime will, to all intents and purposes, appear to be human aside from the eyes.  These are the same purple colour as the rest of the slime.  Purple slimes appear to have a preference for female skins.  After taking a new skin they will often modify the contours of the body—increase bust size, decrease stomach size—in order to increase the sexual attractiveness of their new form.

The purple slimes are incapable of repairing their stolen skins.  Any tears or punctures will cause the inner slime to ooze out and plug the wound, much like amber.  This is the limit of their healing capabilities.  Eventually their host skin will degrade to the point where the purple slime will need to discard it and seek out a fresh skin.

Rather gruesomely, the purple slimes form sentimental attractions to the skins they take.  They adorn their dwellings with the skins left behind from their feeding.  Previously-worn skins are afforded a higher status, sometimes even bordering on a strange kind of reverence.

Suffice to say, this can be highly disconcerting and distressing for any human visitor.  Our negotiators and ambassadors will require an appropriate amount of forewarning.

Attack Strategy:
The purple slime incapacitates victims by extruding slime tendrils into the victim's body.  These invade through facial orifices such as the nose and mouth, and travel to the brain, where the slime is able to induce unconsciousness with no additional side effects other than slight short-term memory loss.  While wearing a skin, the slime will use this as a disguise to get close enough to their target.  If the slime has no skin they will instead attempt to creep up on sleeping or similarly indisposed targets.

They feed by extruding their amorphous body into their prey and slowly digesting them from the inside until nothing remains but the outer skin, which the slime either takes as a trophy or new skin to wear.  While unpleasant, I can at least understand this from a biological perspective.  What makes far less sense is that the purple slime will sexually stimulate their victim, so that they are in a near-constant state of sexual climax even while being consumed from the inside.

Why?  We observe this time and time again.  Why is inducing sexual arousal so important to so many HSIOs?  It just doesn't make any evolutionary sense.

Purple slimes are very fragile, especially in comparison to other slime-type HSIOs.  Without a host skin they have difficulty in holding their semi-liquid forms together and are especially vulnerable to both mechanical and chemical disruption.  While in a host skin they are no stronger than a typical human and might even be weaker.  Their skins are just as easily lacerated or punctured as human skin, and cannot take too much damage before becoming unusable to the slime.  However, one should always be aware of one key difference between skin-wearing purple slimes and human combatants—the slime has no vital internal organs and is unlikely to be stopped by a single bullet to the head or thorax.  Use sustained fire to shred their stolen skin.

Their mimicry of humans is effective, but always given away by their eyes.  Thankfully, this places a hard limitation on their infiltration capabilities as it is so easy to detect whether a slime is trying to masquerade as human.  We should still be vigilant and guard against any infiltration attempts.

Threat Level:

They are extremely fragile once their disguise is seen through.

I wonder if this weakness is the reason why some of their colonies have approached us with offers of peace, friendship and co-operation.  Command is receptive to the idea.  Vampyrotiea and similar HSIO individuals have proven invaluable to our understanding of H-space.  It will certainly raise challenges.  How can we possibly co-exist with an organism that consumes us and wears our skins?

Monday, June 19, 2017

H-space MGB Story: Purple Skin-Wearing Slime

"Do you think he's a mouth or ass man?" Pamela Griffith asked.

She sat casually on some kind of leather throne, with one leg folded over the other.

Only it wasn't Pamela Griffith.  Pamela Griffith had gone missing a week ago, along with the rest of exploratory team Charlie.  LT Stewart Peter Bate was part of the unit sent out to discover why explo team Charlie had not been in contact for several days.  He'd found out why... unfortunately.

Bate knew Pam.  He'd spoken to her multiple times while they'd been stationed at FOB Lamanche, before she'd been sent out to explore a newly discovered region of H-space with explo team Charlie.  Bate liked her.  She was bubbly and vivacious and prone to gushing about her area of scientific expertise.  Bate didn't mind this.  He'd studied for a Bachelor of Science in biology before enlisting.  It was refreshing to be able to talk to someone who'd studied the same discipline.  He suspected she liked talking to him for the same reason.

The thing sitting on the leather throne in front of Bate was not Pam.  It looked like her, but the mannerisms were all different.  This Pam radiated confidence and authority in a way the real Pam—who was often shy and demure until drawn out of her shell—did not.  Bate was also sure she wouldn't have brazenly reveled in her nakedness like this Pam.  The Pam Bate remembered also didn't have such a cruel, cold cast to her face either.

There were minor differences on top of this.  While Bate had never seen the real Pam naked, he would have guessed she had B-cups rather than the double-Ds the imposter sitting before him was sporting.  She also appeared to be curvier at the hips and ass than the real Pam.  She looked more like Pam's evil, slutty twin.

If only she was Pam's evil, slutty twin.

The eyes were the worst.  They were a strange purple color and odd eddies swirled deep within them.

"Why don't we ask him?" the woman to the right of Bate asked.

No, the worst was him being naked and bound to some kind of weird frame.  He didn't even know how he'd ended up here.  Whatever had captured him and tied him to this strange contraption had stolen the memories of his capture.

Tied wasn't the right word.  It felt more like glued.  Bate's arms and legs were spread apart and his wrists and ankles were stuck to a sturdy hoop by a substance that felt like tar.  Stretched across the hoop beneath Bate was a sheet of elastic material.  It felt disconcertingly like skin.  The hoop—and Bate's bound, naked, spread-eagled form—was mounted on a trolley contraption.  After he'd woken he'd been wheeled into this chamber by two naked women.  One of the women had strange bulges of what looked like purple jelly on her skin.  It looked like she'd been cut, but rather than blood welling out, purple slime had oozed out of the wound like amber.  It slowly pulsed as if alive.

"And spoil the surprise," Not-Pam answered the woman's question.  "I think not."

She inserted a finger between her plump lips and sucked on it in a sexually suggestive manner.

Bate wished this was a nightmare.  The room he was in looked like it belonged in a nightmare.  Rows of pictures adorned the stone walls, but rather than paintings they looked like flayed skins stretched across frames.  The flattened faces were visible and contorted into strange expressions.  Bate couldn't tell whether they were of agony or ecstasy.

Not-Pam stopped sucking on her finger.

"Turn him upside down," she said at last.

Giggling, the two naked women unlocked a mechanism at the back of the rack and turned Bate as if he was attached to a wheel of fortune.

"Pam, don't you remember me?  It's Dale," Bate said.

He knew it was pointless.  It might be Pam's body, but whatever spark animated it was not Pam.  He tried anyway, pleading with her.

Not-Pam regarded Bate with her weird, swirling purple eyes.

"Interesting.  He knew the suit," she said.  "Was she someone you cared for?  Were you lovers?"

Not-Pam opened her legs, shamelessly displaying the clamshell folds of Pam's sex.

"No, I think not.  Did you desire her?  Was your ardor unrequited?"

Not-Pam saw Bate's expression and threw back her head in cold laughter.

"Mmm, that will make this a lot easier," she said.

She gripped the arm rests of her chair.  With a shudder, Bate realized it also appeared to be upholstered in human skin.  Not-Pam started flexing her hips in a lewd manner.  Her breathing grew heavier and her eyelids fluttered as she squirmed in the chair.

The two women wheeled Bate closer, so that only a few feet separated him from Pam's vulgar gyrations.

Not-Pam's face flushed.  She gripped the armrest with enough force to whiten her knuckles.  Or would have.  Instead, a strange purple coloration—like an infected bruise—showed up beneath her skin.

Bate didn't look at her hands for long.  Stranger things happening between her legs caught his attention.  Her sex was dilating—widening—and something was emerging from within.  It looked like she was giving birth, except the emerging 'baby' was the same clear purple color as her eyes.

Not a baby.  Whatever it was had a wet opening at the tip of its head.

Pam gave a loud, orgasmic moan.  Her vagina stretched further as more of the purple mass emerged.  What was it—some kind of long purple gelatinous maggot?  It seemed far too sterile—too synthetic—to be that.  More like a man-made substance, maybe rubber or gel.  More emerged from Not-Pam's vagina, pulled out—or pushed out—like a string of slimy beads.  The flexible pipe reared up out of her sex like a headless snake.

Was this the thing infecting Pam?

Then his thoughts devolved to panic as the glistening purple tube lunged towards him.  A wet sucker mouth opened in the end as it hovered level with Bate's crotch.  Bate thrashed wildly.  He couldn't free his hands and feet.  The best he could do was jerk his midsection to the left and right.  The slimy appendage tracked Bate's movements.

Not-Pam sat on her leather throne and watched it all with an enigmatic smile on her lips.  Her cheeks were flushed, but were stained purple rather than red.

"They're always so fearful when you approach their precious sexual organs," she said.

"You'll change his mind," the naked woman to Bate's right said.

The tube bobbed forwards and came into contact with Bate's crotch with a wet splat.  He felt the sucker maw suck at him and a chill went up his spine as he realized it was after his manhood.  He twisted and turned but was unable to shake off the gelatinous appendage.  The opening found the end of his penis and sucked him inside like it was gobbling up a worm.

"Get off!  Get off!" he yelled.

The tube made horrible wet sucking sounds as it drew Bate's flaccid penis down a warm, lubricated tunnel.  There were no teeth—nor anything sharp—thankfully.  Rings of muscular peristalsis rolled up his shaft, but they weren't very powerful, certainly nowhere near the level of force required to tear Bate's member from his body.  In fact, the soft muscular tugging sensation was gentle enough to feel rather... pleasant.

Bate realized the two women on either side of him were giggling uncontrollably.  Not-Pam was also smiling.  The gelatinous tube connecting Bate to her vagina flexed and continued to suck on his penis.

Bate stopped twisting and turning when it became obvious the tube was incapable of hurting him.

What was this—some kind of weird alien joke?  Make him think they were going to bite his dick off and then suck him off instead.

It did feel like she was sucking him off.

Did she even know what she was doing?

This felt like fellatio.  Maybe even better.  The tube was tight and rings of muscular contraction stroked up his shaft.

"His face," the woman on the right said.

"Typical man," the woman on the left said.  "Put anything near their prick and it terrifies them."

"I'd rather this one was a little less terrified," Not-Pam said.  "He's making this harder than I'd like."

"He does seem to have a problem with hardness," the woman to Bate's left said.

Both broke out in a fit of giggles.

Yup, they knew exactly what they were doing, Bate thought.

"I'll fix that," Not-Pam said.

Her cheeks puffed in and out.  Her mouth formed a little 'o'.  She flexed first her abdomen, then her hips.

Bate felt the flow of peristaltic contractions reverse.  Not-Pam's vagina widened as bulges traveled up out of her sex.  Bate had another minor panic attack when he thought it might be acid she was regurgitating up to spit all over him.  Then the first pulse sloshed around Bate's penis and it felt more like warm lubricant.  Better than warm lubricant.  Bate didn't know what was in it, but it made his cock feel warm and tingly.  More juices sloshed into him and the pleasant glow spread down to his balls.  All of a sudden Bate felt turned on.  Really turned on.

"Ooh, look how hard she's made you," the woman on the right said.

It was weird.  Bate could see his erection through the transparent walls of the rubbery tube.  It looked more like some kind of sex toy sheath than living material, except it was constantly in motion.  The super-soft walls undulated as the tube sucked on him with sloppy wet slurping sounds.  The peristaltic contractions felt like dexterous, oil-slick fingers stoking up and down his cock.

Bate let himself relax a little.  It looked weird, but it felt all right.  Better than all right.  Really fucking good.  Bate had no idea why the aliens were so keen to suck him off, but he wasn't about to complain.  It was better than them torturing or killing him.

The two naked girls on either side of him didn't look like killers.  And what Not-Pam was doing to him with her transparent vagina tube definitely wasn't torture.

"You didn't need to tie me up if you wanted to do this," Bate said, smiling now.  "We're not opposed to fraternizing with the locals.  At least I'm not.  Especially good looking ones."

Especially when they—slurp, slurp—were as good at sucking dick as—ooh—this.  Bate's cock definitely liked it.  He could see it bulging and throbbing within Not-Pam's sheath.

Bate wondered if this was why Not-Pam looked like Pam.  Did these aliens have minor telepathic abilities?  Had she deliberately picked a form Bate would find attractive?  It sounded plausible.  He'd heard rumors that the aliens of H-space—HSIOs—were weirdly obsessed with sexual intercourse.

He'd also heard other stuff as well, but that stuff was so crazy he figured it had to be the other guys winding him up.

"This would be far better if you turned me right way up," Bate said.  "I bet I'd be even bigger without the blood flowing to my head."

"Ah, but then Queen Sacculina would be unable to get at your ass," the girl on his left said.

My ass? Bate thought.

Not-Pam smiled at him.  Then she opened her mouth.

It stretched wide... wider... far wider than any human mouth should go.

What.  The.  Fuck.

Something was coming out... pushing up from her throat... pushing out.  It was another purple gelatinous tube, similar to the one that had emerged from Not-Pam's pussy.  It was too big for her mouth.  That didn't matter.  Her mouth kept stretching until the opening took up most of her face and the rest of her features were scrunched up at the edges.

More and more of the slimy purple tube wormed up out of her mouth.  It arced towards Bate.  He knew its destination even before he felt its wet touch against his buttocks.

No way, Bate thought.  No fucking way.

He squirmed and tried to shake it off.  His movements served only to increase the stimulation her other tube was applying to his erection.

The girl to his right crouched down so her head was level with Bate's.  "It's necessary to complete the cycle," she said.

Fuck your cycle, he thought.  He kept twisting and turning.

Her other tube gave Bate's swollen glans a little squeeze that sent a flood of raw pleasure through him.  The sensation was enough to make him forget what he was doing for a moment.  In that moment the other tube slithered between his buttocks, nudged up against his sphincter and—covered in a thin layer of lubricating slime—squeezed its way inside.

During an adventurous phase back at college, Bate had experimented with letting his girlfriend use a butt plug on him.  This felt the same and set up a pleasant feeling of fullness inside his anus that funneled down to his balls.  At the same time, Not-Pam redoubled her attentions on his cock.  The sucks and squeezes increased in intensity—and with it Bate's arousal.

"Look at your face," the other girl crouched down to say.  There was a contemptuous smile on her lips.  "And Queen Sacculina hasn't even started yet."

Not-Pam's face jerked as if on a fishing line.  A series of bulges traveled up the pipe.  As the first reached Bate's ass he felt a stretching sensation that was surprisingly pleasant.  Something wet entered him and went off like a gooey bomb filled with rainbows and sparkles.

The other pipe kept squeezing, sucking, stroking Bate's cock.  A ripple of peristaltic force ran through the soft gelatinous walls and tugged irresistibly at him.

Bate let out an incoherent moan of bliss as a second liquid bulge was squeezed into him and burst in a rainbow explosion of sensual bliss.   His cock swelled against the soft walls of the other sheath and he spat an enormous load of cum into it.  Not-Pam milked him expertly with her vagina tube until she'd drained—sucked out—the contents of his balls.

Bate had barely recovered from that ejaculation when another bubble of liquid bliss was squeezed into his ass and he erupted again in another mind-shattering climax.  He watched milky bulges travel down the vagina sheath like eggs down the throat of a serpent.  His cum.

And maybe something else.

At the same time, bulges traveling along the tube emerging from her mouth were pumped into Bate's ass, each gooey parcel spreading warmth and an incredible feeling of ecstasy throughout him.

It was as they said—a cycle.  A perfect cycle.  Her fluids pumped into him, and then his fluids pumped into her.

Or pumped out of him.

Bate didn't have to do anything.  Just let her wonderful soft, gelatinous sheath tug, suck and squeeze him to release after wonderful release.  His whole body, from his skin to deep within his insides, felt like one massive erogenous zone.

The two naked women were down on their knees and murmuring as if praying.

Bate understood.  This was glorious... divine... transcendental.  The gelatinous pipes squeezed and throbbed.  Not-Pam squeezed the substance of her body into Bate, and drew the substance of his body out through his cock.  By the time Bate might have wondered where the fluids to support all these constant, continuous ejaculations were coming from, Queen Sacculina's slime had reached and smothered his brain, submerging it and Bate's thoughts in a thick morass of unthinking animal lust.  Her vagina tube kept sucking until she was drawing her own slime back into her body and Bate had been reduced to a hollowed-out bag of skin.

"Stewart, are you okay?  Was it a bad one?"

"Yes, a really bad one."

A pause.

"You can pass this on to Command.  Exploratory team Charlie and the squad sent to retrieve them can officially be declared lost."

Friday, June 16, 2017

H-game Translations by =Together=

So I received an email that appeared to be a blatant plug for someone's Patreon.  After doing the obvious thing of immediately pressing delete...

"Translating Succubus Prison ~House of Lewd Demons~"

*pause deletion*

...after doing the obvious thing of reading and following the link to their Patreon, I decided to blog about it on the off chance of giving them a boost.

Here is a link to =Together='s Patreon site.  They look to be a two-person team working on fan translations of various low-budget hentai games.  Currently they're working on a translation for Succubus Prison ~House of Lewd Demons~.  You can also find updates on their progress at this thread on ulmf.org.

I had a brief look at Succubus Prison ~House of Lewd Demons~ back here.

It looks like a typical RPG-maker RPG, but is actually more of a puzzle game where you have to escape a house occupied by a trio of succubi before they snu-snu you to death.  It's a pretty good game and has some of the best Succubus Bad End H-scenes I've seen in any game.  It's also very confusing and difficult to play without translation.

Readers may have noticed I don't blog about Monster Girl H-games as much as I used to.  Since upgrading my laptop to Windows 10 I've had a helluva game trying to get any of them to work with the usual AGTH/Translation Aggregator combo I use for machine translation.  I was only able to play Succubus Prison at all because I bought it early.  Versions over 1.00 don't work with AGTH at all (at least on my machine).  So I'm really happy to see someone is taking on an attempt to translate it.

The usual caveats with crowd-funding apply.  There are always going to be scammers or idiots that think they can remake Monster Girl Quest as Skyrim with a dev team of one.  Even projects with good intentions and sensible objectives can sometimes go awry.  So always be careful to manage expectations before putting up your hard-earned cash.

That said, an English version of Succubus Prison would be awesome.

One last thing.  Regardless of the form the translated files take, if you play it and like it, please be sure to support Tokinokogiri and buy their game.  I'd rather they were happy to see attempts to make their game more accessible to the Western market rather than actively trying to sabotage them over fears of piracy (cough ROBF cough).

Monday, June 12, 2017

A Reflection on my Past Views on #GamerGate and Other "Sins"

A mildly political post.  If you're sick to death of these things (and I have mostly been avoiding posting them), feel free to backclick away and come back for the next H-space Monster Girl Bestiary story this weekend.

E3 was last weekend.  One of the games that generated some initial buzz was an indie title called The Last Night.  Here is its youtube trailer:

It looks very stylish and Blade Runner-esque.  There was a lot of buzz about the visual aesthetic.

Then somebody did some digging and discovered that the game dev, Tim Soret, had said some vaguely supportive things about #GamerGate back in 2014.  Cue shit show...

This made me think about some of the things I'd written in the past about #GamerGate, #SadPuppies and similar nontroversies.  Would I in future also be dragged up to the drum and forced to account for my past comments?  Not just comments - I'd even penned a short story depicting a #GamerGate protagonist in a vaguely sympathetic light.  The heresy!

Surely, given that #GamerGate was a vicious misogynist campaign to drive women out of gaming (the media says so, so it must be true), I must be ashamed of my past self.  That if it ever came to light, I'd have to disavow those past comments.

Okay, so I should address that now for my new readers.

Here it comes.



My views haven't changed at all.

Written games journalism is still infested with shitty horrible people more interested in student-level politics and stirring up shit rather than writing about computer games.  If you want proper games coverage and reviews nowadays you're better off following the twitch streams/youtube channels of people like TotalBiscuit.

SJWs - with their hypocrisy, faulty logic, doxxing, harassment of creators, and other general toxicity - would occupy the position of biggest shitstains on social media if that spot wasn't already taken by ISIS.

My own personal opinion is I don't care what your sex, gender, race, sexual orientation, etc is.  Everyone is equally deserving of respect as a human being.

That said, if you go around harassing people, or try to dictate what creators/artists can or can't create, I'm going to think you're a cunt, dick, ass, knob, penis, duodenum, [insert part of the human anatomy you wish to use as a slur] regardless of your sex, gender, race, sexual orientation, etc, etc.

Hope that makes things clear.

(and no, I don't want to drive women out of computer gaming)

Friday, June 09, 2017

More Succubus Summoning Art - Verdé

Some more delicious Succubus Summoning art.  This time Verdé:

And also completely nude.

Come in close for a hug.  What could possibly go wrong...

Once again thanks to RaidouZERO for drawing it, and Jude Duval/LudedWolf for commissioning it.

(At some point I will get off my ass and start commissioning pieces of the H-space monster girls!)

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

H-space MGB Profile: Sun Lamia

Name: Sun Lamia
Type: Lamia (Slime?)
Habitat: Cave Ruins.

A snake girl with the upper body of an exotic belly dancer.  Or a slime girl currently taking the form of a snake girl.  Personally, I lead towards the former.  While the sun lamia appears to have a soft, gelatinous body, she displays none of the plasticity of form observed in other slime girl HSIOs.

The fluid, or jelly, that makes up her body is clear yellow in colour and radiates both heat and light.

Attack Strategy:
Multiple, and targeting different senses.

At long ranges the sun lamia can release a flash of light from her eyes that can both temporarily blind and stun.

At closer ranges the sun lamia breathes out thick clouds of gas that increase arousal and take away the will to fight.  They also have a dance that has a mesmeric effect on onlookers.

All of this is to enable the lamia to get close enough to wrap her coils around her prey.  Unlike an Earth constrictor, this is to deny movement rather than oxygen.  The sun lamia uses her serpentine body to lock her captive's limbs in such a way they are unable to move or offer any resistance once the effects of her aphrodisiac breath wear off.  With her prey immobilised, the sun lamia instigates oral sex with them.  At the point of orgasm she sucks out her prey's soul.

(At this point I don't care if my colleagues consider the concept of a soul to be unscientific, or even heretical.  Some HSIOs, like the sun lamia, are capable of extracting some kind of animating spark from human beings at the point of sexual climax.  We have examined the victims—either dead or in a coma.  There isn't a single decent medical reason for them to be in this state.)

As there has only been one encounter with this type of HSIO, what follows is conjecture and theory.

Gas masks or nasal filters might negate her breath, assuming the drug compounds present within it are not absorbed through the skin.

Polarised filters might negate her eye flashes.  There have been some successes in experimentation versus lesser HSIOs with similar disabling attacks.

My concern is that she almost certainly possesses other offensive capabilities we are as of yet still unaware of.  The limited intel we have puts the only individual encountered in a similar power class to some of the higher tier succubi or demon HSIOs.

Also, while her body has been described as being soft, I would expect the sun lamia to have similar regenerative abilities as other high-threat HSIOs.

Threat Level:
High (Medium?).

The only individual encountered appears to have been very old and powerful.  It is unknown whether other sun lamia are this dangerous.