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Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 46: Fairy's Isle


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It’s time to take the battle to the monster girl queens.  We’re starting with the Elf Queen for the simple reason the elf and fairy monsters appear earlier in the library than the other three races.  At this point, I’m not sure difficulty matters a great deal.  My Luka hit the level cap many blog posts ago and has mastered nearly every job under the sun.  I only put him in the party now as bait for some of the bosses (which is Luka’s one role in life, to be fair).

The Fairy Isle is just off the coast of Magistea village.  Weirdly, the wandering monster girls out the location are the generic late game encounters of vampire girl and tiger girl.

The dungeon location is the tree in the centre of the forest.  It’s split into three sections – south, north and central.  We enter in the south.  Going either west or east will lead to opposite ends of the north region.  The central region is accessed via vines leading down at the midpoint of the north region.

The dungeon is pretty by JRPG standards, but it’s also mazy, long, and a little tedious.  Unless you’re using the various instant kill combos (which are not guaranteed against some enemies), the fights are way more of a slog than they need to be.

I’m glad I didn’t devote a blog post to the monster girl invasion of each city.  As expected the monster girls hanging around this dungeon are the same new monster girls we saw menacing Grand Noah.

So we get muscly Elf Amazonesses (not entirely sure the ‘ess’ is necessary, game):

Right proper amazons for yer

Gigantic-boobed gigantic girls:

As big as your... you

Extremely stretchy Trick Fairies (you’ll figure it out) and Carbuncle:

A fairy and a... I give up, your guess is as good as mine

I have no idea what carbuncle is.  She has green fur, that weird red eye thing and an extremely suspicious pink orifice in her fluffy tail.

Unsurprisingly, her Bad End move is to vacuum up all of Luka’s cum with her fluffy, sucky tail.

When the fluffy tail fetish goes too far

Gigantic Girl is technically of the elf race.  When I checked her request moves back at the castle after recruiting her, I thought she’d be catering to the giantess vore fetish.  This appears to be a bug in the game.  Her request options are the typical “Predation” and “Predation?” as used for most of the more vore-y girls, but don’t correspond to her actual scenes.

The first is a rerun of her temptation move to bounce Luka around between her ginormous boobs.

Boing boing

The second is to use Luka as a makeshift dildo.

Good sex toys are hard to find when you're this size

Luka does come from this, but then he’ll come from just about anything.

Her giantess scenes will come as a pleasant surprise or disappointment depending on your own personal fetishes (I’m easy—show me big boobs and I’m happy).

The various elf and fairy NPCs we run into do not approve of Queen Elf’s aggressive campaign against the humans.  A possible cause of it is hinted by the elf NPC who can be found next to the vines leading down to the central region.  She describes it as a cloud of malevolent energy hanging over the island.  Or rather, centred on the world tree located to the northwest.

Is this more interference from the shikibus sisters?

The central region is a big lake with green walkways looping around to a central region in the middle.  This is where Queen Elf can be found along with various NPCs.

The centre of Fairy Isle

Currently the NPCs are hostile and refuse to talk to scummy humans.  A couple of them appear to be the blacksmith and merchant, so I suspect they’ll turn friendly and this will become another warp location once we’ve beaten some sense into Queen Elf.  You can also find Queen Fairy here.  She’s getting treatment for the beating we dished out to her in Grand Noah and will stay out of any more fighty stuff.

First, it’s time to take down the boss – Queen Elf:

Queen Elf

Queen Elf is an elf and the elves of MGQ are vulnerable to pleasure attacks.

Or you could just have Alicetroemeria double cast prominence until Queen Elf is crispy-fried...

(I really hope we don’t have to fight her at some point.  She’s only level fortysomething and still way stronger than virtually all my level 60 characters).

After defeating Queen Elf, it’s time for the usual let’s-have-peace conversation.  Queen Elf claims she’s doing all this to protect her territory and race.  Alice calls her out for her isolationism—she never made any effort to sit at the table and talk to the other world powers.

Then there’s a twist.  Two emissaries of Queen Alraune—a walraune and dryad—teleport in.  Queen Alraune has gone over to Black Alice’s side, which shocks Queen Elf as Queen Alraune is supposed to be completely neutral on these matters.

“Black Alice is showing her hand.  How interesting,” says our Black Alice.

I’m really curious to see what happens when she and the other Black Alice finally meet.  What will we get—a grand loon off?

Anyway, it’s time for history to repeat itself.  In the original series we had to spring to Queen Elf’s defence right after beating her, and it’s the same here.  The plant girls think this is a good opportunity to take her—and us—out.

Walraune—“Ha.  You’ll be weak after that battle.”

Um Walraune.  You are a plant girl and plant girls are weak to fire, right?  So I have to ask: Did you not see the inferno mage double casting tier III fire magic?

This fight was not long and grindy.

Dryad watches the turn one incineration and decides she’d rather be elsewhere.

Afterwards Alice talks about the malign influence from the world tree that appears to be affecting everyone here.  Queen Elf casts some magic to purify the island and finally comes to her senses.  This renders all the NPCs friendly and they now serve up various bits of background information.

There is some talk about an elf princess in the mountain region in Yamatai.  She appears to be a bit of a shut-in and those elves don’t have anything to do with these elves.  I suspect we’ll not be seeing her until part 3, which is rather unfortunate as she’s the one holding the job change item to unlock the advanced hunter job.  Another elf tells us Queen Alraune is holding the job change items for Dancer and Minstrel.  Both the merchant and blacksmith are unlocked now, although the blacksmith needs raw prism material to unlock the next tier of equipment.  That can be found in the world tree.

Queen Elf and Queen Fairy will talk to us, but both are still bashed up to be recruited just now.  I think we have to go and deal with Queen Alraune first.

But before then, the game drops a few strong hints that we should go back to Grand Noah and collect a reward from Quuen Noah for pacifying the elves and fairies.  This is a good idea as Queen Noah gifts us the God Worker’s Soul.  This is the job change item required to unlock the advanced orator, doctor, chef and maid jobs.

This is also a surprise to me.  I didn’t think we’d unlocking the third tier of jobs until part 3.  I’m wondering what progression TTR is leaving himself for part 3—maybe the advanced monster girl race unlocks?

Anyway, that’s the Fairy Isle segment done.  Next up we’re off to the world tree to find out what’s up with Queen Alraune.

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(Yes, I know my update schedule has gone a little haywire of late.  Please bear with me while I try to get my now very late Valentine’s Day succubus fuckfest story finished.)


  1. Why not just release the story in small parts like you did it for "Shiborito in the Bag" for example?

    Thus you probably have more time and happy followers :D

    1. It has a fairly long lead-in. (It had an even longer lead-in, but I axed one character and sliced out about 1,000 words of waffle when typing up the 2nd draft).

      But you know, it's not a bad idea. I think there are hooks that might keep it interesting over the first half and serialising may allow all four girls to have the fun they want. I shall see...

    2. Serialization should definitely be a consideration. Those of us who haunt your blog aren't put off by breaking the content into episodes. Hell, that's what Succubus Summoning is all about (although we do get some naughty bits in each segment).
      - Jake

    3. Hmm, and just fyi, it looks like Dieselmine has released a new game "Monster Girl Labryrinth" ( with at least a couple Arekishi boobjobs.
      - Jake

  2. The Carbuncle is a monster invented by Jorge Luis Borges for his "Book of Imaginary Beings". It has been since used in several jRPGs, including the Final Fantasy series. Carbuncle is also a work for any red gemstone. Fittingly, the Carbuncle has a carbuncle on its head.

    1. Ah, cheers for the explanation. My culture gaps are showing again. :)

  3. "I’m wondering what progression TTR is leaving himself for part 3—maybe the advanced monster girl race unlocks?"

    There's a few tier 3 things you can't get in Paradox part 2 (most notably the Queen tier race unlocks), that are in the job/race list, but that's only a handful of things.

    Apparently, the real big thing is (according to stuff I've seen in 4chan, which is allegedly based on Tr's Tr's blog posts) a secret 4th "sealed" tier of jobs and races.

    1. This would not surprise me. TTR likes pulling tricks - the blank library entries not matching up in the original series being a good example.

  4. I recently came across a game that you might be interested in, called "Lust Grimm". It's a battlefuck-style game with big breasts (we're talking "each one as big as the girl's head") as the primary fetish and succubi as the most common enemy type. You can find it here:

  5. Wait a second... elves... snowy mountains...
    I predict Santa Claus-related shenanigans!

  6. Was strolling through Steam recently and found a game Publisher that translates asian games to English... and apparently usually does an absolutely horrible job of it, if the reviews are anything to go by.

    The reason I mention it is that the Publisher (SakuraGame) has posted one of the Dieselmine games M E Hydra has reviewed here as a sequel to another game they published, though they do credit Dieselmine as the developer for both games.

    Look up the 'Otaku Fantasy' games on Steam to see what I'm talking about. 'Otaku Fantasy 2,' specifically is the one I saw reviewed here with a different name attached. It's the one of Dieselmine's Monstergirl games that's not a Viioated Hero Game.

    Based on this publisher's past history the translation is likely to be pretty butchered. Dunno if translation patches can be applied to a steam version of the game in addition to an uncensor patch, but it'll likely need both.

    1. Haha. That's clearly Monmusu Conquered World. I guess there's some sort of licensing deal going on with the publisher changing the name for the new territory. I don't know how the hell they'd bring that to steam or what would even be left once they snipped out all the sexual content.

      On a related note. The new Dieselmine monster girl game is surprisingly good. I'm working on getting a review up ASAP.

    2. About what I figured was going on. SakuraGame is apparently infamous for horrible translations, though, so I'm not sure why Dieselmine went with them. Maybe because they're likely cheap?

      I think I've seen at least one review say that they thought the translations for one of the games SakuraGame translated and published were done solely with Google Translate. Which... Yeah. That alone does not make a good translation of a game.

  7. By the way, I just remembered, you should have been able to recruit the King of Grangold after seeing him drive the spiders away. Have you done that? If not, you should do it and bring him with you to fight the spider princess.

    1. he's running around with troemetria though, so King of Grangold won't really have a huge impact on his party.

  8. Do hope you continue soon...