Wednesday, February 08, 2017

A Brief Roundup on Recent Monster Girl Hentai Games

There's been a few interesting Succubus/Monster Girl hentai games released recently.  Normally I'd review each separately, but I'm trying to focus more on writing fiction at the moment.  Also, I've still yet to complete some of these, and I don't like writing reviews of games I haven't completed.  Maybe I'll come back with full reviews later, but for the moment here are my initial impressions.

The animations are of course sumptuous.  However, this fourth instalment didn't really click for me.  The main appeal of this series has always been the various wacky and gross Bad Ends.  I think I might have got too accustomed to the craziness, and once the game loses that surprise factor the law of diminishing returns sets in.  The game is also not complete as they didn't finish it in time for their scheduled release date.  That means there is more content on the way.

If you're really into vore, the game is still a compulsory purchase.  As for me, I'll wait and give it a fuller look when the last remaining content is added.

This is a remake of D-Gate Camel's earlier action-Vore game.  When I first heard about it I wasn't sure if it was necessary.  Then I played the demo and got more excited.  The pixel art and animations are gorgeous and it plays well as an action-platformer in its own right.  Vore, again, is the main focus, but there are enough sexy monster girls to make up for the lizardmen, giant salamanders and other weirdness.

The Bee Queen boss fight is almost worth the price of the game on its own.  Stunning and hawt as hell.

(Note to self - write a Bee Queen story.)

I don't know if this is made by the same people that made Succubus Quest, or a group that was heavily inspired by that game.  Either way the artwork is gorgeous even if the monster girls are a little vanilla if you're used to games like Monster Girl Quest (This might be a positive for some people).

This is an RPG where you recruit succubi and other monster girls to fight alongside you in sex battles.  It's unusual for this genre in that there are no Bad End scenes.  The reason for this becomes apparent with translation.  The erotica comes from the range of sex moves each succubus has and the range of combinations would require more artwork than would be reasonable to expect from a low-budget indie H-game.

One thing I do recommend is picking up the partial English translation from over here.  Without it I don't think the game is playable unless you're proficient at reading Japanese.  Auto-translators can't keep up with all the sex-combat dialogue and I'd originally written this off as unplayable until I found the partial translation patch.

The game is pretty big for a H-RPG and I'm currently stuck in a forest section with changing exits, so I can't comment on the whole game.  I've liked what I've seen so far, even with the lack of actual sex scene artwork/animations.  There is a section of your "home base" where you can have "friendly" sex battles with succubus allies.  Standing on a bed and shouting "Come at me" to a trio of lusty succubi plays out exactly as you might expect. :)

Monmusu Quest #1 [Side Story: Succubus Illusion (Fantasy)]

Yet another spin-off based on torotoro resistance's awesome Monster Girl Quest.  Yet another disappointment, I guess.

It's hard to judge this against expectations.  On the one hand you get some awesome, hawt H-scenes of Luka being sexily taken advantage of by various succubi.  On the other hand, at fifteen minutes it's very short and barely even touches on whatever plot is running behind the scenes.  Luka and Alice are cleaning out some succubi, one of the elder succubus gods hinted at in the Paradox game intervenes with some kind of reality-warping magic and then it's mucho snu-snu for Luka.

What you get is a mass-orgy succu-draining scene, followed by a multi-succubus gang-bang on Luka, then a scene with Erubetie, and finally a scene with Alma Elma.  Erubetie behaves a little too vanilla for a slime queen (pink pussy?  I don't think that's right...) and the voice acting for Alma Elma is a little weird if you're used to the game, but not that out-of-keeping with her character.

I don't know enough about anime to know whether what we got is what you'd expect from a small studio or a shameless cash-grab on a popular IP.  Personally I think it's a little pricey for what you actually get.  Don't get your hopes up for this one.

Succubus Prison ~House of Lewd Demons~

Expectations were high on this based on the demo.  It delivers.  This has maybe the best succubus sex-draining scenes I've seen in any H-game.  The artwork is good and the limited animation is enough to give the scenes extra life.

As a game it's best described as a puzzle game with the interface of a typical JRPG.  You play a protagonist trapped in a house with three succubi.  The goal is to sneak around and find all the items needed to escape.  If the succubi catch you, lethal snu-snu ensues.

Unfortunately the game is a little buggy, with some events not triggering correctly.  There is also a problem with text-hookers.  I was able to play the initial version (1.00) with AGTH okay, but after they upgraded it to 1.01 I couldn't hook AGTH to it without the game crashing.  Other players have reported similar problems and I don't know whether this has been fixed.  On a more positive side, the game appears to have attracted a lot of attention from Western succubus fans, so there's a decent chance we might see a fan translation at some point.

Anyway, that's a round-up of the various H-games that have distracted me recently.  Time to get back to the mystery Barry Lyle novel.  I have my own hot succubus scenes to write... ;)


  1. I agree with Monster Girl Quest. It was bittersweet to me, I was enjoying it, but Erubetie's behaviour turned me off.

    She is supposed to be an ice queen, but they had her act energetic and happy. Just like Milfy, the slime girl general from Violated Hero 2. I don't like it because they made Erubetie into another generic slime girl.

  2. Yeah, and the fact that they gave her a pink human pussy when she is supposed to be made of slime is really lazy.

  3. Now I really want to see an English translation of Succubus Prison.

  4. Hey manyeyedhydra did you ever receive that email I sent you about the author who's work I thought you would like?

  5. I would also add the remade version of Eroico into the mix. Pretty interesting year for monster girl based games. By the way, a second Monmusu Movie is out :

    1. Its been a decade and that crab girl is still coming back for more...she sure does have some determination.

    2. Well...revenge does that to you :)

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  6. If I may ask. For 2016 what would you consider Game of the year?

  7. does anyone know the AGTH code for Tokyo Tenma Devil Prison?

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  9. Didn't know about the English translation efforts for succubus rapsodia. Thanks for all this great news!

  10. m.e hydra, check out the newly released "shikkoku no shaga" monster girl hentai, really high quality, you may want to write about that one, it's pretty impressive. You should be able to find a torrent quite easy.

  11. I miss posts! only 1 day left in feb. :)

  12. Lol you dead tho?

  13. Did Hydra get sucked into a black hole of depravity from which there is no escape?

  14. Maybe some H-space demon stole him away from us for revealing their secrets.

  15. Hydra posted on twitter that a MGB story should be up tomorrow.