Monday, March 06, 2017

H-space MGB Profile: Hunting Arachne

Name:  Hunting Arachne
Type:  Arachne
Habitat: Rocky terrain.  Mountains.  Caves.

A type of spider-girl.  At a distance she looks like a naked human woman riding a giant spider.  Closer inspection reveals both are parts of the same organism, with the head and torso of the woman replacing the head of the spider.  The woman appears to have truncated vestigial legs that taper to points after about a third of thigh.  These house and hide venom-filled fangs.

Her upper body is dark-skinned with silver hair and looks fully human aside from three sets of additional jet-black eyes located on her head.  Unless seen close up, it is easy to mistake these additional eyes for jewellery.

The lower body is brown and resembles the agelenid spiders found on Earth, albeit on a considerable larger scale.

Attack Strategy:
This type of arachne is an active hunter.  They produce webbing, but use it as ropes to cast at and entangle prey rather than building webs.  Once they catch a man (It is always a man.  Unlike other HSIOs, hunting arachnes show no interest in women) the arachne will wrap them up in a cocoon.  This silk is coated in a mild aphrodisiac.  Venom glands within the false legs contain a much stronger aphrodisiac and the arachne injects it into her prey to place them into a state of sexual hyper-arousal before beginning to feed.

Outwardly, feeding resembles copulation.  The arachne will get her prey aroused and then insert their erection into her false vagina.  This orifice is her true mouth and connected to a series of powerful sucking stomachs in her abdomen.  She stimulates her prey to ejaculation and then slowly pumps out all their fluids while they are in a helpless state of sensual bliss.

This type of arachne is fast, agile, and especially dangerous in broken terrain where they can attack from a multitude of angles.

Their resistances are comparable to similar HSIOs.  The cuticle is resistant to small arms and they have some limited regenerative capabilities.  Chainsaws and/or flamethrowers are recommended for fighting this type.  It is also advised to engage them in open areas rather than seeking cover.

Threat Level:

Fast, agile, and extremely difficult to handle at close quarters.


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    1. Cheers. Updated. Been a little off my game recently as people might have guessed. :)