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Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 45: The Open Open Seas


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After fighting off the four monster girl armies, it’s time to head to Grand Noah to plan out the next move.  That seems to be to take the battle to the four queens.  There is a slight problem with this.  We know where the mermaid and arachne bases are.  We don’t know where the elf/fairy and vampire bases are.

Ah, that would be because they’re on the other side of the big stone gate at the Navy HQ blocking off access to the outer ocean.  Queen Noah mentions she’ll have a word with the Admiral.  This opens the gate, which surprises me as I didn’t think we’d be entering that part of the world map until MQ:P part 3.

Before we head off to the great open ocean, there are a few bits of info to process.

There is more mention of the rainbow material required for the next upgrade.  That can be found on the elf/fairy island.  I also remember the machine/computer girl with a zillion Bad End CGIs from the original series being found there.  I wonder where TTR will fit her in with Paradox, or most of the chimeras from MGQ Chapter 3 (although I think most of us would be quite happy if he happened to forget about the catoblepas girl).

They also talk about Helgondo and the demon king castle.  Heinrich got there through a tunnel, which is now collapsed.  Alice tells us to research the orbs.  We have 2 of them already.  If I remember right, the four queens have the other four.

So, off to the open seas we go (warp to the Navy HQ and you’ll see the gate is gone, if you were wondering where to go).  This is a massive open area that encompasses the rest of the world map, although a lot of it is just empty ocean.

New area means new monster girls.  There are four new ones here, and they’re also all brand new rather than repeats from the original series.  (Presumably because we never went to the open ocean in the original series.)

Grown up lickle sea horse girl and... nope, nope, nope

There is a shy sea dragon girl.  She appears to be the intermediate stage between the cute lickle sea horse girls (I’d love to see someone make plushies of Arekishi’s cute creations and for them to be distributed and bought with people having no idea of their true origin) and Admiral Leviathan.  Despite their shy exterior, they are more than capable of making mincemeat out of any party once they start calling down Poseidon’s Lightning.

The other common monster girl is another type of sea anemone girl.  I think.  My university-level Biology is failing me on trying to determine which marine organism she’s been spliced with.  She’s also odd in that you’d guess she was another of MGQ’s many monster girls catering to the vore fetish.  She has an attack that gobbles up party members.  Her Bad End starts like this:

You dun fucked up, Luka lad

And moves onto this:

Yet another vore end...?

Normally this would be the point where Luka scoops his bones out of the puddle of his digested remains before heading down to Hades for reincarnation.  Except sea anemone girl doesn’t actually digest him.  She holds him inside while milking out all his semen forever more.  A nice vore end?  What madness is this.

There are two other new monster girls, encountered slightly less frequently than the other two:

She's very horny

Narwhal girl.

Manta bewbs

And manta girl

Manta girl is another Arekishi, hence the enormous boobies.  Her temptation move is to climb on top and squeeze out all of Luka’s seed with her soft, tight pussy.  Given that it’s Arekishi, it’s not a surprise to see her Bad End is a paizuri scene.  She wedges Luka’s cock between her giant tits and takes him for a swim.

Getting taken for a sex swim

Squeezed between those enormous boobies, Luka comes again and again.  Luka is not quite bottomless, so after she’s squeezed out all his seed all over her big boobs, manta girl swims him off into a future life as her helpless semen slave.

So where do we actually go in the open ocean.  And boy is it open.  There are quite a few new locations and little islands to find, and some are easy to miss.  I was anal enough to traverse the entire map, and I believe this a comprehensive list of all the places.

First up we have the missing monster queen bases.

I managed to miss the vampire base at first and then mistook the castle for the demon king palace in Helgondo.

Vamps r here

It’s a medium-sized island roughly north-west of Yamatai Village.  Most of it is surrounded by mountains apart from a cove on the west side.  We’ll be visiting there later when we go fight the vampire queen.

The elf/fairy isle is west and slightly south of Magistea Village.  We’ll be heading there next.

Elves and fairies

The world tree is on its own island slightly to the west of the elf island.

The world tree.  Currently not accessible

If you remember the plot of part 1, you’ll know we need to visit here in order to pick up a cure for Queen Harpy.  Unfortunately, this area is not accessible at this point as the entrance is blocked by a Walraune.

Also not accessible are the two northern continents.

Helgondo is surrounded by mountains.

No way through here

There is a small cove on the south shore where a boat can land, but as stated earlier, the tunnel leading into the interior is blocked by rubble.  As with the original series I suspect we’re going to need to summon the God Bird in order to fly over.

The snow continent is also surrounded by impassable mountains.  There is a tunnel entrance accessible on the north shore and this even takes us to a location screen.

The way into the snow continent... at some point in the future

But it’s all a tease.  As with the elf mountain near Yamatai Village, we can only go so far before being teleported back to the start.

Also close to Yamatai Village is this little conundrum of an island.

Unreachable, for now

Yup, we’re going to need air transport to check those two villages out.

In the middle of the big ocean, roughly north and in between the mimic island and world tree island is a very small island with a lost polar bear girl on it.

One lost polar bear girl (I thought she was a jellyfish girl)

I’m guessing this is connected with the snow continent, but doesn’t magically remove the blocking teleporter just yet.  However, the polar bear girl’s Bad End scenes are in the pics folder for the game, which suggests the snow continent will get unlocked at some point in MQ:P part 2.

Another small, easy to miss island is present in the north, between the vampire base and Helgondo.

This one is easy to miss

This is another cryptic location similar to the abandoned camp location found in the inner sea.  The only thing on this island is a stone monument.  It talks about some children that were lured away to a circus and some of their bones, but not all, were recovered later.  Very creepy, as Sonya puts it.  Maybe this is a reference to La Croix’s zombie queen circus, but I don’t remember her gobbling up kids unless her Paradox incarnation is a lot more evil.

Lastly, there’s the mimic isle, which—as the boxed girl told us in the lava mines—can be found east of the harpy village.

Mimic isle.  Perfect for grinding Job XP and small medals (or payback for all those times a surprise Mimic wiped your party)

The NPCs describe it as a paradise for mimics and where they hide from the outside world.  Every pot and chest is some form of mimic here.  This location seems here for grinding rather than plot.  It’s one of the few places where mimics spawn randomly, so this is where you can recruit them or fill out the gaps in your library if you haven’t already.  It’s also a very convenient spot to grind both Job XP and small medals (Hmm, I should probably go and cash those in with the medal queen at some point).

And that, I think, is everything in the open open seas.  Let me know in the comments if I missed anything.  Next up we’re off to confront the elf queen.

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As an aside, I know people are concerned about this series and my original fiction being mutually exclusive, in that working on one prevents working on the other.  I’d like to reassure them that the Valentine’s Day story is still being worked on.  Perversely, I unblocked the moment I realised I wouldn’t make the deadline.  I now have 3.5K words typed up.  There are four hungry succubi in that story, so there is still a lot more sex to write!  I will try to get it finished and posted ASAP.


  1. Glad to see you manage to continue this. And go figure that as soon as you give up on meeting the deadline, you got inspiration.

  2. The mystery island is somehow connected to the one in the inland sea, with the ruins of a campsite and a journal.
    Some kind of spatial fuckery allowed the shipwrecked survivor to visit the second island's monument despite it being a continent away.
    I think it's all supposed to be a creepypasta style thing. TRTR couldn't resist hiding some spoops out in the vast ocean that few players would find. The second mystery island isn't even on the viewable world map. I'm a little ashamed to admit I first discovered it by snooping around the game's files.

  3. I can't be the only one that notices that the mimic island looks like a keyhole...

  4. Has diesel mind finally gotten better? I doubt it.

    1. I suspect very pretty graphics and very shallow gameplay. :)

      Main issue with recent Dieselmine games is their game engine is resistant to text-hooking. I need to do some research to figure out how to make machine translation work with them.

    2. I've just checked the demo out and it seems to fix one of the criticisms I've had with previous games - this time the important characters also seem to have animated bad ends. Gameplay still seems very shallow though.

  5. Hello my fellow titty lover,I have a request.
    Could you please do the Top 10 T H I C C E-
    S T girls in MQG please?

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