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Sunday, May 19, 2019

New Short Story - "The Banquet of the Queen of the Goblins"

Finally finished that damn carnivorous plant girl story.  Not sure why the 2nd draft took as long as it did, but it did.

Might as well get the bad news out of the way first.  Yes, it is pay-walled behind my Patreon account.  Sorry, regular readers who don't have access to that.  As with the previous boobie girl story, it will find its way into an ebook collection at some point in the future.

You can find it here:

The monster girl was inspired by the carnivorous plant girl from Domination Quest: Kuro and the Naughty Monster Girls.

I did my usual thing when I dip into vore-ish areas to make the monster girl more interested in the sex part rather than the "git in my belly" part, so in that respect she deviates quite a lot from the initial inspiration.

It's another H-space story, although it's more in keeping with my older H-space stories rather than the Stewart Peter Bate stories I experimented with for a while.  At 8,200 words, it is much more like the older stories!

And now onto the more controversial stuff.

This is Patreon pay-walled again, are you ever going to go back to putting stuff up on Literotica for everyone to read?

Right, the problem here is that I'm still chugging along in low gear when it comes to writing.  As much as I don't like or trust the people behind Patreon, it currently is a useful source of income to keep my finances ticking over.  I'm of an old-school mindset when it comes to entertainment.  If people are giving you money, you need to give them something back to make them think it was worth giving you that money.  In this case it's timed exclusives (and some options to name protagonists, etc).

When I set it up, my initial aim was to give patrons something exclusive at least once a month and then anything I produced extra could then go up on Literotica (or here if Literotica found it a little too icky).  As I mentioned earlier, I'm currently stuck in low gear when it comes to productivity.  So far this year I've finished 2 short stories (16K words) and a demo opening section for a possible CYOA game (5K words).  This is obviously not ideal.  The only positive is that I am still chugging along to some extent.

While I am stuck in low gear, my options are limited.  I'd like to get out of low gear, so I can start terrorizing the erotic horror section of Literotica again.  (and also maybe blog a little more frequently than I have been doing of late.)

So, yep, sorry to the readers that can't get on Patreon (or are unwilling to give them money).  I will try and get something done for you at some point.  As for those that can, enjoy... uh... being erotically consumed as my lovely new carnivorous plant girl puts it.

(I'm not entirely sure she's being trustworthy, but her last prey seemed to enjoy himself...)

Friday, November 17, 2017

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 18: Resolving the Plant-Insect Civil War

<- Previous: Insect Mountain

The negotiations continue.  Currently we’re in the middle of a civil war between plant girls and insect girls.  Previously in MQ:P this would require picking a side and then that determined what new girls we’d get to add to the ‘harem’.  This time the game gives us a third option, which is finding out that neither the plants or insects are particularly interested in warring with each other, and brokering a peace between them.

After talking to Queen Bee, return to the Alraune Priestess in Plansect Village.  Again, there is the option to side with either plants or insects.  Select the third option instead.

Priestess hears out what we have to say on behalf of Queen Bee and it is acceptable to her.  They also want an end to the war.

So, that’s the end of it.  Quest done, right?

Not exactly.  The only reason this war flared back up again was thanks to the manipulations of Black Alice and her catspaws.  And now along comes the literal cat to express her disapproval at these peace negotiations.

The cat came back...

Priestess sends the three Canaan sisters after her and Tezzie boffs them into the lake without breaking a sweat.

Looks like it’s down to us then, Luka.  Boss fight!

Unfortunately for Tezzie, I was training up two characters in the Maid job at the time (to unlock the useful +50% Job XP ability), one of which was also a succubus.  Tezzie, despite being some kind of undead doll version of an ancient god, is still of the beast race and the beast race is rather weak to pleasure attacks.  An early use of the Ecstasy Massage skill puts her in a trance and after that she’s pretty much helpless as Eva sexes all her energy away.

However, should we want to see what Tezzie is capable of, if allowed to have her wicked way with Luka, there is always an option to replay the boss battle in Hades.

That’s for later though (like bottom of the blog post later).  Right now there are more pressing concerns.  After Tezzie slinks off after her defeat, Priestess hears that the other fake god, Quetzalcoatl, is attacking the insect girls on Insect Mountain.  She temporarily joins the party and we’re teleported right to the top of the mountain where Queen Bee is under attack.  Time for another boss battle.

Quetzie is based off the legendary Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent.  In fighting she’s more feathers than serpent.  She fights like a giant harpy with lots of gale attacks and dance moves.  I’m also not exaggerating the giant part.  Quetzie is big.  Her temptation move is to squash Luka between her big titties.

This is usually done with the other head...

Her Bad End has her force us to fuck her and then spoil us like a baby.  It’s an excuse for more femdom baby-play fetish.  Or more big bouncing boobies, if you like that kind of thing.

Quetzie don't care about no size differences

(I’m sorry.  I failed to resist temptation.  Big boobies are my weakness.)

Oh well, that’s what the save and reload buttons are for.

No sooner have we defeated Quetzie than Tezzie puts in a repeat appearance.

Uh oh.  Looks like we might have to fight the two of them at once.

Or not.  As Tezzie launches right into Quetzie, for... reasons?

The Secret Alliance of Evil has a few bugs in need of ironing out

Um, Black Alice, I think your cat god doll might be a bit of an idiot.

Anyway, the two fake gods are too busy fighting each other to bother either the plants or insects of Plansect, so that would appear to bring this quest strand to a satisfactory conclusion.  All that remains is to pick up the swag – i.e. new recruits to the roster.

Both Priestess and Queen Bee return to their respective spots.  They are both easy to recruit.  Just go up and talk to them (I’m guessing that picking a side would have resulted in locking out one or the other).  Priestess has been a bit stressed out by all the war stuff, and thinks a bit of travelling and adventuring away from the pressures of ruling will allow her a chance to unwind.

A suspect her unwinding will involve a lot of this.

Alraunes need their relaxation breaks

The Canaan sisters can also be recruited, but they’re mercenaries, so you’ll need to pay them 10,000 gold.  Their presence in this game seems a little tacked on, as if Toro Toro Resistance felt obligated to include them, but couldn’t really find a good way to slot them in.  They also feel like a pre-built racial party trio with them specializing as healer, ranger and heavy respectively.  Maybe this is a nod to the Tribal Mode of the coliseum.  I do like the idea of training up race-specific squads.  I might play around with the Canaan sisters later to see what their synergies are.

In the platonic sense of playing!

Given how carnivorous they are, I doubt it’s safe to leave Luka in the same room as them without a full hazmat suit.

That’s it for Plansect apart from a couple of minor things.  It’s time to update Vanilla’s shop.  In fact, I’d forgotten about Vanilla’s side quests, so it might be a good time to do a catch up.

She wants to stock gold needles.  They can be supplied by the scorpion girl that lurks by the entrance to the pyramid close to Sabasa.

The next thing is grimoire pages.  Cornelia (Page 65537) has those.  Talk to her in the pocket castle library, assuming you’ve already recruited her.

After that it’s the bigger nature magic stones.  The supplier for these is the mermaid merchant in Plansect.

That should now bring Vanilla’s shop improvements up to date.

Next... are we finally going to Esta (and Tartarus)?

Oh, but before then I said I’d throw in Tez’s H-stuff.  As with all bosses, you can fight her again in the Hades room on the second floor of Ilias’s Temple.

Her temptation move is to use her cat tongue to give us a good lick (no prizes for guessing where).

Nya nya SUCK!

Her Bad End isn’t that icky considering her beast-centaur form.  It’s still horse cat pussy, but arranged in a way that doesn’t look like someone’s trying to sneak a bit of bestiality in under the radar.  She wraps her forepaws around Luka’s back and still has her extra set of arms to push his face into her tits.  Her pussy apparently feels like it’s full of tongues and she uses them to lick us to repeated ejaculation.

It's Kittens Ever After for Luka

This scene is translated, but I suspect it might have been by one of the enthusiastic volunteers rather than Dargoth or Rogue.  Whoever did it might have gone a little overboard on the nyas.  I know, cat girl and all that, but there is a thing as too much nya-nya.

Despite being one of Black Alice’s fake gods, Tez’s Bad End is surprisingly light on the Bad.  Luka’s ‘punishment’ for losing is that he’s forced to marry her and travel the world surrounded by their playful kittens.

Does not seem... Bad.

Quetzie just wanted to pamper Luka forever as well.  Maybe we should just let Black Alice’s fake gods take over.  They seem a lot friendlier than everyone else.

-> Next: Esta

Monday, November 13, 2017

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 16: Plansect Village

<- Previous: School of Nope

After proving Mephisto is, surprise surprise, in league with the devil, we now have to carry out a mission for her.  Plansect, the original Forest of Nope, is in civil war, with insects and plants happily munching each other.  Someone should make a spin-off game – Plants vs Zombies Insects: An XXX Parody.

Plansect Village can be found on the map as a big tree to the west of Grand Noah.

Warning: Forest of Nope ahead

We’re barely through the entrance gates when Lily and Rooty attack us.  Both of these were in the original series.  Lily kills you by wrapping her petals around you and absorbing all your juices.  Rooty does the same with her roots.

It's not just your semen she's drawing up...

Probably a good idea not to die to them then.

Despite the hostile alraune-type monsters running around, Plansect is still a village of sorts.  You can use a harpy feather to warp here and it has NPCs in the form of a blacksmith and mermaid merchant on the south side of the central lake.

Left: Blacksmith & Merchant.  Ahead: Alraune Priestess & Canaan Sisters

Amira is even hiding here at the end of a passageway to the south that curls back close to the entrance.

The area around the lake is safe.  Outside of that and we’re open to attack from various horny plant-type monster girls.  I say horny, but it’s hard to tell given that most of them seem to want to eat us or grow mushrooms out of our bodies.  They are also all repeat girls from the original series.  The only new one is a spunky l’il mushroom gal that appears to be a daughter of the original parasol mushroom girl.  It’s a Delphinus, so if you were expecting horror extra from Matango, you’re not going to be disappointed.

The angels are worse...

Someone asked to go a bit more in detail on the Bad Ends, so I’ll try and do it for at least one girl per post.  For this one it makes sense to go with L’il Shroom as she’s the only new monster girl in this section.  Her temptation move is to smother our dick in soft mushrooms.

For her Bad End she hugs us close and buries our dick in her ‘flesh hole’, which I presume might have been a vagina at some point.

Mushroom sex

After getting us to come, she’s eager to use that semen to make us her seedbed.  As she’s a fungus that means…

She grows on you after a while...

Uh oh.  Yup, it means growing all over us with nice soft fungus.

A little too much growing on you

Maybe, it’s not that Bad of an End.  Luka seems all happy and comfy and is spraying tons of spunk into her.  Then the spunk runs out and we sort of... rot.  Not nice, L’il Shroom.  Not nice.

L'il Shroom, I thought you were one of the nice ones...

Burn.  All.  Mushroom.  Girls.  On.  Sight.

Given the variety of the monster girls, recruiting everyone here is easier than you might think.  Rooty and Lily are recruited as a pair.  The others are also recruited as group of four (similar to the fairies and zombies).  No new group scenes from what I can see.  Toro Toro Resitance obviously kept Delphinus busy populating the Tartarus regions with fresh horrors.

The quest NPC is another returnee from the original series – the Alraune Princess.  You can find her in the centre of the village here:

Plansect Village's Chief - the stress is making her unwell

Behind her are the Canaan sisters that also showed up in the original series.  They’re here as mercenaries and not interested in talking to us.

Time to find out what’s going on from Priestess.  The plants are tired of the war even though they appear to be winning.  The insects have been pushed back to a mountain in the south.

(You can visit this location before talking to Priestess.  The main entrance is blocked by a horde of plant girls and hornet girls fighting each other.)

Machine translation is also a little sketchy again.  This is what I think the Priestess said, but it might not be totally accurate.

Plants and insects have always been a bit tetchy with each other.  They were at civil war before, and then Alice 17th came along and bashed everyone’s heads together and forced a ceasefire.  The ceasefire didn’t hold because two of Black Alice’s fake gods turned up to stir things up again.  These are the jaguar god, Tezcatlipoca, and the feathered serpent god, Quetzalcoatl.

More of Black Alice's fake gods

(who also happen to be real Aztec gods, although your value of real may vary depending on what you believe)

As with the Aztec deities that inspired them, Tez and Quetzie don’t seem to like each other much.  It’s not long before they’re fighting and dragging the plant and insect girls into their squabble.  Plants are forced to align with Tez and the insects behind Quetzie.  And they’ve been at war ever since.

They don't like each other

Priestess asks which side we want to support.  So, another pick-a-side to determine which girl joins the harem.

Well, not quite.

There is a 3rd option where you can go talk to the insects to get their side of the story.  Select this one.

Now it’s time to visit the Red(?) Mountain to talk to Queen Bee.

-> Next: Insect Mountain

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Text Play Monmusu Conquered World! part 13

Time for more Monmusu Conquered World.  This is part 13 of the Text Play series I started back here.

Last time we...

No, stop looking at the jiggly jelly slime boobs.  We have a series to write.


No buts.  Sword out.  Fight properly.

Sorry, Slime.

Anyway, after a bit lot of slippery, bouncy slime titjob action, it’s time to move on.

The next run-and-dodge section is more of the same as the last one, but with a tedious boulder trick to slow us down and be even more irritating.

And then it’s time for the next boss – Alraune.

Flowers, lots of lovely... um... flowers

As with Slime, Alraune looks like the kind of generic monster girl fight you’d expect to encounter as the first or second boss.  It’s almost like we’ve had some kind of restart.

Alraunes are the classic plant monster girl and normally consist of a hot babe standing in the centre of a giant rose.  They crop up in mainstream videogames like Castlevania and Disgaea, and usually utilise status-changing pollen/perfume attacks.  Their H-game equivalents are the same, but with the addition of flowers (or vines) that are used for more... explicit attacks.

What's with the mushroom?

Alraune’s hair, with the vines and the big fleshy pink openings at the end of them, looks suspicious.  Might want to keep it in the pants here, Luka-clone.

Too late.  Alraune exhales a big cloud of poison gas over us and that’s it for the first fight.

The Bad End sees us trussed up in vines and suspended at convenient height for Alraune.

What does Alraune like?

Danger lurking bottom left...
Giving out nectar-infused handjobs it appears.  I’m not sure where it comes from, but she slathers plenty over our cock before starting to milk.

And rimjobs.  Her tongue goes right in the ass and has a little worm around.

I guess if you’re part plant, ordure is pretty tasty.  Being fertilizer and all that.

This is pretty nice, Alraune.  So when do we get to fuck?

Oh, you want us to fuck one of your weird hair tentacle things.  Um, okay then.


Slurp.  Slurp.  Suck.  Suck.  Gulp.

I guess we’re hero-on-tap, at least until Alraune drinks us all up.

Alraune is also following the same script as Arachne: Poison, Bind, Sex!

Her sex animation is attaching one of those vine suckers to our dangly bits and gulping away.  Only without any gulping, throbbing or bulges that indicate any suction is going on.  The animation is surprisingly stiff.  One of the highlights of Violated Hero 3 was when the Thorn-Pussy plant girl first unleashed her suction sex attack on the hero.  This animation looks like an obvious paper cutout moving up and down.  The recent Succubus Prison DLC has an additional tailsuck H-scene that shows how best to use limited animation for this type of scene (and boy does that succubus take her sweet time in sucking everything out of the hapless protagonist!).

Alraune ends up mostly a miss for me.  However, if the thought of having a tongue wriggling away in your ass melts you into a heap of happy neurons, Alraune’s little suspension play will likely hit all the right buttons.

Oddly, despite writing many smutty plant girl stories, I appear to have avoided covering the conventional Alraune.  Pitcher Plant girls, Venus Man-Trap girls, even... whatever she is.  Not carnivorous enough I guess (that says things about my psyche that are best not thinking too much about).  Hmm, I really should get that Black Poppy story idea written (it was supposed to be another H-space Bestiary short, but I think there’s enough to flesh it out into a proper short story).

That’s for later, and we're done for this episode.

Join us in a couple of days for part 14.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

H-space MGB Story: Polypomp

PFC Stewart Peter Bate walked around the side of the hill, slowly angling upwards.  He carried a long red and white banded pole on his shoulder.  Their assignment was to escort a team of surveyors while they made some preliminary maps of the terrain around the entry point.

Covenant, their surveyor, had stumbled and twisted his ankle.  Stephens was watching over him while Bate walked the short distance to the top of the hill.  Bate didn't like splitting the squad, but this area had already been cleared by Special Forces.  All he had to do anyway was plant the pole on the top of the hill while the other teams took readings from their vantage points.

Right by the entry point were the ruins of a building, little more than a skeleton in the loose brown dirt.  Looking back Bate was struck by how similar the ruins looked to their base back home.  That was a mystery for the scientists.  There were plenty of those.

Bate just had to hold up a pole on the top of a hill.

The side of the hill was covered in something similar to grass, except it was deep red in colour rather than green.  The blades swayed in the breeze.  Sometimes they seemed to sway in the opposite direction.  Bate decided it must be his eyes playing tricks on him.

Dotted on the ground at regular intervals were large green oval shapes.  They came in all sizes, ranging from some only as big as a pumpkin right up to some that were several feet across.  Bate wasn't sure if they were alive or just rocks.  He wasn't about to prod them to check either.

So far, other than the occasional black speck in the sky too fast for his binoculars, Bate hadn't come across anything resembling an animal.  Which was why, when he first saw the girl, it took a few moments to register.

Bate thought he must be hallucinating to start with.  What was a girl—a completely naked girl at that—doing lying on a bed out here?

No, it wasn't a girl, he realised, not a human one anyway.  There were slight differences in the build of her body and her ears were long and pointed.  Her eyes were larger than a human's and slanted a little like a cat's.  Her irises were a bright, iridescent green.  She looked like an elf from mythology, Bate thought.

She wasn't lying on a bed either.  One of the green pods had opened up to reveal a nearly flat surface of soft, pinkish-white tissue.  The girl was lying on the cushioned surface as if it was a large round bed.

Fuck, so what happened now?

Instinctively Bate dropped the pole and put both hands on his M16.

The girl gasped in fear, her big eyes wide, and backed away from him.

What the fuck are you doing, Bate thought?  It's just a girl.  Aside from slight anatomical differences, she looked just like the college co-eds back home.  Not that he got many opportunities to see them naked.

This was First Contact.  This wasn't just how the rest of the world saw him as a representative of the United States; this was how a completely alien species saw him as a representative of the human race.  That prospect terrified him as much as he was sure his appearance terrified the girl.

Bate looked at his gun, looked at the terrified girl.  This was an alien, possibly intelligent, race.  Did he really want her first impression of the human race to be of gun-carrying bringers of violence?

Slowly Bate lowered his gun to the floor and stood up with his hands outstretched.

"It's okay miss.  I mean you no harm," Bate said.

"I'm Utricula," the girl said.  Now that he'd put the gun down she'd lost her fear and instead watched him with bright curiosity.

As he looked at her Bate was slightly embarrassed to realise her naked form aroused him.  She had a similarly proportioned body to the cheerleaders Bate was always too shy to approach back in college.  Her breasts were large in comparison to the slim lines of her athletic body.  She didn't seem to feel the same embarrassment over her nakedness a human would.  Between her legs Bate could clearly see the narrow slit of her vagina.  Utricula didn't seem bothered in the slightest.

"The polypomp pods only open once a year for their breeding season," Utricula said, laying her hand flat on the soft tissue next to her.  "They're really comfortable to lie on, like the softest bed.  I like to come up here to lie back and watch the sky.  It's so peaceful."

It did look comfortable, Bate thought.

"Why don't you join me?" she asked, her iridescent eyes shining brightly.

A breeze brushed through Bate's hair, bringing with it a sweet aroma that tickled his nostrils.  It brought to mind the lazy spring days he used to spend as a child in the woods around his home.  Those were carefree days, before the complications of the real world had inserted themselves into his life.

His hill was smaller than the others.  It would still be a while before the other teams reached their peaks.  And this was First Contact for fuck's sake.  Giving the right impression here was way more important than sticking some stupid pole in the ground.

Bate shrugged off his kit bag and belt and walked towards her.  He put a hand on the soft surface of the pod and was about to jump up to join her when she suddenly reared up with her arms outstretched to block him, a concerned expression on her face.

"No," she said.  "You need to remove your clothes first.  They'll irritate the polypomp otherwise."

Close up to the polypomp Bate became aware of a sickly sweet smell, like perfume, but so strong as to be nearly overpowering.  He wondered if it was having an effect on him as inhaling it sent a warm glow through his body that settled in his groin.

Or it could be Utricula.  If you ignored the elfin ears and cat-like eyes her body was really hot.
The things you do for Uncle Sam, Bate thought.  He stripped off his shirt and pants and moved onto his underwear.  He told himself he was doing it to further better relations with an alien species.  It was freaking First Contact after all.

Bate was slim compared to most of the other soldiers, but kept his body in very good shape, enough for the muscles of his chest and abdomen to be clearly delineated.  Utricula liked what she saw.  Her iridescent eyes looked up and down his body—paying special attention to his cock—with what looked a little like hunger.

Bate climbed onto the polypomp's surface.  It was soft, but not soft enough for him to sink all the way in.  A beanbag made out of soft flesh was the closest comparison Bate could think of.  Utricula had settled in a natural hollow at the polypomp's center, the soft tissue billowing out on either side of her like a solidified cloud.  She moved over to make room for him, but not enough that he couldn't lie down without lying partly on her as well.  She didn't seem to mind.

The sickly scented perfume was much stronger here.  Bate lay back on the luxurious softness with Utricula's arms around him and stared up into the sky.  The roiling mass of browns and reds boiling in the atmosphere was a complete contrast to the tranquillity he felt lying down here in Utricula's arms.

"This is my favorite season," Utricula said.  "It marks the beginning of new life.  Look."

She gently lifted Bate's head and pointed out one of the green oval pods sitting further up the hill.  Normally they were so still as to be like rocks.  This one was trembling and shaking like a boulder in a mild earthquake.  The motion was localised to only that pod.  The others around it were as still and motionless as before.  Bate watched as it rocked and vibrated on the spot.  Then it stopped and suddenly expanded as if taking a breath.  It contracted and Bate watched in awe as a fountain of brilliant green motes shot up into the air like a geyser.  The spores swooped and swirled in a dazzling fireworks display of glittering green sparks before being carried away on the breeze.

"Everything's going to change isn't it?" Utricula said.  There was sadness in her bright green eyes as she looked at him.

"It won't all be bad," Bate said.  He wasn't so convinced.  The words rang hollow to him and he could see Utricula saw it in his face.

"Then we should enjoy every precious moment now," she whispered in his ear, before leaning over to kiss him fully on the lips.  Her lips carried the taste of freshly picked berries, sweet but with a subtle tang.

From first contact to first base and then to…?

Utricula slid further under his body until he lay cradled in her lap.  The back of his head rested against the soft pillows of her breasts.  Her hands gently kneaded his shoulders before sliding down his chest to caress his nipples.  Her thighs came up around him and gently rubbed the outside of his legs.

Could he?  Were they compatible?

Bate lay with Utricula's arms and legs wrapped around him.  He let his hands sink into the soft flesh of the polypomp on either side of their hollow.  It really was the softest, most comfortable bed he'd ever experienced.  He felt like he could lie here with Utricula forever.

She folded her legs over his, letting her toes play with his erection before running her feet gently down the inside of his legs.

"Don't be frightened," she murmured in his ear.

Frightened, Bate thought with a smile.  What was there to be frightened—

A large, fleshy organ rose up between Bate's legs.  At the back it looked like a large, almost translucent, balloon.  At the front were two fleshy lips arranged vertically like a grotesque parody of a vagina.  The puffed up lips slowly gaped open and a second, smaller set of swollen lips emerged, bobbing at the end of a worm-like appendage.

"You'll find the milking process to be very pleasant," Utricula whispered.

Bate didn't intend being around to find out.  He didn't like how the worm-like appendage was swaying to match the motions of his cock.  He tried to get up, but Utricula had both legs hooked over his thighs and her arms wrapped around his chest.  He was trapped in her embrace.

The soft lips sprang forward and wrapped around the head of his cock.  The elastic flesh gripped the end of his manhood and swallowed it down with a rhythmic peristaltic motion.  The appendage retracted until the larger outer lips engulfed his cock totally.  The balloon-like organ started to slowly expand and contract.

Then the suction started.

Oh fuck, it was like receiving the world's best blow job, Bate though.  Thick, soft flesh clenched around his cock and undulated back and forth up the shaft.  It was softer and tighter than any pussy Bate had ever experienced and in seconds his body was trembling from the pleasure of the sensation.

"I won't hurt you," Utricula said, gently caressing his nipples as she lay beneath him.  "I only want your seed."

The semi-transparent bladder rose up and down like the throat of a chorusing frog.  The fleshy organ vibrated as hundreds of muscles sucked on his cock in perfect, exquisite harmony.  Bate felt a gentle probing presence around the rim of his anus.

He tried to thrash free, but he couldn't find any purchase for his limbs to push against.  Utricula was serenely calm as she held him in place.

"Why?" he asked, his eyes wide.

"Like all living organisms, I must reproduce," she replied.

The bladder inflated and deflated with greater urgency.  As it expanded Bate felt a strong suction gripping his cock, hard enough to be felt all the way down in his balls.  His body trembled like a wire.  His hands sank into the fleshy tissue on either side of his body and it gave beneath his grip like warm play-doh.  His legs vibrated, unable to move too far as Utricula held him in place.

The bladder expanded and Bate grunted as a powerful orgasm crashed through his muscles.  He ejaculated a great bolt of semen into the orifice and saw his creamy seed splash up against the inside of the translucent bladder.

Bate relaxed.  Her pseudopod gently pushed against and then entered his anus.  It wasn't painful.  If anything its gentle vibrations sent pleasurable stimulation through his ass.  The pseudopod pushed further up until it located the little bump of his prostate gland.  It pressed against it and began to vibrate in a motion that sent waves of ecstasy flowing through Bate's body.

Bate opened his mouth in a soundless croak.  The polypomp—or Utricula, he wasn't sure they were separate organisms—had him completely.  Her orifice sucking on his cock and her pseudopod gently vibrating in his ass became his entire world.  The sensations crowded out all other thought within his brain.  Bate lay back in open-mouthed bliss and stared at the sky.

"I will take your seed and make new life," Utricula said.

Bate's hips jerked up and down in involuntary motion as more of his creamy semen splashed the inside of her bladder.  She milked him, her sucking orifice and vibrating probe eliciting ejaculation after ejaculation from his willing body.

She gently rubbed a hand through his hair.

"I will take your body and give you new life," she said.

The soft walls slowly folded up around them as the polypomp enveloped them in a warm womb.  It closed up until it was once more a featureless green oval on the side of a hill.

Friday, March 11, 2016

H-space MGB Profile: Venus Mantrap

Name:  Venus Mantrap
Type:  Plant (or possibly something else—mollusc?—masquerading as a plant)
Habitat:  Jungle.  Dense Vegetation.

Resembles a single trap of a Venus flytrap, but on a considerably larger scale.  The humanoid part, which nearly always takes the form of a beautiful naked woman, resides between the leaves and is connected to the rest of the plant via a fibrous membrane running down the spine.  Catapult muscles connecting the humanoid portion to the leaf walls allow the plant to cast her out from between the leaves in order to attract and catch prey.

While the outside of the leaves is extremely hard, the inside is soft and padded and feels like flesh.

Attack Strategy:
Her humanoid part functions as both a lure and centre of intelligence for the organism.  She is part of a muscular apparatus that can be projected outside of the leaves in order to capture prey.  Captured men (and sometimes women) are pulled back between the leaves, which then close around them.

Once her prey is caught between her padded leaves the Venus mantrap will strip them, wrap her arms and legs around them, and then get them aroused enough to have sex with her.  This is aided by various aromatic and aphrodisiac oils secreted through her skin.

She stimulates her captive to multiple climaxes and then, after no more sexual fluids can be drawn from their body, she disgorges a stew of various enzymes over them.  The primary component is a digestive enzyme to liquefy flesh and soft tissues.  Mercifully, this digestive fluid also contains substances with both strong analgesic and aphrodisiac properties.  This instils a state of heightened sensual bliss in the victim so that they are unaware of what's happening to them.

(Why?  Why care?  Why not just catch and digest?  The one specimen we were able to interrogate said it was important that they take their prey to the pinnacle of sexual ecstasy and keep them there as they begin to digest them, but why, why, why?)

Once digestion is done the Venus mantrap will open her leaves and use the catapult muscles to fling the indigestible material such as bones far from the main plant.

The Venus mantrap, being a plant*, is stationary.  She can only capture prey that stray within a narrow arc that extends from the trap opening to a distance approximately equal to the depth of the mantrap.  As long as you stay outside of that arc, the mantrap can't grab you.

*(Maybe, I'm not convinced on this.  The outer shell and inner flesh seem to be more in keeping with some kind of enormous shellfish.  Mimicry?)

Should one of your party be caught and brought between the leaves then I'm afraid the prognosis is not good.  It would take heavy earth-moving machinery to prise the leaves (shell?) open, heavy earth-moving machinery which we do not currently have access to.  The outer surface is impervious to all but high explosives, and using them would likely kill her captive in the process.

The soft interior is vulnerable, but if the Venus mantrap perceives herself to be under threat she will simply retreat between and close her leaves.

Avoidance is the best strategy here.  Be vigilant and don't step into her capture arc.

Threat Level:

**upgraded to Moderate.  Our men are still straying into her capture arc even when forewarned.  There might be an additional pheromonal or similar component to the lure that is drawing people in despite the warnings.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

H-space MGB Story: Venus Mantrap

PFC Stewart Peter Bate would have given the giant flytrap leaves a wide berth had he not heard noises coming from between them.

"Hello?  Is there someone in there?"

What were those sounds?  Bate heard soft moans and sighs.  They were more like sounds of sexual activity than moans of pain.  It reminded him of a hotel room he'd stopped in once, where he'd heard muffled sounds coming through the wall and had wondered if the sounds were coming from the next room's TV or its occupants.  And, just like that time back in the hotel room, Bate felt a burning curiosity to see what was making those noises.

The leaf was green and enormous.  It was about the same height as a two-story house and about the same length as an average garage.  It was roughly semi-circular in shape, with a fringe of green spines pointing inwards towards an identical leaf just behind the first.  It reminded Bate of a Venus flytrap, but on a vastly larger scale.  Bate wondered what flying prey this plant caught—helicopters?

The giant leaves did not look out of place.  The jungle was full of alien vegetation because it was well... alien.  It was also hot... and humid as hell.  The sweat poured off Bate.  It soaked into his uniform and collected in his underwear.  Bate wanted to give his balls and ass a good scratch, but he knew the itch would only get worse when he stopped.

He heard the noises again—soft slithering sounds punctuated with muffled sighs.

And now Bate's junk was itching for a different reason.

He rubbed a hand across his brow.  Maybe it was something in the air.  The whole damn jungle felt like it was bursting with fecundity.  Strangely, they'd seen no sign of any animal life since entering it—no birds, no monkeys, not even any insects.  Just plants, lots and lots of plants.

Gingerly, Bate touched the side of the flytrap leaf.  It was hard... shell-like.  Metal-like, even.  It was like putting his hand on the hull of a battleship.  He could still hear those muffled, strangely erotic sounds coming from the other side.

He had to know what was making those sounds.

He walked around to look at the leaves edge on.  At this angle it really did look like the entrance to a Venus flytrap.  The leaves were padded on the inside and livid red in color.  Green spines bridged the gap like bars.  Between the two leaves was darkness.  It was within that darkness the noises were coming from.

The leaves shimmered in the jungle haze.  For a brief moment Bate thought he was staring at a gigantic vulva.

It was easy for Bate to investigate.  All he needed to do was duck under one of those teeth-like tines.

Yeah right, like he was that fucking stupid.  No way was he stepping between those jaws.  Not even if the hottest starlet in Hollywood was getting herself off at the far end.  In fact, he was already standing a little too close to them than was comfortable.  He knew Venus flytraps on Earth were passive, but that was Earth and this was not Earth.  For all he knew those jaws might snap up anything straying too close like a turtle snapping up a frog.

He backed away to the far side of the clearing.  His eyes narrowed as he tried to pierce the shade between the two monstrous leaves.

There was someone or something in there, he was sure of it.  Bate took out an electric torch, switched it on and shone it between the flytrap leaves.

He was too far back.  The torch light didn't penetrate the gloom very far.  Wait, there was something back there.  He caught a glimpse of pink skin... a leg, an arm.

Attracted by the light, the something got up and walked to the edge of the leaves.  Bate saw it was a woman.  At first he thought she was naked, but on closer inspection her skin didn't look right.  The color was bordering on the unnatural and she looked a little too... moist.  It looked like she was wearing a second skin over her own that was too loose for her body.  Or she'd been rolling around in wet pink mud.

She smiled at Bate and posed for him on the other side of the green bars like a hooker trying to lure in a john.  And to be fair to her, she had the moves.  Her breasts were large and lovably squishable.  The rest of her had all the curves while still being slim enough to tick all the boxes.  Her movements were a slow, sensual belly dance that heated Bate's blood up more than the sweltering jungle around him.

She beckoned to Bate and urged him to come to her.  There was no doubt what she wanted from him, and even if there was, she made it more than clear in the way her other finger was trailing between the exposed labia of her pussy.

The leaves started to pull apart like great iron gates opening.  The maybe-naked girl threw her arms out to Bate as if imploring him to charge across the clearing and gather her up in his arms.

Bate was sorely tempted.  She had a really sexy bod, and he was between girlfriends so he didn't have to worry about cheating on anyone back home.

He held his ground.

Some sense was tingling.  She was too pink.  And a weird sort of pink at that, and wet... moist...  It was like she'd been turned inside out without any of the obvious grossness you'd expect from seeing someone with their skin turned inside out.  And there was still those great flytrap leaves.  They continued to swing open.

Still with her arms outstretched, the woman receded away from him as though she was bound to each leaf and the plant opening up was pulling her tethers taut.

Bate's heart quickened in his chest.  It felt like something precious had been dangled before him and was now being taken away.

He didn't move forward, but he didn't move away either.

What happened next happened too fast for Bate to properly register.  The two great flytrap leaves whooshed together like bellows, there was a blur of motion and the pink, maybe-naked girl was standing right in front of him.  Bate was too surprised to react as she grabbed his collar, pulled his face forwards and pressed her lips against his in a kiss.  Her other arm looped around his lower back.

Bate barely had a chance to register a hot woman was kissing him when his feet left the ground and he was propelled forwards as if shot from a catapult.  He shot across the clearing and between the flytrap leaves until his forward momentum was stopped by the soft, yielding body of the pink girl.

It was a good way to be brought to a halt—jammed up against the naked body of a hot woman.  She hadn't stopped kissing him the whole time.  Her legs wrapped around his waist and her hands slipped under his shirt to roam all over his chest and then around his back.  Bate got into it as well.  He slid his hands down her smooth, sweat-slick curves and returned her kiss with the same ardor.

He wanted to put his arms around her as well, but no matter how he tried to worm his hands between her back and the fleshy wall she was pressed up against he kept encountering some kind of stretchy barrier that blocked his way.  It was as if there was no gap at all and the woman's body merged seamlessly into the spongy wall behind them.

While Bate was trying to get his arms around his new companion, shadows fell across him as the giant flytrap leaves smoothly swung back together.  He was too engrossed in exploring the body of his new love to notice.  She was coated in some kind of aromatic oil that made it so easy for his hands to slide over her lush contours.

He was also too engrossed to notice he was now naked with no recollection of how this had occurred.  In a fanciful turn of imagination he wondered if she'd pulled him across the clearing so fast she'd yanked him right out of his clothes as though he was a character in a Looney Tunes cartoon.  In reality his uniform had rotted away on contact with the oils covering her body and sloughed off him like a reptile's discarded skin.

It took the padded interior walls of the flytrap leaves pressing up against his flanks to remind him where he was.  He glanced up and saw the light from outside was restricted to narrow bars filtering between the tines on the edge of the leaves.  It looked a long way away.

"Are we safe here?" Bate asked.  "This plant looks like it might be carnivorous."

The pink girl kissed him on the cheek.

"This plant is me," she said to him in perfect English.  "And now I have you caught, pinned between my padded leaves."

Her arms and legs slithered between the padded walls and Bate's body as she wrapped her limbs around him and drew him close.

"And you know what happens to those that get caught," the pink girl said.

"They're fucked," Bate said.

With horror, he realized he was fucked.  The walls had closed in so much he was wedged between them and couldn't move.  He wondered what the fluids covering her body—and now his!—really were.  They'd already rotted away his uniform.

"That's right," she said.  "We fuck... and fuck... and fuck."

Bate's sudden fearful revelation hadn't yet had a chance to percolate down to his boner.  Her oil-slick limbs roaming all over his naked body had perked his dick up into an interested erection.  She pressed up against him.  His erect cock pushed between two fleshy lips and entered her warm sex.  She sank down his shaft and he pushed up deeper into her heat and moistness.

This wasn't the fucked Bate had envisioned, but he was not about to complain.  Having sex with an alien girl was an infinite improvement over being eaten by one.  And she was tight, really tight.  Bate hadn't felt pussy as tight as this since high school.

She could also do things with her pussy Bate hadn't even realized were possible.  The walls tightened around his member, then relaxed.  Tightened... then relaxed.  Tightened... then relaxed.

It was a different kind of stimulation.  Wedged between the padded walls and tangled up in her limbs, there was no way for Bate to generate thrust in either direction.  Not that he needed to, the contractions of her vagina pulled on him with gentle tugs.  It wasn't just her sex—her thighs, her body, the padded walls, all squeezed him with the same rhythm.

It was... amazing.

"Water me with your seed," the pink girl said.

Bate hoped she was ready for a flood.  Those little squeezes of her pussy kept changing rhythm.  Every time he thought she was about to take him over the edge, she slowed down and let his climax build up and up until he knew the final release was going to be monstrous.

The padded walls sealed up around him until he was contained within them in his own little intimate pocket.  It didn't concern him.  He'd ceased thinking of it as a plant.  It felt more like he and a sexy playmate had been wedged between two soft mattresses in a kinky brothel.  Her body and the walls throbbed around him to the same sensual rhythm.

"Water you, I'm going to drown you!" Bate laughed.

She smiled at him.  Her pussy squeezed and tugged.  Faster now.  There would be no coming back from the edge this time.  Bate used what little degree of freedom he had to press his hips up against her and groan as he finally erupted.  It was monstrous, a gush of release like nothing he'd ever experienced before.

Here too was more proof that she was more than the hot little slut wrapped around him.  The pulsing tunnel of her sex was long and terminated not in a womb but a large chamber behind and beneath her body.  That chamber expanded and Bate felt the suction pulling at him.  He erupted again—a second orgasm in its own right and even stronger than the first.  It emptied his balls as fast as if she'd dropped a hose in his tank and siphoned of all his gas, leaving him a twitching wreck of jittery misfiring neurons.

A happy twitching wreck of jittery misfiring neurons.  That was... satisfaction.

"That was amazing," he said.  "And to think I thought you were a carnivorous plant."

"Oh, but I am a carnivorous plant, my dear," the Venus mantrap said.

She pressed her lips against Bate's.  Her throat worked and she spewed a torrent of liquid down Bate's throat.  Within the fluid mix was a complex anesthetic compound that drugged Bate and shut down his pain receptors.  This was a small mercy on the part of the Venus mantrap.  The majority of the liquid was a highly corrosive acid that melted through Bate's flesh like boiling water through soft butter.  Some ate through his throat and flooded his chest.  The rest flooded into his central cavity and liquefied his internal organs.  Bate didn't even feel it.  Within the digestive acids was another exotic drug—a potent aphrodisiac—that, together with the pulsing motions of her vagina, triggered another explosive climax from Bate.  His last conscious moment was the most intense burst of pleasure he'd ever experienced, even as his meat sloughed off his bones and he spurted his own liquefied innards into her pulsing vagina.

The mantrap drank him down with great lusty gulps.

* * * *

PFC Stewart Peter Bate caught movement out of the corner of his eye.  He turned to see a pink figure shooting forwards as if on a bungee rope.  In the brief moment he had to see her, Bate thought he was looking at an attractive and naked young woman.  At the apex of her forward motion she opened her arms and threw a collection of debris out across the jungle.  Then, just as fast as she'd appeared, she was reeled back between a pair of giant green flytrap leaves that closed around her like heavy iron gates.

The trash she'd jettisoned rained down through the foliage to the right of Bate.

Was that part of a human skeleton?

Bate went over to investigate and put his hand to his mouth as he made the horrifying discovery of a human skull and part of a ribcage lying against the base of a tree.  Both lay in puddles of vile green ichor.  Bate had a horrible feeling he was looking at the remains of one of his squad, but he couldn't for the life of him tell who it was.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox! part 36

Desert (Thirsty Cactus Girls and Hungry Djinns)

Welcome to part 36 of my Monmusu Quest: Paradox playthrough (for part one, follow this link).  It's time to put on our Lawrence of Arabia gear, we're heading into the desert!

The desert has four new encounters.  One is a repeat from the previous series:

Scorpion girls hate centipede girls for some reason.  Scorpion girls also have priors in mythology.  Human-scorpion centaurs showed up in Akkadian myth and were known as girtablilu (which is also the name Kenkou Cross uses for them in his Monster Girl Encyclopedia).

So why haven't you written about a scorpion girl yet, Hydra?

Dunno.  They're kind of hard and spiky, things not normally associated as being erotic.  I guess I'm just waiting for the right spark from my…


Curse you, dank imagination!

Two of the encounters are brand new monster girls.  One, cactus girl, was shown on the trailer video.

Her Bad End looks more soft boobie pillows and softer nether regions then prickly spines.

Unfortunately she's also rather thirsty, so I suspect her attentions will leave Luka resembling a crumpled up drink carton at the end of it.

The other new monster girl is a type of harpy.  I think she's supposed to be some kind of ostrich girl.  The one we recruit and another we see later in Sabasa run around like crazy things.  Even Gob is impressed by her when they talk in the castle.

The last is a new slant on a monster girl that previously appeared in the first chapter of Monster Girl Quest.  The djinn was an optional (and hard!) encounter if Luka was stupid enough to pick up a lamp lying on the sand.  For Paradox she gets some new artwork for her battle screen appearance.

She reverts to human form for her temptation move.  Which is very tempting given she's a self-proclaimed master of the sexual arts.

Go on then, show us what you've got.  Ooh, that feels good.  And clouds of mysterious perfumed smoke.  How exotic and erotic.

And it feels so good as well.  Like it's not just my cock, but my whole lower body wrapped in warm, moist…  uh oh.

And… gulp.

MGQ is that annoying prankster who tells you you're going to get something awesome before tipping a bucket of ice cold water over your head.  "Ha ha.  Vore game.  Gotcha!"

It's a shame the new battle artwork (which is cool) tips the player off, but I guess anyone familiar with the original will know what's coming anyway.  I haven't managed to recruit a djinn yet, so I don't know if she has an all amazing sex skills and no stomach acid request option.

On the way to Sabasa there's another camping stop, this time at a convenient oasis.  Again the only party characters that show up are the main character ones.  This time it's just a recap of all the various things that have happened – angels, three succubus sisters, three wannabe monster lords.  Alice is looking for her mother, Luka his father.  In keeping with the previous campfire scenes, Alice teaches Luka a new sword skill – Death Sword Chaos Star.

Hmm, maybe I should actually equip him with a sword at some point.

That'll do for today.  Tomorrow we enter Sabasa.

Friday, July 04, 2014

Let's Play Demon Angel Sakura! part 4

Continuing the playthrough of the lewd, rude and undoubtedly squicky Demon Angel Sakura I started here.

Turns out I really need Super Easy mode as even with a screen full of hearts I still end up nearly dying trying to blast Lamia away.  There were probably attack patterns I failed to recognise and learn.

Anyway, it’s off to the Village of the Rabbit People for level 3.

They seem friendly enough as Sakura sits around chatting to them.  However, they also look considerably bigger than Sakura and I have visions of the poor lad ending up in the village cooking pot.

Ah, the rabbit people are the prey animal of this hell.  Normally it’s cat girls.  Never really understood that as cats are efficient little buggers when it comes to killing stuff, as any cat owner will tell you.  But back to the story.  An unseen monster attacks the village, Sakura gets on the back of one of the bunnies and they all make a dash for the nearest safe-hole. 

Which turns out to not be very safe as the 3rd boss teleports right inside.

Boss 3 is Treant.  She looks like a cross between a pitcher plant girl and a dryad.  Like a dryad, she uses roots to entangle (and molest) the giant bunnies and Sakura.  During the cut scene she boasts about how good her digestion system is.  As a demonstration she drops one of the bunny girls into her fleshy pitcher bit and after some wobbly pulsy animations, spits out a skull.

Alas poor bunny girl, we never knew you at all.

This makes Sakura mad and it’s time for boss fight 3.

Treant teleports around the boss fight arena and fires two missile types.  The first is a glowing green ball of energy.  The second looks like a rock and causes molesto-vines to erupt from the ground.  Only the molesto-vines appear to do anything smexy, as dying to the energy blasts doesn’t even give a Bad End ending.

For the Bad End Treant makes use of the two captive bunny girls.  First up she rams Sakura’s face right into the asshole of one of the hapless bunny girls.  Has a definite liking for the femdom stuff does Treant, I reckon.

As Sakura is male and males are apparently rare, Treant decides to harvest his sperm for “science”.  She does this in a fairly creative way by sandwiching Sakura between two busty bunny girls and rubbing them against him while sucking up his cum with a long suction tube vine thing.  Not a bad hentai scene actually - an imaginative use of a plant girl (and rabbit girl fluffers).

It’s a little too good.  After four pops from Sakura, Treant thinks he’s enjoying it too much and that pisses her off.  That means we leave the sexy behind and finish off with the vore ending as Sakura and the two bunnies end up in the pulsing pitcher.  A few wobbly squooshy bits later and Treant spits out the skulls.

That’s not even the end of it.  Treant catches Sakura’s skull and starts munching on it.

Cold, Treant.  Cold.

Come back tomorrow when we’ll zap her good.