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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

New Monster Girl Games up on DLSite - Demon Angel Sakura vol.4, Drain Dungeon, Bifrost's Brothel of Mamono

Lorks o'Lordy.  You wait ages for a monster girl game and three come out on the same day.

First up we have Demon Angel Sakura vol.4.

Long time followers will be familiar with this series.  I've already reviewed vols 1, 2, and 3 on the blog.  This is the 4th and last entry in the series.

It's a 2D platform/action game where you control the diminutive Sakura as they fight off various hungry monster girls eager to eat him (her, them?).  The first two games were boss rushes.  The third added a lot of random mooks, each with their own animated Bad End scenes.  The fourth carries on the changes introduced in the third.

Oddly, it's not actually completed yet.  The creators fell behind schedule, but decided to release what they had with the final area (and 3 bosses) to follow early next year.  Despite this, there's still plenty of content with 3 bosses and 15 or so mooks.

I must admit Demon Angel Sakura never really turns me on that much.  Normally this would be a failing for an eroge, but I'm mostly playing to see what ridiculously over-the-top indignities are heaped on poor Sakura in the imaginative Bad End sequences.  The game rarely disappoints.

If you've ever fantasized about having a giant succubus fart in your face and then insert you headfirst into her pussy as a human dildo, this is the game for you.

What, did you think I was joking...?
I've already bought this one and will bring you all the vore-y details in a couple of days or so.

Next up we have Drain Dungeon.

I played this demo a few weeks back after seeing it mentioned on and it looked interesting.  It's a dungeon crawler, but with the dungeon abstracted to a linear sequence of left or right choices (similar to what Desire Dungeon did).

The main gimmick here is that the hero (i.e. you) is always reset to level one upon leaving the dungeon, so a trio of enterprising succubi strike up a deal to... um... "drain" those levels from you before leaving rather than letting them go to waste.

Yes, that kind of "draining".
The three succubi fit the usual range of body shapes, so you have the busty milf one, the slutty elder teen one, and the blatant loli one (who's probably the eldest of the three).  The loli is a bit too loli for my tastes, so that likely means a third of the game's H-content won't interest me.  The busty milf however...

Levels?  I'll get you levels.  All the levels you want...
The dungeon also has some additional H-content provided by various monster girl bosses.  I ran into and afoul of a slime girl in the demo.  The rest of the monsters were the standard stock RPG Maker sprites, so there is a danger the game might get too grindy and repetitive later on.

The biggest problem I found is that the game uses the Wolf RPG Maker system and that traditionally hasn't played very nice with text-hooking.  I like the premise and it looks interesting, but I'll hold off on getting it until I can find the h-code (or alternate text hooker) to make it translatable.

The third game out today is Bifrost's Brothel of Mamono.

This is a genre I don't look at too often - the brothel simulator.

The back story is that you've ended up in debt to the devil/some kind of succubus and have been whisked off to an alternate world to run a brothel in order to pay it off.  Unfortunately, AGTH failed to hook this one at all, so I wasn't really able to work out what was going on in the demo.

From what I saw the gameplay appears to be purchasing captured monster girls off slavers, breaking them in with various sex stuff and then pimping them out to clients to bring in the cash.

Aww, poor lickle Harpy.
Not my cup of tea to be honest, but it might be of interest to people who like their sexy monster girls to be served up without a side helping of femdom and potential death-by-snu-snu.  The art and UI looked fine from what I saw, although not being able to translate anything means I don't know how well the strategy/gameplay mechanics hold up.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Hentai Game Review: Demon Angel Sakura vol.3

I tend to cover some weird hentai games on this blog and the Demon Angel Sakura series is possibly one of the weirdest.  While Luka of Monster Girl Quest and the various protagonists of the Violated Hero series have it bad in some of their Bad Ends, I doubt any would trade with the eponymous "hero" of Demon Angel Sakura.

Demon Angel Sakura is a platformer.  The first two games (which I covered here and here) were boss rushes where the diminutive Sakura had to fight off various monster girl titans lusting after his body (in more ways than one).  Gameplay-wise the series was little more than an excuse to show off some lushly animated and bizarre Bad Ends.

The third instalment has expanded the gameplay a great deal.  Now there are platforming levels in between the bosses jam-packed with minor enemies, each with their own lovingly-animated Bad End should Sakura not avoid or blast them out of the way.

Nothing to see here.  Just a giant succubus shooting hearts out of her pussy...
The enemy variety is a big step up from the previous games.  Instead of 5-8 bosses with 1 or 2 Bad Ends, this time there are 24 minor enemies and 6 bosses/NPCs (with some having a 2 scenes).  Each is fully animated and you don't have to worry about farting around with auto-translators as the game already comes with an English translation.

As with the previous games the focus is on vore and other bizarre fetishes.  Over the course of the game Sakura ends up being eaten (repeatedly), dissolved to mush between giant titties, inserted in a giant pussy and pissed all over, and other weirdness.  It's not a game for the faint-hearted or easily squicked out.

Flower Girl seems harmless enough.  Wait, is that our skull...?
This time there is a little bit more range to the debauchery.  Not all of the monster girls want to eat Sakura, or shove him where the sun don't shine.  Some of the monster girls just want to give Sakura a good hard fucking.  The addition of more vanilla scenes might make the game a little more appealing to monster girl hentai fans that were put off by the hardcore weirdness of the previous two chapters.  (Although you're still going to be seeing Sakura in cutaway shots of churning stomachs an awful lot).

It's still a short game, but there is a lot of H-content.  The level design is also surprisingly fiendish.  I had that classic end-of-an-Ian-Livingstone-Fighting-Fantasy-Gamebook moment when I reached a series of four doors on the final level with only one key in my possession.  I had to search the internet and a thread on revealed the other keys were sneakily hidden on previous levels.  Thankfully there is a shop system selling items to help with this, so the scavenger-hunt backtracking to find the missing keys is not as irritating as it first looks.

This is moderately sane compared to other stuff in the game
The other thing to note is that the difficulty level changes which monster girls appear on certain levels.  Unlocking all of them requires putting the game difficulty back up Normal or higher.  Although, thankfully for platformer-incompetents like me, this can be done mid-playthrough after the bosses have been cleared.

Overall I think the extra quantity did come at the expense of some of the quality.  The Bad End scenes felt a little shorter this time around and the boss scenes in particular didn't really do anything for me.  As always, YMMV on this depending on which particular fetish weirdness falls in your zone.  Gameplay-wise, the only thing that really irritated me was certain indestructible enemies with one-hit-kill attacks.  Those fricking Obesity Fairies... Grr.

A Sakura-Eye view of some 69
That's Demon Angel Sakura vol. 3, a game where you cross big drops by being farted out of the butthole of a giant fairy.  Do I need to say any more... :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hentai Game Preview: Demon Angel Sakura vol.3

It looks like the newest episode in the Demon Angel Sakura series is coming out in September.

They are very weird games where you control a cross-dressing demon/angel and try and avoid various gross fates at the hands of giantess monster girls.  I wrote about the first game back here, and the second here.

In a change from the two previous entries, vol.3 is not a boss rush game.  There are now minor enemies, each with lovingly animated Bad Ends, to avoid now.  In the demo I saw four types - ant girls, vampire bat girls, blue slime girls and some kind of sandworm girl.

This Bad End is super restrained by Demon Angel Sakura standards

The series primarily focuses on giantesses and vore, with a side serving of gross-out humour.  At one point in the demo the player has to steer Sakura into the butt-hole of a giant fairy in order to be farted across a chasm.  That should tell you everything you need to know about this series. ;)

The larger variety of enemies looks interesting.  I'll report back when I've had a chance to try out the finished game.

Already out and maybe of interest is a monster girl Battle-Fuck game - BF Brave.

Don't know much about this one, but I've seen CGs floating around and they look okay.  I'll see if I can check it out if I get a chance.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Hentai Game Review - Demon Angel Sakura, vol.2: The Spirits of Hell

Last year I did a Let’s Play and review of a crazy little action game, Demon Angel Sakura.  The follow up, Demon Angel Sakura vol. 2: The Spirits of Hell, is out and every bit as bonkers as its predecessor.

As with the original, Demon Angel Sakura vol.2 is a 2D action game where you fight a series of ginormous monster girl bosses by throwing magic fireballs at them while bouncing around a 2D arena.  Like a platform game, but with all the intermediate levels taken out so all that’s left is boss fights is the best way to describe it.  The text is also all in English, so you won’t need to fiddle around with machine translation for this game.

The story carries on from where the first game left off.  Sakura, an angel/demon hybrid who is either a cross-dressing male or a female with a dick (the game isn’t totally clear on this, although it does refer to Sakura as ‘he’ for most of the game), is trapped in hell.  Kazari, the fairy that loves Sakura, dives into hell to find him and is driven doolally by exposure to the ‘hell element’.  After resisting crazy Kazari’s attempts to consume him, Sakura departs on a quest to find a way to save her from being corrupted and destroyed by the hell element.  This takes him through various fights with ginormous predatory monster girls.

Size is no obstacle to horny Sakura.

In a change from the first game, Sakura is aided in these fights by a familiar, Kuroha.  Later on there’s an option to switch between her and Kazari.  As with the first game, if Sakura takes enough damage he loses his clothes – and in this game, familiar – and is vulnerable to sexy(ish – YMMV) binding attacks from his opponent.  There are variable difficulty settings and even the most useless at 2D platform games (i.e. me) should be able to get to the end on super easy mode.

There are eight boss fights in total.  Two of those have two different Bad Ends, which gives ten Bad End scenes in total.  The game is short (especially if you choose to breeze through it on super easy mode), but should be seen for what it is – an excuse to put together some lovely drawn and utterly depraved hentai scenes.  The artwork and animation is very good for what it is and the imagination behind them is positively filthy.  Even Luka from Monster Girl Quest and the various protagonists of the Violated Hero games would wince at the indignities visited on poor Sakura.

Um yeah . . . it's that type of game.

This game won’t be for everyone.  There’s a heavy focus on vore and most of the things that happen to Sakura are fairly gross, such as nearly being drowned in harpy piss or wedged up in a giant treant’s sweaty armpit.  You’re not going to find nice sex scenes with vanilla monster girls here.  The game is most appropriate for those with giantess and/or vore fetishes, as well as for those that derive amusement from seeing some truly twisted and perverse Bad Ends.

This doesn’t look like the last we’ll see of Demon Angel Sakura either.  During the quest to save Kazuri there are hints to a larger story, one that will no doubt be revealed in Demon Angel Sakura, vol.3.   I look forward to seeing what weirdness the developers come up with in the next instalment.

Monday, July 07, 2014

Hentai Game Review - Demon Angel Sakura

Actually, I did a full playthrough of this over the past week, starting here.

They seem most gleeful about this eating you thing
In Demon Angel Sakura you play a dude with pigtails in a dress sent to hell to retrieve a stolen mirror.  The inhabitants of hell are giant monster girls that all want to molest and then eat you (yes, it's a vore game).  Demon Angel Sakura is nominally an action platformer, but that's basically an excuse to string together a bunch of sexy Bad End hentai scenes.  Having a Super Easy difficulty mode means even the most useless (i.e. me) should get to the end and see all the content.

As other people have pointed out, it's kind of short, but that's typical for this type of game.  Or at least used to be until the dedicated-beyond-all-common-business-sense とろとろレジスタンス spoilt us all with the exemplary Monster Girl Quest.  As a game there's not much to it.  It's better to think of it as a series of animated H scenes strung together.

The art style is very cartoony, but on the plus side everything is fully animated.  It's also already translated into English and doesn't require any fiddling with auto-translators to work out what's going on. 

Content-wise there are five different monster girls with the last two having two different ending scenes.  With a bonus NG+ scene on top that gives 10 weird-n-wacky H scenes for your ten bucks.

Whether it's worth those 10 bucks will depend on what you're looking for.  As a game it's very slight.  It's not Eroico or the Paradise Fortress of RePure Aria, and if you're expecting more of a game you're going to feel hard done by.

If you like vore and in particular giantess scenes (and know what I'm talking about if I mention the word Felarya), you'll probably get the most out of this.  On the other hand, even if vore and giantess fetish doesn't float your boat, you can - like me - revel in the kind of warped imagination that came up with these scenes, drew them into a computer and animated them.

I wasn't joking when I said fucked up...

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Let's Play Demon Angel Sakura! part 6

And we're still bravely soldiering on through Demon Angel Sakura, our continuing mission to seek out and encounter new boundaries of sexy squick.  Part 1 is here.

First a quick aside.  On a google search for "Angel Demon Sakura" I noticed quite a few hits were being hidden as possible child abuse.  Not sure if it's related to this game.  As far as I'm aware the protagonist is a cartoon representation of a sissified young male adult (emphasis adult) in a giantess setting.  I assume this is the case for all the monster girl/succubus hentai games I look at unless the creator makes a big thing about the protagonist being underage/a child (at which point I leave the game alone).  If you've wandered here because you get turned on by child abuse or get turned on by getting outraged over things you think might be child abuse, I'm afraid this site won't have much to offer you.  We're all about the big-boobed, lascivious succubi here.

With that out of the way, let's continue.

Yesterday poor Sakura ended up being used as sex toy by a randy giant octopus (this should tell you all you need to know before going further).

Skylla is fairly easy to defeat on super Easy Mode as she’s so big I can’t really miss.

She’s also quite friendly after the battle and even helps Sakura out on his quest.

And now for the big twist: the mirror wasn’t stolen recently; it’s been here for yonks.  Big Angel Queen is a liar.  (We probably should have guessed this.  Never trust an angel in a Japanese videogame).

Off to the Palace of the Mirror we go and presumably the final boss.  Slime, Treant and Skylla were all spoiled in the promo pics for the game, but I have no idea what the final boss is.

Oh, it’s you.  Sort of.

Sakura is the classic two-in-one, hence the whole demon angel thing.  The forbidden mirror reveals this and allows the demon half to come out and play.  She grows to giant-size and then it’s a battle against Dark Sakura.

I’m glad I’m on Super Easy mode as it’s quite hard to trigger the Bad Ends for this fight.  Most of the time she blasts me with dark energy and it’s a boring Game Over rather than a filth-filled, fully-fledged Bad End Game Over.

In fact, to even trigger the attacks that bring about Bad End, you have to do enough damage to her for her clothes to come off.  Then the game gets truly demented as she hovers around the temple trying to piss on us.

I’m not a hardcore vore fan and I tend to prefer conventional sexy rather than grossout-comedy-for-sniggers sexy, but I must admit I do have a soft spot for when a creator just flat out goes for it and keeps on going for it until common decency is just a speck on the horizon and we're deep in Sushi Typhoon or A Serbian Film territory.

Dark Sakura has two Bad Ends.  The first is more pandering to the giantess fetish.  She grabs Sakura in some magical spinning prison thing and floats him back to her mouth.  She sucks him off and then swallows him.  After chewing for a bit (no cutaway shot of that, thankfully!) she shrinks back down to normal size and announces she’s Sakura now.

The other ending is Sushi Typhoon to the max.  She wraps her tail around Sakura and uses him as a buttplug.  Headfirst into the ass goes poor Sakura and her tail has a play with him.  That’s not enough for Dark Sakura and so, after making him come a few times, the tail shoves him all the way inside.  Then he gets stuck.  The humiliation isn’t complete as Dark Sakura tries to fart him out (it really is that kind of game) and the scene ends with trapped Sakura wriggling in her ass.

Dark Sakura is the final boss.  After defeating her we get a cut scene where . . . something happens.  Even with the English subtitles I’m not sure what happens.  I think the mirror tries to take her.  Sakura doesn’t want that and so he runs away.  He does something funky with his powers that looks like he’s trying to bash his head between his two fists and this results in Dark Sakura materialising outside his body.  I thought this might be the usual ending for these split personality things where the angel and demon halves end up in different bodies, but no, apparently Sakura is now too demony to go back to heaven.  I’m guessing he exhausted all his divine powers.  Sakura and Sakura walk off into the sunset together (and are probably eaten by the first monster they encounter, him being without powers and all that, silly boy).

Back in heaven, Sakura’s fairy friend gets so sad he hasn’t come back she flies through the portal into hell (and is presumably eaten by the first monster she encounters).

The end.

Oh, but now we must have unlocked that NG+ thing I mentioned in part 1.  A quick restart and there is an option to go away with fairy Kazari.  Maybe this will give poor Sakura a nice end.


(Actually, it is sort of sweet in a severely fucked up kind of way.)

I'll finish off with a review thing tomorrow.

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Let's Play Demon Angel Sakura! part 5

And more from the squicktastic hentai/vore game Demon Angel Sakura.  Part 1 is here.  Yesterday we had our skull eaten by Treant, so it's time to dish out some demonic/divine justice.

After zapping Treant good it’s time to move onto the fourth level, Lake Clarus.

Rather unwisely Sakura decides to strip off and frolic in the shallow end.  This attracts the attention of the ginormous Skylla (I assume this is a misspelling and they meant Scylla).  She’s the classic half giantess, half giant octopus (but without the wolf heads of myth).  Emphasis on Giant!  She decides Sakura looks tasty and it’s time for boss fight no. 4.

Skylla starts out by flinging massive pink tentacles at Sakura and we have to dodge by bouncing between the upper and lower level.  She also has another attack where she lifts up her sea-shell bikini and squirts milk out of her ginormous boobs.  Yay for crazy imagination.  The milk attack is like Treant’s energy attack in that it triggers a boring end rather than a Bad End.

Skylla has two bad ends depending on whether Sakura ends up wrapped up in the top tentacle or squashed under the lower tentacle.

Losing to lower tentacle squashing has her scoop Sakura up and use him as a human dildo.  Into the pussy headfirst goes Sakura and much moaning and grunting as Skylla rubs him up against her 'button'.  Asphyxiation by vagina aside, it’s all going reasonably well until Sakura loses control of his bladder.  Skylla decides to join in with the watersports, which pretty much ends up with Sakura dunked headfirst into a lake of piss.  Oh boy.

And you thought you had it bad in VH, Luka-clone buddy.

The second Bad End is triggered by being caught by the top tentacle.  Skylla decides to milk out Sakura by squashing him between her enormous breasts and jiggling them around.

After much bouncy-bouncy Sakura is out of baby juice (and loses control of his bladder . . . again).  Time for a typical giantess vore scene as Skylla swallows him whole and we get the classic vore cutaway scene of victim jiggling around in stomach.

Definitely a vore/giantess fetish game, but we’re going to battle on to the end.  After all, it can’t get any worse for Sakura.  Can it?

Friday, July 04, 2014

Let's Play Demon Angel Sakura! part 4

Continuing the playthrough of the lewd, rude and undoubtedly squicky Demon Angel Sakura I started here.

Turns out I really need Super Easy mode as even with a screen full of hearts I still end up nearly dying trying to blast Lamia away.  There were probably attack patterns I failed to recognise and learn.

Anyway, it’s off to the Village of the Rabbit People for level 3.

They seem friendly enough as Sakura sits around chatting to them.  However, they also look considerably bigger than Sakura and I have visions of the poor lad ending up in the village cooking pot.

Ah, the rabbit people are the prey animal of this hell.  Normally it’s cat girls.  Never really understood that as cats are efficient little buggers when it comes to killing stuff, as any cat owner will tell you.  But back to the story.  An unseen monster attacks the village, Sakura gets on the back of one of the bunnies and they all make a dash for the nearest safe-hole. 

Which turns out to not be very safe as the 3rd boss teleports right inside.

Boss 3 is Treant.  She looks like a cross between a pitcher plant girl and a dryad.  Like a dryad, she uses roots to entangle (and molest) the giant bunnies and Sakura.  During the cut scene she boasts about how good her digestion system is.  As a demonstration she drops one of the bunny girls into her fleshy pitcher bit and after some wobbly pulsy animations, spits out a skull.

Alas poor bunny girl, we never knew you at all.

This makes Sakura mad and it’s time for boss fight 3.

Treant teleports around the boss fight arena and fires two missile types.  The first is a glowing green ball of energy.  The second looks like a rock and causes molesto-vines to erupt from the ground.  Only the molesto-vines appear to do anything smexy, as dying to the energy blasts doesn’t even give a Bad End ending.

For the Bad End Treant makes use of the two captive bunny girls.  First up she rams Sakura’s face right into the asshole of one of the hapless bunny girls.  Has a definite liking for the femdom stuff does Treant, I reckon.

As Sakura is male and males are apparently rare, Treant decides to harvest his sperm for “science”.  She does this in a fairly creative way by sandwiching Sakura between two busty bunny girls and rubbing them against him while sucking up his cum with a long suction tube vine thing.  Not a bad hentai scene actually - an imaginative use of a plant girl (and rabbit girl fluffers).

It’s a little too good.  After four pops from Sakura, Treant thinks he’s enjoying it too much and that pisses her off.  That means we leave the sexy behind and finish off with the vore ending as Sakura and the two bunnies end up in the pulsing pitcher.  A few wobbly squooshy bits later and Treant spits out the skulls.

That’s not even the end of it.  Treant catches Sakura’s skull and starts munching on it.

Cold, Treant.  Cold.

Come back tomorrow when we’ll zap her good.

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Let's Play Demon Angel Sakura! part 3

This is continuing the mini-playthrough of the mini hentai game Demon Angel Sakura I started here.

Yesterday, Sakura (who we found out was actually male) got jiggled around in giant slime girl cleavage and made into soup.  This was not an auspicious start to his (mis)adventures in hell.

After shooting the slime girl enough to make her wobble away we’re off to level 2: Astrum Hill.

Ey up, looks like boss 2 is a large lamia.

Oh, maybe not.  She offers to show us the way to the mirror we’re looking for . . .

. . . which is an obvious trap, as she takes us back to her nest and promptly jumps us.

Lamia’s attacks consist of rushing back and forth, jumping halfway across the screen, or bending over and exhaling clouds of aphrodisiac poison.  Once Sakura has taken enough damage to knock his dress off the Lamia switches to smexy grapple attacks that have to broken out of by hammering back and forth on the left and right arrow button.  If the poison breath envelops him, Sakura immediately sits down and starts wanking until he shakes free of it (or runs out of hearts).  Lamia’s other attack is to pick us up and hug us tight between her boobs.

Her Bad End is more cleavage hugging and rubbing Sakura up and down until he comes between her breasts.

She even wonders if this is good for her skin while breathing aphrodisiac all over him and licking the top of his head with her long snake tongue.  The game creators seem to have a thing for water sports as well as Sakura strikes a small but defiant blow back by pissing all down her.

Then it’s time for the vore finish.  All the cool vore kids have their lamia ingest their prey through the vaginaDemon Angel Sakura eschews this and stays old skool as Lamia opens her mouth and down the hatch we go.  All the vore tropes are present as we get the belly bulge and the cutaway shot of Sakura in the stomach.

Poor Sakura would probably even take THORN PUSSY! in Violated Hero 5 at this point.

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Let's Play Demon Angel Sakura! part 2

Right, back to the playthrough of Demon Angel Sakura, which I started here.

Plucky Sakura has jumped into hell to find a stolen mirror.  Level 1 is the Crystal Planes.

The controls are fairly straightforward.  Cursor keys move Sakura around.  She can air jump up to five times, represented by some feathers in the centre of the screen.  She has a primary fire mode of a divine-light orb or something and can store up to five of them to be released in a salvo.

There are no minions, so we’re straight into boss fights a la Shadow of the Colossus.

First up is a Slime boss with enormous jiggly tits.

She has two attacks.  She jumps in the air and tries to splat down on you, or spits out three globs of quivering blue slime at you.  The ecchi stuff starts once Sakura drops down to only three hearts.  At that point her clothes come off and the Slime girl’s attacks turn into smexy grapple attacks.

If she lands on top of you, she’ll keep bouncing and rubbing her monster boobs against you until you shake her off (or run out of hearts).  If the mini-blobs hit, they’ll envelop Sakura and start molesting her until she shakes them off (or runs out of hearts).

Oh, Sakura is actually a he.  If the mini-blobs get him down to zero hearts he fountains cum (and possibly piss) out of his cock and lies there exhausted until big momma blob wobbles over to him.

And Bad End.

Big Momma Slime drops Sakura into her cleavage and jiggles her massive mammaries around until he comes.  And then repeats it until he’s spattered himself with so much cum he looks like a bukkake victim.  Not so traumatic so far.

Oh, she’s going to keep doing this until we’re soup.

Then, finally, she licks the resulting Sakura-stain up off her boobies.

Um, yeah.  Guess this is a vore game.  Poor Sakura.  Even Luka-clone never got turned into cleavage soup.

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Let's Play Demon Angel Sakura! part 1

After Violated Hero 4 I was going to make playthroughs of hentai monster girl games a regular feature of the blog.  Then they seemed to dry up for a while (and Dark Souls 2 came along to absorb a lot of my spare time).  The big (relatively – we’re not talking triple-A here) releases like Monster Girl Quest: Paradox and Violated Hero 5 are still a while off, so I thought I’d have a run through some of the smaller games.

First up: Demon Angel Sakura.

 I picked this one out because I like predatory monster girls and it promised a range of bizarre Bad Ends that will probably be fun to blog.  Because . . .

“* Situations
Watch out, there's plenty of weird and even grotesque scenes:
eating alive, monmusu enemies, giants, pissing, milking, phlegm, anal penetration, jizzblasts, etc.”

. . . has to be good for a chuckle if nothing else.

I’m not sure what Bad Ends we’ll get.  As the blurb is positively gleeful about monster girls eating you I suspect the Bad Ends will veer more towards the WTF!  If it gets anywhere near the bonkers-ness of Violated Hero or Lvl1 Yushe Breeding Program (aka the WTF-iest of all the WTF hentai games) it should be good for a laugh.

Also, everything is subtitled in English.  That makes it a lot easier to work out what’s going on, but it also takes the charm away from trying to figure out what “A smell of the Japanese spaniel refuse drifts angrily just to bring a face close” actually means.

Okay intro scene.

I’m going to reveal my wussiness straight away by going into settings and setting the difficulty level to “Super Easy”.  It’s an action/platformy type game and if you ever saw me play Eroico (very very badly) you’ll know why I’m doing this.

Here’s the generic fantasy world background.  Demon world, Angel world, can’t set foot in each other’s world because of yadda yadda.

Oh, we’re actually playing the girl in the white dress from the intro scene.  Big momma angel (Ilias-clone) wants us to go to hell to get eaten . . . correction, retrieve a stolen mirror.

Huh, “He”?  Did someone get the pronouns screwed up in translation?  Main character Sakura looks like a girl . . .

Before we run off to hell we get waylaid by some angels that throw rocks at sad Sakura because she has a demony tail and is all demony or something.  Angels are racist jerks.  Sakura’s fairy friend comes along and blows them away with a magical tornado.  She begs us not to go because we might get eaten.  But we have to go because this is a hentai vore game and Sakura’s sole reason for existence is to be devoured in horribly perverted ways.

There is an option to do something else, but it’s greyed out so I guess this might be some NG+ type thing.

We jump into hell and . . .

I’ll carry this on tomorrow (providing my iffy internet connection doesn't punk out.  Again.)