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Saturday, December 02, 2017

H-space MGB Story: Blue-Skinned Suckerboob

"Left boob or right boob?" the blue-skinned woman asked.

Now that was a difficult question.  PFC Stewart Peter Bate couldn't decide between them.  They were both lovely, both perfect.  Her breasts were plump, round, lusciously swollen.  Each was topped with a perky nub of a nipple surrounded by a ring of darker areole.  The girl pushed them together, accentuating the deep cleft between them.   Her cleavage looked soft... inviting.

Bate ran a nervous tongue over his lips.  His mouth felt dry.

They were big.  Stripper big.  Big-as-your-head big.  So big you could nuzzle your nose between them and sink so deep you'd never come up for air again.  And Bate was fine with that.  He wanted to feel that silky-smooth skin against his cheek, feel their soft fleshy pressure on either side of his face, feel her rubbery teat between his teeth as he flicked it with his tongue.

Oh fuck, was he so turned on right now.  It was a good job he was naked.  His pants wouldn't have been able to contain the boner he had right now.  His current boner would have burst right out of them, or snapped in half trying.

Hey, when did he get naked?

Bate's brow furrowed.  He felt there was something he should remember.  It was one of those nagging little doubts that floats around but you can never quite pin it down.  Like thinking there was something you'd forgot while buying groceries at a store.  It kept fluttering out of reach in the back of his skull, avoiding his efforts to grasp it.

Fuck it.  Probably wasn't that important anyway.  Now what was important—her boobs.

They floated before him—big, soft, enticing.  Bate wanted to reach out and grab them.  Feel their weight in his hands, squeeze them between his fingers.  It didn't matter that they were blue.  It was the shape.  Oh God, that shape.

Please God, Bate thought.  Just one squeeze.

He reached out with open hands.

The blue-skinned girl batted them away with a giggle.  Her other arm wrapped under her ample bosom and held her breasts together.  She swung them out of reach of Bate's clutching hands.


She had big eyes with big black pupils that could swallow you up whole.  Such a friendly smile as well.  Bate wasn't used to that combination.  In the places he'd seen them, big round boobs like hers were usually accompanied by terse smiles and cold, hard eyes.  Grasping eyes.

The blue-skinned girl had such a friendly smile.  It made it easy to overlook the fact she had blue skin.  Or that she didn't have any hair.  Something hung down from the top and back of her head, but it looked like membranous flaps of skin.  It resembled a nun's wimple, except blue in color.  Blue like her skin, only darker.  There were strange blotches and patches of black skin visible on her naked body.  They kind of reminded Bate of the skin of a frog for some reason.  Her skin looked kind of moist like a frog as well.  Bate didn't mind that.  It looked like she'd slicked herself up with oil.  Slicked up her boobs so they were all shiny and glossy and oh fuck was Bate's boner so goddamn hard right now.

Bate was okay with her strange appearance.  She had a good reason.  She was an alien.

Oh yeah, right.  Bate remembered now.  He was on an alien planet.  It was so cool.

She was just your friendly blue-skinned alien babe.

That was right.  It was all chill. He and his buds hanging out with some sexy blue-skinned alien chicks.

Williams and Spann were standing over by the damp cave wall.  Crouched down between them with her back to Bate was another blue-skinned alien babe.  Her back was covered in blobby black squiggles.  Like someone had got blind drunk and tried to paint black lines down her back.  She had a tail—a wide, stubby flap of flesh that looked like a thick leather loincloth.  It covered the crack of her butt and most of the swell of her ass.  Bate thought this a shame.  From what he could see, she had a gorgeous peach of an ass.

From this angle it looked like she had a hand on Williams' and Spann's cocks and was alternating between blowing them.  Looked like it from Williams' and Spann's postures as well—muscles all tensed up, heads tipped back, eyes closed.

So lucky.

"My sister gets two because she's senior," the blue-skinned babe said.  "I could have had two as well, but he wasn't interested."

'He' was Sergeant Sullivan.  He was lying off to the side.  He wasn't interested because he wasn't feeling very well.  He was having a little lie down until he felt better.

Poor Sarge, missing out on all the fun, Bate thought.

Sarge's head lolled at a funny angle.  His tongue protruded from his open mouth.  He stared at nothing with glassy eyes.

The buzzing in the back of Bate's head grew louder.  He was sure there was something he was supposed to remember.  Man, it was really starting to bug him.

He jolted as the blue-skinned girl caressed his hip.  It was a pleasurable jolt.  Her touch felt amazing, even if he could see the webbing between her fingers.  She smiled at him coquettishly.

"You need to choose," she said.  "Right?  Or left?"

She lifted first her right boob, then her left.

It was a tough decision.

"Eeny, meeny, miney, mo..." Bate said, pointing at one lovely swollen globe and then the other.  "That one," he said as his finger ended up pointing at her left breast.

"This one?" the blue-skinned babe said.  She gave her left tit a squeeze with her webbed hand.

Bate nodded, a big shit-eating grin on his face.

She sidled up to him and rubbed her big soft boobs against his body as she lowered herself down to a crouch.  She looked at him with her big, moist eyes and pressed her left tit against Bate's rampant erection.  The pulpy soft flesh of her tit deformed as his iron-hard manhood pressed into it.  She wrapped a hand around the base of his cock and tugged on him while smothering the head of Bate's cock in her ample tit-flesh.

Big tits, so awesome, Bate thought.  Even if they were blue.  He reached down and fondled her other tit.

Still with her hand wrapped around the root of Bate's cock, the blue-skinned babe pulled her tit back.  The nipple inverted, became a rubbery ring rather than a nub.  The ring opened up to reveal a glistening tunnel of pink flesh.

The same happened with her other tit.  Bate was exploring the rubbery lip of the freshly opened orifice when his finger was drawn inside and sucked on as if a mouth had opened up in her tit.


Bate's brow wrinkled.  He'd never seen a tit do that before.

The blue-skinned babe caressed his butt cheek with a warm hand.  Bate looked down at the wet orifice that had opened up in her breast.  The pink interior contracted and dilated enticingly.  Bate was hit by a strong urge to put his cock inside.  He wanted to shove his dick into her tit so badly.

The blue-skinned babe put it in for him.  Still gripping the base of his cock, she pressed her boob forwards.  The dark blue ring of her nipple encircled the swollen head of Bate's cock.  She pushed her boob into Bate and he felt himself slowly sink into a tunnel of flesh.  Warm, tight, wet—just like teen pussy.  So much so that for a moment Bate thought he had sunk his dick into tight, wet pussy.  Then he looked down and saw his cock was buried up to the root in her big round tit.

That nagging buzzing started up again in the back of Bate's skull.

This wasn't the time for it, he thought, angrily shunting the nagging thoughts aside.

"Like that?" the blue-skinned babe asked.

Bate nodded.  "Tight," he grinned.

The soft flesh of her boob was packed all around Bate's cock.

"What if I do this?"

Her tit throbbed.  Bate felt the flesh move around him.  A tight ring contracted around the base of his cock and rolled up his shaft.  His cock was sucked deeper into her tit and squeezed by soft boobflesh.

Bate didn't answer.  His contented sigh was answer enough.

"Mmm, my big soft tit is going to suck out all your cum," the blue-skinned alien babe said.

He felt her other tit suck and pull on his finger.  He knew breasts weren't supposed to work this way.  They were supposed to be milked, not the other way around.  But it felt so goddamn good though.  Her big boob bulged and pulsed while inside a tight ring of flesh tugged up and down Bate's cock.

"Are you getting close?" the blue-skinned babe asked.  "You can let it out, if you like.  Just pour it all out inside my big soft boob."

She gave Bate's buttock a playful squeeze.  Her tit did the same to his cock.  Then she sucked him deeper.

"Ooh, you're close.  I can feel it," she said.

Bate's cock throbbed and twitched inside her.  Her boob tightened around it.  Its pulsations slowed down, became more deliberate.  A muscular ring of force ran up Bate's shaft.  Again.  Again.  Now squeezing the head of his cock before bunching back up around the root in preparation for the next long, squeezing stroke.

Bate couldn't hold on.  His body trembled.  His cock throbbed and spat a thick load of cum inside her boob.  That wasn't enough.  Her boob kept pulsing, kept squeezing, kept sucking another shot out of him.  Fuck, her tit was milking him.

"Yes, yes.  Pump it all out," she exhorted.

Yes, but who?  It felt more like her boob was pumping his cum out of him rather than him pumping it into her.  His ejaculation kept going and going, dragged out longer and longer by the pulsing suction of her tit.

Her boobs were amazing.  She was amazing.

Her friends were amazing as well.  Both Williams and Spann were still going—still twitching and coming—and they'd started way before Bate.

Hey, was Williams on a diet?  Bate didn't remember him looking this skinny.  Spann too.

The blue-skinned girl had a hand between each of Williams and Spann's butt cheeks.  She pushed a finger up, up into their anuses.  Both men jerked as if electrocuted.  And continued to slim right down before Bate's eyes.  Becoming skinny, then gaunt, then practically nothing more than skin and bones.  Williams collapsed to his knees with a rattling sigh.  Spann followed.  Both toppled backwards and ceased moving.

The blue-skinned alien girl stood up and turned around.  Her tits were no longer just big, they were monstrous—big wobbly blue balloons that sagged down almost to her waist.  They jiggled as if full of water.  And maybe something else.  The light was dim, but Bate would have sworn he saw the imprint of a hand pushing outwards.  Maybe the indentation of a face.

Bate couldn't ignore the buzzing in the back of his skull any longer.  He tried to pull away.  His blue-skinned babe grabbed his ass and held him tight.  Her fleshy tit clamped around his cock and sucked him back inside with a noisy squelch.

"Have you not finished yet?" the other blue girl asked.  "Others of their kind will be along soon."

"Give me a moment."

Her eyes were almost apologetic as she looked up at Bate.  Her index finger slipped between his butt cheeks, found his anus, and then pushed up inside.  His shock at the intrusion was short-lived.  The blue-skinned babe found a secret place within his ass and pressed.  A flood of white pleasure drowned Bate.  With her finger pressed up against Bate's prostate gland, she made her boob pulse faster and stronger around Bate's cock.  His ejaculation became a gush.  He rose up on his toes and groaned as he emptied his balls—his everything—into her pulsating tit.

Then, spent in one single white-bright moment of overwhelming ecstasy, he toppled over backwards and expired.

The blue-skinned girl rubbed a hand over a breast grown bloated to five or more times larger than its pair.  She stood up and shared a passionate kiss on the lips with the other girl.  They were joined by a third, also with monstrously large—full—blue breasts.  Together, the trio snuck away back to their secret waterways.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

H-space MGB Story: Bubble-Prison Arachne

PFC Stewart Peter Bate awoke suspended above pandemonium.  He was bound at the wrists and hanging from a rope like a side of beef.  He was completely naked and both his cock and legs dangled beneath him as he slid through the darkness on an unseen conveyor.  Bate couldn't see what.  Above him, the rope—which looked like catgut—stretched up into pitch-blackness.  Below him, a long way below him, Bate saw a bustle of activity as people worked.

Not people.  Demons.  Okay, aliens, although Bate was less sure about that now.

They weren't supposed to be this organized.

"Simple tribal hierarchies at best," the big brains had said.

The big brains had lied, or been utterly incompetent.  Either way, the activity Bate saw was considerably more complex than 'simple tribal hierarchies'.  Bate thought he was looking down at a factory shop floor, or maybe a chaotic bazaar.

And he was travelling over the whole thing like a strung up pig's carcass.

This concerned Bate greatly.

He tried to remember how he'd got here.  Last he remembered was chilling at the base.  Then a puff of pink smoke, a sweet smell, and darkness.

And now—more darkness.

He was transported through inky black shadows, far above the activity taking place below.  He couldn't tell whether it was night or day.  Not that he'd be able to even if he could see the sky.  H-space didn't really do night or day.

Bate was not the only on the meat hooks.  Ahead of him he saw another pale, naked body.  A fellow soldier?  He was still unconscious... or dead.  He hung limply and his head lolled forwards between his shoulders.

There was another person (body?) behind him.  By twisting his body from side to side, Bate was able to glimpse him, but not see whether he was alive, or awake.

Bate was going to call out to both when he saw something ahead of them.  Spiders.  Giant spiders the size of automobiles.  Bate's cry died in his mouth.

There were monstrous spiders all around him.  He watched as they descended on silvery ropes to the floor far below.  They halted just above great vats containing violet liquid.  Muscular hindigs with hunched, carapace-covered bodies swirled the vats with great long oars.  One of the giant spiders upended itself.  Its bloated abdomen was the same color as the liquid in the vat.  The reason for that became clear as its abdomen shrank and a stream of violet fluid poured down into the vat.  Like squeezing the juice out of a grape, Bate thought.  Flecks of gold glittered in the vat as the hard-shelled demons swirled the liquids around.  Its abdomen empty, the spider climbed back up into the shadows.

As Bate approached closer he saw a spider being ridden by a woman who was naked aside from long tresses of hair covering her breasts.  Was it even a spider?  The abdomen was bloated, but also transparent.  It looked artificial—like a giant bubble of clear plastic.  A robot?  Or some kind of mechanical walker?  The long legs still looked kind of spidery—organic rather than machine.

One of the spider riders plucked the unconscious man in front of Bate off his rope and carried him away up into the darkness.  The line continued moving.

Then it was Bate's turn.  A spider rider came for him, only now Bate was close enough to see that his initial impression was wrong.  There was no spider—or mechanical walker—and rider; spider and rider were one and the same.  The woman's upper body emerged directly from where the head would have been on a giant spider.  Like the centaurs of myth, Bate thought, but with the lower half of a monstrous spider instead of a horse.

This had to be a nightmare.  It couldn't be real.

"Oh, you're awake," the spider girl said.

She had an open, friendly face.  It was pretty... if you could fool yourself into thinking the black orbs clustered at her temples were some form of exotic body modification and not actual eyes.  Her naked body was pretty fine as well, with a set of tits a stripper would be proud of.  That rack would be totally visible if her silky platinum-blonde hair wasn't long enough to cover it, Lady Godiva style.

Yes, her body was all fine... until you reached the hips and the woman ended and the spider began.  That part was loathsomely arachnid.  She had eight long, jointed legs.  Her abdomen was a large bloated transparent balloon.  That part was utterly alien.  There was nothing in it—no organs, nothing.  Just a giant transparent sac.  It looked like a giant bubble attached to her ass.

Nightmare.  Had to be a nightmare.

"Do you have a name?" the spider girl asked.  "Mine is Burbuila."

"Roger," Bate replied, "Roger Bull."

"Hi, Roger Bull," Burbuila said.  "I'm to be your..."   She seemed to be struggling to find the right word.  "...squeeze... er."

"What are you?" Bate asked.  She seemed to be acting friendly enough, but there was still that demon body...

"I'm an essence extrac... squeeze... er..."  Her brow furrowed again.  "Your language is so clumsy.  I'm a type of arachne.  Spider girl," she elaborated.  "But not one of the scary ones you might have heard about, no no no.  I'm a specialized arachne.  Look."

She leant back and ran a hand over her bloated abdomen.  The surface dimpled and rippled like an air-filled rubber bladder.

"See how soft and comfortable it is."

"Uh, okay," Bate said.  "I don't suppose you could get me down."

She reached up and plucked Bate off the rope.  One of her spidery forelimbs moved forwards and snipped through the rope binding Bate's wrists as if it was nothing more than thread.

"Thanks," Bate said.

"You're welcome," she beamed back at him.

She turned and carried him away from the line.  She was stronger than she looked.  She cradled his 200 pounds of mostly muscle in her arms as if he was no more than a baby.

She wasn't holding him tight though.  If Bate struggled, he reckoned he break free of her.  And then what?  If he missed any of the ropes (web?) she was walking on... splat.

"It's so nice to have this conversation with you," Burbuila said.  "It makes the squee..."  Again, a pause.  Again, a furrowing of her brows.  "...process much smoother and more pleasurable."

The silvery ropes Burbuila walked upon were hard to pick out in the shadowy gloom.  There could be a complex web of them—criss-crossing and intersecting in a mesh dense enough to catch Bate if he fell.  Or there could only be a few strands running far apart.  In which case... splat.  Bate didn't fancy taking that chance.

After walking a short distance, Burbuila stopped.  She gave him a flirty little smile and brushed aside the silky smooth hair covering her left breast.  Bate caught a glimpse of the little pink button nub of her nipple.  He was sure it was deliberate.

"Shall we begin?" she asked.

Bate smiled back.  Begin what?  The way she bent over him, her eyelids half-closed and her luscious lips all bunched up, looked like she want to kiss him.  Bate was kind of okay with that.  A kiss—even a kiss off a freaky spider woman demon—didn't seem so bad.  It could be worse.

Bate glanced over her right shoulder.

He saw worse.

There was another spider woman some way above him.  She had a man trapped inside her big bubble abdomen.  He was pushing his hands against the transparent wall like it was bars.

Bate's eyes widened.  He started to squirm too late as she gathered him up in a tight, inescapable embrace.  Her luscious lips pressed against his.

...and Bate stopped squirming as he lost himself in her kiss.

It was like being sixteen all over again:  Nervous, heart fluttering, blood pounding, stomach churning, then that perfect timeless moment as his lips pressed against the lips of his crush of the time.  Time stood still.  No.  Time didn't even exist.  Their lips locked, tongues tangled, breath was shared.  He tasted sweetness—like the juices of some exotic, forbidden fruit.  Hot flashes traced burning trails across his skin.  His loins throbbed.  He melted in her arms.

Burbuila broke off the kiss and smiled down at him.

Bate gave her puppy-dog eyes back.  He no longer even knew where he was.

"See," she said.  "Specialized arachne.  I don't bite.  I kiss."

Glistening dew drops bubbled up on her lips.  She kissed him again—on his lips, his cheeks, his neck, his chest.  The lipstick impressions she left on his skin flared and tingled.  Bate felt hot, shivery, weak.

"That's the first part of the process," Burbuila said.

She held Bate's body away from her with her long jointed forelegs.

"Now for the second."

She let out a soft grunt.  Her fleshy labia—pink and plump and human in appearance even though they lay at the juncture where human became spider—parted.  Another soft grunt, this time of exertion.  Her sex opened out into a tunnel.  Glistening strands of lubricant stretched between the moist tunnel walls.  They snapped as the tunnel opened up wider and wider.

Bate's eyes widened also.  He was still woozy from Burbuila's kiss, but he could see her vagina had opened too wide for any meaningful sexual intercourse.  Why, it was wide enough to fit his head.

Bate was not woozy enough to be blissfully ignorant of what she intended.  He started to squirm as she pushed him headfirst into the gaping maw of her sex.

"In you go," she said, before letting out a breathy sigh.

Wet muscular walls enfolded Bate's head and upper body.  They gripped and smoothly pulled him down an organic passage.  Bate barely had time to panic before he was transported down the fleshy tunnel and excreted out into the open space of her transparent abdomen.

From the inside it even more resembled a giant bubble.  Through the translucent walls he saw other spider women resting on silvery threads, their bubble abdomens also containing captives.

From the inside of her...

Oh fuck, he was inside her.

Then Bate panicked.

He stood up and banged his fists against the outer wall.  It felt soft and yielding, but also tough like thick rubber.

"Ooh, a fidgety one", Burbuila said.  Her voice was muffled by the transparent walls of her bubble abdomen.  "That's ticklish."

"Let me out," Bate wailed.

"I will, after I've put you through the nirvana of sublimation," Burbuila said.  "Just relax.  It's an intensely pleasurable experience."

Violet fumes welled up from the floor.  The bubble was filled with a sickly sweet scent.  The air became thick, cloying... musky.  Bate felt strange—heavy, but also horny.  He felt the blood rush down to his groin.  His thoughts fogged up.

"Lie back.  Relax," Burbuila said.  Her words sank into Bate's brain and fluttered against his pleasure centers.

Before he knew it, he was lying on the floor of her bubble.  It had grown thicker and softer—like an airbed pumped up with air.  A puff of membrane swelled up and formed a comfortable pillow for his head.

"Comfortable?" Burbuila asked.

Her voice—her soft sighs and moans—seemed to be coming from a position right next to Bate's ears.  As if she was in there with him.  The air inside the bubble was thick with exotic scents and the musky odor of arousal.

Burbuila lay back against the bubble and rubbed her arms against the pliant walls.

"And now to squeeze," she sighed.

Soft, membranous walls closed around Bate.  He felt gentle pressure all over his body.  The warmth and scents reminded him of teen fantasies of being tangled up with the naked and nubile bodies of the entire cheerleading squad.

Burbuila breathed in and her bubble abdomen throbbed around Bate like a giant heart.  The membranous walls moved all over him, caressed him, squeezed him.

"Give yourself to the pleasure," Burbuila said.  She lay back against her balloon-like abdomen as it swelled and throbbed.  "Let me squeeze out all your tension and melt you with bliss."

Bate's erection was engulfed and sucked up inside an orifice.  He could see it bobbing away through the transparent membrane walls.  He saw his foreskin move back and forth as his member was gripped by a gentle force.

"Squeeze," Burbuila said.

She breathed in.  Her membranous walls pressed all around Bate.  Suction tugged against his erection.  It responded with a meaty twitch.

"And relax."

She let out a breath.  The gentle pressure all over Bate's body subsided.  Fleshy walls fluttered around his cock.

She repeated the cycle until Bate twitched, mad with lust inside her.  So close.  He felt so close.  He wanted to reach over and finish himself off, but the membranes kept him pinned to the floor of the bubble.

"And now the big squeeze," Burbuila said.

The soft walls pressed all around Bate, molding perfectly to his body and applying gentle pressure all over, with special attention to his cock.  Bate felt the pressure—the suction—building on his manhood until he could withstand it no longer.  He shuddered helplessly and bucked against the smothering pressure as he emptied a great stream of cum into her.  It was drawn from him as if inhaled.  The bubble throbbed around him and each pulse sucked another massive flood of sperm from him.  Something else as well.  Some hazy nebulous element of him.  Not enough to empty him, but enough to make him feel like some part of him was missing.

Fucked right out of him.

He lay back on the soft membranes, panting from the exertion.

What had he just done with this... thing?  And why did it feel like the best sex he'd ever had?

More sweet-smelling fumes were puffed into Bate's face.  Warm exotic fluids were poured over his naked body.  His doubt and disgust melted away.  He felt hot and horny and eager to go again.

"This is where my sisters would squeeze, and suck, and churn, until you were fully sublimated to your essence," Burbuila said, still lying back against the transparent bag of her abdomen.  "They're too impatient.  It should always be long, slow and sensual."

More warm juices were squirted into the cavity.  They sank through Bate's skin, soaked into his muscles and made him feel blissfully relaxed.  So pampered.  He felt so pampered within her.

"The longer you give them nirvana, the greater the flavor."

She sighed and rubbed her arms against the membranous wall of her bubble-prison abdomen.

"They always tell me my flavor is the best.  Because I care for you and make you feel so good."

Slow steady throbs started up again with Bate at the heart of them.  His cock was sucked up and squeezed by air pressure.  He let out a low moan.  Nothing else mattered as Burbuila slowly pulsed him up to another long, slow orgasm.  More violet fluids flecked with gold flowed into the chamber of her abdomen.

"We're going to share bliss together for such a long time," Burbuila said.

She was good for her word.  She could have emptied Bate out with a few strong squeezes, but instead she let him recover, let his body rest, let his balls fill back up before she squeezed and massaged him to another monstrous climax.

Over and over again.

It was a long time later when she descended down and emptied Bate's sublimated essence out into the vat far below.

Saturday, July 08, 2017

H-space MGB Story: Strumpeta

PFC Stewart Peter Bate almost hoped there was nothing after death.  The prospect of standing before the pearly gates of heaven and answering "how did you get here?" with "I got sucked up by the trumpet tail of a swimwear model sex demon" was just too mortifying.

On the other hand, Bate really hoped there was something following on from this life because it looked very much like this world was done with him.

Muscular peristaltic contractions ran through the transparent tube, inching Bate deeper down it.  Only his feet and ankles were still outside.  Bate kicked them feebly.  Not that it had any chance of doing anything.  Despite looking like it was made out of soft clear rubber, the tube was powerful enough to lift Bate up off the ground and hold him there while she gulped him down.  His arms were pinned to his sides.  It was as much as he could do to keep moving his ribcage in and out to breathe in what little air remained within the tube.

Another muscular ripple jerked Bate a little deeper.  The process of her swallowing him was slow enough to give him plenty of time to contemplate on how he'd ended up in this horrible state.


That's what it was.

Stupidity on top of stupidity.

He'd signed up to join the army because he wasn't doing anything better with his life.


He'd signed up for this top secret assignment because it sounded exciting and made him feel important.


Not putting a bullet in this demonic bitch the moment he'd clapped eyes on her.

At least that last one wasn't totally on him.  He'd tried.  His gun had jammed.  And then her big trumpet tail had sucked him right up.

He hadn't seen the tail at first.  He'd seen a semi-naked woman flash by through the corner of his vision and his first thought was that it was one of the camp personnel.

Bate didn't know what she was doing wandering around in her underwear.  Sleepwalking maybe.  What he did know was that they'd told him it was dangerous beyond the perimeter.  Definitely not a place for a young woman to be running around in nothing more than her underwear.

He'd realized his mistake when he caught up to her on the other side of a large rock formation they'd been using to mark the edges of the camp.

"Miss, what are you doing out here?"

What he'd first taken for black bra and panties were some kind of paint or natural body pigmentation.  She had a similar bar across her big wide eyes that looked like exotic makeup.

He'd also got close enough to see she wasn't naked, although it was easy to make that mistake.  She seemed to be in some kind of clear latex bodysuit that covered her from neck to toe.  It was a weird bodysuit as it also appeared to have a tail.  Bate hadn't seen it at first as it was also made out of the same colorless rubberlike material.  The end terminated in a strange bulbous structure, like the club tail of one of those prehistoric armored dinosaurs.

"My belly feels so empty.  Would you like to fill it?" she asked as sweetly as if asking for a kiss.

The tail was clearly part of her body and not some kind of freaky cosplay.  That much was evident when it reared up over her head.  The end opened out like the bell of a trumpet.  Glistening strands of saliva crossed an aperture large enough to take in Bate's head, and maybe his shoulders too.

That had been enough for Bate.  He'd aimed his rifle at the hindig, pressed the trigger and...

...nothing happened.

Bate looked down at his gun in surprise.  That was time enough for the hindig to drop the flared opening of her tail over Bate's head and suck him up.

And now he was nothing more than a bulge of food passing down her tail on the way to whatever passed for her belly.  He wondered if her female form was just a lure and her real head and neck was the tail-like structure Bate was currently being slowly squeezed down.  At least he had a perfect view of the lovely swell of her ass.

In many respects that made it worse.

The hindig grunted as the flexible walls of her tail—or throat—bunched up around Bate and pulled him deeper into her body.

Did she have to make it sound so sexual? Bate thought.  It was so wrong.

The air had run out.  He was on the verge of passing out.  Dimly he became aware of his head pressing up against some kind of soft sphincter.  It opened up and Bate was squeezed between her legs and through into a flexible bag that hung from the front of her body.

The lack of oxygen kicked in and Bate drifted in and out of consciousness.  Dimly he was aware of movement.  Not that he should care about it.  It was too late.  She'd swallowed him, gulped him down like a snake gobbling up a live frog.

Eaten by a fucking demonic swimwear model, of all the fucking ways to go.

Life was fucking ridiculous, and then you died.

Or maybe not.

Bate woke to a hissing sound and the tickling sensation of air being blown past his ears.  He opened his eyes and his vision was filled with two big round breasts.  They were black as if painted with crude oil, but otherwise had an appealing swell and softness to them.  Bate got to experience that softness firsthand as hands gripped the side of his head and rubbed his face into the curvaceous mounds of flesh.

Was this heaven? Bate idly wondered.

His head was pulled back.  He noticed then there was a strange elastic membrane between the hands and the sides of his head.  He also saw the big tits throb in a way a woman's tits should not.  The nipples—if they were nipples—opened up and warm, scented air was squirted into Bate's face.

The perfumed breeze had a similar effect to spelling salts, but with none of the unpleasant pungency.  The scent fired up Bate's brain and jerked him back to full attention.  It also made his blood race as if he'd suddenly come into heat.

"Ah, better," the owner of the big round boobs said.  "You're such fragile things.  I thought you might have expired, and that would have made for a poor meal."

The hindig.

Bate remembered now.

He was lying in a bag of soft, elastic material.  The hindig girl was sort of in there with him.  Sort of, in the sense the membranous pouch was part of her.  It formed an extra layer over her skin, and Bate was inside her in the space between her body and this additional elastic layer.  She sat on top of him and straddled his crotch.  Both ends of Bate were raised by the membranous walls of the bag.  The only reason he was still breathing was because the bag had been pumped full of oxygenated air.

Pumped into here by her tits, he thought.

Hindigs were weirder even than what he'd heard.

The walls of the membrane were transparent and Bate could see his surroundings through them.  He was in some kind of cave lit up by candles.

The hindig had brought him here, but for what purpose?

She moaned in pleasure and clutched her big titties through the elastic walls of her pouch.  She squeezed and massaged them.  No scented air emerged this time.  Instead the nipples opened up wider and thick globs of a white paste-like substance fell down on Bate's chest.  The substance was hot.  Bate felt the heat against his skin as it soaked through his uniform.

It was doing more than soak through, it was burning through the material of his uniform as if the paste was some kind of caustic gel.  This should have concerned Bate more, but he felt weirdly lethargic.  And besides, he didn't feel any burning pain where the white substance came into contact with his exposed skin.  There was some heat, but it felt pleasant more than anything.

He also felt heat rising within him.  Whether it had been his face pressed into her soft boobs, or something in the perfumed air he was inhaling, or the way she was currently rubbing her crotch against him, Bate suddenly felt really turned on and in the mood for a good hard fucking.

She dripped more white globs onto him and then, moaning with wanton sexual need, she rubbed her naked body against Bate, smearing the white paste over both of their skins.  Bate was aroused enough to rub his hands all over her naked body.  He wanted to slide them over her back and put his arms around her, but could only reach her sides before encountering some kind of seam that prevented his hands from going any further.  No matter.  He was having enough fun fondling and playing with her big round tits.

"Oh yes," she moaned.  "That's making me wet."

Then she pissed in his lap.  At least it felt like piss.  Warm liquid flooded out of her sex and puddled around Bate's buttocks at the bottom of the stretchy bag.



Bate's erection rose up out of the wet ruin of his pants and underwear.  The hindig positioned her body over it and slowly eased herself down.  She let out a soft moan as she drew Bate's cock up into the snug clutch of her sex.  Bate moaned too.  Her vagina was tight and extremely juicy.

"Oh yes," the alien woman sighed.

She bounced up and down on Bate's cock.  Being inside this membranous bag added a lot more bounce to the experience.  The stretchy walls pressed all around Bate's naked form and added extra spring to his thrusts as he fucked the alien girl.

Oh yeah, Bate thought, feeling the wet friction of her pussy sliding around his cock.  Who'd have thought being swallowed up by her weird trumpet tail would have ended up like this.  Maybe he had died and this was some kind of heaven.

No, it couldn't be.  What they were doing together was way too dirty for any heaven.

Moaning and gasping in ecstasy, the hindig reached up and squeezed her breasts again.  Her tits disgorged more thick white paste over Bate, interspersed with more puffs of that delicious perfumed air.

Faster and faster she rode him.  Bate was bounced around inside the bag and churned around with the paste from her tits and the copious fluids leaking from her pussy.  Together with the dissolved dregs of Bate's uniform—and probably his sweat and pre-cum as well—the liquids formed a messy slurry at the bottom of the transparent pouch.

"Yes," the hindig girl said.  "I'm going to come... going to come so much."

So was Bate, if the steadily rising pressure in his balls was anything to go by.

The hindig switched position.  She moved her legs forwards and crossed them behind Bate's back, coaxing him to penetrate her even more deeply with his manhood until it felt like every millimeter had been gobbled up by her wet, hungry sex.  She leant forwards and hugged Bate's upper body through the elastic membrane.

Their two bodies were pressed too tightly together for any kind of thrusting motion, but none was required.  Her vagina was moving all on its own.  It throbbed, squeezed and tugged on Bate's cock.  The stimulation was intense.

Too intense.

"Coming," Bate murmured into her soft cleavage.

His manhood throbbed and his hips flexed against her as he shot a great flood of semen inside her.

That flood was nothing but a trickle compared to what came out of the hindig.  She gave out an exultant cry.  Her vagina convulsed around Bate's still-throbbing member and she released a torrent of her ejaculate into the bag.  This was beyond squirting.  Bate was soaking in her warm issue.  There was so much it was gradually filling up the bag.

The throbbing walls of her vagina set Bate off again.  Her pussy clamped so tight around him it felt like she was sucking his seed out of him.  Then her sex dilated and another torrent of warm fluids surged past his sensitive cock.

God, just how wet was she?  The stretchy bag was filling up.  It was ridiculous.  The water level was already climbing up past his nipples.  It smelt pretty rank as well—a potent mélange of sex and less pleasant bodily fluids.  The puffs of perfumed air from her tits barely masked it.

It felt okay though.  Like lying in a nice relaxing warm bath.  It was the perfect thing when basking in the pleasant post-orgasmic aftermath.  The elastic walls of the bag made it even better.  The shifting and swaying motions sent warm currents tickling around Bate's body.

Maybe it was a little too relaxing.  Bate felt a little strange below the neck.  Or rather, it seemed like he couldn't feel some parts of his body at all.

The hindig placed her hands on the stretchy membrane and pressed Bate's face into her tits.

"This part's not so pleasant," she whispered down to him.  "Just focus on my lovely big boobs.  It won't take long."

They were lovely soft tits, Bate thought as he rubbed his face against her silky smooth skin.  Big, round, and so, so soft.  Soft like her luscious vagina wrapped around his cock.

Hmm.  Why couldn't he feel that anymore?  Had he already lost his erection?  He had emptied a big load into her, he supposed.  It would take a while to recover.  In the meantime he'd soak in this lovely warm bath.

The hindig held Bate's head against her breasts as the rest of his body fell apart in her digestive juices.  His neck detached, leaving his head behind as the rest of his body slumped to a sludge at the bottom of her stomach bag.  The hindig continued to rub his face into her soft cleavage.  Finally she released his head and let it fall into the rest of the soup.  The flesh and soft tissues dissolved and a skull slowly sank to the bottom.

With a luxurious sigh, the hindig drew the soup of dissolved flesh into her body.  The bones and other indigestible matter she excreted out through her tail onto a charnel heap at the back of her cave.

Monday, June 19, 2017

H-space MGB Story: Purple Skin-Wearing Slime

"Do you think he's a mouth or ass man?" Pamela Griffith asked.

She sat casually on some kind of leather throne, with one leg folded over the other.

Only it wasn't Pamela Griffith.  Pamela Griffith had gone missing a week ago, along with the rest of exploratory team Charlie.  LT Stewart Peter Bate was part of the unit sent out to discover why explo team Charlie had not been in contact for several days.  He'd found out why... unfortunately.

Bate knew Pam.  He'd spoken to her multiple times while they'd been stationed at FOB Lamanche, before she'd been sent out to explore a newly discovered region of H-space with explo team Charlie.  Bate liked her.  She was bubbly and vivacious and prone to gushing about her area of scientific expertise.  Bate didn't mind this.  He'd studied for a Bachelor of Science in biology before enlisting.  It was refreshing to be able to talk to someone who'd studied the same discipline.  He suspected she liked talking to him for the same reason.

The thing sitting on the leather throne in front of Bate was not Pam.  It looked like her, but the mannerisms were all different.  This Pam radiated confidence and authority in a way the real Pam—who was often shy and demure until drawn out of her shell—did not.  Bate was also sure she wouldn't have brazenly reveled in her nakedness like this Pam.  The Pam Bate remembered also didn't have such a cruel, cold cast to her face either.

There were minor differences on top of this.  While Bate had never seen the real Pam naked, he would have guessed she had B-cups rather than the double-Ds the imposter sitting before him was sporting.  She also appeared to be curvier at the hips and ass than the real Pam.  She looked more like Pam's evil, slutty twin.

If only she was Pam's evil, slutty twin.

The eyes were the worst.  They were a strange purple color and odd eddies swirled deep within them.

"Why don't we ask him?" the woman to the right of Bate asked.

No, the worst was him being naked and bound to some kind of weird frame.  He didn't even know how he'd ended up here.  Whatever had captured him and tied him to this strange contraption had stolen the memories of his capture.

Tied wasn't the right word.  It felt more like glued.  Bate's arms and legs were spread apart and his wrists and ankles were stuck to a sturdy hoop by a substance that felt like tar.  Stretched across the hoop beneath Bate was a sheet of elastic material.  It felt disconcertingly like skin.  The hoop—and Bate's bound, naked, spread-eagled form—was mounted on a trolley contraption.  After he'd woken he'd been wheeled into this chamber by two naked women.  One of the women had strange bulges of what looked like purple jelly on her skin.  It looked like she'd been cut, but rather than blood welling out, purple slime had oozed out of the wound like amber.  It slowly pulsed as if alive.

"And spoil the surprise," Not-Pam answered the woman's question.  "I think not."

She inserted a finger between her plump lips and sucked on it in a sexually suggestive manner.

Bate wished this was a nightmare.  The room he was in looked like it belonged in a nightmare.  Rows of pictures adorned the stone walls, but rather than paintings they looked like flayed skins stretched across frames.  The flattened faces were visible and contorted into strange expressions.  Bate couldn't tell whether they were of agony or ecstasy.

Not-Pam stopped sucking on her finger.

"Turn him upside down," she said at last.

Giggling, the two naked women unlocked a mechanism at the back of the rack and turned Bate as if he was attached to a wheel of fortune.

"Pam, don't you remember me?  It's Dale," Bate said.

He knew it was pointless.  It might be Pam's body, but whatever spark animated it was not Pam.  He tried anyway, pleading with her.

Not-Pam regarded Bate with her weird, swirling purple eyes.

"Interesting.  He knew the suit," she said.  "Was she someone you cared for?  Were you lovers?"

Not-Pam opened her legs, shamelessly displaying the clamshell folds of Pam's sex.

"No, I think not.  Did you desire her?  Was your ardor unrequited?"

Not-Pam saw Bate's expression and threw back her head in cold laughter.

"Mmm, that will make this a lot easier," she said.

She gripped the arm rests of her chair.  With a shudder, Bate realized it also appeared to be upholstered in human skin.  Not-Pam started flexing her hips in a lewd manner.  Her breathing grew heavier and her eyelids fluttered as she squirmed in the chair.

The two women wheeled Bate closer, so that only a few feet separated him from Pam's vulgar gyrations.

Not-Pam's face flushed.  She gripped the armrest with enough force to whiten her knuckles.  Or would have.  Instead, a strange purple coloration—like an infected bruise—showed up beneath her skin.

Bate didn't look at her hands for long.  Stranger things happening between her legs caught his attention.  Her sex was dilating—widening—and something was emerging from within.  It looked like she was giving birth, except the emerging 'baby' was the same clear purple color as her eyes.

Not a baby.  Whatever it was had a wet opening at the tip of its head.

Pam gave a loud, orgasmic moan.  Her vagina stretched further as more of the purple mass emerged.  What was it—some kind of long purple gelatinous maggot?  It seemed far too sterile—too synthetic—to be that.  More like a man-made substance, maybe rubber or gel.  More emerged from Not-Pam's vagina, pulled out—or pushed out—like a string of slimy beads.  The flexible pipe reared up out of her sex like a headless snake.

Was this the thing infecting Pam?

Then his thoughts devolved to panic as the glistening purple tube lunged towards him.  A wet sucker mouth opened in the end as it hovered level with Bate's crotch.  Bate thrashed wildly.  He couldn't free his hands and feet.  The best he could do was jerk his midsection to the left and right.  The slimy appendage tracked Bate's movements.

Not-Pam sat on her leather throne and watched it all with an enigmatic smile on her lips.  Her cheeks were flushed, but were stained purple rather than red.

"They're always so fearful when you approach their precious sexual organs," she said.

"You'll change his mind," the naked woman to Bate's right said.

The tube bobbed forwards and came into contact with Bate's crotch with a wet splat.  He felt the sucker maw suck at him and a chill went up his spine as he realized it was after his manhood.  He twisted and turned but was unable to shake off the gelatinous appendage.  The opening found the end of his penis and sucked him inside like it was gobbling up a worm.

"Get off!  Get off!" he yelled.

The tube made horrible wet sucking sounds as it drew Bate's flaccid penis down a warm, lubricated tunnel.  There were no teeth—nor anything sharp—thankfully.  Rings of muscular peristalsis rolled up his shaft, but they weren't very powerful, certainly nowhere near the level of force required to tear Bate's member from his body.  In fact, the soft muscular tugging sensation was gentle enough to feel rather... pleasant.

Bate realized the two women on either side of him were giggling uncontrollably.  Not-Pam was also smiling.  The gelatinous tube connecting Bate to her vagina flexed and continued to suck on his penis.

Bate stopped twisting and turning when it became obvious the tube was incapable of hurting him.

What was this—some kind of weird alien joke?  Make him think they were going to bite his dick off and then suck him off instead.

It did feel like she was sucking him off.

Did she even know what she was doing?

This felt like fellatio.  Maybe even better.  The tube was tight and rings of muscular contraction stroked up his shaft.

"His face," the woman on the right said.

"Typical man," the woman on the left said.  "Put anything near their prick and it terrifies them."

"I'd rather this one was a little less terrified," Not-Pam said.  "He's making this harder than I'd like."

"He does seem to have a problem with hardness," the woman to Bate's left said.

Both broke out in a fit of giggles.

Yup, they knew exactly what they were doing, Bate thought.

"I'll fix that," Not-Pam said.

Her cheeks puffed in and out.  Her mouth formed a little 'o'.  She flexed first her abdomen, then her hips.

Bate felt the flow of peristaltic contractions reverse.  Not-Pam's vagina widened as bulges traveled up out of her sex.  Bate had another minor panic attack when he thought it might be acid she was regurgitating up to spit all over him.  Then the first pulse sloshed around Bate's penis and it felt more like warm lubricant.  Better than warm lubricant.  Bate didn't know what was in it, but it made his cock feel warm and tingly.  More juices sloshed into him and the pleasant glow spread down to his balls.  All of a sudden Bate felt turned on.  Really turned on.

"Ooh, look how hard she's made you," the woman on the right said.

It was weird.  Bate could see his erection through the transparent walls of the rubbery tube.  It looked more like some kind of sex toy sheath than living material, except it was constantly in motion.  The super-soft walls undulated as the tube sucked on him with sloppy wet slurping sounds.  The peristaltic contractions felt like dexterous, oil-slick fingers stoking up and down his cock.

Bate let himself relax a little.  It looked weird, but it felt all right.  Better than all right.  Really fucking good.  Bate had no idea why the aliens were so keen to suck him off, but he wasn't about to complain.  It was better than them torturing or killing him.

The two naked girls on either side of him didn't look like killers.  And what Not-Pam was doing to him with her transparent vagina tube definitely wasn't torture.

"You didn't need to tie me up if you wanted to do this," Bate said, smiling now.  "We're not opposed to fraternizing with the locals.  At least I'm not.  Especially good looking ones."

Especially when they—slurp, slurp—were as good at sucking dick as—ooh—this.  Bate's cock definitely liked it.  He could see it bulging and throbbing within Not-Pam's sheath.

Bate wondered if this was why Not-Pam looked like Pam.  Did these aliens have minor telepathic abilities?  Had she deliberately picked a form Bate would find attractive?  It sounded plausible.  He'd heard rumors that the aliens of H-space—HSIOs—were weirdly obsessed with sexual intercourse.

He'd also heard other stuff as well, but that stuff was so crazy he figured it had to be the other guys winding him up.

"This would be far better if you turned me right way up," Bate said.  "I bet I'd be even bigger without the blood flowing to my head."

"Ah, but then Queen Sacculina would be unable to get at your ass," the girl on his left said.

My ass? Bate thought.

Not-Pam smiled at him.  Then she opened her mouth.

It stretched wide... wider... far wider than any human mouth should go.

What.  The.  Fuck.

Something was coming out... pushing up from her throat... pushing out.  It was another purple gelatinous tube, similar to the one that had emerged from Not-Pam's pussy.  It was too big for her mouth.  That didn't matter.  Her mouth kept stretching until the opening took up most of her face and the rest of her features were scrunched up at the edges.

More and more of the slimy purple tube wormed up out of her mouth.  It arced towards Bate.  He knew its destination even before he felt its wet touch against his buttocks.

No way, Bate thought.  No fucking way.

He squirmed and tried to shake it off.  His movements served only to increase the stimulation her other tube was applying to his erection.

The girl to his right crouched down so her head was level with Bate's.  "It's necessary to complete the cycle," she said.

Fuck your cycle, he thought.  He kept twisting and turning.

Her other tube gave Bate's swollen glans a little squeeze that sent a flood of raw pleasure through him.  The sensation was enough to make him forget what he was doing for a moment.  In that moment the other tube slithered between his buttocks, nudged up against his sphincter and—covered in a thin layer of lubricating slime—squeezed its way inside.

During an adventurous phase back at college, Bate had experimented with letting his girlfriend use a butt plug on him.  This felt the same and set up a pleasant feeling of fullness inside his anus that funneled down to his balls.  At the same time, Not-Pam redoubled her attentions on his cock.  The sucks and squeezes increased in intensity—and with it Bate's arousal.

"Look at your face," the other girl crouched down to say.  There was a contemptuous smile on her lips.  "And Queen Sacculina hasn't even started yet."

Not-Pam's face jerked as if on a fishing line.  A series of bulges traveled up the pipe.  As the first reached Bate's ass he felt a stretching sensation that was surprisingly pleasant.  Something wet entered him and went off like a gooey bomb filled with rainbows and sparkles.

The other pipe kept squeezing, sucking, stroking Bate's cock.  A ripple of peristaltic force ran through the soft gelatinous walls and tugged irresistibly at him.

Bate let out an incoherent moan of bliss as a second liquid bulge was squeezed into him and burst in a rainbow explosion of sensual bliss.   His cock swelled against the soft walls of the other sheath and he spat an enormous load of cum into it.  Not-Pam milked him expertly with her vagina tube until she'd drained—sucked out—the contents of his balls.

Bate had barely recovered from that ejaculation when another bubble of liquid bliss was squeezed into his ass and he erupted again in another mind-shattering climax.  He watched milky bulges travel down the vagina sheath like eggs down the throat of a serpent.  His cum.

And maybe something else.

At the same time, bulges traveling along the tube emerging from her mouth were pumped into Bate's ass, each gooey parcel spreading warmth and an incredible feeling of ecstasy throughout him.

It was as they said—a cycle.  A perfect cycle.  Her fluids pumped into him, and then his fluids pumped into her.

Or pumped out of him.

Bate didn't have to do anything.  Just let her wonderful soft, gelatinous sheath tug, suck and squeeze him to release after wonderful release.  His whole body, from his skin to deep within his insides, felt like one massive erogenous zone.

The two naked women were down on their knees and murmuring as if praying.

Bate understood.  This was glorious... divine... transcendental.  The gelatinous pipes squeezed and throbbed.  Not-Pam squeezed the substance of her body into Bate, and drew the substance of his body out through his cock.  By the time Bate might have wondered where the fluids to support all these constant, continuous ejaculations were coming from, Queen Sacculina's slime had reached and smothered his brain, submerging it and Bate's thoughts in a thick morass of unthinking animal lust.  Her vagina tube kept sucking until she was drawing her own slime back into her body and Bate had been reduced to a hollowed-out bag of skin.

"Stewart, are you okay?  Was it a bad one?"

"Yes, a really bad one."

A pause.

"You can pass this on to Command.  Exploratory team Charlie and the squad sent to retrieve them can officially be declared lost."

Saturday, May 20, 2017

H-space MGB Story: Interrogatrix Shell

When LT Stewart Peter Bate woke up to the sound of low, soft murmurs, his first thought was that he was back at home in bed, snuggled up with his darling Erica.  But his lovely Erica—from a good family, maybe a little too prim and proper for her own good—had never sounded so wanton... so in need, sexually.

The bed Bate was lying in was also soft, too soft.  Soft, squishy and moist.  He couldn't move his limbs either.  They felt weighted down and tangled up as if some kind of monstrous python was coiled around each limb.  And the smell...

"Mmm, you're awake."

Bate opened his eyes.  He was lying on, or in, some kind of nightmare.  Raw, oozing flesh squirmed all around him.  Fleshy tubes, pinkish-white in color, surrounded and entangled his limbs like a nest of peeled snakes.  Rising above it all and straddling Bate at the waist was the monster woman.

She had the body of a nude pinup, or maybe even one of those ridiculously busty anime girls made flesh.  Both her bust and hips were pronounced and curvy, but there was not a trace of excess fat anywhere else on her body.

She was also clearly a monster.  Her skin was the wrong shade of pink—pallid, sickly, like squirming invertebrates—and covered in a wet sheen of slime.  She had no hair.  Instead, a mass of tubular tentacles cascaded over her shoulders.  Each terminated in a blind maw.  Similar openings were present on the side of her neck, just below her pointed ears.  They contracted and dilated as if she was breathing through them.  Her face was pretty enough—finely sculpted, with luscious full lips—if you ignored her eyes.  They were yellow and had vertical barbell-shaped pupils like those of an octopus.

He was still in H-space, Bate realized.

And in the clutches of one of the hindigs.

"Mmm, such a nice body," the hindig straddling him said.

She kept making slutty mmm-ing sounds as she caressed his exposed chest with her hand.  It felt as warm and as soft as a loving woman's hand.  The trail of slime it left on Bate's skin, less so.

Bate struggled.  The thick muscular bonds coiled around his limbs, that he'd first taken for snakes until he'd realized they were too soft... too squishy, pulled tighter and tighter until Bate could barely move at all.

"Don't do that," the woman that looked like raw shellfish said.  Her plump lips bunched up in an insouciant pout.  "My flesh is soft and delicate."

What did she mean—her flesh?  Was all this part of her body?  In the dim light he could see she was straddling him, but he couldn't see any legs, or even where her body ended and the fleshy mass he was lying in began.

Where was he?  He felt enclosed.  Looking up he saw some kind of ceiling, so low down it was just above the hindig's head.  It was inlaid with what looked like mother-of-pearl, but wrong in some fashion Bate couldn't quite put his finger on, only that it gave him a queasy feeling in the bottom of his guts.  He saw that the ceiling curved around on either side so that both of them appeared to be inside some kind of pod or shell.  The dim light was provided by glowing bulbs on the end of tubular stalks.  They looked organic in nature.

Bate continued to flex against his bonds.  What he lay in had a similar rubbery strength and texture to viscera.  Or maybe octopi; he remembered some he'd caught while diving.  Maybe it was part of her.  Maybe it was her internals.  Maybe it was delicate.  Maybe he could hurt her.

He gripped and twisted and tugged whatever he could close his hands around.

The only moans the hindig let out were sexual in nature.  She gave a low chuckle.

Delicate, my ass! Bate thought.  Her flesh might have felt soft and squishy, but he couldn't rip or tear it at all.

The hindig laughed at his efforts.  "You squirm so much.  It's ticklish."

Bate had never felt so helpless.

"What do you want?" he demanded.

"Not much, just a little information," the monster girl replied.  Her yellow eyes were bright in the gloom.

"Fuck off," Bate said.

"Oh, you will give it me," she said.  "It's just a case of getting you in the right mood."

Squirming motion started up all around Bate.  He tried to turn his head, and when that motion was denied him, flicked his eyes to the left and right.  Dripping with slime, pink tubes rose up out of the wriggling mass of flesh.  Incongruously, each terminated in part of a human face.  Only part.  The top of the head, from the nose upwards had been neatly sliced off, leaving behind only mouths lined with full, feminine lips.  Despite missing everything else, the lips still turned up in sultry knowing smiles, still pouted as if to kiss, still whispered lewd suggestions to Bate.

"wakeupwakeupwakeupwakeup," Bate muttered over and over like a mantra.

This coffin of squirming horrors couldn't be real.  It had to be a nightmare.

"Why would you want to wake from a dream as sweet as this," the monster girl whispered.

The disenfaced mouths dipped down on Bate's body.  He felt their soft lips brush and sigh against his exposed flesh.  He felt stiff little tongues flicking his nipples.  He even felt one wriggle underneath him and use its tongue to probe around the sensitive rim of his anus.

Two mouths reared up on either side of Bate's head.  They puckered full red lips and exhaled clouds of perfumed smoke into his face.  Bate tried holding his breath.  It was useless.  They were in a contained space; the gas—whatever it was—wasn't going anywhere.  He had to take a breath sometime, and when he did it was laced with the drugged gas.

The effect was immediate.  Bate felt a pleasant tingling all over.  His vision went fuzzy... soft focus.  Like one of those old softcore movies where they used to smear Vaseline on the lens.

The form of the monstrous woman straddling him blurred and shifted.  She became the busty pinup teenaged Bate had seen once in a very old skin mag and went on to become the focus of much of his carnal nighttime imaginings.  Now she was sitting astride him... sitting astride his naked form.

She'd also brought friends.  He felt the soft press of their lips—kissing... suckling...  He felt their wet little tongues—licking... tickling...  But he couldn't see them, even the one that pressed warm lips against his and locked tongues in a passionate kiss.

He couldn't see her because the top half of her head wasn't there.

Bate blinked furiously.

Fantasy, don't fall for the fantasy.

Her lips formed a seal around his mouth.  The fleshy tube the faceless mouth had in place of a throat swelled and a sweet-tasting liquid was regurgitated into Bate's mouth.  He had to swallow and the fleshy tube throbbed and pulsed as more of the liquid was pumped down his throat.  The drug flowed into his bloodstream and he felt warm and pleasantly tingly all over.

"Relax" the pinup astride him said.  "We do not use pain to extract information here.  We give our captives love and pleasure, and in turn they offer up—freely—their secrets."

She let her weight settle on Bate's lap.  His burgeoning erection was drawn up into her and enclosed in warm quivering flesh.

He was fucking her...

...fucking this monster.

And it felt good, really good.

The soft walls of her sex undulated against his cock in slow, peristaltic waves.  She added to the sensation with slow, sensual up-and-down movements of her hips.

"You'll tell me everything, won't you?" she asked him sweetly.  She clutched and squeezed her large tits as she rose up and down on him.

No, he mustn't.

"I'll make you feel so good... so nice."  She finished with a low sensual moan.

Her mouth tube continued to pour drugged fluid down Bate's throat.  Other mouths blew warm scented air into his face.  Others were all over his body—kissing, licking.  He felt them gently sucking on his fingers and toes.  One even had a stiff tongue wriggling away in his ass.  He writhed helplessly in the bed of quivering meat as she stroked and licked and sucked him to higher pinnacles of ecstasy.

"You don't have to hold back," she whispered.

Her whole body throbbed in time to the muscular pulses squeezing Bate's cock.  The openings in her neck swelled and contracted.  Her big bust rose up and down.  It felt like she was putting her whole body into sucking on his member.  Chest, hips, stomach—everything moving in and out as if she was taking in deep breaths... deep breaths of him.

"Just let it all out, let everything out into me."

Her soft body flexed and Bate couldn't hold out any longer.  He came with a loud gasp.

"Yessss," she hissed in triumph.  "Give me everything."

Bate felt his cock swell against the pressure of her walls and then the overwhelming bliss of release as he spurted his semen inside her.  On and on it flowed.  Her body kept working, kept throbbing, kept sucking, kept urging.  Enslaved by it, Bate gave her everything.

Then, once the jangling sparkling tremors of orgasmic bliss had subsided enough for him to regain some control of his body, Bate told her everything she wanted to know.

"This is very bad, Stewart, very bad.  We never thought the HSIOs had the capability or even the desire to question the men they've taken like this.  And if they get access to one of the senior research staff here they could...  No.  It doesn't bear thinking about.  Command must be informed of this.  Now tell me again exactly what the lieutenant told her..."

Saturday, March 18, 2017

H-space MGB Story: Polypomp

PFC Stewart Peter Bate walked around the side of the hill, slowly angling upwards.  He carried a long red and white banded pole on his shoulder.  Their assignment was to escort a team of surveyors while they made some preliminary maps of the terrain around the entry point.

Covenant, their surveyor, had stumbled and twisted his ankle.  Stephens was watching over him while Bate walked the short distance to the top of the hill.  Bate didn't like splitting the squad, but this area had already been cleared by Special Forces.  All he had to do anyway was plant the pole on the top of the hill while the other teams took readings from their vantage points.

Right by the entry point were the ruins of a building, little more than a skeleton in the loose brown dirt.  Looking back Bate was struck by how similar the ruins looked to their base back home.  That was a mystery for the scientists.  There were plenty of those.

Bate just had to hold up a pole on the top of a hill.

The side of the hill was covered in something similar to grass, except it was deep red in colour rather than green.  The blades swayed in the breeze.  Sometimes they seemed to sway in the opposite direction.  Bate decided it must be his eyes playing tricks on him.

Dotted on the ground at regular intervals were large green oval shapes.  They came in all sizes, ranging from some only as big as a pumpkin right up to some that were several feet across.  Bate wasn't sure if they were alive or just rocks.  He wasn't about to prod them to check either.

So far, other than the occasional black speck in the sky too fast for his binoculars, Bate hadn't come across anything resembling an animal.  Which was why, when he first saw the girl, it took a few moments to register.

Bate thought he must be hallucinating to start with.  What was a girl—a completely naked girl at that—doing lying on a bed out here?

No, it wasn't a girl, he realised, not a human one anyway.  There were slight differences in the build of her body and her ears were long and pointed.  Her eyes were larger than a human's and slanted a little like a cat's.  Her irises were a bright, iridescent green.  She looked like an elf from mythology, Bate thought.

She wasn't lying on a bed either.  One of the green pods had opened up to reveal a nearly flat surface of soft, pinkish-white tissue.  The girl was lying on the cushioned surface as if it was a large round bed.

Fuck, so what happened now?

Instinctively Bate dropped the pole and put both hands on his M16.

The girl gasped in fear, her big eyes wide, and backed away from him.

What the fuck are you doing, Bate thought?  It's just a girl.  Aside from slight anatomical differences, she looked just like the college co-eds back home.  Not that he got many opportunities to see them naked.

This was First Contact.  This wasn't just how the rest of the world saw him as a representative of the United States; this was how a completely alien species saw him as a representative of the human race.  That prospect terrified him as much as he was sure his appearance terrified the girl.

Bate looked at his gun, looked at the terrified girl.  This was an alien, possibly intelligent, race.  Did he really want her first impression of the human race to be of gun-carrying bringers of violence?

Slowly Bate lowered his gun to the floor and stood up with his hands outstretched.

"It's okay miss.  I mean you no harm," Bate said.

"I'm Utricula," the girl said.  Now that he'd put the gun down she'd lost her fear and instead watched him with bright curiosity.

As he looked at her Bate was slightly embarrassed to realise her naked form aroused him.  She had a similarly proportioned body to the cheerleaders Bate was always too shy to approach back in college.  Her breasts were large in comparison to the slim lines of her athletic body.  She didn't seem to feel the same embarrassment over her nakedness a human would.  Between her legs Bate could clearly see the narrow slit of her vagina.  Utricula didn't seem bothered in the slightest.

"The polypomp pods only open once a year for their breeding season," Utricula said, laying her hand flat on the soft tissue next to her.  "They're really comfortable to lie on, like the softest bed.  I like to come up here to lie back and watch the sky.  It's so peaceful."

It did look comfortable, Bate thought.

"Why don't you join me?" she asked, her iridescent eyes shining brightly.

A breeze brushed through Bate's hair, bringing with it a sweet aroma that tickled his nostrils.  It brought to mind the lazy spring days he used to spend as a child in the woods around his home.  Those were carefree days, before the complications of the real world had inserted themselves into his life.

His hill was smaller than the others.  It would still be a while before the other teams reached their peaks.  And this was First Contact for fuck's sake.  Giving the right impression here was way more important than sticking some stupid pole in the ground.

Bate shrugged off his kit bag and belt and walked towards her.  He put a hand on the soft surface of the pod and was about to jump up to join her when she suddenly reared up with her arms outstretched to block him, a concerned expression on her face.

"No," she said.  "You need to remove your clothes first.  They'll irritate the polypomp otherwise."

Close up to the polypomp Bate became aware of a sickly sweet smell, like perfume, but so strong as to be nearly overpowering.  He wondered if it was having an effect on him as inhaling it sent a warm glow through his body that settled in his groin.

Or it could be Utricula.  If you ignored the elfin ears and cat-like eyes her body was really hot.
The things you do for Uncle Sam, Bate thought.  He stripped off his shirt and pants and moved onto his underwear.  He told himself he was doing it to further better relations with an alien species.  It was freaking First Contact after all.

Bate was slim compared to most of the other soldiers, but kept his body in very good shape, enough for the muscles of his chest and abdomen to be clearly delineated.  Utricula liked what she saw.  Her iridescent eyes looked up and down his body—paying special attention to his cock—with what looked a little like hunger.

Bate climbed onto the polypomp's surface.  It was soft, but not soft enough for him to sink all the way in.  A beanbag made out of soft flesh was the closest comparison Bate could think of.  Utricula had settled in a natural hollow at the polypomp's center, the soft tissue billowing out on either side of her like a solidified cloud.  She moved over to make room for him, but not enough that he couldn't lie down without lying partly on her as well.  She didn't seem to mind.

The sickly scented perfume was much stronger here.  Bate lay back on the luxurious softness with Utricula's arms around him and stared up into the sky.  The roiling mass of browns and reds boiling in the atmosphere was a complete contrast to the tranquillity he felt lying down here in Utricula's arms.

"This is my favorite season," Utricula said.  "It marks the beginning of new life.  Look."

She gently lifted Bate's head and pointed out one of the green oval pods sitting further up the hill.  Normally they were so still as to be like rocks.  This one was trembling and shaking like a boulder in a mild earthquake.  The motion was localised to only that pod.  The others around it were as still and motionless as before.  Bate watched as it rocked and vibrated on the spot.  Then it stopped and suddenly expanded as if taking a breath.  It contracted and Bate watched in awe as a fountain of brilliant green motes shot up into the air like a geyser.  The spores swooped and swirled in a dazzling fireworks display of glittering green sparks before being carried away on the breeze.

"Everything's going to change isn't it?" Utricula said.  There was sadness in her bright green eyes as she looked at him.

"It won't all be bad," Bate said.  He wasn't so convinced.  The words rang hollow to him and he could see Utricula saw it in his face.

"Then we should enjoy every precious moment now," she whispered in his ear, before leaning over to kiss him fully on the lips.  Her lips carried the taste of freshly picked berries, sweet but with a subtle tang.

From first contact to first base and then to…?

Utricula slid further under his body until he lay cradled in her lap.  The back of his head rested against the soft pillows of her breasts.  Her hands gently kneaded his shoulders before sliding down his chest to caress his nipples.  Her thighs came up around him and gently rubbed the outside of his legs.

Could he?  Were they compatible?

Bate lay with Utricula's arms and legs wrapped around him.  He let his hands sink into the soft flesh of the polypomp on either side of their hollow.  It really was the softest, most comfortable bed he'd ever experienced.  He felt like he could lie here with Utricula forever.

She folded her legs over his, letting her toes play with his erection before running her feet gently down the inside of his legs.

"Don't be frightened," she murmured in his ear.

Frightened, Bate thought with a smile.  What was there to be frightened—

A large, fleshy organ rose up between Bate's legs.  At the back it looked like a large, almost translucent, balloon.  At the front were two fleshy lips arranged vertically like a grotesque parody of a vagina.  The puffed up lips slowly gaped open and a second, smaller set of swollen lips emerged, bobbing at the end of a worm-like appendage.

"You'll find the milking process to be very pleasant," Utricula whispered.

Bate didn't intend being around to find out.  He didn't like how the worm-like appendage was swaying to match the motions of his cock.  He tried to get up, but Utricula had both legs hooked over his thighs and her arms wrapped around his chest.  He was trapped in her embrace.

The soft lips sprang forward and wrapped around the head of his cock.  The elastic flesh gripped the end of his manhood and swallowed it down with a rhythmic peristaltic motion.  The appendage retracted until the larger outer lips engulfed his cock totally.  The balloon-like organ started to slowly expand and contract.

Then the suction started.

Oh fuck, it was like receiving the world's best blow job, Bate though.  Thick, soft flesh clenched around his cock and undulated back and forth up the shaft.  It was softer and tighter than any pussy Bate had ever experienced and in seconds his body was trembling from the pleasure of the sensation.

"I won't hurt you," Utricula said, gently caressing his nipples as she lay beneath him.  "I only want your seed."

The semi-transparent bladder rose up and down like the throat of a chorusing frog.  The fleshy organ vibrated as hundreds of muscles sucked on his cock in perfect, exquisite harmony.  Bate felt a gentle probing presence around the rim of his anus.

He tried to thrash free, but he couldn't find any purchase for his limbs to push against.  Utricula was serenely calm as she held him in place.

"Why?" he asked, his eyes wide.

"Like all living organisms, I must reproduce," she replied.

The bladder inflated and deflated with greater urgency.  As it expanded Bate felt a strong suction gripping his cock, hard enough to be felt all the way down in his balls.  His body trembled like a wire.  His hands sank into the fleshy tissue on either side of his body and it gave beneath his grip like warm play-doh.  His legs vibrated, unable to move too far as Utricula held him in place.

The bladder expanded and Bate grunted as a powerful orgasm crashed through his muscles.  He ejaculated a great bolt of semen into the orifice and saw his creamy seed splash up against the inside of the translucent bladder.

Bate relaxed.  Her pseudopod gently pushed against and then entered his anus.  It wasn't painful.  If anything its gentle vibrations sent pleasurable stimulation through his ass.  The pseudopod pushed further up until it located the little bump of his prostate gland.  It pressed against it and began to vibrate in a motion that sent waves of ecstasy flowing through Bate's body.

Bate opened his mouth in a soundless croak.  The polypomp—or Utricula, he wasn't sure they were separate organisms—had him completely.  Her orifice sucking on his cock and her pseudopod gently vibrating in his ass became his entire world.  The sensations crowded out all other thought within his brain.  Bate lay back in open-mouthed bliss and stared at the sky.

"I will take your seed and make new life," Utricula said.

Bate's hips jerked up and down in involuntary motion as more of his creamy semen splashed the inside of her bladder.  She milked him, her sucking orifice and vibrating probe eliciting ejaculation after ejaculation from his willing body.

She gently rubbed a hand through his hair.

"I will take your body and give you new life," she said.

The soft walls slowly folded up around them as the polypomp enveloped them in a warm womb.  It closed up until it was once more a featureless green oval on the side of a hill.