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Sunday, May 19, 2019

New Short Story - "The Banquet of the Queen of the Goblins"

Finally finished that damn carnivorous plant girl story.  Not sure why the 2nd draft took as long as it did, but it did.

Might as well get the bad news out of the way first.  Yes, it is pay-walled behind my Patreon account.  Sorry, regular readers who don't have access to that.  As with the previous boobie girl story, it will find its way into an ebook collection at some point in the future.

You can find it here:

The monster girl was inspired by the carnivorous plant girl from Domination Quest: Kuro and the Naughty Monster Girls.

I did my usual thing when I dip into vore-ish areas to make the monster girl more interested in the sex part rather than the "git in my belly" part, so in that respect she deviates quite a lot from the initial inspiration.

It's another H-space story, although it's more in keeping with my older H-space stories rather than the Stewart Peter Bate stories I experimented with for a while.  At 8,200 words, it is much more like the older stories!

And now onto the more controversial stuff.

This is Patreon pay-walled again, are you ever going to go back to putting stuff up on Literotica for everyone to read?

Right, the problem here is that I'm still chugging along in low gear when it comes to writing.  As much as I don't like or trust the people behind Patreon, it currently is a useful source of income to keep my finances ticking over.  I'm of an old-school mindset when it comes to entertainment.  If people are giving you money, you need to give them something back to make them think it was worth giving you that money.  In this case it's timed exclusives (and some options to name protagonists, etc).

When I set it up, my initial aim was to give patrons something exclusive at least once a month and then anything I produced extra could then go up on Literotica (or here if Literotica found it a little too icky).  As I mentioned earlier, I'm currently stuck in low gear when it comes to productivity.  So far this year I've finished 2 short stories (16K words) and a demo opening section for a possible CYOA game (5K words).  This is obviously not ideal.  The only positive is that I am still chugging along to some extent.

While I am stuck in low gear, my options are limited.  I'd like to get out of low gear, so I can start terrorizing the erotic horror section of Literotica again.  (and also maybe blog a little more frequently than I have been doing of late.)

So, yep, sorry to the readers that can't get on Patreon (or are unwilling to give them money).  I will try and get something done for you at some point.  As for those that can, enjoy... uh... being erotically consumed as my lovely new carnivorous plant girl puts it.

(I'm not entirely sure she's being trustworthy, but her last prey seemed to enjoy himself...)

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] ver 2.20 and Other Oddities from the Graphics Folder

As people have kindly pointed out to me, the ver 2.20 upgrade for Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] was released over the past week.  This is a big update Toro Toro Resistance has been talking about for some time.  As long as you have an account with DLSite, you should be able to download the new version from your My Items tab (assuming you purchased the original).

From what I can gather, the majority of the changes are primarily concerned with endgame content for the Labyrinth of Chaos.  This doesn't really affect my walkthrough as I'm still a fair way off this point.

I've heard Sonya also gets some new H-scenes depending on what sex toy she has equipped.  I still haven't figured out how to access them, so I can't really comment on those.  As her main artist is Xelvy, I imagine they're pretty wild.

The other change is quite coincidental, given I was fighting them in yesterday's post.  Two of the Beelzebubs (Beelzeboobs?) get new request scenes back in the pocket castle (or rather on the MS Fish, as that's where you can find them).

Striga (the red one) will give you a handjob and prostate massage while your face is buried in her abdomen boobs.

Boobs.  Being milked.  The period matters.

Media (the green one) has another hug scene, which also sort of doubles up as paizuri given that our dick gets a good boffeting in her abdomen boobs.  Media is the sweetest one of the three.  Her hug power is to make you feel so relaxed and comfortable you don't want to fight back.

More comfy titty fly hugs

The most important thing about 2.20, though, is it means Dargoth and co can get back to the epic translation task.  Understandably, knowing there was a huge patch on the way, they didn't want to put a bunch of work in only to see it blown to bits by 2.20 coming out and changing everything.  You can keep up to date with how the translation project is coming along over at

While I was furtling through the game's Graphics folder I also noticed something I'd missed before.  This is not new to 2.20, it was also present in the previous builds.  Similar to the Gnosis scene I talked about earlier, there's some Alma Elma artwork I don't remember seeing in the game.

Alma Elma, how could you do that to poor Luka?
What do we call this, a tail belch?  Yes, those are Luka's feet, which appears to be all that's left of him.

I second your "Euwwwwww!"

Alma Elma does have a request scene where she gobbles up Luka with her tail (similar to one of her vore Bad Ends in the original series), but she spits him out before... well... stomach bulge stage.  So I'm not sure how Luka gets to earn that particularly gruesome fate.

Is this what happens if you request H-stuff from Alma Elma on the Ilias route?  An alternate Bad End?  I'm curious to know.

Possibly related is this pic:

Alma Elma just giving Luka one last big squeeeeze...
This seems to follow on from Alma Elma's max affection request scene (which is lethal, but she's good enough to tell you this beforehand).  Again, I'm curious if this is actually in the game.

(It's possible we have to fight Alma Elma again at some point and these are the Bad End versions of her H-request scenes.  Seems weird though, given she seemed very much on our side the last time we saw her.)

The first one is unusual because, while some really really horrible stuff happens to Luka in the worst Bad Ends, we don't ever see his body visibly destroyed on screen.

I'm still itching to write that monster girl fantasy novel/story which subverts MGQ's tendency to spare the audience and instead gives readers those Bad Ends in all their ghastly, horror-filled glory. ;)

Saturday, November 11, 2017

H-space MGB Story: Bubble-Prison Arachne

PFC Stewart Peter Bate awoke suspended above pandemonium.  He was bound at the wrists and hanging from a rope like a side of beef.  He was completely naked and both his cock and legs dangled beneath him as he slid through the darkness on an unseen conveyor.  Bate couldn't see what.  Above him, the rope—which looked like catgut—stretched up into pitch-blackness.  Below him, a long way below him, Bate saw a bustle of activity as people worked.

Not people.  Demons.  Okay, aliens, although Bate was less sure about that now.

They weren't supposed to be this organized.

"Simple tribal hierarchies at best," the big brains had said.

The big brains had lied, or been utterly incompetent.  Either way, the activity Bate saw was considerably more complex than 'simple tribal hierarchies'.  Bate thought he was looking down at a factory shop floor, or maybe a chaotic bazaar.

And he was travelling over the whole thing like a strung up pig's carcass.

This concerned Bate greatly.

He tried to remember how he'd got here.  Last he remembered was chilling at the base.  Then a puff of pink smoke, a sweet smell, and darkness.

And now—more darkness.

He was transported through inky black shadows, far above the activity taking place below.  He couldn't tell whether it was night or day.  Not that he'd be able to even if he could see the sky.  H-space didn't really do night or day.

Bate was not the only on the meat hooks.  Ahead of him he saw another pale, naked body.  A fellow soldier?  He was still unconscious... or dead.  He hung limply and his head lolled forwards between his shoulders.

There was another person (body?) behind him.  By twisting his body from side to side, Bate was able to glimpse him, but not see whether he was alive, or awake.

Bate was going to call out to both when he saw something ahead of them.  Spiders.  Giant spiders the size of automobiles.  Bate's cry died in his mouth.

There were monstrous spiders all around him.  He watched as they descended on silvery ropes to the floor far below.  They halted just above great vats containing violet liquid.  Muscular hindigs with hunched, carapace-covered bodies swirled the vats with great long oars.  One of the giant spiders upended itself.  Its bloated abdomen was the same color as the liquid in the vat.  The reason for that became clear as its abdomen shrank and a stream of violet fluid poured down into the vat.  Like squeezing the juice out of a grape, Bate thought.  Flecks of gold glittered in the vat as the hard-shelled demons swirled the liquids around.  Its abdomen empty, the spider climbed back up into the shadows.

As Bate approached closer he saw a spider being ridden by a woman who was naked aside from long tresses of hair covering her breasts.  Was it even a spider?  The abdomen was bloated, but also transparent.  It looked artificial—like a giant bubble of clear plastic.  A robot?  Or some kind of mechanical walker?  The long legs still looked kind of spidery—organic rather than machine.

One of the spider riders plucked the unconscious man in front of Bate off his rope and carried him away up into the darkness.  The line continued moving.

Then it was Bate's turn.  A spider rider came for him, only now Bate was close enough to see that his initial impression was wrong.  There was no spider—or mechanical walker—and rider; spider and rider were one and the same.  The woman's upper body emerged directly from where the head would have been on a giant spider.  Like the centaurs of myth, Bate thought, but with the lower half of a monstrous spider instead of a horse.

This had to be a nightmare.  It couldn't be real.

"Oh, you're awake," the spider girl said.

She had an open, friendly face.  It was pretty... if you could fool yourself into thinking the black orbs clustered at her temples were some form of exotic body modification and not actual eyes.  Her naked body was pretty fine as well, with a set of tits a stripper would be proud of.  That rack would be totally visible if her silky platinum-blonde hair wasn't long enough to cover it, Lady Godiva style.

Yes, her body was all fine... until you reached the hips and the woman ended and the spider began.  That part was loathsomely arachnid.  She had eight long, jointed legs.  Her abdomen was a large bloated transparent balloon.  That part was utterly alien.  There was nothing in it—no organs, nothing.  Just a giant transparent sac.  It looked like a giant bubble attached to her ass.

Nightmare.  Had to be a nightmare.

"Do you have a name?" the spider girl asked.  "Mine is Burbuila."

"Roger," Bate replied, "Roger Bull."

"Hi, Roger Bull," Burbuila said.  "I'm to be your..."   She seemed to be struggling to find the right word.  "...squeeze... er."

"What are you?" Bate asked.  She seemed to be acting friendly enough, but there was still that demon body...

"I'm an essence extrac... squeeze... er..."  Her brow furrowed again.  "Your language is so clumsy.  I'm a type of arachne.  Spider girl," she elaborated.  "But not one of the scary ones you might have heard about, no no no.  I'm a specialized arachne.  Look."

She leant back and ran a hand over her bloated abdomen.  The surface dimpled and rippled like an air-filled rubber bladder.

"See how soft and comfortable it is."

"Uh, okay," Bate said.  "I don't suppose you could get me down."

She reached up and plucked Bate off the rope.  One of her spidery forelimbs moved forwards and snipped through the rope binding Bate's wrists as if it was nothing more than thread.

"Thanks," Bate said.

"You're welcome," she beamed back at him.

She turned and carried him away from the line.  She was stronger than she looked.  She cradled his 200 pounds of mostly muscle in her arms as if he was no more than a baby.

She wasn't holding him tight though.  If Bate struggled, he reckoned he break free of her.  And then what?  If he missed any of the ropes (web?) she was walking on... splat.

"It's so nice to have this conversation with you," Burbuila said.  "It makes the squee..."  Again, a pause.  Again, a furrowing of her brows.  "...process much smoother and more pleasurable."

The silvery ropes Burbuila walked upon were hard to pick out in the shadowy gloom.  There could be a complex web of them—criss-crossing and intersecting in a mesh dense enough to catch Bate if he fell.  Or there could only be a few strands running far apart.  In which case... splat.  Bate didn't fancy taking that chance.

After walking a short distance, Burbuila stopped.  She gave him a flirty little smile and brushed aside the silky smooth hair covering her left breast.  Bate caught a glimpse of the little pink button nub of her nipple.  He was sure it was deliberate.

"Shall we begin?" she asked.

Bate smiled back.  Begin what?  The way she bent over him, her eyelids half-closed and her luscious lips all bunched up, looked like she want to kiss him.  Bate was kind of okay with that.  A kiss—even a kiss off a freaky spider woman demon—didn't seem so bad.  It could be worse.

Bate glanced over her right shoulder.

He saw worse.

There was another spider woman some way above him.  She had a man trapped inside her big bubble abdomen.  He was pushing his hands against the transparent wall like it was bars.

Bate's eyes widened.  He started to squirm too late as she gathered him up in a tight, inescapable embrace.  Her luscious lips pressed against his.

...and Bate stopped squirming as he lost himself in her kiss.

It was like being sixteen all over again:  Nervous, heart fluttering, blood pounding, stomach churning, then that perfect timeless moment as his lips pressed against the lips of his crush of the time.  Time stood still.  No.  Time didn't even exist.  Their lips locked, tongues tangled, breath was shared.  He tasted sweetness—like the juices of some exotic, forbidden fruit.  Hot flashes traced burning trails across his skin.  His loins throbbed.  He melted in her arms.

Burbuila broke off the kiss and smiled down at him.

Bate gave her puppy-dog eyes back.  He no longer even knew where he was.

"See," she said.  "Specialized arachne.  I don't bite.  I kiss."

Glistening dew drops bubbled up on her lips.  She kissed him again—on his lips, his cheeks, his neck, his chest.  The lipstick impressions she left on his skin flared and tingled.  Bate felt hot, shivery, weak.

"That's the first part of the process," Burbuila said.

She held Bate's body away from her with her long jointed forelegs.

"Now for the second."

She let out a soft grunt.  Her fleshy labia—pink and plump and human in appearance even though they lay at the juncture where human became spider—parted.  Another soft grunt, this time of exertion.  Her sex opened out into a tunnel.  Glistening strands of lubricant stretched between the moist tunnel walls.  They snapped as the tunnel opened up wider and wider.

Bate's eyes widened also.  He was still woozy from Burbuila's kiss, but he could see her vagina had opened too wide for any meaningful sexual intercourse.  Why, it was wide enough to fit his head.

Bate was not woozy enough to be blissfully ignorant of what she intended.  He started to squirm as she pushed him headfirst into the gaping maw of her sex.

"In you go," she said, before letting out a breathy sigh.

Wet muscular walls enfolded Bate's head and upper body.  They gripped and smoothly pulled him down an organic passage.  Bate barely had time to panic before he was transported down the fleshy tunnel and excreted out into the open space of her transparent abdomen.

From the inside it even more resembled a giant bubble.  Through the translucent walls he saw other spider women resting on silvery threads, their bubble abdomens also containing captives.

From the inside of her...

Oh fuck, he was inside her.

Then Bate panicked.

He stood up and banged his fists against the outer wall.  It felt soft and yielding, but also tough like thick rubber.

"Ooh, a fidgety one", Burbuila said.  Her voice was muffled by the transparent walls of her bubble abdomen.  "That's ticklish."

"Let me out," Bate wailed.

"I will, after I've put you through the nirvana of sublimation," Burbuila said.  "Just relax.  It's an intensely pleasurable experience."

Violet fumes welled up from the floor.  The bubble was filled with a sickly sweet scent.  The air became thick, cloying... musky.  Bate felt strange—heavy, but also horny.  He felt the blood rush down to his groin.  His thoughts fogged up.

"Lie back.  Relax," Burbuila said.  Her words sank into Bate's brain and fluttered against his pleasure centers.

Before he knew it, he was lying on the floor of her bubble.  It had grown thicker and softer—like an airbed pumped up with air.  A puff of membrane swelled up and formed a comfortable pillow for his head.

"Comfortable?" Burbuila asked.

Her voice—her soft sighs and moans—seemed to be coming from a position right next to Bate's ears.  As if she was in there with him.  The air inside the bubble was thick with exotic scents and the musky odor of arousal.

Burbuila lay back against the bubble and rubbed her arms against the pliant walls.

"And now to squeeze," she sighed.

Soft, membranous walls closed around Bate.  He felt gentle pressure all over his body.  The warmth and scents reminded him of teen fantasies of being tangled up with the naked and nubile bodies of the entire cheerleading squad.

Burbuila breathed in and her bubble abdomen throbbed around Bate like a giant heart.  The membranous walls moved all over him, caressed him, squeezed him.

"Give yourself to the pleasure," Burbuila said.  She lay back against her balloon-like abdomen as it swelled and throbbed.  "Let me squeeze out all your tension and melt you with bliss."

Bate's erection was engulfed and sucked up inside an orifice.  He could see it bobbing away through the transparent membrane walls.  He saw his foreskin move back and forth as his member was gripped by a gentle force.

"Squeeze," Burbuila said.

She breathed in.  Her membranous walls pressed all around Bate.  Suction tugged against his erection.  It responded with a meaty twitch.

"And relax."

She let out a breath.  The gentle pressure all over Bate's body subsided.  Fleshy walls fluttered around his cock.

She repeated the cycle until Bate twitched, mad with lust inside her.  So close.  He felt so close.  He wanted to reach over and finish himself off, but the membranes kept him pinned to the floor of the bubble.

"And now the big squeeze," Burbuila said.

The soft walls pressed all around Bate, molding perfectly to his body and applying gentle pressure all over, with special attention to his cock.  Bate felt the pressure—the suction—building on his manhood until he could withstand it no longer.  He shuddered helplessly and bucked against the smothering pressure as he emptied a great stream of cum into her.  It was drawn from him as if inhaled.  The bubble throbbed around him and each pulse sucked another massive flood of sperm from him.  Something else as well.  Some hazy nebulous element of him.  Not enough to empty him, but enough to make him feel like some part of him was missing.

Fucked right out of him.

He lay back on the soft membranes, panting from the exertion.

What had he just done with this... thing?  And why did it feel like the best sex he'd ever had?

More sweet-smelling fumes were puffed into Bate's face.  Warm exotic fluids were poured over his naked body.  His doubt and disgust melted away.  He felt hot and horny and eager to go again.

"This is where my sisters would squeeze, and suck, and churn, until you were fully sublimated to your essence," Burbuila said, still lying back against the transparent bag of her abdomen.  "They're too impatient.  It should always be long, slow and sensual."

More warm juices were squirted into the cavity.  They sank through Bate's skin, soaked into his muscles and made him feel blissfully relaxed.  So pampered.  He felt so pampered within her.

"The longer you give them nirvana, the greater the flavor."

She sighed and rubbed her arms against the membranous wall of her bubble-prison abdomen.

"They always tell me my flavor is the best.  Because I care for you and make you feel so good."

Slow steady throbs started up again with Bate at the heart of them.  His cock was sucked up and squeezed by air pressure.  He let out a low moan.  Nothing else mattered as Burbuila slowly pulsed him up to another long, slow orgasm.  More violet fluids flecked with gold flowed into the chamber of her abdomen.

"We're going to share bliss together for such a long time," Burbuila said.

She was good for her word.  She could have emptied Bate out with a few strong squeezes, but instead she let him recover, let his body rest, let his balls fill back up before she squeezed and massaged him to another monstrous climax.

Over and over again.

It was a long time later when she descended down and emptied Bate's sublimated essence out into the vat far below.

Saturday, July 08, 2017

H-space MGB Story: Strumpeta

PFC Stewart Peter Bate almost hoped there was nothing after death.  The prospect of standing before the pearly gates of heaven and answering "how did you get here?" with "I got sucked up by the trumpet tail of a swimwear model sex demon" was just too mortifying.

On the other hand, Bate really hoped there was something following on from this life because it looked very much like this world was done with him.

Muscular peristaltic contractions ran through the transparent tube, inching Bate deeper down it.  Only his feet and ankles were still outside.  Bate kicked them feebly.  Not that it had any chance of doing anything.  Despite looking like it was made out of soft clear rubber, the tube was powerful enough to lift Bate up off the ground and hold him there while she gulped him down.  His arms were pinned to his sides.  It was as much as he could do to keep moving his ribcage in and out to breathe in what little air remained within the tube.

Another muscular ripple jerked Bate a little deeper.  The process of her swallowing him was slow enough to give him plenty of time to contemplate on how he'd ended up in this horrible state.


That's what it was.

Stupidity on top of stupidity.

He'd signed up to join the army because he wasn't doing anything better with his life.


He'd signed up for this top secret assignment because it sounded exciting and made him feel important.


Not putting a bullet in this demonic bitch the moment he'd clapped eyes on her.

At least that last one wasn't totally on him.  He'd tried.  His gun had jammed.  And then her big trumpet tail had sucked him right up.

He hadn't seen the tail at first.  He'd seen a semi-naked woman flash by through the corner of his vision and his first thought was that it was one of the camp personnel.

Bate didn't know what she was doing wandering around in her underwear.  Sleepwalking maybe.  What he did know was that they'd told him it was dangerous beyond the perimeter.  Definitely not a place for a young woman to be running around in nothing more than her underwear.

He'd realized his mistake when he caught up to her on the other side of a large rock formation they'd been using to mark the edges of the camp.

"Miss, what are you doing out here?"

What he'd first taken for black bra and panties were some kind of paint or natural body pigmentation.  She had a similar bar across her big wide eyes that looked like exotic makeup.

He'd also got close enough to see she wasn't naked, although it was easy to make that mistake.  She seemed to be in some kind of clear latex bodysuit that covered her from neck to toe.  It was a weird bodysuit as it also appeared to have a tail.  Bate hadn't seen it at first as it was also made out of the same colorless rubberlike material.  The end terminated in a strange bulbous structure, like the club tail of one of those prehistoric armored dinosaurs.

"My belly feels so empty.  Would you like to fill it?" she asked as sweetly as if asking for a kiss.

The tail was clearly part of her body and not some kind of freaky cosplay.  That much was evident when it reared up over her head.  The end opened out like the bell of a trumpet.  Glistening strands of saliva crossed an aperture large enough to take in Bate's head, and maybe his shoulders too.

That had been enough for Bate.  He'd aimed his rifle at the hindig, pressed the trigger and...

...nothing happened.

Bate looked down at his gun in surprise.  That was time enough for the hindig to drop the flared opening of her tail over Bate's head and suck him up.

And now he was nothing more than a bulge of food passing down her tail on the way to whatever passed for her belly.  He wondered if her female form was just a lure and her real head and neck was the tail-like structure Bate was currently being slowly squeezed down.  At least he had a perfect view of the lovely swell of her ass.

In many respects that made it worse.

The hindig grunted as the flexible walls of her tail—or throat—bunched up around Bate and pulled him deeper into her body.

Did she have to make it sound so sexual? Bate thought.  It was so wrong.

The air had run out.  He was on the verge of passing out.  Dimly he became aware of his head pressing up against some kind of soft sphincter.  It opened up and Bate was squeezed between her legs and through into a flexible bag that hung from the front of her body.

The lack of oxygen kicked in and Bate drifted in and out of consciousness.  Dimly he was aware of movement.  Not that he should care about it.  It was too late.  She'd swallowed him, gulped him down like a snake gobbling up a live frog.

Eaten by a fucking demonic swimwear model, of all the fucking ways to go.

Life was fucking ridiculous, and then you died.

Or maybe not.

Bate woke to a hissing sound and the tickling sensation of air being blown past his ears.  He opened his eyes and his vision was filled with two big round breasts.  They were black as if painted with crude oil, but otherwise had an appealing swell and softness to them.  Bate got to experience that softness firsthand as hands gripped the side of his head and rubbed his face into the curvaceous mounds of flesh.

Was this heaven? Bate idly wondered.

His head was pulled back.  He noticed then there was a strange elastic membrane between the hands and the sides of his head.  He also saw the big tits throb in a way a woman's tits should not.  The nipples—if they were nipples—opened up and warm, scented air was squirted into Bate's face.

The perfumed breeze had a similar effect to spelling salts, but with none of the unpleasant pungency.  The scent fired up Bate's brain and jerked him back to full attention.  It also made his blood race as if he'd suddenly come into heat.

"Ah, better," the owner of the big round boobs said.  "You're such fragile things.  I thought you might have expired, and that would have made for a poor meal."

The hindig.

Bate remembered now.

He was lying in a bag of soft, elastic material.  The hindig girl was sort of in there with him.  Sort of, in the sense the membranous pouch was part of her.  It formed an extra layer over her skin, and Bate was inside her in the space between her body and this additional elastic layer.  She sat on top of him and straddled his crotch.  Both ends of Bate were raised by the membranous walls of the bag.  The only reason he was still breathing was because the bag had been pumped full of oxygenated air.

Pumped into here by her tits, he thought.

Hindigs were weirder even than what he'd heard.

The walls of the membrane were transparent and Bate could see his surroundings through them.  He was in some kind of cave lit up by candles.

The hindig had brought him here, but for what purpose?

She moaned in pleasure and clutched her big titties through the elastic walls of her pouch.  She squeezed and massaged them.  No scented air emerged this time.  Instead the nipples opened up wider and thick globs of a white paste-like substance fell down on Bate's chest.  The substance was hot.  Bate felt the heat against his skin as it soaked through his uniform.

It was doing more than soak through, it was burning through the material of his uniform as if the paste was some kind of caustic gel.  This should have concerned Bate more, but he felt weirdly lethargic.  And besides, he didn't feel any burning pain where the white substance came into contact with his exposed skin.  There was some heat, but it felt pleasant more than anything.

He also felt heat rising within him.  Whether it had been his face pressed into her soft boobs, or something in the perfumed air he was inhaling, or the way she was currently rubbing her crotch against him, Bate suddenly felt really turned on and in the mood for a good hard fucking.

She dripped more white globs onto him and then, moaning with wanton sexual need, she rubbed her naked body against Bate, smearing the white paste over both of their skins.  Bate was aroused enough to rub his hands all over her naked body.  He wanted to slide them over her back and put his arms around her, but could only reach her sides before encountering some kind of seam that prevented his hands from going any further.  No matter.  He was having enough fun fondling and playing with her big round tits.

"Oh yes," she moaned.  "That's making me wet."

Then she pissed in his lap.  At least it felt like piss.  Warm liquid flooded out of her sex and puddled around Bate's buttocks at the bottom of the stretchy bag.



Bate's erection rose up out of the wet ruin of his pants and underwear.  The hindig positioned her body over it and slowly eased herself down.  She let out a soft moan as she drew Bate's cock up into the snug clutch of her sex.  Bate moaned too.  Her vagina was tight and extremely juicy.

"Oh yes," the alien woman sighed.

She bounced up and down on Bate's cock.  Being inside this membranous bag added a lot more bounce to the experience.  The stretchy walls pressed all around Bate's naked form and added extra spring to his thrusts as he fucked the alien girl.

Oh yeah, Bate thought, feeling the wet friction of her pussy sliding around his cock.  Who'd have thought being swallowed up by her weird trumpet tail would have ended up like this.  Maybe he had died and this was some kind of heaven.

No, it couldn't be.  What they were doing together was way too dirty for any heaven.

Moaning and gasping in ecstasy, the hindig reached up and squeezed her breasts again.  Her tits disgorged more thick white paste over Bate, interspersed with more puffs of that delicious perfumed air.

Faster and faster she rode him.  Bate was bounced around inside the bag and churned around with the paste from her tits and the copious fluids leaking from her pussy.  Together with the dissolved dregs of Bate's uniform—and probably his sweat and pre-cum as well—the liquids formed a messy slurry at the bottom of the transparent pouch.

"Yes," the hindig girl said.  "I'm going to come... going to come so much."

So was Bate, if the steadily rising pressure in his balls was anything to go by.

The hindig switched position.  She moved her legs forwards and crossed them behind Bate's back, coaxing him to penetrate her even more deeply with his manhood until it felt like every millimeter had been gobbled up by her wet, hungry sex.  She leant forwards and hugged Bate's upper body through the elastic membrane.

Their two bodies were pressed too tightly together for any kind of thrusting motion, but none was required.  Her vagina was moving all on its own.  It throbbed, squeezed and tugged on Bate's cock.  The stimulation was intense.

Too intense.

"Coming," Bate murmured into her soft cleavage.

His manhood throbbed and his hips flexed against her as he shot a great flood of semen inside her.

That flood was nothing but a trickle compared to what came out of the hindig.  She gave out an exultant cry.  Her vagina convulsed around Bate's still-throbbing member and she released a torrent of her ejaculate into the bag.  This was beyond squirting.  Bate was soaking in her warm issue.  There was so much it was gradually filling up the bag.

The throbbing walls of her vagina set Bate off again.  Her pussy clamped so tight around him it felt like she was sucking his seed out of him.  Then her sex dilated and another torrent of warm fluids surged past his sensitive cock.

God, just how wet was she?  The stretchy bag was filling up.  It was ridiculous.  The water level was already climbing up past his nipples.  It smelt pretty rank as well—a potent mélange of sex and less pleasant bodily fluids.  The puffs of perfumed air from her tits barely masked it.

It felt okay though.  Like lying in a nice relaxing warm bath.  It was the perfect thing when basking in the pleasant post-orgasmic aftermath.  The elastic walls of the bag made it even better.  The shifting and swaying motions sent warm currents tickling around Bate's body.

Maybe it was a little too relaxing.  Bate felt a little strange below the neck.  Or rather, it seemed like he couldn't feel some parts of his body at all.

The hindig placed her hands on the stretchy membrane and pressed Bate's face into her tits.

"This part's not so pleasant," she whispered down to him.  "Just focus on my lovely big boobs.  It won't take long."

They were lovely soft tits, Bate thought as he rubbed his face against her silky smooth skin.  Big, round, and so, so soft.  Soft like her luscious vagina wrapped around his cock.

Hmm.  Why couldn't he feel that anymore?  Had he already lost his erection?  He had emptied a big load into her, he supposed.  It would take a while to recover.  In the meantime he'd soak in this lovely warm bath.

The hindig held Bate's head against her breasts as the rest of his body fell apart in her digestive juices.  His neck detached, leaving his head behind as the rest of his body slumped to a sludge at the bottom of her stomach bag.  The hindig continued to rub his face into her soft cleavage.  Finally she released his head and let it fall into the rest of the soup.  The flesh and soft tissues dissolved and a skull slowly sank to the bottom.

With a luxurious sigh, the hindig drew the soup of dissolved flesh into her body.  The bones and other indigestible matter she excreted out through her tail onto a charnel heap at the back of her cave.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Excerpt from "Sandwiched by Stomachs"

I finished all the uploading today.  "Sandwiched by Stomachs" should go live either tomorrow or Sunday.  Here's an excerpt to whet your appetite while you're waiting:

She kissed him and Maynard's mouth filled up with a hot liquid that was thick and sticky like syrup.

Maynard opened his eyes.

It wasn't Aldonza.

It wasn't human.

In form it resembled a human woman.  It was featureless.  Or rather, there were features—eyes, nose, mouth—but they were the same color as the rest of her skin, as if she'd been freshly popped from a plastic mold.  It wasn't flesh-tone pink either, but a paler, clammy shade—like viscera exposed to the light.

That's what she looked like—a girl made from viscera.  Whitish-pink fluids oozed up all over her skin.  Greater quantities drooled from her full and surprisingly sensual lips.

Shocked, Maynard tried to pull away.  The girl hugged him tighter.  He heard a low chuckle from the top of the mound.

"It would have been better for you had you not broken my charm, but I can't say I'm disappointed," the woman on top of the mound, who was not a researcher from FOB Lamanche, said.

Maynard looked over at her and wondered how he'd ever mistaken her for human.  A set of red horns, curved and pointed like those of a bull, grew out of the side of her head.  Her hair was long and red and cascaded over her naked shoulders.  It looked wet.  Not wet as if it had been freshly washed, but wet as if it wasn't hair at all and instead some kind of mucus or slime.  She was naked and her skin was pale white in color and had an unnatural sheen—like worms never exposed to the sun.  She had red markings on her midriff and exposed breasts that resembled tribal tattoos.  Her boobs were big and round—the kind prized by the scummy magazines and websites that liked to objectify the female form.

That was the weirdest part.  Even under all the alien crap she still had the face and figure of a stunningly attractive young woman.  Above the waist anyway.  Below the waist... did she even have a 'below the waist'?  Maynard couldn't see legs.  Instead her body broadened out in some kind of glistening trunk that descended into the mound.

Maynard didn't think she had a foot stuck, or even that the mound was a mound.  He suspected it was a part of her in same way the shell was part of the tortoise.

"What are you?" Maynard asked.

And if the shell was part of her, did that mean this pink, floppy thing in his arms was as well?

"And what's this?"

Maynard tried to fend off the blob of wet tissue shaped like a woman.  It had arms around Maynard like a drunken slut.  He couldn't push her—it!—off.  His hands kept slipping off its slimy surface.

"I'm Desquerida," the girl—monster!—on top of the mound said.  "I suppose you could describe that as my stomach."

Stomach?  What the fuck?

Maynard noticed what was happening to his uniform.  Holes appeared where the fabric appeared to be rotting away.

"I can extrude my stomach outside my body to catch and digest prey," Desquerida said.

Maynard redoubled his efforts.  He couldn't break away.  The woman-shaped blob of flesh might have felt light like a balloon, but the surface was rubbery and sprang back from his blows.  It was also covered in a layer of slippery slime that prevented Maynard from getting a good grip.

"Oh but that makes it sound so revoltingly crude.  This is a plane of pleasure.  The consumed must be given pleasure by those that consume them.  That is the rule here.  If you hadn't broken my charm it would have been in the sweet embrace of one you love."

Maynard kept struggling even as his uniform fell away in tatters.

"Although I'd be lying if I said I didn't prefer it this way," the monster added with a girlish giggle.  "It's always so much more enjoyable when the prey is fully aware what's happening to them."

It's icky and vore-y, but there should still be plenty of hot (if weird) monster girl sex for people that are a bit more ambivalent on the vore thing.  It's more a full-length version of the H-space Monster Girl Bestiary profiles I've been posting over the last year (and realising that was the angle I should take with it finally allowed me to finish it and get the Sandwiched by series moving again.)

The full version should be available for you to read from all good ebook retailers at the bargain price of $0.99 in the next day or so.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

New Sandwiched by on the way - "Sandwiched by Stomachs"

No, I haven't forgotten about that series.

This one is also set in H-space.  It's a little weird... a little vore-y... but that shouldn't be too much of a surprise if you've been following the H-space Monster Girl Bestiary series.  Here's the blurb:

Sandwiched by is a sexy series of monster girl erotic horror shorts from the master of dark erotica, M. E. Hydra.  The fifth in the series, “Sandwiched by Stomachs”, sees a man ensnared by the stomachs of a very unusual... and hungry... demon girl.

CPL Maynard Mayo is stationed in the alien dimension known as H-space.  While investigating a cry for help he encounters a predatory monster girl with the unusual ability to evert her stomachs and shape them into sexy female form.  These stomachs lure men into their folds and melt away their resistance with sensual ecstasy.  Can Maynard escape this tempting trap or will he be literally digested alive by sex...?

Sandwiched by.  One dude, two (or three!) sexy babes.  A perfect fantasy... or maybe not...

It's about four or five times the length of a typical H-space MGB story, so you can expect things to get very graphic and detailed indeed.  I'm still working on the formatting and cover.  The plan is to upload it to Amazon and other retailers tomorrow, which should make it available to buy at some point over the weekend.  I'll post an excerpt as an appetiser some time tomorrow, and then the full puff piece as soon as I see it go live.

As for the H-space MGB stories I post for free here - I'm back to writing them (finally!).  I don't want to get in the way of the Sandwiched by promo stuff, so I'll hold the next one back until that's cleared (probably early next week).

Sunday, December 25, 2016

H-space MGB Profile: Crynolie

Name: Crynolie
Type:  Demon
Habitat:  Fertile plains and valleys.  Artificial gardens.

Outwardly looks like a pretty young lady in a gaily coloured and extravagantly large crinoline dress.  An eyewitness described them as looking like a group of actresses on the set of a period drama.  One thing most observers notice is that the proportions of the crynolies seem off.  They are deceptively tall, as if their legs are longer than they should be.

Underneath their 'dresses' the crynolies have four long and spindly legs, with each pair arranged perpendicularly to the other—like the legs of a small table.  The legs look insectoid in shape, but resemble human flesh and skin, and terminate in what looks like human feet.  Their most alien part is a bulbous sac or abdomen hanging down from the centre of their body.  This too is covered in what looks like human skin, but otherwise resembles no part of the human body aside from the vulva-like orifice at the tip.  The 'vulva' is surrounded by clusters of short tubules.  These emit the fumes the crynolie uses for defence and to overpower her prey.

Attack Strategy:
The crynolie is capable of emitting fumes that put anyone breathing them into a highly suggestible state where they blindly follow any instruction give to them by the crynolie.  While in this state the victim is unable to take any actions of their own volition.

Once she has her prey under her control, the crynolie will then ingest them into her fleshy abdomen through her 'vulva'.  Initially it was thought they simply ate their victims, but—as with most HSIOs—the reality is far more complex.

The crynolie's abdomen contains a stretchy bag organ—a kind of stomach or womb—large enough to contain an adult human.  This organ has thick padded walls and is surrounded by a net of muscular fibres that give the crynolie fine control of internal movements.  At the top of the containment organ is an air bladder.  The crynolie places her prey's head within this bladder and supplies them with oxygen so they do not suffocate inside her.

The next stage is to overload her captive with sexual excitement.  The air the crynolie gives to her prey is laced with various sedatives and aphrodisiacs.  Stronger aphrodisiac juices are secreted inside the containment bag and sensually massaged into the flesh of her captive.  The containment organ also contains various structures analogous to human sex organs and the crynolie selects and uses them depending on the sex and sexual preferences of her captive.

The big question is why?

I don't believe the crynolies are feeding off our sexual arousal.  I believe, like other HSIOs, the crynolies are after something else from us, and massive sexual overstimulation is just a tool to expose or loosen it.

(As to what this 'something else' is—I think it is what various religions throughout history have referred to as the human soul.  As to what this infers about the nature of H-space and the HSIOs...  No, I'm not ready to believe this.  Not yet.)

The mind control fumes of the crynolie must not be inhaled.  Fortunately they have a relatively short range of effect and require concentrated amounts.  Likely the reason why crynolies are encountered in groups.

Unfortunately, tackling them from a distance is also difficult.  The 'dress' of the crynolie is part of their body and composed of a flexible, durable material that is resistant to both small arms and bladed weapons.  If threatened the crynolie retracts her upper half down into her dress and emits a dense fog to cover her escape.

Threat Level:
Medium to High.

As devastatingly effective as their paralysing fumes are at close range and as awkward as they are to engage at distance, I suspect the crynolies are actually low down in the 'demon'-type hierarchy.  I fear there is worse out there.  Far worse...

Saturday, December 24, 2016

H-space MGB Story: Crynolie

SGT Stewart Peter Bate knew those dresses weren't right.  The proportions didn't fit.  The dresses were too big—like the women wearing them were standing on cut-off stilts, or really tall platform boots.

Or weren't human.

Bate tried to tell Cox, the leader of their explo squad, but he wouldn't have it.

"We don't know for certain.  They could be innocent humans transported here through a displacement effect.  We can't go in guns blazing."

'Guns Blazing.'  Goddamned civvies.  Bate thought each explo unit was supposed to be led by a military officer.

"Mendez.  Bain.  Stay back and provide cover as we go in," Cox ordered.

In was an immaculately tended garden in the middle of nowhere.  The squad had come upon it in a sheltered valley—a splash of green standing out against the scraggly, blood-red grass covering the hillsides on either side of them.  It was clearly an artificial garden with a lush green lawn and neat rows of flowerbeds.  There was an open structure constructed from wooden beams—a pergola the size of a church.  Climbing plants ran up the support beams and across the top.  It looked pretty, but where were the other buildings?

"No hostile moves," Cox said to the rest of the squad as they approached the central structure.  "We want to show them we mean no harm."

Standing under the pergola were the women in the odd dresses.  The dresses were big and bright and resembled the extravagant crinoline dresses and ball gowns from the middle of the 1800s.  They were so absurdly large it looked like each woman was poking out of the top of a giant lampshade.  Bate wouldn't expect any modern woman to wear anything like that unless they were actresses playing aristocratic ladies in a historical drama.  That's what they looked like—a group of fine old Southern Belles taking afternoon tea on a lovely summer day.  As if a god had chopped a square out of the old Deep South and randomly left it here.

Those dresses, though, they weren't right.  The closer Bate got the more it nagged at him.  They were too tall—as if the top halves and bottom halves of the women wearing them didn't match up.

The women spotted the squad and buzzed amongst themselves in excitement.  One of them, a woman with a sunflower-yellow dress and platinum-blonde hair tied up in an elaborate beehive, approached the men.

"What a delightful surprise," she said.  "A group of young men, and such handsome ones as well.  Welcome.  I am Galulpia."

Galulpia looked surprisingly attractive in spite of her archaic attire and hairdo.  As did the other women.  They stood behind her and whispered and tittered to each other behind brightly painted fans.  If he had to guess, Bate would have placed them all in their early to mid-twenties with Galulpia the eldest.

"A pleasure ma'am.  I am Dr. Theodore Cox and my men and I are here as representatives of the great country of The United States of America.  May I ask the name of this place?"

"This is the garden," Galulpia replied.  "My ladies and I came out here to enjoy this lovely afternoon.  Would you and your handsome young men like to join us?"

Galulpia was smiling like one of those wholesome Southern Belles in an old TV drama.  The smile was too sunny to be natural.  Bate couldn't shake the feeling something was off.  Something about the women that creeped him out.  They all looked about a foot taller than they should be.

And there was the garden.  It was also too nice... too neat.  It looked like a perfect film set, constructed only to last for as long as it took to make the shot.  Bate noticed the plants climbing up the corner supports of the pergola.  Some of the flowers looked like dicks.  Some of the flowers looked like pussies.  Some of the dick flowers were in the pussy flowers.  Everything felt off.

They shouldn't be here.

And that motherfucker Cox.  Now he'd got the formal introductions out of the way he was actually flirting with her.

"...that does sound a mighty tempting offer," he said.  "We have been on our feet all day."

Galulpia glanced over Cox's shoulder to where Mendez and Bain had taken up covering fire positions.

"Are those your men?" she asked.  "They look so lonely all the way out there.  Why don't you ask them to come and join us."

When you saw her standing next to Cox, the height thing really jumped out, Bate thought.  Cox had to be over six foot tall and Galulpia had an inch or two on him.  It didn't match her otherwise petite and dainty features at all.  Nothing matched.

"Sure thing," Cox said.  He turned around.  "Mendez.  Bain.  You can come in.  Everything's fine."

What!  Wait!  No, Bate thought.  He went to raise his voice in objection... and nothing came out.  He just stood there.  What the fuck?  He wanted to say something.  Why wouldn't it come out?

He glanced down and saw his boots had vanished beneath a thick ground fog.  Where had that come from?  It looked like early morning mist, but it wasn't morning.  Then he looked up and saw the source.  It was the women.  The mist billowed out from beneath their dresses in little puffs of fluffy white smoke.

You fucking ass, Cox, Bate thought.  How many times had they been told about the HSIOs?  How many times had they been warned?  Their stupid fucking idiot civvie CO had led them right into a trap.

Mendez and Bain would be no help either.  They'd already rejoined the squad.  Mendez's nostril wrinkled, then a certain slackness entered his features.

"It's so warm," Galulpia said.  "I'm sure you'd be far more comfortable out of those heavy uniforms."

"You know, that's a really good idea," Cox said.  He dropped his kit and started to take his clothes off.

"How about the rest of you boys?" Galulpia said.  "Wouldn't you like to be naked as well?"

Yes, that was a really good idea, Bate thought.  He put down his kit and rifle and started to climb out of his uniform.

What was he doing?

It didn't matter.  He couldn't stop it.  It was like he was a passenger in his own body.  All he could do was watch as his hands unbuckled his pants and let them drop into the thick mist swirling around his feet.

He stood naked along with the other men.  A warm breeze whipped up wisps of white mist.  The women in the too-big dresses watched them with naked lust in their eyes.

"Mmm, such lovely young men," Galulpia said.  "I'm positively salivating."

She reached down.  Her dress opened at the front and she swished it aside like opening a pair of curtains.  Bate knew now why her proportions seemed off.  Revealed behind was her true monstrous form.  Her legs were long and spindly, and she had four of them.  They were reminiscent of the legs of an insect despite being covered in pink flesh and terminating in dainty pink human feet.  To Bate the juxtaposition of the familiar with the alien looked far worse than had they actually been the legs of a giant insect.

Worst of all was what was hanging down between them.  Bate saw a bloated pink sac like the bulbous abdomen of a grub or insect.  As with the legs it was covered in soft pink human skin.   Puffs of white mist emerged from tubular openings clustered at the end.

Galulpia reached over to caress the side of Cox's face.  "Shall we—as they say—get down and dirty?" she said.

Cox was smiling, but his eyes trembled and water collected around his lower eyelids.  Good, Bate thought, he wanted the fucker to be fully aware of how he'd doomed them.

Galulpia sat down with her bloated abdomen laid out before her.  She had a fleshy slit at the end.  It looked uncomfortably similar to a human vulva.  Bate watched as the labia peeled aside and revealed a lurid interior slick with lubricating juices.  It stretched open wider and wider, a widening pink tunnel.  Four large tentacles, fleshy and muscular like tongues, slithered out and wrapped around Cox's upper body.  They lingered lasciviously over his exposed flesh before pulling him headfirst into the gaping orifice.  Waves of contraction shuddered through the bulbous pink abdomen as she gulped Cox into her.  The science officer's feet wiggled out of the end before they too were drawn inside.  Galulpia let out an orgasmic sigh as her labia folded back behind them.

"Ooh, a wriggler," she said.  "They make me so wet."

Her bloated pink abdomen churned and convulsed.  Galulpia moaned in orgasmic pleasure.  It didn't take long for the violent motion to settle down to slow regular throbs, like the beats of heart.  Galulpia sighed and cooed as her bulbous abdomen swelled and contracted.  Every so often it would give a little shake and white juices would ooze out of the tip.

It was perverse.  Sexual in a way that should not be sexual.

All around him Bate watched helplessly as the other members of his squad were engulfed.  He couldn't move, could only wait his inevitable fate.

It came with a sweet voice.  "Aww, are you feeling left out?  Turn around."

Bate did as he was told.  He saw a pretty young woman with platinum-blonde hair lying on her back with her upper body propped up on her elbows.  Her lower body...

The vagina-like opening at the end of her abdomen opened up and livid red tongues shot out to coil around Bate's upper body.  Her vagina gaped wider, revealing a long pink tunnel that contracted and dilated with muscular throbs.  The tentacles tugged and Bate was pitched face-first into an orifice that opened wider to admit him.  His head went inside and he breathed in humid air thick with the stench of sex.  His shoulders followed and the fleshy walls of her sex pressed around him.  Muscular peristaltic motion took over and Bate was inexorably drawn into her.

Only then did the queer hypnosis that had prevented Bate from resisting wear off.  With his body back under his control he started to struggle.  It was like being inside a giant elastic bag.  The walls were too slick for his scrabbling fingers to gain any kind of purchase.  The walls pressed in around his body with muscular contraction and hauled him in deeper.  Soft spongy flesh contracted around his ankles and then wrapped around his feet as her vaginal opening closed behind him.

Bate kept pushing against the fleshy walls as he tried, desperately, to find any kind of weak spot.  He was running out of air.  He was going to suffocate... suffocate and be digested.

Another wave of peristaltic force gripped his body.  His head was pushed up through some kind of muscular sphincter and into a space mercifully filled with breathable air.

Breathable, but not fresh.  The breaths Bate took were tainted with sweet perfume and the organic stink of sex.  The sphincter closed around his neck—tight like a collar, but not tight enough to stop him from breathing.  His head was also not alone within the air bladder.  Things slender and moist wormed into his ears.

Bate heard the voice of the hindig that had swallowed him.  It came through as clear as if he was wearing headphones.

"Are you okay there?  I couldn't let you suffocate inside me.  That would be such a waste."

Bate heard air sacs working like bellows on either side of his head, keeping the tainted air circulating.  And it was tainted... corrupted.  Bate could feel the same taint spreading through him with every breath he took, awakening immoral thoughts and causing his loins to throb with unnatural need.  He had no choice.  It was that or suffocate to death inside her.

"What do you want?" he called out within his little bubble of air.

Glands within the main cavity's walls squirted hot fluids all over Bate's naked body.  Bate panicked at the thought of her digestive acids eating into his flesh and started to kick out again.  It did nothing more than provoke a series of ecstatic sighs and moans from her, as if his desperate struggling was getting her off sexually.

"Ooh yes," she moaned.

"You're not melting me to mush," Bate raged.

He drove elbows into the soft fleshy wall.  He tried to gouge it with his fingers.  All it did was trigger more orgasmic moans and induce her glands to squirt more juices over him until Bate was covered all over in warm oily secretions.  They made him feel hot... and prickly in a weird way, like he hadn't had sex or masturbated in days and was getting antsy.

"Silly boy," the hindig giggled.  "I'm not going to melt your body to mush.  That's not how we consume."

The central cavity contracted and the space for Bate to struggle in shrank and shrank until his legs were squeezed together and his arms were pinned to his sides.  It felt like someone had wrapped a wet air mattress around him and held it in place with rolls and rolls of thick tape.  Bate couldn't move, but she could.

The meat walls quivered with low throbs and crawled all over his exposed flesh.  To his aphrodisiac-drenched senses it felt like hands, naked butts, or even voluptuous breasts rubbing all over his body.  Like he was playing sardines and jammed in a closet with a team of naked Vegas strippers.  His cock, already bloated with blood, swelled out in a full erection and pressed up against the cushion-soft walls of flesh.  He couldn't control it.

How could he be turned on, here of all places?

The hindig laughed.  Her walls contracted and squeezed him.  Bulges of soft flesh rubbed against his rock-hard erection.

"We let desire consume you."  Her voice was a husky whisper in his ear.

A wet hole opened in the fleshy wall and Bate's erection was drawn into a tight muscular tunnel.  Waves of peristaltic contraction rippled up his shaft. It felt like she was gently tugging him off.  The hot itchy feeling in his balls intensified until it was hard to think about anything else.

"And we feed off what you're only too eager to give us... in the end."

The cushioned walls moved against him with slow sensual throbs.  His cock slipped back and forth inside a warm muscular sheath that stoked his pleasure with rhythmic squeezes.

What was she doing to him?

The throbbing pulses grew stronger.  The grip on his cock grew tighter.

No, she couldn't.

The hot itchiness in his balls bubbled up until he could no longer hold it in.  He let out a surprised groan as her cushioned walls of flesh stroked him all the way to ejaculation.  The hindig climaxed with him.  She moaned ecstatically in his ear and her body shivered all around him.  Her glands squirted and bathed Bate in frothy warm juices.

As he came Bate felt her tug at something inside him, something precious.  He realized then what she was and what she wanted.  Her hunger was an ancient one and it craved something more than flesh.  Bate knew he mustn't give it her.  Must hold onto it at all costs.

It was a battle he couldn't win.  He was inside her.  She had as much time as she needed.  She filled his lungs with clouds of perfumed poison that drove his mind mad with lust.  She soaked him in powerful aphrodisiac secretions and massaged them into him with her fleshy walls until he burned hot all over with need.  She took his cock and sucked the resistance out of him one nerve-jangling orgasm after another.

Bate relaxed within her.  If felt so comfortable—warm... soft... safe.  And all she wanted from him was one little thing.

And—after a while, a long sweet while—he gave it to her.

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Hentai Game Review: ViotoXica

This is another hentai game that caters primarily to the Ryona/Vore fetish crowd, but also has some content that might be of interest to Monster Girl/Succubus fans.  The makers, Xi, were responsible for the Viocide vore action game released a few years back.  ViotoXica is more of the same, but with a fantasy rather than sci-fi backdrop.  You play a magical girl princess attempting to escape from a castle full of monsters trying to eat her (and sexually molest her in their stomachs, because that... um... aids digestion or something...).

I wasn't able to get any translation for this as AGTH continues to implode everything it touches in Windows 10.  In this case it didn't matter too much as ViotoXica is an action game in the metroidvania vein.  The game has various upgrade paths for the main character as well as a shop system where you can buy extra sockets to upgrade weapons and armours.  This is more for higher difficulties though.  If you just want to play for the H- or rather vore-content, you can stick the game on the 'Super Easy' setting and breeze through fairly easily without needing to understand the more complex mechanics.

As with metroidvania games, a large part of the gameplay consists of finding the upgrades and keys to open up more of the map.  Upgrades include double-jump, high-jump, roll, and some kind of heat shield.  Even without knowing Japanese I was able to mostly figure out what was needed where without too many problems.  Up Arrow + Menu Button (V) to reveal the whole map is your friend when it comes to figuring out where to backtrack.  Although one improvement I would have liked to see is the colour-coding extended to front-on doors on the map as well as the side-on doors.  The one time I did get stuck was because I forgot about a locked red door on the top right of the map because it was one of the face-on teleport doors rather than a side exit.

I will commend Xi on their game-making skills.  The main character handles really smoothly and it plays like a good metroidvania game.  I almost regretted playing on Super Easy and therefore not needing to learn the nuances of the upgrade system, but then I remembered how terrible I am at 2D (or 2.5D) platformers.

One weird thing about vore games is YouTube appears to have less qualms about showing footage from them as opposed to something like Monster Girl Quest, which is theoretically possible to upload... providing you have plenty of black squares on hand to cover most of the artwork.  Anyway, there is a trailer for ViotoXica that provides a taster of the artwork, gameplay and (surprisingly good) music.

Now, onto the important stuff - the filthy snu-snu.

First off, this is a vore game.  That means a good chunk of the enemies are going to be worms, plants, frogs and the like, and they're not going to auditioning for an appearance in anyone's wet dreams anytime soon (unless those people happen have very... specialised tastes).  There are 13 enemy types total.  Six of those are what I would class as monster girls - two types of succubi, bee girl, arachne, sort-of-alraune and a butterfly demon girl as the final boss.

Most of the game is 2D (or 2.5D - some sprites look hand-drawn and others like 3D models).  Each enemy has a grab attack that will result in the main character being swallowed and a Game Over regardless of their HP total if they don't break out of it.  This is seen first as a 2D animation on the main game screen...

...and then, after the Game Over, the action switches to a much more detailed 3D clip of the heroine getting gulped up...

...and then bouncing around inside something's stomach with the obligatory ryona-style clothing destruction.

I'm not a hardcore vore enthusiast.  My interest lies in the overlapping Venn diagram of sexy monster girls being sexy-evil and dominant (in this case having a rather more literal interpretation of "I want you inside me" than most would consider comfortable).  For this type of game I'm looking for a bit of flirt from the monster girl before her victim goes down the hatch.  Or, failing that, scenes of such sublime ridiculousness (such as Demon Angel Sakura's giant farting fairies) I can have a chuckle and admire the creator's depraved inventiveness.

Viotoxica is a bit light on that.  The Bad End scenes are rather thrashy, with slobber flying everywhere as the magical girl princess gets gulped down.  The churning animations are also a little too exaggerated, unless one of the magical girl princess's magical abilities is to change into a big block of crystal after being swallowed.  Bear in mind this is a subjective criticism from someone on the borders rather than being at the centre of the target audience.  If you're more into the ryona side of things, these are not negatives at all.

Another disappointment was the sameness of the monster girl Bad Ends - monster girl opens out her tail or abdomen like a trumpet and hoovers up hapless magical girl princess.  It looks okay for the succubus-type monsters, but a bit ridiculous for the arachne.  The exception to this is the final boss.  I'm not going to spoil it here, but it was certainly different...

Overall I appreciated this more for the smooth gameplay than the H-scenes.  Worth looking at if you like your monster girls more on the predatory side.  Really worth looking at if you like a bit of vore or ryona.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Hentai Game Preview: Echidna Wars DX

Monster Girl/Vore fans might remember a game a while back called Millia Wars.  It was a 2D action game where you played a Magical Girl fighting off various ambulatory stomachs, slugs, and (the bit I was interested in) sexy monster girls in the form of lamia, harpy and arachne.

Now it looks like D-Gate/Camel is giving that a touch-up in the form of new artwork, new characters and new monsters and will be releasing it as Echidna Wars DX later this year.

I'm not sure, as I am unfortunately illiterate when it comes to reading Japanese, but I believe this is a collaboration between Camel and Asimofu, with Asimofu providing the new artwork.

When I saw the screenshots on Camel's blog I was originally sceptical.  The new artwork looked a little pixelly compared to the original.  Playing the trial version changed my mind.  The animations of the snake girl are gorgeous.  Not only that, but she has multiple animated grapple attacks and finishing moves as well.  What animation you get depends on how the lamia grabs you and whether the Magical Girl protagonist has any SP left.

Here's a look at some of those moves.

If she grabs you with her hands the magical girl goes in the vagina feet first.

A grab with the tail triggers a steamy bit of making out.

Run out of SP and that hand grab segues to a spot of sexy snake hula dancing with you inside her.

Let the tail grab you at zero SP and the poor magical girl heroine goes in head first for an intensive all over body-rub.

If, after this, the heroine still has some HP left, she will be pulled or spat out for further fun and games.  No HP and - gulp - down deeper she goes.

The new version looks interesting from the trial and I'm really keen to see what new tricks we'll see from the arachne and others when the final game comes out.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

H-space MGB Story: Venus Mantrap

PFC Stewart Peter Bate would have given the giant flytrap leaves a wide berth had he not heard noises coming from between them.

"Hello?  Is there someone in there?"

What were those sounds?  Bate heard soft moans and sighs.  They were more like sounds of sexual activity than moans of pain.  It reminded him of a hotel room he'd stopped in once, where he'd heard muffled sounds coming through the wall and had wondered if the sounds were coming from the next room's TV or its occupants.  And, just like that time back in the hotel room, Bate felt a burning curiosity to see what was making those noises.

The leaf was green and enormous.  It was about the same height as a two-story house and about the same length as an average garage.  It was roughly semi-circular in shape, with a fringe of green spines pointing inwards towards an identical leaf just behind the first.  It reminded Bate of a Venus flytrap, but on a vastly larger scale.  Bate wondered what flying prey this plant caught—helicopters?

The giant leaves did not look out of place.  The jungle was full of alien vegetation because it was well... alien.  It was also hot... and humid as hell.  The sweat poured off Bate.  It soaked into his uniform and collected in his underwear.  Bate wanted to give his balls and ass a good scratch, but he knew the itch would only get worse when he stopped.

He heard the noises again—soft slithering sounds punctuated with muffled sighs.

And now Bate's junk was itching for a different reason.

He rubbed a hand across his brow.  Maybe it was something in the air.  The whole damn jungle felt like it was bursting with fecundity.  Strangely, they'd seen no sign of any animal life since entering it—no birds, no monkeys, not even any insects.  Just plants, lots and lots of plants.

Gingerly, Bate touched the side of the flytrap leaf.  It was hard... shell-like.  Metal-like, even.  It was like putting his hand on the hull of a battleship.  He could still hear those muffled, strangely erotic sounds coming from the other side.

He had to know what was making those sounds.

He walked around to look at the leaves edge on.  At this angle it really did look like the entrance to a Venus flytrap.  The leaves were padded on the inside and livid red in color.  Green spines bridged the gap like bars.  Between the two leaves was darkness.  It was within that darkness the noises were coming from.

The leaves shimmered in the jungle haze.  For a brief moment Bate thought he was staring at a gigantic vulva.

It was easy for Bate to investigate.  All he needed to do was duck under one of those teeth-like tines.

Yeah right, like he was that fucking stupid.  No way was he stepping between those jaws.  Not even if the hottest starlet in Hollywood was getting herself off at the far end.  In fact, he was already standing a little too close to them than was comfortable.  He knew Venus flytraps on Earth were passive, but that was Earth and this was not Earth.  For all he knew those jaws might snap up anything straying too close like a turtle snapping up a frog.

He backed away to the far side of the clearing.  His eyes narrowed as he tried to pierce the shade between the two monstrous leaves.

There was someone or something in there, he was sure of it.  Bate took out an electric torch, switched it on and shone it between the flytrap leaves.

He was too far back.  The torch light didn't penetrate the gloom very far.  Wait, there was something back there.  He caught a glimpse of pink skin... a leg, an arm.

Attracted by the light, the something got up and walked to the edge of the leaves.  Bate saw it was a woman.  At first he thought she was naked, but on closer inspection her skin didn't look right.  The color was bordering on the unnatural and she looked a little too... moist.  It looked like she was wearing a second skin over her own that was too loose for her body.  Or she'd been rolling around in wet pink mud.

She smiled at Bate and posed for him on the other side of the green bars like a hooker trying to lure in a john.  And to be fair to her, she had the moves.  Her breasts were large and lovably squishable.  The rest of her had all the curves while still being slim enough to tick all the boxes.  Her movements were a slow, sensual belly dance that heated Bate's blood up more than the sweltering jungle around him.

She beckoned to Bate and urged him to come to her.  There was no doubt what she wanted from him, and even if there was, she made it more than clear in the way her other finger was trailing between the exposed labia of her pussy.

The leaves started to pull apart like great iron gates opening.  The maybe-naked girl threw her arms out to Bate as if imploring him to charge across the clearing and gather her up in his arms.

Bate was sorely tempted.  She had a really sexy bod, and he was between girlfriends so he didn't have to worry about cheating on anyone back home.

He held his ground.

Some sense was tingling.  She was too pink.  And a weird sort of pink at that, and wet... moist...  It was like she'd been turned inside out without any of the obvious grossness you'd expect from seeing someone with their skin turned inside out.  And there was still those great flytrap leaves.  They continued to swing open.

Still with her arms outstretched, the woman receded away from him as though she was bound to each leaf and the plant opening up was pulling her tethers taut.

Bate's heart quickened in his chest.  It felt like something precious had been dangled before him and was now being taken away.

He didn't move forward, but he didn't move away either.

What happened next happened too fast for Bate to properly register.  The two great flytrap leaves whooshed together like bellows, there was a blur of motion and the pink, maybe-naked girl was standing right in front of him.  Bate was too surprised to react as she grabbed his collar, pulled his face forwards and pressed her lips against his in a kiss.  Her other arm looped around his lower back.

Bate barely had a chance to register a hot woman was kissing him when his feet left the ground and he was propelled forwards as if shot from a catapult.  He shot across the clearing and between the flytrap leaves until his forward momentum was stopped by the soft, yielding body of the pink girl.

It was a good way to be brought to a halt—jammed up against the naked body of a hot woman.  She hadn't stopped kissing him the whole time.  Her legs wrapped around his waist and her hands slipped under his shirt to roam all over his chest and then around his back.  Bate got into it as well.  He slid his hands down her smooth, sweat-slick curves and returned her kiss with the same ardor.

He wanted to put his arms around her as well, but no matter how he tried to worm his hands between her back and the fleshy wall she was pressed up against he kept encountering some kind of stretchy barrier that blocked his way.  It was as if there was no gap at all and the woman's body merged seamlessly into the spongy wall behind them.

While Bate was trying to get his arms around his new companion, shadows fell across him as the giant flytrap leaves smoothly swung back together.  He was too engrossed in exploring the body of his new love to notice.  She was coated in some kind of aromatic oil that made it so easy for his hands to slide over her lush contours.

He was also too engrossed to notice he was now naked with no recollection of how this had occurred.  In a fanciful turn of imagination he wondered if she'd pulled him across the clearing so fast she'd yanked him right out of his clothes as though he was a character in a Looney Tunes cartoon.  In reality his uniform had rotted away on contact with the oils covering her body and sloughed off him like a reptile's discarded skin.

It took the padded interior walls of the flytrap leaves pressing up against his flanks to remind him where he was.  He glanced up and saw the light from outside was restricted to narrow bars filtering between the tines on the edge of the leaves.  It looked a long way away.

"Are we safe here?" Bate asked.  "This plant looks like it might be carnivorous."

The pink girl kissed him on the cheek.

"This plant is me," she said to him in perfect English.  "And now I have you caught, pinned between my padded leaves."

Her arms and legs slithered between the padded walls and Bate's body as she wrapped her limbs around him and drew him close.

"And you know what happens to those that get caught," the pink girl said.

"They're fucked," Bate said.

With horror, he realized he was fucked.  The walls had closed in so much he was wedged between them and couldn't move.  He wondered what the fluids covering her body—and now his!—really were.  They'd already rotted away his uniform.

"That's right," she said.  "We fuck... and fuck... and fuck."

Bate's sudden fearful revelation hadn't yet had a chance to percolate down to his boner.  Her oil-slick limbs roaming all over his naked body had perked his dick up into an interested erection.  She pressed up against him.  His erect cock pushed between two fleshy lips and entered her warm sex.  She sank down his shaft and he pushed up deeper into her heat and moistness.

This wasn't the fucked Bate had envisioned, but he was not about to complain.  Having sex with an alien girl was an infinite improvement over being eaten by one.  And she was tight, really tight.  Bate hadn't felt pussy as tight as this since high school.

She could also do things with her pussy Bate hadn't even realized were possible.  The walls tightened around his member, then relaxed.  Tightened... then relaxed.  Tightened... then relaxed.

It was a different kind of stimulation.  Wedged between the padded walls and tangled up in her limbs, there was no way for Bate to generate thrust in either direction.  Not that he needed to, the contractions of her vagina pulled on him with gentle tugs.  It wasn't just her sex—her thighs, her body, the padded walls, all squeezed him with the same rhythm.

It was... amazing.

"Water me with your seed," the pink girl said.

Bate hoped she was ready for a flood.  Those little squeezes of her pussy kept changing rhythm.  Every time he thought she was about to take him over the edge, she slowed down and let his climax build up and up until he knew the final release was going to be monstrous.

The padded walls sealed up around him until he was contained within them in his own little intimate pocket.  It didn't concern him.  He'd ceased thinking of it as a plant.  It felt more like he and a sexy playmate had been wedged between two soft mattresses in a kinky brothel.  Her body and the walls throbbed around him to the same sensual rhythm.

"Water you, I'm going to drown you!" Bate laughed.

She smiled at him.  Her pussy squeezed and tugged.  Faster now.  There would be no coming back from the edge this time.  Bate used what little degree of freedom he had to press his hips up against her and groan as he finally erupted.  It was monstrous, a gush of release like nothing he'd ever experienced before.

Here too was more proof that she was more than the hot little slut wrapped around him.  The pulsing tunnel of her sex was long and terminated not in a womb but a large chamber behind and beneath her body.  That chamber expanded and Bate felt the suction pulling at him.  He erupted again—a second orgasm in its own right and even stronger than the first.  It emptied his balls as fast as if she'd dropped a hose in his tank and siphoned of all his gas, leaving him a twitching wreck of jittery misfiring neurons.

A happy twitching wreck of jittery misfiring neurons.  That was... satisfaction.

"That was amazing," he said.  "And to think I thought you were a carnivorous plant."

"Oh, but I am a carnivorous plant, my dear," the Venus mantrap said.

She pressed her lips against Bate's.  Her throat worked and she spewed a torrent of liquid down Bate's throat.  Within the fluid mix was a complex anesthetic compound that drugged Bate and shut down his pain receptors.  This was a small mercy on the part of the Venus mantrap.  The majority of the liquid was a highly corrosive acid that melted through Bate's flesh like boiling water through soft butter.  Some ate through his throat and flooded his chest.  The rest flooded into his central cavity and liquefied his internal organs.  Bate didn't even feel it.  Within the digestive acids was another exotic drug—a potent aphrodisiac—that, together with the pulsing motions of her vagina, triggered another explosive climax from Bate.  His last conscious moment was the most intense burst of pleasure he'd ever experienced, even as his meat sloughed off his bones and he spurted his own liquefied innards into her pulsing vagina.

The mantrap drank him down with great lusty gulps.

* * * *

PFC Stewart Peter Bate caught movement out of the corner of his eye.  He turned to see a pink figure shooting forwards as if on a bungee rope.  In the brief moment he had to see her, Bate thought he was looking at an attractive and naked young woman.  At the apex of her forward motion she opened her arms and threw a collection of debris out across the jungle.  Then, just as fast as she'd appeared, she was reeled back between a pair of giant green flytrap leaves that closed around her like heavy iron gates.

The trash she'd jettisoned rained down through the foliage to the right of Bate.

Was that part of a human skeleton?

Bate went over to investigate and put his hand to his mouth as he made the horrifying discovery of a human skull and part of a ribcage lying against the base of a tree.  Both lay in puddles of vile green ichor.  Bate had a horrible feeling he was looking at the remains of one of his squad, but he couldn't for the life of him tell who it was.