Sunday, March 05, 2017

H-space MGB Story: Hunting Arachne

PFC Stewart Peter Bate had thought the spiders would be okay so long as you weren't stupid enough to fall into their webs.  He'd been in H-space long enough to hear about and even see firsthand some real crazy shit.  Giant spider-women.  Sure, whatevs.

What they hadn't told him about—and Bate was supremely pissed about this—was the spiders that chased after you and threw ropes of sticky silk like they were cowboys lassoing rogue steers.  They also hadn't told him about how quick they were.  Or how accurate they were at throwing their sticky ropes of silk.

Or how damn sneaky they were.

Bate stood with his back to a crumbling wall.  Finding the ruins had been a surprise.  No one knew who'd built them or what they were doing here.  H-space was weird like that.  Explo teams had reported coming across strange structures left in the middle of nowhere as if they'd been transplanted here from another world.  These ruins were old.  Whoever built them was no longer around and hadn't been for a long time.  Maybe the spider-women had eaten them.

He knew she was out there, stalking him.

He strained to hear any sounds—the telltale tic of a chitinous spider leg on stone, or maybe the little rattle of displaced gravel.  Nothing.  How could something so big move so silently?  It wasn't right.

She was the last one.  He was the last of the squad.  The other spiders had got the rest.  Poor bastards.

Bate paused behind the rock wall to get his breath back and wonder how the fuck he was going to get out of this.  To his right was an open square floored with stone blocks.  On the other side of the square was a broken arch standing out on its own.

Bate was fast.  Back in college he'd been county champion at the 100m sprint.

The spiders were faster.  She'd run him down long before he reached the broken arch.

To his left was a maze of rubble and crumbling stone walls.  The spiders could climb walls just as well as their tiny cousins back on Earth.  What was an obstacle course for him would be a racetrack for her.

It was still his best choice.  The derelict walls would provide some form of cover.  If he could sneak through without her seeing him...

A shadow fell over him.

Bate looked up into the smiling face of the spider-girl.

"There you are," she said.

If you didn't know any better, the spider-girls kinda looked hot.  Her skin was a rich coffee-brown color and looked flawlessly smooth.  Her exposed breasts were full and round and topped with perky dark-brown nipples.  She had silver-white hair that was cut short in a bob that extended to just below her pointed elf-like ears.  The only blemishes to her otherwise beautiful face were shiny black orbs attached to her forehead and temples.  It was easy to mistake them for jewelry... until they blinked.

And now Bate didn't have a choice.

He turned tail, put his head down and sprinted across the open square as if his life depended on it.  Which it did.  Abstractly he reckoned he'd probably just smashed his PB.  Not that it did him any good.  The broken arch was still in the distance when he felt something wet and sticky strike him in the center of his back.  He carried on running but now it felt like he'd been attached to a bungee cord.  His forward momentum slowed to the point it was like trying to charge through thick mud.  He hit the limit of his tether's elasticity and came to a halt.  He reached out despairingly for the arch that was out of reach of his imploring fingers, then he was yanked backwards.

The spider-girl caught him.  Bate had resolved to not go quietly if one of these bastards ever caught him.  He thrashed and lashed out.  It was like fighting a hurricane of scissoring limbs and drifting strands of sticky silk.  Bate's clothes and kit were neatly sliced away and then his naked body was spun around while she wrapped him up in sheets of sticky wet silk.  All of him was cocooned aside from his face.

Because she wanted him to see, Bate realized.  Sadistic bitch.

She smiled at him as she squatted down on top of his cocooned body.  Bate saw her mix of human and arachnid from up close.  It was far worse than had she been completely alien.  It looked like a giant spider had no head and instead a buxom brown-skinned female amputee was sitting in its place as if she was riding some kind of exotic wheelchair or chariot.  That was Bate's brain trying to make sense of the incomprehensible.  Spider and woman blurred together at the join.  Chitin plates extended from the body of the arachnid and up the sides of the woman.  Her leg stumps were like one of those trick rabbit-duck pictures.  One moment they resembled the leg stumps of a double amputee, tapering to a point.  The other they looked like the mouth parts of an enormous spider.

Rider and spider were one.

Rider and spider had always been one.

What the fuck was wrong with this fucked up dimension?

"How's that?" she asked.  "All wrapped up and comfortable?"

Bate briefly flexed against his bonds before realizing it was hopeless.  She'd wrapped him up as tight as a hapless fly caught in a spider's web.

"Fuck you," he said to her.

The spider-girl laughed.

"Patience," she said.  "We'll do plenty of that later."

She ran a hand over Bate's silk-wrapped form.

"Oh, but our little game of hide'n'seek has got my juices going."

Curved fangs popped out of the leg stumps that were not leg stumps.  A droplet of pink fluid formed at the tip of each.

Bate's eyes widened.  Forget her human appearance.  She was a spider.  She was going to inject him with her venom and suck out his insides.  And there was nothing he could do about it.

"Fuck you," he re-iterated.

Bate was determined not to go out a pussy.  It was all he had left.  He wouldn't beg.

"Ah, so eager," the spider-girl laughed.

Her poison fangs sank into Bate's sides.  There was a brief prick of pain and then...


Warmth bloomed up inside him in expanding clouds.  It was like she'd injected him with opiates... and something else.  All his tension and fear melted right away.  He relaxed and then a different kind of tension gripped him.  He felt strange and antsy.  Hot.  Horny.

"Normally I'd wait for the aphrodisiac soaked in my silk to take effect," she said.  "But you've made me all wet.  I can't wait."

Blood surged down to Bate's cock.  The spider-woman must have spared that part of his body when wrapping him up.  His erection started to rise without hindrance.  She wrapped her hands around his manhood.  In contrast to her alien, arachnid appearance her hands were warm and soft.  She spat on his cock and used it as lubrication as she pumped him harder and harder.

Bate watched on in a confused stupor.  He'd thought she meant to eat him.  This he didn't mind.  She knew tricks with her fingers that had Bate moaning in pleasure.  No, he didn't mind this at all.  Even being wrapped up in the silk cocoon felt okay—kinky, but comfortable kinky.

If he'd known she was going to do this he wouldn't have run away.

The girl smiled at him as she pumped his dick.

"Much better," she said.  "Now we can fuck."

The plates of chitin guarding her crotch slid aside to expose the hairless folds of her pussy.  Her labia were plump and red with engorged blood.  They parted to reveal a red tunnel slathered with her juices.

Bate trembled with anticipation.  Even though he could clearly see it wasn't a typical human pussy he didn't care.  He felt so hot and horny he needed to cool off.  And the only way to cool off was to douse his boiling-hot cock in her wet sex.

Which he couldn't do because his body was tightly cocooned in silk.  The woman knew it and teased him with her sex.  She moved over him and pressed down enough for the plush lips of her sex to encircle the swollen head of Bate's cock, but not enough for him to penetrate her.

Bate felt so hot and horny it overwhelmed everything else.  He moaned in frustration at not being able to thrust up inside her.

The woman laughed.  "Don't worry.  Arachnes are accustomed to their lovers being bound.  My pussy will bring you to ecstasy and you won't have to do a thing."

An organ expanded within her and the resulting suction it generated through her vagina drew Bate's cock up into her with enough force to lift his hips up off the floor.  The position was uncomfortable, but Bate wasn't held in it for long.  The spider-woman had proved her point and lowered her body so Bate was resting on the floor with her lying on top of him.

Her sex was tight and muscular.  Muscular enough that it might have been uncomfortable, even painful, had her walls not also been thick, padded and soft.  It felt like his cock had been wrapped in and squeezed by a big plush cushion.  The arachne didn't move up and down on top of him.  She let the internal motions of her vagina do all the work—squeezing, tugging, sucking.

Oh fuck, that felt incredible, Bate thought.

He let out a surprised gasp.  Again something had expanded within her and Bate's member was gripped by a rippling suction that drove his senses wild.

"It feels like you've got a mouth down there," he said.

What was this sensation?  It was amazing.

The woman gave him a knowing smile.  "I'm a spider.  Our lovers can't move when we've wrapped them all up, so we... hnh..."

She flexed something within her.  The thick fleshy walls of her sex contracted around Bate's cock.  He felt that same powerful suction, but this time it was focused on his cock... down inside his cock... inside him.

"...suck the cum right out of them."

Bate was trembling all over.  His cock throbbed inside her.  Her pussy squeezed back making him throb even harder.  He hadn't so much as twitched his hips and yet he was already bursting to shoot his load.  He'd been with a hooker that had a similar technique, but what this H-space woman was doing to him was far beyond that.

"Just like... hnh... this," she said.

It was like she was taking a deep breath and that breath was Bate's cock.  And then it was his cum.  Bate felt a tingling, trembling sensation all over his body that concentrated down into his loins until he could hold it back no longer.

"Yes, let it out," the woman hissed as Bate groaned and erupted inside her.

She lay on top of him and wrapped her arms around his cocooned body in a tight hug.  Her segmented legs formed a cage around his lower back, buttocks and legs.  She pressed her lips against his in a sloppy kiss.  Her taste was strange... bitter.

Bate's orgasm was long and powerful.  One, two, three, four, five strong throbbing pulses as he unloaded his balls.  Her sex tightened around his throbbing member and formed a fleshy cuff.  As her mouth worked against his he felt other workings deep inside her sex.

What was happening down there?  Bate's semen was pulled from him faster than he could spurt it into her pulsing sex.  It felt like... gulping?

It was hella intense, like nothing he'd ever experienced.  A few more throbs and Bate finally felt like his tap was running dry.  It left him a jangling, exhausted, but happy wreck.

The spider woman sank her fangs into his sides and held them there.  Bate shuddered and gasped into her moist lips as she poured her aphrodisiac venom into him.

"You were right.  I do have a mouth down there," she whispered in his ear.

Her muscular sex contracted and tugged him rhythmically.  The sucking organ deep within her spider abdomen throbbed with the same rhythm as she sucked a second powerful ejaculation out of him.

This would be the longest orgasm of Bate's life.  It would also be his last.

"I'm a spider," she whispered.  "I suck all the juices out of my lovers... my prey."

The sucking organ in her abdomen pulsed as she drew Bate's juices out of him.  Thanks to her venom it was his precious bodily fluids he was ejaculating, not semen, but the pleasure was the same.

"But I am a kind spider.  My prey feel only bliss as I suck their fluids out of them."

Bate barely heard her.  He let out a little ah of ecstasy with each pulse.  The arachne could have dragged it out longer, but they were out in the open and exposed.  She sucked him dry with great lusty gulps until his eyes clouded over and he let out a final rattling sigh.  Finished, the arachne murmured contently as she stroked her now full abdomen.

"Did you enjoy that as much as I did?  I think you did," she said to Bate's wizened face.

She kissed him on his cracked lips before carrying his cocooned and dried-up husk back with her to her lair.  It wouldn't do to leave it out in the open where it might frighten future lovers away.


  1. Woah Mr.Hydra you alive! Anyway I got good news. The Drawing of Nurse Honey is done! Tell me what you think.

    1. Ooh yes. Love that. That's a really nice representation. They did a fantastic job. Mmm, I might have a few more characters to send their way...

      Thanks for having that done. I'm sure a lot of readers will appreciate it.

    2. No problem infact I need your help. The artist that drew Nurse Honey. I'm also paying him to Draw Verde(by the way he a fan of Succubus Summoning,Nurse Honey is his favorite character). We kinda of Figure what she looks like kinda. We still need help in that. What we can't figure out. Is what kind of clothes does Verde Wear?

    3. Actually this is good. It forces me to think harder about what I might have missed in their descriptions. :)

      As for Verde:

      In general she looks somewhere between a wood elf and a succubus. Compared to the other succubi she's a little more restrained (but still extremely sexy).

      From the descriptions as I remember:

      Big green eyes.
      Long green hair.
      Pointed ears.
      Tanned skin (Not super-tanned, but not vampire-pale like other succubi. Her skin has a very healthy colour)
      She's slender.
      Biggish tits (smaller than Nurse Honey, but still large enough to attract attention)
      Dainty green horns.
      Slender green devil tail.
      Green wings.
      2nd pair of green head wings (like Morrigan from Darkstalkers)
      (Morrigan if she was more like an elf isn't a bad starting point)

      Clothes (This description from the first chapter of 201):

      "Verdé wore a diaphanous green dress cinched tightly around her narrow waist. The V of her neckline plunged right down, revealing the lush valley of her cleavage. The dress was slit at the side all the way up to her waist, perfectly designed to show off her toned and supple legs. Her long green hair flowed down over her shoulders."

      She normally wears an open, very loose-fitting green robe. The material is very fine and partially see-through (You'd be able to just about see her nipples through it, but it wouldn't be blatant).

      Another description from 201 that might help:

      "He walked into a clearing and saw a sexy chick waiting for him. She was hawt. Long silky green hair billowed around a beautiful face with full sensual lips. Her billowing green robes left little to the imagination and her sexy figure matched anything between the pages of the porn stash he kept under his bed. She looked like a beautiful elf princess... with a really dirty mind."

      Let me know if I've left anything out.

      After seeing what the artist did with Nurse Honey I'm really looking forward to seeing how they interpret Verde. :)

    4. That should be enough information. I'm glad you happy about how Nurse Honey turn out. I'm planning on getting all the major characters from 101 and 201 drawn! Even SCROTE will have his art done. So When Verde is done. Rosa will be next.

    5. Yipes. That's a lot of characters. I'd just stick to the sexy ones. I'm not sure The Scrote's rotten-tooth grin will get anyone's juices going! :)

      Also, I can see that getting hella expensive with all the commissions. I wonder if it might be worth setting up a Patreon or GoFundMe to spread the costs around. I suspect a few people might chip in a few $s to get more pieces like that Nurse Honey piece done (I certainly will! :) )

    6. Oh, what's the ownership status on the Nurse Honey piece? I'd love to put her up in a blog post here with links to both yours and the artist's deviantart account similar to what I did for the Boobsnake piece done a couple of months back. Whose permission do I need?

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. Nurse Honey is your character. As long as You give credit to RaidouZERO You don't have to pay anything. Just downloaded it and post it here or put a link. Also the art cost $60 for full body.

    9. Sweet. I've scheduled a post to go up later with links to both yours and RaidouZERO's DA accounts. I'll do the same for the Nyte piece later this week if that's okay (I should have done it earlier, but it came right in the middle of a period of inactivity from me).

      Thanks for doing this. Now it's got me tempted to set some money aside for some H-space MGB commissions. I think everyone wins with that. ;)

    10. Sorry for the late reply. Yes you can put up Nyte up if you wish. Infact from now on. Any art that is related to Succubus Summoning,or any art of your work. I give you full permission!

  2. I am curious about this arachne. Is she related to the arachne in SS201?
    Or is this completely unrelated to any of your other work? Nice story though. I look forward to the next one.

    1. Different type of Arachne. L'mactia is more like an orb web spider. This one is more like a house spider. At some point I'll try to go deeper into the world building to work out how they relate to each other.

  3. I liked this a lot but I kind of wish we got a feel of what her body felt like against his.

    Like what was it like for him to feel her curves pressed tightly against him for example?

    1. Largely muffled by the silk cocoon. It's also a problem of trying to keep these stories short - I miss some of the description off to keep the word count. Although in this case, her main attribute is her sucking vagina (okay, mouth) and once that gets working her prey won't really notice anything else.

  4. There's one paragraph in particular here that really does it for me and it's likely not one you'd expect.

    Overall the story is fantastic, one of the best H-Space entries so far. Here's to seeing more of this caliber in the future. Great work M.E.