Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Shiborito in the Bag, part 2

"Oh," Eunice's eyes lit up.  "Why don't we try out that new vac-bed?"

"Oh yes."  Erica ran a tongue over her bee-stung lips.  "What a good idea."

"Vac-bed?" Cohen queried.

"Go and get Esther to fetch it down," Erica said.  "Then we can see what Mr Cohen thinks."

Eunice went away and returned with another statuesque, voluptuous beauty.  Cohen's eyes boggled.  He was starting to wonder if he'd stepped through the door and somehow been teleported to Silicone Valley on the other side of the world.  Where else would he see so many busty beauties other than on the set of an expensive porn film?

The new girl, Esther, was pale-skinned almost to the point of alabaster.  She had blue eyes, long silky platinum-blonde hair and a shy smile.  She and Eunice were carrying some kind of long metal frame with glossy black latex stretched between it.  Eunice also carried a squat little vacuum cleaner in her other hand.  Intrigued, he watched as they laid the framework out on the floor and attached the black rubber hose that ran out from the bottom corner to the squat little vacuum cleaner.

"Strip off and in you get," Erica said to Cohen.

"Uh?"  He stared at her blankly.

Eunice lifted up a black sheet.  Cohen saw that the item they'd brought down looked like a sleeping bag made out of black latex and stretched across a metal frame.

"You want me to get in there?" he asked.  "Is it safe?"

He didn't want to get suffocated by accident.

"We're using the open face for your first time," Eunice said.  She put her arm through a circular opening in the top sheet.

"Oh, okay."

The three women watched Cohen undress with amused smiles.  Cohen knew he might not be the tallest man in the world, but he hadn't done too badly when they'd been handing out dicks.  The women noticed too.  Erica moistened her lips and Eunice nodded approvingly as he dropped his underpants to his ankles and kicked them away.  He got down and lay between the sheets.  The rubber felt soft and stretchy against his skin.  Eunice pulled the top sheet over him, lining up the hole with his face.  She fastened the sides.

"What's this supposed to achieve," Cohen asked.

The weirdness gave him pleasant little goose bumps, but he failed to see what was special about getting inside a rubber bag.

"It's about ceding control," Erica said.  "Once all the air is sucked out you won't be able to move.  You'll be completely helpless and under our control."

"Ah, that's what the woman said I should do, the one who recommended I visit here.  She said my anxiety stemmed from trust issues and that was causing me to pile too much work on myself.  She said I needed to learn to delegate.  It's tough.  You can't rely on employees nowadays.  It's the kids.  They spend all their time on their iPads and smartphones.  I have to do their work to make sure it gets done.  And then I get stressed out."

Erica crouched down next to him and pushed the opening down.  The rubber stretched around the sides of his face and formed a tight seal.  She brought her face closer, almost as though she was shaping up to plant those full sensual lips on his in a kiss, then pulled away at the last moment.

Tease, Cohen thought.

"The normal top sheet is closed off and only has a little breathing hose for the mouth.  Some people get a thrill from being blind and helpless, knowing their air could be cut off at any moment."

"But not so good with someone that suffers with anxiety," Cohen said.

"We did take that into account," Erica said.

"So I get the training wheels," he said.  It felt like he was staring out through a rubber porthole.

"This model is quite popular with our other clients," Erica said.

"Gives us much better access for when they want us to smother them with our asses," Eunice said.  She turned and pinched the cheek of quite possibly the finest bottom Cohen had ever seen in the flesh.

"Is there a model with another hole, lower down?"  Cohen motioned with his eyes to his crotch.

"That one costs extra," Erica said.

That meant it was possible then, Cohen thought.  He might enquire just how much when arranging his next session.

Eunice flicked the switch on the vacuum cleaner and the motor started up with a whine.  All over his body Cohen felt the supple surface of the latex sheets brush against and wrap around his skin.  He shifted into a more comfortable position as the air was drawn out of the bag and the warm sheets moulded tightly to the contours of his body.  The rubber was so tight it formed a second skin pressing all across his body.  It felt a little unusual—but not really the kind of thing that would have him jizzing in his pants like it probably did for some fetishists.

With Cohen firmly constrained, Erica turned a valve on the bottom of the bed and Eunice disconnected the hose from the vacuum cleaner.

"How does that feel?" Erica asked.

"Like I've been shrink-wrapped," Cohen said, which was more or less the truth.

He wriggled experimentally.  The rubber gave a little, but not much.

"A quite effective form of restraint, would you agree?" Erica said.

He wriggled harder.  The soft latex had formed a second skin encasing him.

"I'm not going anywhere anytime soon," he said.

"That would be the point.  Anxious?"

"A little," Cohen said.  "But I'm guessing that's also the point—to enable me to get over it."

Erica and Eunice gripped each side of the vac-bed and tilted it up to vertical.  Immobilized, Cohen watched them through the face hole as they lifted him up off the floor and attached the frame to hooks hanging down from the ceiling.

"I feel like Han Solo encased in carbonite," Cohen said.

The other girls said nothing.

"Not Star Wars fans then," Cohen said.

Apparently not.  The girls didn't say anything as they stepped back to admire their work.

"What now?" Cohen asked.

"We've tied you up..." Erica started.

"...now we tease you," Eunice finished.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Shiborito in the Bag, part 1

I had to put Okasare Kenny on hold while I sorted some things out as I mentioned last week.  I know some readers weren't too happy with this.  I wasn't either, but I realised I'd spread myself too thin and needed to focus on finishing off the things that had been hanging around for far longer (like Succubus Summoning 201!).  While I straighten out some behind-scenes stuff here's a new story to tide you over until I get some new Sandwiched by shorts out.  It's from my stockpile of already-complete stories waiting for the next collection in case some of you are worried I've lurched off in another direction or whether this one will be left incomplete.

Some of these characters might be familiar...

Shiborito in the Bag

The door was set in an alcove about halfway down a grubby little back alley.  Paul Cohen supposed these places needed to be discreet.  Even so, he was glad it was early in the afternoon and a bright sun—a rare sight for much of this overcast and rainy summer—was high up in the sky.  He wouldn't have relished the prospect of walking down here after the sun went down.

The door was answered by a statuesque blonde and Cohen resisted the strong urge to let his jaw fall open like a trapdoor.  He couldn't resist staring at her bosom.  It was hard to miss.  She was over six foot; he barely made five-and-a-half.  That put her chest right in his eyeline and it was certainly eye-catching.

As big as your head, Cohen thought.

Her boobs were wrapped in extremely tight black latex.  The material was glossy and stretched taut by her considerable chest.  There was nothing covering her midriff and below the waist she was wearing nothing more than glossy black panties and fishnet stockings.

Cohen guessed that meant he had the right place then.

"I'm Paul, Paul Cohen," he said.  "I think we spoke on the phone."

"So we did," the girl who advertised as Mistress Erica said.

Cohen was surprised at how good-looking she was.  Her body was obviously amazing, but a lot of girls of her stature tended to look a little too masculine.  Too rough.  Her body was so amazing that, by rights, her face shouldn't match.  Why else would she be here?  But no, Cohen was wrong on that.  She had the heart-shaped face and delicate features of a real beauty.  Her size was the only thing not feminine about her.  Everything else was front-cover glamour model.  Maybe it was her size that held her back.  She was tall enough to be a catwalk model but was far too curvaceous.  They preferred beanpoles.  Their loss.

"Come in," Mistress Erica said.  Her glossy red lips turned up at the corners in a sultry smile.

Cohen got to admire more of her figure as he crossed the threshold and followed her down a bland corridor.  Her outfit hid hardly anything and Cohen's heart rate quickened as he looked at the enticing swell of her ass.  She looked like the over-glamorised street hooker of film fantasy, but she was right here—in the flesh—before him.

"Um, I've never done this before," Cohen confessed as Erica led him deeper into her parlour.

Mistress Erica looked back at him and smiled.  "That's no problem at all."

"I have problems with anxiety," Cohen continued.  "I get stressed out really easily.  Too easily.  A friend suggested a session with you might help."

"They did," Erica said.

"Yes," Cohen said.  "They said I had problems delegating and trusting others.  They thought it would be good for me to cede control to someone else in a controlled situation."

"Mmm," Erica said.

She led him through a door and into what he assumed was her dungeon.  It looked more Fitness First than medieval.  There were benches, stocks and other unorthodox-looking equipment, but they looked modern and had plenty of padding.  There was even a wide, low bed covered in shiny black material over by the far wall.  Cohen looked around and saw an impressive array of tools on the walls and in stands, ranging from the expected whips and canes to more esoteric instruments Cohen wasn't sure he wanted to know the use of.

"Um, I'm not really into the pain side of this," he said.

"No?" Erica said.  She sounded disappointed.

"I don't want to go that far," he said.  "I don't mind putting you in control for a session but I don't want to get hurt or be forced to do anything really disgusting."

"Hmm."  Erica put a finger to her full lips and pondered.  Cohen noticed she had a false nail that was jet-black in colour and tapered to a long point like a talon.

They were interrupted by the door at the far end of the room opening and another girl walking in.  Like Erica she was statuesque and amply stocked in the bosom department.  As with Erica, her eye-catching bosom stretched her shiny rubber top almost to bursting.  As with Erica, Cohen wondered what someone with such an attractive face and sexy body was doing working in a place like this.  He wondered if they were related.  They looked similar apart from the newcomer being a brunette rather than a blonde like Erica.

"Oh Eunice," Erica said.  "I wonder if you can help Mr Cohen here.  He's come in for a session, but he's new to all this and a little apprehensive."

Cohen nodded.  "I don't want to be hurt," he said.

"We could start him on a little light bondage," Eunice suggested.  "Maybe some tie and tease."

That didn't sound so bad, Cohen thought.

"Oh," Eunice's eyes lit up.  "Why don't we try out that new vac-bed?"

to be continued tomorrow...

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Update on Okasare Kenny

It's going on hold.  Sorry about that.

This is only temporary.  It's being returned to its original place in the queue.  After seeing how well the Let's Play of Monmusu Quest: Paradox did for the blog numbers I got a little over-excited and jumped the queue on something I already had a very good plan for.  I'm going back to that original plan.  Next year I'm intending to put Okasare Kenny out as a monthly serial on Amazon (and others) spread over the year.  First of all I need to instil confidence that I can keep to a monthly schedule.  This is what the Sandwiched by series was intended to be (before I got sidetracked).

Currently I'm working on finishing up some projects that should have been completed in the first half of the year - the print version of A Succubus for Saint Patrick's Day and other tales, the next instalments of Sandwiched by ("Sandwiched by Scyllas", "Sandwiched by Succubi"), and a long-awaited conclusion to the Succubus Summoning 201 arc.  Once these are done I'll have a more cleanish slate and can get back to Okasare Kenny and a novel idea featuring Nicole I've been tinkering with.

Because of the change in plans I'll be pulling the Okasare Kenny chapters posted on Lit and StoriesOnline.  The ones I posted here I'll leave here.

A live-written (sort of) novel posted daily on the blog in daily instalments is something I want to do at some point.  I did enjoy the bits I did on Okasare Kenny before realising I was neglecting other projects that should have been finished off sooner.

As a writer, metaphorically showing your underpants in public is a little embarrassing.  In future I'll try to rein in my excitement until a project is actually complete/near-complete.  As per my usual penance for screwing up I'll raid the short story stockpile and dig up something juicy to post for your reading pleasure - look out for it Monday.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hentai Game Preview: Demon Angel Sakura vol.3

It looks like the newest episode in the Demon Angel Sakura series is coming out in September.

They are very weird games where you control a cross-dressing demon/angel and try and avoid various gross fates at the hands of giantess monster girls.  I wrote about the first game back here, and the second here.

In a change from the two previous entries, vol.3 is not a boss rush game.  There are now minor enemies, each with lovingly animated Bad Ends, to avoid now.  In the demo I saw four types - ant girls, vampire bat girls, blue slime girls and some kind of sandworm girl.

This Bad End is super restrained by Demon Angel Sakura standards

The series primarily focuses on giantesses and vore, with a side serving of gross-out humour.  At one point in the demo the player has to steer Sakura into the butt-hole of a giant fairy in order to be farted across a chasm.  That should tell you everything you need to know about this series. ;)

The larger variety of enemies looks interesting.  I'll report back when I've had a chance to try out the finished game.

Already out and maybe of interest is a monster girl Battle-Fuck game - BF Brave.

Don't know much about this one, but I've seen CGs floating around and they look okay.  I'll see if I can check it out if I get a chance.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Plot Bunny - EPL Football Stars in Racist Orgy Shocker!

I saw this news story floating around the UK papers.  Some members of Premier League football (soccer for my US readers) team Leicester City filmed themselves taking part in an orgy with some sex workers in Thailand.  This is the type of story the UK tabloids loves to whip themselves up into a salivating froth over as witnessed by this Sunday Mirror piece.

There is an uncensored video floating around on the various porn clip sites (I found it on XVideos after about 2 seconds of searching).

I'm not really interested in the morality of it.  Young, stupid oafs behave in young, stupid, oafish way and say young, stupid, oafish things.  I doubt the sex workers were that fussed so long as they were adequately compensated for their time and work.

My interest as a writer is the potentials of the scenario and getting an ear for the dialogue.  Especially as the setting is Thailand, a country known for having an active sex industry (and therefore a good setting for my type of erotic horror story), but not one I've actually visited (I hope this wasn't too obvious in my recent story "Number 66").  While I've been toying with adding annoying SJWs to my roster of asshole victims, the old standby of oafs being oafish to sex workers and getting their (disproportionate) comeuppance at the hands of sexy succubi is always fun.  Work out what interesting forms the succubi take when they reveal themselves and hey presto, instant manyeyedhydra story.

Now that's the obvious route a story like this can take, but then the little black cells started to spark and think about other options and pathways.

The one thing modern mainstream media is very good at is omitting context, especially context that gets in the way of establishing a juicy narrative guaranteed to whip the audience up into a forth.  Context is the bigger picture that might show the events being witnessed in a different light.

In this case we have a minute and a quarter of some guys indulging in an orgy with some working girls and making a lot of degrading and derogatory remarks about their (I'm assuming) paid-for-escorts.  Now, the thing is, if you took any random minute and a quarter of a dom roleplaying with a sub, it's going to make the dom look like an asshole.  And if you want to, you can likely take any random small slices of someone's life and stitch them together in a configuration that presents the person in any way you choose to present them.  Reality TV shows run off this chicanery.

For example, a writer/storyteller could take a fictionalised version of this minute and a quarter and pan the picture out to reveal a more complex scenario.  Within that minute and a quarter frame it's fairly clear-cut - those characters are horrible, we want them to come to a Bad End (in my erotic horror stories, that's usually literally).  Pan outside that fictionalised version of a minute and a quarter frame and...

Maybe this is all role-play.  Some usually-perfectly-gentlemanly guys wanted to experience being in a really filthy orgy.  They hired the sex workers, responsibly went through with them in advance what was and wasn't permitted and the minute and a quarter is a snapshot of an artificially arranged scenario.  Maybe their oafish behaviour was encouraged by the working girls themselves.  Why?  To liven up the orgy to give better client satisfaction.  Because they're not actual sex workers and playing at being degraded cheap whores is a turn-on for them.  Because this is a honey trap and they need to show their marks off in the worst possible light.

That's the fun part of playing what if? or devil's advocate.  What the storyteller initially presents to the audience might become more complex with future information.  It can be rewarding to veer the story off down a path the audience was not expecting.  It's great if you can switch the audience's perception of a character and maybe have them hoping for a different ending than the one they were expecting.

There's definitely stuff I can play around with here.  I might try both versions.  The conventional story where usual asshole victims come to sexy Bad End at vaginas of succubi/monster girls.  And maybe an unconventional story where things are not as they first appear.

As a should-be-obvious postscript, I hope people aren't thinking I'm attempting to defend the real-life people caught up in this scandal.  Sometimes people are assholes that hire women for sex, treat them like shit, are found out and then punished accordingly.  Sometimes there's no more to the story than that.  (Although it goes without saying - modern mainstream media is not very trustworthy.  Always leave yourself open to the possibility there might be more to the story than the narrow slice you're being fed)

Thursday, June 18, 2015


Some things going on as you might have noticed by the lack of recent updates.

I was going to post in more detail about the events at the end of last year affecting me more than I first thought, leading to some poor decision making, but that would just be a whole load of boring personal crap and I don't want this blog to degenerate into a personal whinefest.  There are too many of those already on the internet.  I deal in sexy.  Whining about stuff is not sexy.

The upshot of it all is that in the first six months of attempting to be a professional (quasi)self-published author, I haven't been as professional as I would have liked.  A Succubus for Saint Patrick's Day still doesn't have a print version.  I still need to get a US ITIN.  The Succubus Summoning 201 arc still isn't finished.  The Sandwiched by series was supposed to be monthly and yet there's only been two releases in the past six months.  These are things I need to fix.

The rest of the post was going to be about putting Okasare Kenny on hiatus for six months - basically going back to the original plan of releasing it as a serial on Amazon with 99c instalments.  But that also struck me as unprofessional.  Being premature (oo er, double entendre) with the original posting was probably a misstep, but once it's done I should continue lurching along down that path (plus it can always be packaged up that way with nice artwork and smoother editing later).  I also hate the concept of starting a story in a free forum and then moving the ending behind a paywall.  It's a dickish thing for a writer to do, even when we're trying to put bread on the table.

Unfortunately I'm cursed with an aspect of personality that loves to engage in self-sabotage.  Some times it gets on top for a while and I'm stuck with being a useless cunt until I can beat that fucker back into the dank cage it belongs.

Give me a couple of days to get my head back in order and I'll get back to killing Kenny (over and over and over, hyuk hyuk).

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Okasare Kenny 2-4: Asphya

It's time for the boss to put in an appearance...

2-4: Asphya

Celestrico paused.  She cocked her head.  Her eyes widened in alarm.

"Gas trap!  Hold your breath, now!"

A vent opened up in the wall and squirted a jet of pink gas into the tunnel.  Both of them were surrounded by a thick cloud.  Thankfully, Celestrico's warning had given Ken enough time to take a deep breath and hold it.  He waited for the cloud to dissipate.  Celestrico flapped her wings to clear the cloud and it didn't take long for the tunnel to clear.

"What was that?" he asked.

"A defence mechanism," Celestrico explained.  "The gas is a potent mixture of aphrodisiacs and pheromones."

Was that all? Ken thought.  From her reaction he'd thought it was deadly poison gas.

"If you'd inhaled any you'd most likely be on the floor now, wanking yourself into a stupor.  Or trying to fuck me," she added with obvious distaste.

"Thanks.  Spare my feelings, why don't you," Ken said sarcastically.  "I take it the mighty hero on a quest to slay the demon queen isn't a turn-on for you."

"Sorry, you're not my type," Celestrico said.

Friend-zoned! a little voice chimed in Ken's head.

Typical.  The one devil girl that didn't appear to want to suck out all his life... and he wasn't her type.  If this was a wet dream, it was a particularly inept one.

Celestrico's tail whirled around while she cleared the last wisps of gas tickling around their ankles.

"Seems a bit of a weaksauce defence mechanism," Ken said.  "I'd have thought there were easier ways to incapacitate an intruder than making them wank themselves into a stupor."

Celestrico shrugged.  "Get too aroused and the Latex Womb absorbs you," she said.

Ken glanced suspiciously at the glossy black walls surrounding them.  Okay, no more ogling Celestrico's ass he thought.

They advanced further down the tunnel.

"Don't try to take the fight to Asphya."  Celestrico continued with her battle advice.  "You won't catch her and you'll only tire yourself out.  Let her come to you.  When she does, don't try and hit her with heavy attacks.  She'll just dodge them.  Use quick attacks—short jabs of your sword.  You won't hit her, but they won't use up too much stamina.  Make her do the running around.  Wear her out.  That way you'll be victorious."

Celestrico stopped.  The tunnel opened out ahead of them into a big, latex-walled cavern.

"It's through there," she said.  "Good luck."

This is it then, Ken thought.  He gripped his sword and marched forwards.  He could do this.  He was the chosen hero.  He'd already taken down Sulpa the succubus.

He walked out into the cavern.  The air here was warm and very humid.  Mist pooled around his ankles like dry ice.  The floor beneath him was still as springy as if he was walking across a bouncy castle.

Fighting on this is going to be fun, he thought.

So where was Asphya?

It didn't take long for his question to be answered.  An orifice in the far wall opened up and a squirming black figure gave vent to a long, ecstatic moan as it was excreted out onto the floor of the cavern.  The figure uncurled into the shape of a woman covered from head to toe in glossy black latex.  The rubber was stretched tight over her body like a second skin.  The only way Ken could tell she was in fact female was through the two bulges at her chest.  As with Celestrico and Sulpa, Asphya was endowed with a large pair of breasts.

He couldn't see her face.  It was covered in an equally glossy black gas mask.  Wild blue eyes stared out behind thick glass eye windows.  A short length of rubber hose hung down from the bottom of the mask.  Ken was disturbed to notice that it resembled a gas mask without exactly being a gas mask.  There was something disconcertingly organic about it, and he couldn't see where the mask ended and her catsuit—if it was a catsuit and not her skin—began.

Other mighty heroes got to battle against massive dragons and evil sorcerers.  Ken had to fight a fetish pin-up in a gas mask and latex catsuit.

He supposed he shouldn't be surprised.  He was inside a giant rubber vagina after all.

Asphya crouched down on all fours.  Challenge flashed in her blue eyes.  She charged.

to be continued...

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Okasare Kenny 2-3: Asphya

Asphya 2-3

There was no mistaking what he was seeing.  Ken was looking at a ginormous vagina made out of shiny black rubber.

"You've got to be fucking shitting me!"

"What's wrong?" Celestrico asked.

"What... that!"  He pointed at the oversized modern art sculpture waiting at the end of the path.

"What about it?"

"Oh come on.  There's no way that's natural or belongs there."

"Of course not.  It's demonic in origin," Celestrico said.

"It's... it's..."

Ken couldn't find the words.  It was a giant vagina made out of rubber and embedded in the side of a cliff face.  That shit was just totally wrong.

"The demonic has that effect on the human mind," Celestrico said sagely.

This was too fucked up, Ken thought.  This couldn't be real.  He must be dreaming.  Yes, that had to be it.  He hadn't gotten laid or jerked off for so long his subconscious mind was flooding his dreams with pervy imagery.

Celestrico had continued on a little way ahead of him.  She turned back.  "Stop ogling the giant pussy.  We have a womb to purify."

Ken pinched himself.

That didn't do anything so he had no other option but to follow Celestrico.

The air grew thicker and warmer as they approached the cave—Ken refused to think of it as a pussy—entrance.  The surface was unmistakably inflated black rubber.  Running his hand across it confirmed it was exactly as it appeared.  For the Latex Womb latex did in fact appear to mean latex.

The puffed up edges of the entrance slowly dilated as if breathing.  A faint sigh, barely audible, emanated from the depths.

"Is it alive?" he asked.

"Not in any sense you'd understand," Celestrico answered.

Which wasn't really an answer at all, when Ken thought about it.  Oh well.  More demon-y weirdness, he guessed.

They clambered up onto a low ridge that gave slightly beneath their weight.  It felt very much like stepping on a giant rubber inflatable to Ken.  They passed between the vertical lips of the cave entrance.  A long, rubber-walled tunnel stretched ahead of them.  The walls and floor were dimpled.  It reminded Ken of inflatable mattresses.  It even felt like he was walking on top of an inflatable mattress.

This was all too fucked up to be any kind of reality, Ken thought.  Too artificial.  The walls reminded him of backdrops he'd seen in fetish photoshoots.  Could he be on the set of a particularly sadistic reality TV show?  Nah, not even the most sociopathic of TV execs would be allowed to wipe the memory of contestants.


He felt a faint breeze on his face.  The airflow carried the scent of musky sweat and rubber, and was thick like a jungle stew.  The rubber walls were so dripping with condensation they appeared to be perspiring.

Celestrico and Ken walked further down the tunnel.  Their way was lit up by strange bladders in the ceiling filled with phosphorescent gel.  Ken heard strange hissing and wheezing sounds all around him, like air passing through great bellows.  The walls moved in and out as if breathing.

"The womb isn't far," Celestrico said.  "But before we can destroy it we have to defeat its guardian—Asphya.  At least with Asphya we won't have the same problem you had with Sulpa."

She looked reproachfully at Ken.

 "It's not my fault you sounded less plausible than her," Ken complained.

"Too busy staring at her tits more like," Celestrico sniped.

"You keep bringing Sulpa's tits up.  Is it because you're jealous they're bigger than yours," Ken sniped back.

Celestrico clouted him around the ear.

"Stay focused, Kenny!" she ordered.  "Sulpa is done.  Asphya is our objective now."

"It's Ken," Ken corrected.

Celestrico ignored him.  "First the good news—Asphya isn't very strong.  If you can get hold of her, you will overpower her.

"Now the bad—getting hold of her will be very difficult.  She's very quick and agile.

"Her favourite strategy—and turn on—is to run her opponent out of breath.  She'll use her speed and agility to get within your range and then dodge out before you can hit her.  She'll try to provoke you into swinging wildly at her until you run out of stamina.

"Don't do this.  Don't chase after her.  Don't—"

Celestrico paused.  She cocked her head.  Her eyes widened in alarm.

"Gas trap!  Hold your breath, now!"

Traps.  Ooo, how exciting.  To be continued...

Friday, June 05, 2015

Okasare Kenny 2-2: Asphya

Continuing the serial I started back here.

2-2: Asphya

"That's Sulpa down," Celestrico said as the burning ruins of the bordello faded into the distance.  "Next we take on Asphya."

"Who is Asphya?" Ken asked.

"Asphya is the guardian of the Latex Womb."

"Guardian?  That doesn't sound very evil."

"Many foul abominations are birthed from the Latex Womb.  And unless it is destroyed, the demon queen can never truly be defeated.  Even if you do manage to beat her, her spirit will simply return to the Latex Womb and grow a new form."

"So we have to destroy the Latex Womb first."

"Precisely.  You're not as dumb as you look."

"Thanks," Ken said sarcastically.

His clouded memories knew of latex as both a rubber and a type of fetishistic clothing.  And also—and he had no idea which part of his closed-off memories this came from—a really fucking annoying word processor.  He assumed the use of latex in the name Latex Womb was just a coincidence.

The route to the Latex Womb took them back up into the hills.  Throughout the journey Ken saw no other travellers or any sign of human habitation.  When he pointed this out to Celestrico she rolled her eyes as if he'd just asked a really stupid question.

"This territory belongs to the demon queen.  Of course there are no humans here."

"Okay, in that case, where are the demons?"

"Well they're not going to be here are they.  There are no humans to feed upon."

Ken felt he was missing something here.

"Then why have territory at all?" he asked.

"Because she's the demon queen," Celestrico answered as if it made perfect sense.  Maybe it did to a demon.

Although they were heading back uphill, the air lost none of its warmth.  If anything the atmosphere seemed to be getting warmer and muggier.  The territory grew progressively rockier on either side of the road.  Clumps of boulders became looming rock faces on either side of them.  Ken hoped Celestrico was correct and there were no demons lurking about.  This was typical bandit country—perfect for ambushes.

"Who did the demon queen steal this land from originally?" Ken asked.

"Why do you care?"

"If I'm a hero, surely I'm trying to take back the land on behalf of someone."

"There is no need for there to be a someone," Celestrico said.  "The demon queen is a monster.  Heroes take what they want from monsters.  That's what makes them heroes."

"Heroes kinda sound like dicks," Ken said.

"To a demon that's all you are—a nice, juicy dick to be sucked and sucked until nothing is left."

There was a brightness to Celestrico's eyes that was totally unwholesome.

"I'm not sure whether I should be turned on or revolted," Ken said.

They followed the road upwards.  The canyon walls rose higher on each side of them.

"Ah, here we are.  The Latex Womb," Celestrico said.

The road turned a corner and opened out into a wider space ringed with high stone walls.  Strange rock formations rose up on either side of the natural amphitheatre.  They looked like the legs of a great stone giant.  In fact, it looked like a massive giant had fallen on their back with their—her?—legs wide open.  The road terminated at a cave entrance in the rock wall where the two rocky outcrops reminiscent of legs came together.  The location and shape of the cave entrance too closely resembled a female vagina to be accidental.

That wasn't the thing that bothered Ken the most.

The area surrounding the entrance and the walls within it were covered in a glossy black material.  The surfaces of this material were smooth and puffed out as though they were the skin to a massive inflatable.

There was no mistaking what he was seeing.  Ken was looking at a ginormous vagina made out of shiny black rubber.

"You've got to be fucking shitting me!"

Nope, nothing to see here.  Giant rubber vagina in a cliff face.  Nothing to see at all.

Imagination, we need to have words.

Thursday, June 04, 2015

Okasare Kenny 2-1: Asphya

Welcome to Okasare Kenny, my lunatic attempt to live-write a novel/serial, daily.  The first part can be found here.  Currently we appear to be in a slight bind as I rather carelessly killed off my protagonist at the end of the last chapter (as you do).  Normally this would present a problem for a longer novel/serial, but... well... read on for yourselves:

2-1: Asphya

Ken opened his eyes.  He was outside and lying on his back.  He smelt smoke, heard the crackling of flames and felt the heat of fire.

He also heard clapping.

He turned his head to see Celestrico standing by the side of the road.  She was enthusiastically applauding him.

"You did it!" she said with a wide, beaming smile on her pretty face.

"I did?"

"Yes!  It looked a little dicey for a while, but then you found some hidden strength and pulled through to beat her."

"I did?" Ken repeated, more uncertainly.

This time it was his short-term memory that was fucked up.  He remembered entering the bordello, going upstairs with Sulpa, and then...

He sat up.

The top left quarter of Sulpa's bordello was ablaze.  There was a big hole in the wall as if something had exploded outwards.  Debris lay on the road all around Ken.  Some of it was still on fire.

"What a fight!" Celestrico gushed.  "To come back like that when all seemed lost... you're the champion that can go all the way.  I'm sure of it."

Ken was still holding his sword in his left hand.  The blade was drenched in red blood.

"What happened?" he asked.

"What happened?  You mean you don't remember?"

Ken smiled apologetically and shook his head.

"I remember going inside... talking to Sulpa... going upstairs with her...  Fuck, did I really fuck her?"

"That was a little foolish," Celestrico said.  "I know I told you to pretend to be one of her victims to get close to her, but actually having sex with her was way closer than you needed to be.  That was too risky.  Most men are lost the moment they put their dick in a succubus's pussy."

Ken thought he had been lost.  The last he remembered was a fade to black that felt disturbingly close to death.

"Not you though," Celestrico continued.  "You found a hero's strength lying within you.  You broke her enchantment, cast her off and then fought and defeated her.  It was marvellous to watch."

"I don't remember any of it," Ken said.

"That's weird," Celestrico said.  She put a finger to her lips and frowned thoughtfully.  "I wonder if this is a side effect of passing through the Arch of Lee-fee.  It might still be interfering with your memory."

"Sulpa said it was you messing with my head," Ken said.

Celestrico rolled her eyes.  "Pulease.  You're going to believe the word of a skank succubus that just tried to suck your brains out through your cock over me, your faithful guide on this difficult and extremely arduous quest?"

There was a slightly awkward pause.

"Don't tell me that's the reason you let her fuck you."

There was an even more awkward pause.

Celestrico sighed and shook her head.

"No, it's my fault," she said.  "It's the risk of going with Sulpa first.  She's the weakest of the thirteen, but she can be very persuasive if given the chance to talk, especially when she jiggles those big slutty titties of hers and men start listening with their second head between their legs.  I should have anticipated you'd be vulnerable to that, given that you've just passed through the arch and your head is still messed up."

Celestrico lowered her head in contemplative thought.

"I could have started with one of the others," she said, "but most heroes just don't have the stats to take them on at the start.  Hmm, things to consider for next time."

"Wait, next time?" Ken said.

"Yes, for the next champion to come through the arch."

"I thought you said I was the one that was going all the way."

"Yes, you are.  But that doesn't mean I shouldn't have some contingency plans in place.  Just in case."

"Thanks for the vote of confidence," Ken said.

"Stop whining," Celestrico said.  "It's very unbecoming for a holy champion."

Ken shook his head in exasperation.  He looked around at the devastation someone—him, apparently—had carried out on the bordello.

"So I really am some kind of powerful demon-slaying hero?" he asked.

"Better than that," Celestrico said with a smile that showed off the delicate points of her fangs.  "You're a level two powerful demon-slaying hero.  Ding!"

What was it with the videogame terminology? Ken thought.  Sighing, he followed her down the road away from the burning bordello.

"And thus did the mighty hero, Kenny, begin his epic quest to end the reign of the demon queen by defeating the sinful and thoroughly skanky succubus, Sulpa," Celestrico said.

"It's Ken," Ken corrected.  "Ken not Kenny.  I don't like Kenny."

Celestrico gave no indication she'd heard him.

Ken glanced back at the burning building.  That was him, apparently.  Which was kind of awesome.

Sex with Sulpa had also been kind of awesome, at least at the start.  Shame he'd had to kill her.

A weird thing happened as he turned his head back.  For a brief moment, when the bordello was in the corner of his eye, the smoke and all the damage appeared to vanish.  The building reverted to its original undamaged state.

Only for a moment.

When Ken turned back to look at the bordello directly he saw fires were still raging on the upper floor, sending a thick black pall of smoke up into the sky.

He must have imagined it, he decided.  He turned back and followed Celestrico down the road.

"That's Sulpa down," Celestrico said as the burning ruins of the bordello faded into the distance.  "Next we take on Asphya."

Questions... questions...

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Okasare Kenny 1-8: Sulpa

So who's messing with poor Kenny's head more - Celestrico or Sulpa?  Time for the last part of Chapter 1.

1-8: Sulpa

"So this is your kinky speciality?" he said.  "A sex game where you use your succubus powers to subdue your client and pretend to drain their life.  Right?"

He said it more in hope than anything.  He didn't have anything else—Sulpa's vagina had rendered him completely helpless beneath her.

Sulpa's eyes twinkled mischievously.  She caressed his cheek.  "No.  This is not pretend.  My demon pussy really is going to suck out all your life."

So much for that then.

"Whatever happened to good business sense?" he asked.

Sulpa smiled.  "There are always more foolhardy adventurers."

And so much for sensible logic.

Sulpa inhaled.  Her vagina inhaled.  It didn't matter Ken had come only moments before.  His cock was rock-hard within her snug sheath and his arousal was being tugged higher and higher.

"There was one thing I didn't lie about," Sulpa said.  "The feeding process is extremely pleasurable for my victims."

She inhaled again and the fleshy walls of her vagina pulsed and fluttered around his erection.  It felt like many dextrous fingers stroking up and down his shaft.

"If my clients could come back, I'm sure they would," Sulpa said.

She clutched her big boobs and moaned in pleasure as she rode Ken's squirming form.  Within her pussy the membrane wrapped around Ken's glans pulsed like the bell of a jellyfish.

"Mmm, yes," Sulpa sighed.  "I promised you big, fat, juicy orgasms."

The stretchy membrane at the back of her vagina stretched taut across the swollen tip of his cock.  Her whole body inhaled.

Ken grunted and shuddered as she sucked one of those big, fat, juicy orgasms out of him.  He spurted another massive load of cum into the tight clasp of her pussy.  Again that membrane greedily drank up every drop of his issue.  The nimbus around Sulpa's horns changed to a soft white glow.  As Ken bucked and pumped his semen up into her, the veins inside her translucent horns throbbed white.

"So nice," Sulpa murmured.

She hadn't lied about it being pleasurable.  Ken felt satisfied like he'd never before been satisfied—either through great sex or epic porn-fuelled masturbation sessions.

"There's no need to be afraid," Sulpa said.  "This is what it feels like—one big, fat, juicy orgasm after another."

Ken disagreed.  There was plenty of need to be afraid when it was his life slowly being drained away.

Sulpa's soft pussy throbbed and squeezed.  The whole of Ken's still-hard erection felt warm and pleasantly tingly.  Another flex, another suck, and Ken was coming again.  His thoughts were whited out by the pleasurable throbs of ejaculation as he released his semen—and more of his life—deep inside her.

Sulpa cooed with pleasure.  She pursed her fulsome lips and exhaled a little plume of white smoke.  Her horns had filled with so much white they were opaque and milky-white in colour.

"Mmm.  One big, fat, juicy orgasm after another," she sighed.  Her eyes were also filling up—becoming cloudy-white in colour.

Her pussy flexed... squeezed.  Another orgasm erupted from Ken.  It felt like it had been dragged up from his toes.

Fuck, this was happening.  Really happening.  He was going to die here.  That couldn't be right.  Wasn't he supposed to be the chosen hero?  He couldn't fall to the first boss like this.

Sulpa fell forward on top of him.  Her body covered Ken like a warm blanket.  She wrapped her arms around him and her lips found his.  She lost him in another dreamy kiss.  The cushioned walls of her vagina continued to throb around his over-sensitised cock.  Slow this time.  Slow and sensuous.  When the orgasm came it bubbled up out of him like gas escaping a deep ocean vent.  When it burst on the surface, pleasure washed all through his body.  Washed everything else away.

Another bubble welled up.  And another.  And another.

Ken was lost in a dreamlike cocoon of bliss.  Uncomfortable niggling sensations of his skin starting to pull tight against his bones and his internal organs beginning to crinkle up couldn't penetrate.  There was only Sulpa and her warm body on top of his, her soft lips against his, her softer vagina gently sucking on his erection...

Another big bubble welled up and burst with a blissful plop.

Mercifully, Ken had already drifted away into pleasant oblivion when his organs started to fail.

Goddammit Horror-Head!  I leave you alone for five minutes and you go and off my protagonist.  This is supposed to be a full novel, not one of my short stories.  We do not let our sexy succubi eat the main guy in a full novel.  That's just... grrr!

Oh well, next up: Okasare Kenny Someone Else: Asphya

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Okasare Kenny 1-7: Sulpa

Welcome to Okasare Kenny, one author's foolhardy attempt to live-write a novel and post it on his blog, daily (sort of).  The first part can be found here.  Last up our hero found himself in a very precarious (but sexy) predicament.

1-7: Sulpa

"You shouldn't believe what a succubus tells you," Sulpa said.  "We're delightfully deceitful creatures."

Ken's surprise at this sudden turn of events was overtaken by a more pressing biological function.  Sulpa's pussy throbbed around his cock and his arousal—already hovering just below the brink—finally bubbled over.  Ken grunted and his body bucked involuntarily as a powerful orgasm surged through him.  Sulpa rode his body like a wave.  Her vagina remained as tight a hold on his erection as a vacuum tube.  Ken's cock swelled within the cushioned grip of her pussy and deposited a massive load of semen into her smothering flesh.

"Mmm, delicious," Sulpa sighed.

Whatever membrane enfolded the tip of her cock greedily absorbed his cum right down to the last drop.

It absorbed something else as well.

Was absorbing.

It had come out with his ejaculation and continued to flow out of his penis like air from a punctured balloon.  Ken felt like he was deflating in the same way.

"Can you feel my delectable little pussy draining all your strength," Sulpa teased.

The soft fleshy walls of her vagina squeezed and throbbed around him.  The sinfully slippery membrane at the end continued to draw his strength out through his cock.  Her translucent horns were picked out in the darkness with a faint red nimbus.  The same red glow travelled up inside them in pulsing veins.

Ken realised too late what Celestrico had meant when she'd told him it wasn't Sulpa's normal mouth he should fear.

What insanity had possessed him to make him think going to bed with Sulpa was a good idea?  His head was still fogged with it even now.  At the back of his mind a soothing voice kept telling him to ignore what was happening, to not worry, to lie back and enjoy it.

He had to shake it off.

Sulpa's soft pussy clenched tighter around him and she moaned in pleasure as Ken weakened beneath her.

Had to shake her off.

At least she hadn't vamped up or hulked out into a more monstrous form.  She was still just a slip of a whore with big boobs.  All he had to do was throw her off.  Lift up his body and...

...he couldn't.  It felt like his upper body had doubled in weight and kept growing heavier.

He tried to buck her off, to put up his arms and shove her off.  Sulpa smiled at his feeble efforts.  She rode him like a broken horse.  All the time her vagina kept a deathgrip on his cock and continued to suck.

"Mmm, I'm sucking all the fight right out of you," Sulpa sighed.  "Soon you won't be able to resist at all."

Ken glimpsed his sword lying over on the edge of the bed where he'd discarded it.  If only he could reach it...


Too far.

He reached for the sword, his palm open as if straining to will it—Jedi-style—into his hand.  Celestrico said he had hidden powers.  He could hope.  Right?

Sulpa noticed.  "I think we'll take any magic power, just in case.  I don't want any surprises."

Her vagina gave a strange shudder and squirmed against his trapped cock.  Ken felt an even stranger feeling inside him.  It tumbled up his shaft and was released as a little puff inside her.

The nimbus around her horns changed to blue.  It was not there very long.  Sulpa's eyes widened in surprise.

"Oh.  That’s not much," she said.  "I expected more from a champion."

She placed a hand on his chest and let her fingers twirl through his hairs.

"If I'd known you were this weak I'd have saved us a lot of time and simply charmed you into submission downstairs.  I suppose it makes for a more interesting game this way."

Ken's body felt like it had been replaced with sacks of wet sand.  He couldn't even lift his head up off the mattress.

"So this is your kinky speciality?" he said.  "A sex game where you use your succubus powers to subdue your client and pretend to drain their life.  Right?"

He said it more in hope than anything.  He didn't have anything else—Sulpa's vagina had rendered him completely helpless beneath her.

Sulpa's eyes twinkled mischievously.

Phew, that's a relief.  It was looking like this was going to be a very short novel at one point.  To be continued...

Monday, June 01, 2015

Okasare Kenny 1-6: Sulpa

Back to daily and also back with the explicit descriptions of succubus fucking.  Usual warnings apply.

1-6: Sulpa

"Let's fuck," she whispered.

Ken smiled and nodded.  That sounded like the most splendid idea of all.

Sulpa sat up and straddled him.  She reached under her to grab his cock and position it between her legs.  She stared at Ken as the pliable folds of her vagina parted around the swollen tip of Ken's erection and she slowly eased herself down around him.   He felt her moist heat brush down his shaft and the soft flesh gently squeeze him.

Yes, totally splendid, Ken thought.

Sulpa positioned herself to get comfortable and then her hips started to smoothly move up and down as she commenced fucking.  He watched his penis slide in and out of her pussy as she rose up and down on top of him.  He revelled in the sensation of her silken vagina enveloping his manhood and brushing up and down the shaft.  She was tight and extremely wet.  Her fluid movements generated just enough friction to build an erotic charge in Ken's loins.

And suction.  He felt it pull on him with each of her upstrokes.  It was as if her vagina couldn't bear to let even a millimetre of his manhood escape her.

"Mmm, yes," Sulpa sighed.

Ken moaned with her.

The mattress was soft and deep enough for both of their bodies to sink into it, but also had enough spring to aid the motions of their fucking.  Ken tensed his thighs and buttocks and thrust back, lifting her up and driving his cock deeper into the warm interior of her vagina.

Sulpa pinned him to the bed and speeded up to a faster rhythm.  Up, down, her body crashed into his and sent ripples of pleasure through his flesh.

"Oh, that feels so good," Ken sighed.

He understood why her clients came all the way out here.  And if that had been his original intention, past-Ken was a smart chappie.

Sulpa's pendulous breasts swung back and forth with her movements.  Little dewdrops of perspiration blossomed on her smooth, dusky skin.  With each stroke her sensual lips bunched up in a lush pout and she exhaled a fervid sigh.  Throughout it all her intense dark eyes remained fixed on his.

Whatever past-Ken had been, he'd picked up some experience in the bedroom.  Current-Ken was grateful he'd been bequeathed some staying power.  Sulpa was so hot, her pussy so tight, her movements so skilled it was taking all of his will to keep from coming too soon.

It helped that Sulpa was helping him.  Every time Ken thought he couldn't hold it in any longer she changed pace and rhythm.  Each change was like a short breather.  It brought him back from the brink, but only temporarily as Sulpa started up again and lifted his arousal even higher.  He stopped trying to thrust up with her.  Instead he lay back and luxuriated in the motions of her body.  She had the experience and what she was doing—all her little hip wiggles and changes of angle—felt incredible.

He smiled up at her and told her so, "You're incredible."

Sulpa rose up almost all the way off him.  Then she came down in one smooth motion that gobbled up the whole length of his shaft.  His swollen tip encountered a squishy obstruction at the back of her vagina.  Her body bore down on him and pushed the tip of his cock through the fleshy aperture and into a chamber filled with warm viscous fluid.

"Mmm.  Got you."  Sulpa smiled down at him.

She clenched.  Her pussy contracted around his cock and gripped it like a soft, fleshy vice.  The strange chamber at the end of her pussy wrapped tightly around the whole of Ken's bulbous glans, tight enough it was almost as though the two organs had merged into one.  He felt an odd sensation—like her vagina was not just sucking on his cock but the whole of his body.

"You shouldn't believe what a succubus tells you," Sulpa said.  "We're delightfully deceitful creatures."

to be continued...