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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Along came a spider... Escape the Arachne is live!

Okay, now you can get excited (maybe).

"Escape the Arachne" is live.

I don't know much about the people behind, so I don't know how long it will be live.  They may take exception to the adult nature of the story and/or some political things I've said in the past and give me the boot.  My long-term plan is to buy some web hosting and post these where I won't have to worry about that sort of thing (or at least, worry about it less).

Now onto the story.  It's short, about the length of a short story.  I intended the scenario to be more a demo/proof of concept.  If you follow the optimal path you can reach the end of the scenario very quickly.  It's also designed to be relatively easy.  Even with average stats you should be able to blunder to the end without too much trouble.  It's also possible to escape without even passing a single stat test.

Of course, it isn't much fun if you do that, so I'd suggest letting L'hesperusa "play" with you a little longer.

There are 6 different Bad Ends available (and one Good End).  5 of these are fairly easy to find.  The last might require a little bit of trial and error (hint: nakedness is an attribute within this scenario).

The whole thing is written in Twine using the SugarCube story format.  As this is a demo/proof of concept I was focusing more on the coding and the text rather than the presentation, so yep, it looks a little basic.  Everything has to start somewhere.  Artwork, sound fx, a prettier GUI are things I can look at in the future.

The game mechanics are very similar to old gamebooks, the Fighting Fantasy series in particular.  If people find the scenario a little too easy and want to L'hesperusa to dominate them a little more I might switch the test probabilities around.  Currently the tests call for rolling equal to or lower than the stat on 2d6.  Giving L'hesperusa the tie (so a pass is only if the roll is less than the stat) would shift the probabilities in her favour.  That's something I'm considering doing.  The current stat tests are a demo version anyway and might be replaced by something more complex at a future date.  (Plus I don't know what patents/copyright/trademarks the Fighting Fantasy series still holds on d6 attribute checks.  My gut feeling is simple attribute tests like this are too generic to patent/copyright, but very stupid patents exist...)

Anyway, I hope people have fun playing with L'hesperusa.  I haven't done any coding for a while, so this was a fun diversion.  Please post feedback (and bugs encountered) below.

If the interest is there, I would like to write more scenarios featuring different monster girls.  Maybe even stitch those scenarios together into a full game.  I'd likely need funding for this (especially if it gets to the point of commissioning artwork etc), so it might be an excuse to finally get that Patreon up and running.  So long as the interest is there.  If people try it out and give it the thumbs down, well it was an experiment that didn't work out (although it was great to do some coding again).

I have no plans to stop doing the other writing.  Ideally I'll have a nice serial up and running next week (although probably not "The Heart Squad" as that's proving stubborn and will likely need to go back onto the backburner).

Hope people enjoyed this little game demo anyway.  Please leave feedback below.

Oh, and I probably should add.  If you like it, please spread the word.  :D

Monday, May 07, 2018

And now... Spiders?

Chaos Writing strikes again.

This was supposed to be a continuation of the "Heart Squad" series.  I think that series can be salvaged, but I didn't get a chance to work on it over the weekend.  The reason being I currently have another project screaming very loudly "Work on me!" in my ear.  I did briefly consider ignoring it, but not working on things when they're red-hot in my mind is usually when my productivity goes to hell.  If you wake up and your brain is currently bouncing around going "let's work on this thing", it's usually best from a productivity standpoint to get as much work done on that project while the enthusiasm is there.  So, that's what I'm going to do.

I've got 3 days before I'm off for a work assignment for a week.  I want to see if I can smash as much of this idea as I can before then in case I come back and find the enthusiasm has waned.

I've had a look at where I got to with "The Heart Squad" and think it's retrievable, but I don't want to make it a chore by forcing myself to work on it when something else is screaming for my attention.

As for this mystery project, here's a clue:

You turn and see a monstrous spider woman—an arachne.  Above the waist she has the body of an exotic young woman with voluptuous round breasts.  Below the waist she has the shiny black abdomen and eight long jointed legs of a giant spider.  Straight black hair falls in curtains on either side of a thin and haughtily beautiful face.  Her sensually plump lips are stained black and curled up in a cruel smile.

“Hello, little cricket.  I am L'hesperusa the arachne,” she says.  “I’m going to suck up all your fluids...”

She pauses to run a moist tongue around her sensual lips.

“...through your lovely hard cock.”

Her words send both a shiver of arousal and fear through you.  You don’t think she’ll stop with just your semen.

No time to dwell on that now.  The arachne rears up on her long spindly legs and points the tip of her bulbous black abdomen in your direction.  It looks like she’s taking aim.

Test of Agility

This will probably be the only post this week as I'm going to hammer away on this thing while it's hot.  I have written a lot of text for it over the last few weeks, but I'm not 100% sure on how it will fit together.  At the worst, if my programming skills fail me, I'll post the raw text for people's enjoyment.

(L'hesperusa really really likes playing with her prey...)

Monday, March 26, 2018

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 52: Recruiting the Queens I


<- Previous: The 6 Orbs

Right, sub-quests today.  Lots and lots of sub-quests.  I’ll be picking up the queens in reverse order to fighting them, mainly because that’s how I did it.

Vampire Queen – Fatima

Go back to the throne room in the vampire castle.

Vampire Queen will agree to be Luka’s “concubine”, on the condition he helps her achieve her aims of world domination.  Sonya is not impressed by this.  Then it turns out Vampire Queen’s sinister plan to achieve world domination is to... open a chain of vampire pubs?

Um.  Okay.

Alice (or Sonya) points out it’s basically a rip-off of what the mermaids are doing, but the vampire queen is undaunted.

The vampire queen wonders if anyone in the vampire family is good at business.

Well... there is that former bandit queen who runs the shop in the pocket castle and has negotiated trade deals with pretty much every settlement in the world and even some on other planes.

This is Vanilla’s time to shine.  She talks with the vampire queen about opening a pub in Sabasa.  Vanilla already has a list of possible locations, with the old assassin’s HQ at the top of the list.

At this point you need to go to Sabasa.  The house you want is the one where Salaan (the assassin battlefucker) can be found hanging out.

The soon-to-be first Vampire Pub

Talk to her and she’ll sell the house to Vanilla.  Then it’s back to the Vampire Castle to talk with the queen (You’re going to want a time mage able to cast Warp in the party, as this and the next few quests require a lot of bouncing around the map).

After talking to the vampire queen she’ll relocate to Sabasa, where she can be found inside the old assassin building along with various vamps engaged in interior redecoration.  She will then set two quests.

The first is to find a nice carpet.  Remember that mysterious sheep island right near the start of [part 2], well finally we have a reason to visit it.  It’s just west of the Navy HQ if you’ve forgotten where it is.  Go and talk to the sheep girl blocking the door to the building and she’ll provide the carpet the vampire queen is looking for.

So this island of drunken sheep was actually here for a reason

Quest two is the one where I initially heard rumours of it being broken if characters were recruited in the wrong order.  Those characters are Lazarus and Merlin.  They can be recruited in the pub in Gold Port pretty much the first time you visit there.  I’ve left them there after seeing a forum post about this quest line being broken.  Whatever that problem was, it doesn’t appear to be present now.

Queen Vampire wants beer.  Going through the brewer’s guild is expensive, but fortunately there is a shadowy underworld figure capable of bypassing all that.  You’ll need to go to Lazarus.  If, like me, you haven’t yet recruited him, you can talk to him in Gold Port and he and Merlin will join the party.  After being recruited he can then be found in the casino of the pocket castle (and will be here if you recruited him ages ago).  Talk to him to satisfy the second part of the vampire queen’s quest.

Then it’s time for a night’s sleep at the inn and then return the next evening to see how the vampire inn is faring.

Very good as it happens.  It’s full of happy patrons.  They’re drinking the beer.  The vampire girls are drinking the patrons (non-lethally).  In fact, the men seem a little too happy.  They're all paired up with very willing and rather attractive vampire girl hosts.  There’s even one squirming away in bliss in one of elder vampire’s tentacles.

Looks around.

Wait a minute.  I don’t think this pub is a pub...

And the world was doomed as a chain of high-quality vampire brothels spread across it.

To be fair, I suspect the mermaid “pubs” are running the exact same business model.

Anyway, Queen Vampire is happy, and that’s her quest line done.  She reveals her real name is Fatima and joins the party.  Vanilla reveals she doesn’t have a real name as no-one gave her one.  So Fatima, as head of the vampire clan, bestows one on her.


You dun gud, little Vanilla.

And we get a lovely new concubine for our harem, where we can look forward to nights of pleasure just like...

A date with a vampire.  BYOB.


Moving on.

Spider Princess – um, Spider Princess

Getting Spider Princess in the party involves throwing all common sense out of the window and having Luka behave like a complete idiot.

Go to her throne room.  Thankfully, an arachne lord is on hand to teleport us straight to her rather than battling through the maze-like Isle of Solitude.  Spider Princess will tell you she wants to ascend to the throne of Queen Insect again, but needs the votes of Queen Bee, Queen Ant and Queen Roach to do so.

That’s an interesting teaser.  I wonder if we’ll get to see a Queen Roach in part 3.

Hmm.  Are we sure we want to see a Queen Roach?

Queen Roach isn’t around, so it will have to be the votes of Queen Bee and Ant.  Agree to help Spider Princess out and you’ll be teleported to Queen Bee at the top of the insect mountain.

I don't think Queen Bee is going to agree to this...

She is not too happy about letting Spider be queen again and is totally not convinced by Spider’s claims that she’s turned over a new leaf now that she’s found her “love”, Luka.  Queen Ant shows up and is also for vetoing Spider Princess’s claims.

This is where I initially thought I’d fucked up as it ends up in a battle where you have to pick a side.  I thought it was going to be another of those either/or scenarios, but it doesn’t play out that way.  Side with Spider Princess and you’ll have to fight Queen Bee and Queen Ant.  Win and Spider Princess wrangles her way to Insect Queen and joins the party.  Fortunately, you don’t lose Queen Ant and Queen Bee in the process.  They can still be found in the pocket castle afterwards as if nothing has happened.

This means that the correct course of action is to side with Spider Princess, even if all common sense suggests Luka should not do this and definitely be nowhere near Spider Princess’s bedchamber when she starts to feel a little frisky.

Because, well, we know why...

How many times have we told you...

-> Next: Recruiting the Queens II

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about my other writing.  Currently I'm queuing up the MQ:P playthrough posts for the next few weeks.  Once that's done, I'll get back to writing.  Not sure what that'll be.  The rest of "The Heart Squad" hopefully, but if I find that's gone a little stale, I'll try changing things up.  2,000 words a day on a random story I'm not supposed to be writing is better than 0 words a day on a story that has gone cold and stubbornly refusing to be written.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 49: Spider's Lair

First up, apologies for the week off.  I was out of the country the weekend before for work and managed to bring the plague (okay, flu) back with me.


<- Previous: Mermaid Cave

So where were we again?

Ah, it’s time to put a stop to the dastardly four queens’ warmongering.  Elves and Mermaids have already been crossed off the list.  Now we’re into ickier territories.  Arachnophobes might want to skip this one, just saying.

As with the Mermaid Cave, the spider lair should already be known to you.  It’s one of the first locations accessible when picking up a boat at the Navy HQ.  You can get to it by following the shoreline to the north from the Navy Headquarters.  Or by going directly north from Saloon, I think.

Here be spiders

Also, as with the Mermaid Cave, the entrance is blocked off by a bodyguard, in this case a pair of Arachne Lords.  And again, as with the mermaids, Luka is no longer prepared to put up with their bullshit, so to battle it is.

When you have so many spider girls, a simple "Arachne" is no longer good enough

Ahem.  To “battle” it is...?

This is really a heroic battle and not the femdom bondage handjob it looks like.  Honest...

Arachne Lord is a returnee from the original series.  As is Tsuchigumo.  They have all the moves they had in the original series, which includes some rather unusual boobs and nipples.  But it’s the new gals we’re interested in and... be still my beating heart.

Spiders from Mars (or should that be Venus?)

I really like this artist’s kitsch style.  It seems very appropriate for smexy monster girls.  And you know how I said I wouldn’t deliberately kick Luka into their web...

“Alice, please push Luka into the lovely kitsch spiders’ web.”

Their temptation move is a pile on that ends up with us balls deep in spider pussy.

This is also a heroic battle and not a wild spider girl orgy

This can also be revisited in an extended form as one of their request scenes after you recruit them.

Once resistance has been... ahem... sucked out.  It’s time to plonk Luka in a web for some sexy cocooning.

Trapped in a web and at the mercy of lewd spider girls

Two wrap him up in aphrodisiac silk while the third wanks him off/fucks him with her spinneret.

(Yes, biologists, I know you’re getting agitated by the just plain “things do not work that way” of it.  Fantasy world filled with nympho monster girls, just roll with it.)

Nicely wrapped up and ready for plenty of sucky fucky

With Luka nicely wrapped up, the three take it in turns until the tap, regrettably, runs dry.

After we’ve had our sticky fun (and Death has kindly let our mummified corpse back out of Hades), it’s time to get back to the main mission.

There are a few NPCs scuttling around that dole out some interesting background info on the Spider Princess.  She used to be the overall queen of all insects, but then they booted her off the throne for basically being a massive asshole.

The spider’s lair is another big maze.  For some reason there are plenty of stairs that take us up to the surface of the Island of Solitude for no discernible reason I can think of.  Maybe TTR originally had it planned as a different location?  There are various chests and treasures found in these dead ends, so it’s sort of worth checking out every route.

(Sort of, in that there is so much loot in this game that very few of the chests actually hold anything interesting.)

Keep going right and eventually you’ll reach the red carpets of the Spider Princess’s throne room, where it’s boss battle time.

Not sure the red carpet makes it any less a dank cave

Spider Princess is another returning character from the original series, so we’ll skip the Bad End bits.

A perfect concubine... hahahaha.

Spoiler: Do you like unbirth?

As with Queen Mermaid, there’s no need for Black Alice to stir the pot behind the scenes on this one.  Spider Princess, like Cassandra, has always been a fairly unambiguous villain in the series.

She does keep to her word though.  After being defeated she promises to call back her arachne army.  She also offers herself up to be Luka’s concubine.  I say “offers up”, but it’s more “forces herself on Luka and refuses to take no for an answer.”  And then she’s straight on to talking about marriage, much to Sonya’s disapproval.  Marriage might not be too bad.  I’m fairly sure she knows a few tricks in the bedroom.  Surviving the wedding night without being eaten might be a little tricky...

You were warned...

Then it’s off back to Grangold to pick up our reward.  This time we pick up the Magic God’s soul.  This is pretty good as it allows us to unlock all the advanced magician jobs.  One thing I missed at the time, but have spotted now, is that these souls also unlock some of the advanced monster girl races as well.

Unfortunately, I’d already played through the section (and the follow-up quests to recruit Spider Princess later) before seeing Stephen’s advice in the comments to have King Grangold in your party when interacting with Spider Princess.  I suspect there might be some spicy banter between those two...

But I didn’t think to add King Grangold in the party for this section, so I’ll have to leave it to the folks in the comments to supply the juicy details.

Next up it’s time to receive a good vamping.

-> Next: Vampire Castle

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 44: Demon Invasion


<- Previous: Succubus Village (alt)

We were in an alternate world, hanging out with one of the great heroes of the past (who coincidentally happens to be travelling with one of the worst villains) when we got a message all heck was breaking loose back in Luka’s world.

One harpy feather later and...

Our newest recruit

What is Black Alice doing with us?  She got sucked into the warp and followed us back into our world.  Fortunately, she seems quite tickled at the prospect of going up against the demon armies and joins the party.

This is probably for the best.  As a party member, she’s fairly OP.  Despite only being level 40 or so, she has access to the tier 3 Black Mage jobs and her trait is to double-cast black magic.  With the right gear and stat bonuses, she can dish out a helluva lot of damage.  So yep, it’s probably a good thing she pitched in on our side.

She is also a bit... not there.

I think someone recommended keeping her in the party for her comments.  I concur with this.  Alice is a fruit loop.  All hell is breaking out around her and she talks about tea parties (before dishing out five-digit damage double fireballs).

I think I can say I’m on team Black Alice at this point.

Originally, I was going to break this part into four posts covering each city, but I think it’s time we push on and get this series done before part 3 comes out.  Also, while there are plenty of new encounters, I’ve a strong reason to believe we’ll be seeing them as regular encounters in other locations (for reasons that will become clear later).

Right.  Grand Noah, San Ilia, Sabasa and Grangold are all under attack.  Technically, it doesn’t matter which order you do them in, and at one point I did get confused as to which was the first (I may have rushed to the other cities to see what new monster girls were around to “play” with).  The monsterpedia is fairly helpful here.  It lists the new monster girls in the order elves, mermaids, spiders, vamps.  So we’ll start with Grand Noah (which is where we warp to after the distress call comes in anyway).

Grand Noah is under siege by a combined army of elves and fairies.  The random encounters are various low-level elves and fairies we’ve seen in previous locations.  They’re still at the same level and therefore not really a problem.  Also present are various fixed encounters where the monster girl character sprite is visible and usually in the process of molesting some unlucky (or lucky) townsfolk.

The giantess girl in the town square is fairly hard to miss.

I wonder who we're supposed to fight...?

There is also a carbuncle girl (I’m guessing this is a fairy-tale reference) molesting a priest on the bridge to the coliseum.  These are one-time encounters.  There are also recurring encounters (respawns every time you come back to the city) with new girl Elf Amazoness and original series Trick Fairy.

I’m not going to put Bad End details here just yet as I suspect we’ll be running into these girls again.

Various routes, including the road to the coliseum, are blocked by mass fighting.  You’ll need to head towards the castle where you’ll find the androgynous-looking Queen Fairy marshalling her troops from behind the lines.

Sweet child of the 60s

Queen Fairy was a boss fight in the original series that specialised in sending various lewd plants into Luka’s pants.

The boss fight managed to drag out for an age because my party is effectively Alicetroemeria, Luka and a ragtag punch of other characters I’m running through the Maid job to pick up the value-oriented Job XP +50% ability.  After this I did some switcharounds because I didn’t want every fight to take thirty minutes with the risk of a party-wipe if they managed to nail the one character capable of actually doing anything.

What happens after beating Queen Fairy is a bit of a surprise to me.  In the original series she tag-teamed with Queen Elf and I was expecting that fight to follow this.  Instead Queen Fairy calls back her army and vacates the city.

Hmm, I suspect we’re going to have to track her back to her home turf.  That mountain outside Yamatai?  Although Queen Fairy and Queen Elf were located on their own island in the original series, if I remember correctly.

Anyway, that’s Grand Noah clear.  Time to move on to San Ilia.

San Ilia is under attack from the mermaids.  I think this is a slight change to canon as the mermaid queen attacked Port Natalia in the original series.  Once again the wandering monsters are various mermaids from previous locations.

The new encounters are the mermaid general from the original series and a new mermaid knight.  There is also a mini-boss encounter blocking off the route to whoever is leading the mermaid encounter.  This is new girl Lorelei.  She offers to give us a nice bubbly bath massage, which is rather tempting...

Bubble bath soapy massage?  Sign me up!

Oh well, that’s what save’n’reload is for.

Leading the army is the mermaid princess from the original series – El.  She gets blasted back by a cannon and we confront her in the central square.

The littlest mermaid

Alice knows her mother has a hatred of humans from a Little Mermaid thing that didn’t work out too well and is sad that hatred has been passed down to her daughter.  El wants to prove she’s good enough to be next queen, which means beating us and taking the city.

Beating El is enough to call off the assault.

Now I spot the trend.  The deputies are leading the armies while the real queens are being held back as the inevitable boss fights in their own bases.  Unlike with the elves/fairies, I know where that is for the mermaids.  It’s on the road from Plansect to Gold Fort.

That’s two cities cleared.  Next is Grangold and spiders.

Again the random encounters are various spider girls from MQ:P [part 1].  There is a new type wandering around with their own map sprite (and also fighting the golem in the town centre).  They are a group of very kitsch arachnes drawn by the same artist who did the succubus harem.  I like them and like their Bad End and will be sure to show it off when we “lose” to them in the arachne base.

The deputy boss fight is more like a deputy boss rush as we fight first the tsuchigumo and then two of the arachne lord from the original series.  Unlike the elves and mermaids, the spider queen is here in person.  But we don’t get to fight her.  After we defeat the arachne lords, the spider princess shows up at the entrance to the castle.  She’s looking for the King of Grangold, who isn’t in the castle because it got blown up in the fight with alt!Tamamo.  The king is currently in his temporary warehouse HQ.  He emerges to blast away a few of the rank’n’file arachnes.  This draws the attention of the spider princess, who jumps over for their epic boss battle.

Hey, star of the story over here.  Shouldn’t you be fighting us, Miss Muffet?

We get another new spider girl to fight against instead – Atlach-Nacha.

A titty spider to go with the titty flies?

Woo, Clark Ashton Smith ref.  Atlach-Nacha was the spider god in one of his weird stories – “The Seven Geases”.  That story can be read here, but I wouldn’t get your hopes (or other parts) up.  Atlach-Nacha is male and conventionally monstery here.  A gender-flipped version did show up in an Alicesoft visual novel (that was porny).  Funny to see a Cthulhu mythos monster (that isn’t Cthulhu or a shoggoth) show up in such things.

I did have a “The Seven Geases” porn-parody type story/novel on my todo list.  Maybe that could be the original fiction serial I follow this series with?  (Spider girls, snake girls, one huge slime girl, plus one hapless protagonist.  Probably good for a laugh.)

Goddamn it, so many ideas.  So totally disorganised when it comes to writing them.

Anyway, back to Atlach-Nacha and... that’s a lot of tits.

Despite the fearsome name, she doesn’t even get proper boss music.  She does have a lot of tits, though...

She exploited our weak point...

I don’t think Atlach-Nacha is meant to be any kind of boss.  If you fight her properly rather than throwing the fight to see what she does with those many tits (she uses them to squirt aphrodisiac silk around Luka until he’s all cocooned up and spurting his life away in her cunt), you’ll find out she’s vulnerable to status combo tricks like trance/intoxicating pitcher and can be beaten in one turn.

In keeping with the previous two cities, we don’t get to fight the queen of the race as Spider Princess calls a tactical retreat.

That’s three cities clear.  We also get a new recruit as King of Grangold joins the party afterwards.

Last is Sabasa.  I’m a bit hazy on this one as I did bits of it out of sequence.

As you enter the city, Sara will run off citing a need to defend her people.  We have to take the slow way through Sabasa fighting vampires along the way.

Or rather, one vampire, as the only non-Loli-Bandit vampire we’ve seen so far is the generic vampire girl found in Grangold Desert.  She is joined by other non-random encounters – Conquista and Vendetta.  Later on we also get the Setouchi-special Elder Vampire.

There are two mini-boss fights required to free Sabasa.  Carmilla and Elizabeth show up from the original series.

Do you think they'd say yes to a threesome?

Carmilla is fought at the half-way point, which unlocks the way to fight Elizabeth deeper in the city.  Elizabeth has Sara trapped by what looks like a horde of vamps.  She taunts Sara by telling her she’s going to enslave the whole country.  At which point Sara reveals her heritage as the daughter of the sphinx.

Oh hello, does that mean we’re going to get Succubus Sara.

Oh yes.

That's the Sara we've been waiting for

After blasting away the minion vamps, she rejoins the party for the boss fight.  Again it’s like the previous three cities.  Defeat the lieutenants and the invasion is called off.  I guess the game is saving the vampire queen for the vampire base, wherever that actually is.

That’s all four cities saved.  So it’s time to return to Grand Noah to plan the next move... which we’ll do next post.

But before then, we might as well get to know Sara’s new succubus body better.

Totally worth a trip to Hades

-> Next: The Open Open Seas

Sunday, November 12, 2017

H-space MGB Profile: Bubble-Prison Arachne

Name: Bubble-Prison Arachne
Type: Arachne
Habitat: Bük'al Kulburburia (This appears to be a HSIO city and centre of industry).

A specialised type of arachne (spider girl) distinguished by a large abdomen that resembles a transparent bubble.  The abdomen is hollow and used to contain human captives while the arachne 'sublimates' them.

Bubble-prison arachnes occupy a worker caste position within HSIO society.  Their role is to sublimate humans to their liquid essences, which is a key ingredient in various exotic drinks brewed by other HSIO workers.  As best as we've been able to translate, the sublimation process appears to involve the extraction of the human soul, and requires the subject to be taken to—and held in—a state of extreme sexual nirvana.

After ingesting a captive, the arachne fills the abdominal cavity with aphrodisiac gases to subdue them.  She is able to regulate the space within her abdomen by pumping air between the outer wall and inner lining.  Once the captive is subdued, the arachne shrinks the cavity around them and uses gases, secreted fluids and the motions of her inner lining to first induce extreme sensual euphoria, then sublimate her captive to a liquid essence.

(Scientifically, I do not know how this next step happens.  And no, I will not condone the feeding of "willing" recruits to our specimen in order to test the resulting sublimation fluids.  We are scientists, not monsters.)

Given their peculiar specialisation to this task, I wonder if the bubble-prison arachnes were specifically bred—or even engineered—solely for this purpose.

Attack Strategy:
Bubble-prison arachnes are workers and as such are slow and unused to direct combat.  Despite this, they shouldn't be taken lightly.  As a defensive measure, a bubble-prison arachne can fill her abdomen with her aphrodisiac gases and release them as a cloud.  The arachne secretes a stronger form of this venom on her lips and are physically strong enough to "kiss" a person into submission should they allow her to get close enough.

As with other spider girls, the bubble-prison arachne can produce a silk-like substance from her abdomen to bind opponents.  The silk is not strong, but it is impregnated with her venom and most captives will be too overwhelmed by horniness to attempt escape.

Gas masks are ineffective against the gas clouds released by the arachnes as the active agent is absorbed through the skin.  Fortunately, this active agent is not strong and requires continuous heavy exposure to incapacitate most men.

As with other low-tier HSIOs, bubble-prison arachnes have some limited regeneration, but not enough to withstand sustained assault.

Threat Level:

*I fear Doctor Cummings has become unhealthily attached to our specimen, Burbuila.  Burbuila is friendly and has proven very helpful, but one should never lose sight of what she is.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

H-space MGB Story: Bubble-Prison Arachne

PFC Stewart Peter Bate awoke suspended above pandemonium.  He was bound at the wrists and hanging from a rope like a side of beef.  He was completely naked and both his cock and legs dangled beneath him as he slid through the darkness on an unseen conveyor.  Bate couldn't see what.  Above him, the rope—which looked like catgut—stretched up into pitch-blackness.  Below him, a long way below him, Bate saw a bustle of activity as people worked.

Not people.  Demons.  Okay, aliens, although Bate was less sure about that now.

They weren't supposed to be this organized.

"Simple tribal hierarchies at best," the big brains had said.

The big brains had lied, or been utterly incompetent.  Either way, the activity Bate saw was considerably more complex than 'simple tribal hierarchies'.  Bate thought he was looking down at a factory shop floor, or maybe a chaotic bazaar.

And he was travelling over the whole thing like a strung up pig's carcass.

This concerned Bate greatly.

He tried to remember how he'd got here.  Last he remembered was chilling at the base.  Then a puff of pink smoke, a sweet smell, and darkness.

And now—more darkness.

He was transported through inky black shadows, far above the activity taking place below.  He couldn't tell whether it was night or day.  Not that he'd be able to even if he could see the sky.  H-space didn't really do night or day.

Bate was not the only on the meat hooks.  Ahead of him he saw another pale, naked body.  A fellow soldier?  He was still unconscious... or dead.  He hung limply and his head lolled forwards between his shoulders.

There was another person (body?) behind him.  By twisting his body from side to side, Bate was able to glimpse him, but not see whether he was alive, or awake.

Bate was going to call out to both when he saw something ahead of them.  Spiders.  Giant spiders the size of automobiles.  Bate's cry died in his mouth.

There were monstrous spiders all around him.  He watched as they descended on silvery ropes to the floor far below.  They halted just above great vats containing violet liquid.  Muscular hindigs with hunched, carapace-covered bodies swirled the vats with great long oars.  One of the giant spiders upended itself.  Its bloated abdomen was the same color as the liquid in the vat.  The reason for that became clear as its abdomen shrank and a stream of violet fluid poured down into the vat.  Like squeezing the juice out of a grape, Bate thought.  Flecks of gold glittered in the vat as the hard-shelled demons swirled the liquids around.  Its abdomen empty, the spider climbed back up into the shadows.

As Bate approached closer he saw a spider being ridden by a woman who was naked aside from long tresses of hair covering her breasts.  Was it even a spider?  The abdomen was bloated, but also transparent.  It looked artificial—like a giant bubble of clear plastic.  A robot?  Or some kind of mechanical walker?  The long legs still looked kind of spidery—organic rather than machine.

One of the spider riders plucked the unconscious man in front of Bate off his rope and carried him away up into the darkness.  The line continued moving.

Then it was Bate's turn.  A spider rider came for him, only now Bate was close enough to see that his initial impression was wrong.  There was no spider—or mechanical walker—and rider; spider and rider were one and the same.  The woman's upper body emerged directly from where the head would have been on a giant spider.  Like the centaurs of myth, Bate thought, but with the lower half of a monstrous spider instead of a horse.

This had to be a nightmare.  It couldn't be real.

"Oh, you're awake," the spider girl said.

She had an open, friendly face.  It was pretty... if you could fool yourself into thinking the black orbs clustered at her temples were some form of exotic body modification and not actual eyes.  Her naked body was pretty fine as well, with a set of tits a stripper would be proud of.  That rack would be totally visible if her silky platinum-blonde hair wasn't long enough to cover it, Lady Godiva style.

Yes, her body was all fine... until you reached the hips and the woman ended and the spider began.  That part was loathsomely arachnid.  She had eight long, jointed legs.  Her abdomen was a large bloated transparent balloon.  That part was utterly alien.  There was nothing in it—no organs, nothing.  Just a giant transparent sac.  It looked like a giant bubble attached to her ass.

Nightmare.  Had to be a nightmare.

"Do you have a name?" the spider girl asked.  "Mine is Burbuila."

"Roger," Bate replied, "Roger Bull."

"Hi, Roger Bull," Burbuila said.  "I'm to be your..."   She seemed to be struggling to find the right word.  "...squeeze... er."

"What are you?" Bate asked.  She seemed to be acting friendly enough, but there was still that demon body...

"I'm an essence extrac... squeeze... er..."  Her brow furrowed again.  "Your language is so clumsy.  I'm a type of arachne.  Spider girl," she elaborated.  "But not one of the scary ones you might have heard about, no no no.  I'm a specialized arachne.  Look."

She leant back and ran a hand over her bloated abdomen.  The surface dimpled and rippled like an air-filled rubber bladder.

"See how soft and comfortable it is."

"Uh, okay," Bate said.  "I don't suppose you could get me down."

She reached up and plucked Bate off the rope.  One of her spidery forelimbs moved forwards and snipped through the rope binding Bate's wrists as if it was nothing more than thread.

"Thanks," Bate said.

"You're welcome," she beamed back at him.

She turned and carried him away from the line.  She was stronger than she looked.  She cradled his 200 pounds of mostly muscle in her arms as if he was no more than a baby.

She wasn't holding him tight though.  If Bate struggled, he reckoned he break free of her.  And then what?  If he missed any of the ropes (web?) she was walking on... splat.

"It's so nice to have this conversation with you," Burbuila said.  "It makes the squee..."  Again, a pause.  Again, a furrowing of her brows.  "...process much smoother and more pleasurable."

The silvery ropes Burbuila walked upon were hard to pick out in the shadowy gloom.  There could be a complex web of them—criss-crossing and intersecting in a mesh dense enough to catch Bate if he fell.  Or there could only be a few strands running far apart.  In which case... splat.  Bate didn't fancy taking that chance.

After walking a short distance, Burbuila stopped.  She gave him a flirty little smile and brushed aside the silky smooth hair covering her left breast.  Bate caught a glimpse of the little pink button nub of her nipple.  He was sure it was deliberate.

"Shall we begin?" she asked.

Bate smiled back.  Begin what?  The way she bent over him, her eyelids half-closed and her luscious lips all bunched up, looked like she want to kiss him.  Bate was kind of okay with that.  A kiss—even a kiss off a freaky spider woman demon—didn't seem so bad.  It could be worse.

Bate glanced over her right shoulder.

He saw worse.

There was another spider woman some way above him.  She had a man trapped inside her big bubble abdomen.  He was pushing his hands against the transparent wall like it was bars.

Bate's eyes widened.  He started to squirm too late as she gathered him up in a tight, inescapable embrace.  Her luscious lips pressed against his.

...and Bate stopped squirming as he lost himself in her kiss.

It was like being sixteen all over again:  Nervous, heart fluttering, blood pounding, stomach churning, then that perfect timeless moment as his lips pressed against the lips of his crush of the time.  Time stood still.  No.  Time didn't even exist.  Their lips locked, tongues tangled, breath was shared.  He tasted sweetness—like the juices of some exotic, forbidden fruit.  Hot flashes traced burning trails across his skin.  His loins throbbed.  He melted in her arms.

Burbuila broke off the kiss and smiled down at him.

Bate gave her puppy-dog eyes back.  He no longer even knew where he was.

"See," she said.  "Specialized arachne.  I don't bite.  I kiss."

Glistening dew drops bubbled up on her lips.  She kissed him again—on his lips, his cheeks, his neck, his chest.  The lipstick impressions she left on his skin flared and tingled.  Bate felt hot, shivery, weak.

"That's the first part of the process," Burbuila said.

She held Bate's body away from her with her long jointed forelegs.

"Now for the second."

She let out a soft grunt.  Her fleshy labia—pink and plump and human in appearance even though they lay at the juncture where human became spider—parted.  Another soft grunt, this time of exertion.  Her sex opened out into a tunnel.  Glistening strands of lubricant stretched between the moist tunnel walls.  They snapped as the tunnel opened up wider and wider.

Bate's eyes widened also.  He was still woozy from Burbuila's kiss, but he could see her vagina had opened too wide for any meaningful sexual intercourse.  Why, it was wide enough to fit his head.

Bate was not woozy enough to be blissfully ignorant of what she intended.  He started to squirm as she pushed him headfirst into the gaping maw of her sex.

"In you go," she said, before letting out a breathy sigh.

Wet muscular walls enfolded Bate's head and upper body.  They gripped and smoothly pulled him down an organic passage.  Bate barely had time to panic before he was transported down the fleshy tunnel and excreted out into the open space of her transparent abdomen.

From the inside it even more resembled a giant bubble.  Through the translucent walls he saw other spider women resting on silvery threads, their bubble abdomens also containing captives.

From the inside of her...

Oh fuck, he was inside her.

Then Bate panicked.

He stood up and banged his fists against the outer wall.  It felt soft and yielding, but also tough like thick rubber.

"Ooh, a fidgety one", Burbuila said.  Her voice was muffled by the transparent walls of her bubble abdomen.  "That's ticklish."

"Let me out," Bate wailed.

"I will, after I've put you through the nirvana of sublimation," Burbuila said.  "Just relax.  It's an intensely pleasurable experience."

Violet fumes welled up from the floor.  The bubble was filled with a sickly sweet scent.  The air became thick, cloying... musky.  Bate felt strange—heavy, but also horny.  He felt the blood rush down to his groin.  His thoughts fogged up.

"Lie back.  Relax," Burbuila said.  Her words sank into Bate's brain and fluttered against his pleasure centers.

Before he knew it, he was lying on the floor of her bubble.  It had grown thicker and softer—like an airbed pumped up with air.  A puff of membrane swelled up and formed a comfortable pillow for his head.

"Comfortable?" Burbuila asked.

Her voice—her soft sighs and moans—seemed to be coming from a position right next to Bate's ears.  As if she was in there with him.  The air inside the bubble was thick with exotic scents and the musky odor of arousal.

Burbuila lay back against the bubble and rubbed her arms against the pliant walls.

"And now to squeeze," she sighed.

Soft, membranous walls closed around Bate.  He felt gentle pressure all over his body.  The warmth and scents reminded him of teen fantasies of being tangled up with the naked and nubile bodies of the entire cheerleading squad.

Burbuila breathed in and her bubble abdomen throbbed around Bate like a giant heart.  The membranous walls moved all over him, caressed him, squeezed him.

"Give yourself to the pleasure," Burbuila said.  She lay back against her balloon-like abdomen as it swelled and throbbed.  "Let me squeeze out all your tension and melt you with bliss."

Bate's erection was engulfed and sucked up inside an orifice.  He could see it bobbing away through the transparent membrane walls.  He saw his foreskin move back and forth as his member was gripped by a gentle force.

"Squeeze," Burbuila said.

She breathed in.  Her membranous walls pressed all around Bate.  Suction tugged against his erection.  It responded with a meaty twitch.

"And relax."

She let out a breath.  The gentle pressure all over Bate's body subsided.  Fleshy walls fluttered around his cock.

She repeated the cycle until Bate twitched, mad with lust inside her.  So close.  He felt so close.  He wanted to reach over and finish himself off, but the membranes kept him pinned to the floor of the bubble.

"And now the big squeeze," Burbuila said.

The soft walls pressed all around Bate, molding perfectly to his body and applying gentle pressure all over, with special attention to his cock.  Bate felt the pressure—the suction—building on his manhood until he could withstand it no longer.  He shuddered helplessly and bucked against the smothering pressure as he emptied a great stream of cum into her.  It was drawn from him as if inhaled.  The bubble throbbed around him and each pulse sucked another massive flood of sperm from him.  Something else as well.  Some hazy nebulous element of him.  Not enough to empty him, but enough to make him feel like some part of him was missing.

Fucked right out of him.

He lay back on the soft membranes, panting from the exertion.

What had he just done with this... thing?  And why did it feel like the best sex he'd ever had?

More sweet-smelling fumes were puffed into Bate's face.  Warm exotic fluids were poured over his naked body.  His doubt and disgust melted away.  He felt hot and horny and eager to go again.

"This is where my sisters would squeeze, and suck, and churn, until you were fully sublimated to your essence," Burbuila said, still lying back against the transparent bag of her abdomen.  "They're too impatient.  It should always be long, slow and sensual."

More warm juices were squirted into the cavity.  They sank through Bate's skin, soaked into his muscles and made him feel blissfully relaxed.  So pampered.  He felt so pampered within her.

"The longer you give them nirvana, the greater the flavor."

She sighed and rubbed her arms against the membranous wall of her bubble-prison abdomen.

"They always tell me my flavor is the best.  Because I care for you and make you feel so good."

Slow steady throbs started up again with Bate at the heart of them.  His cock was sucked up and squeezed by air pressure.  He let out a low moan.  Nothing else mattered as Burbuila slowly pulsed him up to another long, slow orgasm.  More violet fluids flecked with gold flowed into the chamber of her abdomen.

"We're going to share bliss together for such a long time," Burbuila said.

She was good for her word.  She could have emptied Bate out with a few strong squeezes, but instead she let him recover, let his body rest, let his balls fill back up before she squeezed and massaged him to another monstrous climax.

Over and over again.

It was a long time later when she descended down and emptied Bate's sublimated essence out into the vat far below.

Friday, August 04, 2017

Text Play Monmusu Conquered World! part 3

Welcome to part 3 of my Text Play of Dieselmine’s Monmusu Conquered World.  Last time we fell foul of an adorably cute goblin gang-bang squad and a good, if exhausting, time was had by all.

Once they’ve been chased off, with some surprisingly cute expressions and bops, it’s onto the next run-and-dodge section.  A couple of new sex animations have been added to the fairy, spider and cowgirl scenes of the first section.  I was thinking of hanging around and letting the succubi catch me so I could see them, but in a display of comic ineptitude, managed to misjudge where the level ended and ran straight through into the next cut-scene.

Straight into the arms and many legs of an arachne, or spider girl, as it happens.

Rather sensibly, even with a magical sword, our hero decides to leg it.  Our new admirer is not so easy to shake off and she keeps bouncing into view until the inevitable fight happens.

The first fight is auto-lose, but it plays out surprisingly logically and is a pretty good bridge between an auto-lose fight that has the illusion of interactivity and a Bad End with no interactivity.  The arachne always follows the same sequence – she poisons the player, inflicts a bind on them, and then initiates a sex attack (animated) that results in the player being reduced to zero hit points after ‘popping’ one turn later.

It's bad form to squirt poison all over someone on a first date

That’s the quintessential arachne scenario right there.

“Mmm, I’m going to fill you full of my aphrodisiac venom, cocoon you up in my lusciously soft silk, and then you’ll be helpless while my delectable, tight little pussy slowly sucks out all your juices.”

Unfortunately, the game creators are trying to play this scenario out with what I’m assuming is generic, off-the-shelf RPG-maker software.  It goes so far – the poison attack lines up the poison status change animation with the arachne sprite so that it looks like she’s squirting it out of the spinneret at the tip of her abdomen.  Which sort of works, if your imagination is kinky enough.  What doesn’t work is the follow-up bind attack.  For this it looks like they’ve taken the closest match – paralysation.  But unfortunately, paralysation is usually represented by electricity in most generic JRPGs, and that doesn’t seem quite right unless she happens to be little miss electro-spider.  The sex attack is a close-up insertion shot.  Unfortunately, as with most Japanese H-things, pixilation obscures a fair bit of it (although it’s still pretty nice).

Anyway, enough analysis.  Back to the story!

The arachne squirts poison at us, ties us up in sticky silk and then forces us to have sex with her.  Other than these minor quibbles she’s probably a lovely date.

The Bad End has Luka-clone bound up like a puppet and bouncing away on spider pussy.  As Bad Ends with scary spider women go, it doesn’t seem so bad.

Arachne's love spinning their own love seats

The scene is also a little familiar.  Luka got bound and fucked the same way if he lost to the Spider Princess in Monster Girl Quest, if I remember right.

Oh, but in that scene, after she had sex, didn’t she...

Yes, you can't see his legs.  No, you probably don't want to know where they are...


So, it’s a dinner date, and not in the good way.

Hmm, this will be a challenge for the resurrection capabilities of our magic sword.  Thankfully it’s up to the task.  The arachne gets a massive dose of indigestion and regurgitates us right back up again.

(Yes, this is still a sex game, in case anyone was wondering.)

I don’t think she’s too put out by this turn of events.  It means she gets to fuck us and eat us again.

Which she does.  I probably should have made some effort to learn the RPG battle mechanics.

Round 3 is back in idiot-proof mode.  Three solid hits with the sword is enough to send her packing before her devilish vagina slurps us up again.

Normally, when writing up let’s plays of weird Japanese monster girl H-games I like to play a game of which is the more depraved – the game, or my stories.  With the old Violated Hero games it used to be a challenge, but I’ve written a year-and-a-half’s worth of H-space shorts since then... ;)

If you like arachnes and would like to peruse further ‘educational’ literature, this chapter from Succubus Summoning might hit the spot.  And if you like that, you might want to check out what L’mactia’s two sisters get up to when given a man to play with in my novella, "Sandwiched by Spiders".  And nobody gets eaten (okay, swallowed).

Well, it didn’t take long for Monmusu Conquered World to jump right into the weirder kinks.  Let’s see what they have in store for us next.

Monday, March 06, 2017

H-space MGB Profile: Hunting Arachne

Name:  Hunting Arachne
Type:  Arachne
Habitat: Rocky terrain.  Mountains.  Caves.

A type of spider-girl.  At a distance she looks like a naked human woman riding a giant spider.  Closer inspection reveals both are parts of the same organism, with the head and torso of the woman replacing the head of the spider.  The woman appears to have truncated vestigial legs that taper to points after about a third of thigh.  These house and hide venom-filled fangs.

Her upper body is dark-skinned with silver hair and looks fully human aside from three sets of additional jet-black eyes located on her head.  Unless seen close up, it is easy to mistake these additional eyes for jewellery.

The lower body is brown and resembles the agelenid spiders found on Earth, albeit on a considerable larger scale.

Attack Strategy:
This type of arachne is an active hunter.  They produce webbing, but use it as ropes to cast at and entangle prey rather than building webs.  Once they catch a man (It is always a man.  Unlike other HSIOs, hunting arachnes show no interest in women) the arachne will wrap them up in a cocoon.  This silk is coated in a mild aphrodisiac.  Venom glands within the false legs contain a much stronger aphrodisiac and the arachne injects it into her prey to place them into a state of sexual hyper-arousal before beginning to feed.

Outwardly, feeding resembles copulation.  The arachne will get her prey aroused and then insert their erection into her false vagina.  This orifice is her true mouth and connected to a series of powerful sucking stomachs in her abdomen.  She stimulates her prey to ejaculation and then slowly pumps out all their fluids while they are in a helpless state of sensual bliss.

This type of arachne is fast, agile, and especially dangerous in broken terrain where they can attack from a multitude of angles.

Their resistances are comparable to similar HSIOs.  The cuticle is resistant to small arms and they have some limited regenerative capabilities.  Chainsaws and/or flamethrowers are recommended for fighting this type.  It is also advised to engage them in open areas rather than seeking cover.

Threat Level:

Fast, agile, and extremely difficult to handle at close quarters.

Sunday, March 05, 2017

H-space MGB Story: Hunting Arachne

PFC Stewart Peter Bate had thought the spiders would be okay so long as you weren't stupid enough to fall into their webs.  He'd been in H-space long enough to hear about and even see firsthand some real crazy shit.  Giant spider-women.  Sure, whatevs.

What they hadn't told him about—and Bate was supremely pissed about this—was the spiders that chased after you and threw ropes of sticky silk like they were cowboys lassoing rogue steers.  They also hadn't told him about how quick they were.  Or how accurate they were at throwing their sticky ropes of silk.

Or how damn sneaky they were.

Bate stood with his back to a crumbling wall.  Finding the ruins had been a surprise.  No one knew who'd built them or what they were doing here.  H-space was weird like that.  Explo teams had reported coming across strange structures left in the middle of nowhere as if they'd been transplanted here from another world.  These ruins were old.  Whoever built them was no longer around and hadn't been for a long time.  Maybe the spider-women had eaten them.

He knew she was out there, stalking him.

He strained to hear any sounds—the telltale tic of a chitinous spider leg on stone, or maybe the little rattle of displaced gravel.  Nothing.  How could something so big move so silently?  It wasn't right.

She was the last one.  He was the last of the squad.  The other spiders had got the rest.  Poor bastards.

Bate paused behind the rock wall to get his breath back and wonder how the fuck he was going to get out of this.  To his right was an open square floored with stone blocks.  On the other side of the square was a broken arch standing out on its own.

Bate was fast.  Back in college he'd been county champion at the 100m sprint.

The spiders were faster.  She'd run him down long before he reached the broken arch.

To his left was a maze of rubble and crumbling stone walls.  The spiders could climb walls just as well as their tiny cousins back on Earth.  What was an obstacle course for him would be a racetrack for her.

It was still his best choice.  The derelict walls would provide some form of cover.  If he could sneak through without her seeing him...

A shadow fell over him.

Bate looked up into the smiling face of the spider-girl.

"There you are," she said.

If you didn't know any better, the spider-girls kinda looked hot.  Her skin was a rich coffee-brown color and looked flawlessly smooth.  Her exposed breasts were full and round and topped with perky dark-brown nipples.  She had silver-white hair that was cut short in a bob that extended to just below her pointed elf-like ears.  The only blemishes to her otherwise beautiful face were shiny black orbs attached to her forehead and temples.  It was easy to mistake them for jewelry... until they blinked.

And now Bate didn't have a choice.

He turned tail, put his head down and sprinted across the open square as if his life depended on it.  Which it did.  Abstractly he reckoned he'd probably just smashed his PB.  Not that it did him any good.  The broken arch was still in the distance when he felt something wet and sticky strike him in the center of his back.  He carried on running but now it felt like he'd been attached to a bungee cord.  His forward momentum slowed to the point it was like trying to charge through thick mud.  He hit the limit of his tether's elasticity and came to a halt.  He reached out despairingly for the arch that was out of reach of his imploring fingers, then he was yanked backwards.

The spider-girl caught him.  Bate had resolved to not go quietly if one of these bastards ever caught him.  He thrashed and lashed out.  It was like fighting a hurricane of scissoring limbs and drifting strands of sticky silk.  Bate's clothes and kit were neatly sliced away and then his naked body was spun around while she wrapped him up in sheets of sticky wet silk.  All of him was cocooned aside from his face.

Because she wanted him to see, Bate realized.  Sadistic bitch.

She smiled at him as she squatted down on top of his cocooned body.  Bate saw her mix of human and arachnid from up close.  It was far worse than had she been completely alien.  It looked like a giant spider had no head and instead a buxom brown-skinned female amputee was sitting in its place as if she was riding some kind of exotic wheelchair or chariot.  That was Bate's brain trying to make sense of the incomprehensible.  Spider and woman blurred together at the join.  Chitin plates extended from the body of the arachnid and up the sides of the woman.  Her leg stumps were like one of those trick rabbit-duck pictures.  One moment they resembled the leg stumps of a double amputee, tapering to a point.  The other they looked like the mouth parts of an enormous spider.

Rider and spider were one.

Rider and spider had always been one.

What the fuck was wrong with this fucked up dimension?

"How's that?" she asked.  "All wrapped up and comfortable?"

Bate briefly flexed against his bonds before realizing it was hopeless.  She'd wrapped him up as tight as a hapless fly caught in a spider's web.

"Fuck you," he said to her.

The spider-girl laughed.

"Patience," she said.  "We'll do plenty of that later."

She ran a hand over Bate's silk-wrapped form.

"Oh, but our little game of hide'n'seek has got my juices going."

Curved fangs popped out of the leg stumps that were not leg stumps.  A droplet of pink fluid formed at the tip of each.

Bate's eyes widened.  Forget her human appearance.  She was a spider.  She was going to inject him with her venom and suck out his insides.  And there was nothing he could do about it.

"Fuck you," he re-iterated.

Bate was determined not to go out a pussy.  It was all he had left.  He wouldn't beg.

"Ah, so eager," the spider-girl laughed.

Her poison fangs sank into Bate's sides.  There was a brief prick of pain and then...


Warmth bloomed up inside him in expanding clouds.  It was like she'd injected him with opiates... and something else.  All his tension and fear melted right away.  He relaxed and then a different kind of tension gripped him.  He felt strange and antsy.  Hot.  Horny.

"Normally I'd wait for the aphrodisiac soaked in my silk to take effect," she said.  "But you've made me all wet.  I can't wait."

Blood surged down to Bate's cock.  The spider-woman must have spared that part of his body when wrapping him up.  His erection started to rise without hindrance.  She wrapped her hands around his manhood.  In contrast to her alien, arachnid appearance her hands were warm and soft.  She spat on his cock and used it as lubrication as she pumped him harder and harder.

Bate watched on in a confused stupor.  He'd thought she meant to eat him.  This he didn't mind.  She knew tricks with her fingers that had Bate moaning in pleasure.  No, he didn't mind this at all.  Even being wrapped up in the silk cocoon felt okay—kinky, but comfortable kinky.

If he'd known she was going to do this he wouldn't have run away.

The girl smiled at him as she pumped his dick.

"Much better," she said.  "Now we can fuck."

The plates of chitin guarding her crotch slid aside to expose the hairless folds of her pussy.  Her labia were plump and red with engorged blood.  They parted to reveal a red tunnel slathered with her juices.

Bate trembled with anticipation.  Even though he could clearly see it wasn't a typical human pussy he didn't care.  He felt so hot and horny he needed to cool off.  And the only way to cool off was to douse his boiling-hot cock in her wet sex.

Which he couldn't do because his body was tightly cocooned in silk.  The woman knew it and teased him with her sex.  She moved over him and pressed down enough for the plush lips of her sex to encircle the swollen head of Bate's cock, but not enough for him to penetrate her.

Bate felt so hot and horny it overwhelmed everything else.  He moaned in frustration at not being able to thrust up inside her.

The woman laughed.  "Don't worry.  Arachnes are accustomed to their lovers being bound.  My pussy will bring you to ecstasy and you won't have to do a thing."

An organ expanded within her and the resulting suction it generated through her vagina drew Bate's cock up into her with enough force to lift his hips up off the floor.  The position was uncomfortable, but Bate wasn't held in it for long.  The spider-woman had proved her point and lowered her body so Bate was resting on the floor with her lying on top of him.

Her sex was tight and muscular.  Muscular enough that it might have been uncomfortable, even painful, had her walls not also been thick, padded and soft.  It felt like his cock had been wrapped in and squeezed by a big plush cushion.  The arachne didn't move up and down on top of him.  She let the internal motions of her vagina do all the work—squeezing, tugging, sucking.

Oh fuck, that felt incredible, Bate thought.

He let out a surprised gasp.  Again something had expanded within her and Bate's member was gripped by a rippling suction that drove his senses wild.

"It feels like you've got a mouth down there," he said.

What was this sensation?  It was amazing.

The woman gave him a knowing smile.  "I'm a spider.  Our lovers can't move when we've wrapped them all up, so we... hnh..."

She flexed something within her.  The thick fleshy walls of her sex contracted around Bate's cock.  He felt that same powerful suction, but this time it was focused on his cock... down inside his cock... inside him.

"...suck the cum right out of them."

Bate was trembling all over.  His cock throbbed inside her.  Her pussy squeezed back making him throb even harder.  He hadn't so much as twitched his hips and yet he was already bursting to shoot his load.  He'd been with a hooker that had a similar technique, but what this H-space woman was doing to him was far beyond that.

"Just like... hnh... this," she said.

It was like she was taking a deep breath and that breath was Bate's cock.  And then it was his cum.  Bate felt a tingling, trembling sensation all over his body that concentrated down into his loins until he could hold it back no longer.

"Yes, let it out," the woman hissed as Bate groaned and erupted inside her.

She lay on top of him and wrapped her arms around his cocooned body in a tight hug.  Her segmented legs formed a cage around his lower back, buttocks and legs.  She pressed her lips against his in a sloppy kiss.  Her taste was strange... bitter.

Bate's orgasm was long and powerful.  One, two, three, four, five strong throbbing pulses as he unloaded his balls.  Her sex tightened around his throbbing member and formed a fleshy cuff.  As her mouth worked against his he felt other workings deep inside her sex.

What was happening down there?  Bate's semen was pulled from him faster than he could spurt it into her pulsing sex.  It felt like... gulping?

It was hella intense, like nothing he'd ever experienced.  A few more throbs and Bate finally felt like his tap was running dry.  It left him a jangling, exhausted, but happy wreck.

The spider woman sank her fangs into his sides and held them there.  Bate shuddered and gasped into her moist lips as she poured her aphrodisiac venom into him.

"You were right.  I do have a mouth down there," she whispered in his ear.

Her muscular sex contracted and tugged him rhythmically.  The sucking organ deep within her spider abdomen throbbed with the same rhythm as she sucked a second powerful ejaculation out of him.

This would be the longest orgasm of Bate's life.  It would also be his last.

"I'm a spider," she whispered.  "I suck all the juices out of my lovers... my prey."

The sucking organ in her abdomen pulsed as she drew Bate's juices out of him.  Thanks to her venom it was his precious bodily fluids he was ejaculating, not semen, but the pleasure was the same.

"But I am a kind spider.  My prey feel only bliss as I suck their fluids out of them."

Bate barely heard her.  He let out a little ah of ecstasy with each pulse.  The arachne could have dragged it out longer, but they were out in the open and exposed.  She sucked him dry with great lusty gulps until his eyes clouded over and he let out a final rattling sigh.  Finished, the arachne murmured contently as she stroked her now full abdomen.

"Did you enjoy that as much as I did?  I think you did," she said to Bate's wizened face.

She kissed him on his cracked lips before carrying his cocooned and dried-up husk back with her to her lair.  It wouldn't do to leave it out in the open where it might frighten future lovers away.