Saturday, December 30, 2017

Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] ver 2.20 and Other Oddities from the Graphics Folder

As people have kindly pointed out to me, the ver 2.20 upgrade for Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] was released over the past week.  This is a big update Toro Toro Resistance has been talking about for some time.  As long as you have an account with DLSite, you should be able to download the new version from your My Items tab (assuming you purchased the original).

From what I can gather, the majority of the changes are primarily concerned with endgame content for the Labyrinth of Chaos.  This doesn't really affect my walkthrough as I'm still a fair way off this point.

I've heard Sonya also gets some new H-scenes depending on what sex toy she has equipped.  I still haven't figured out how to access them, so I can't really comment on those.  As her main artist is Xelvy, I imagine they're pretty wild.

The other change is quite coincidental, given I was fighting them in yesterday's post.  Two of the Beelzebubs (Beelzeboobs?) get new request scenes back in the pocket castle (or rather on the MS Fish, as that's where you can find them).

Striga (the red one) will give you a handjob and prostate massage while your face is buried in her abdomen boobs.

Boobs.  Being milked.  The period matters.

Media (the green one) has another hug scene, which also sort of doubles up as paizuri given that our dick gets a good boffeting in her abdomen boobs.  Media is the sweetest one of the three.  Her hug power is to make you feel so relaxed and comfortable you don't want to fight back.

More comfy titty fly hugs

The most important thing about 2.20, though, is it means Dargoth and co can get back to the epic translation task.  Understandably, knowing there was a huge patch on the way, they didn't want to put a bunch of work in only to see it blown to bits by 2.20 coming out and changing everything.  You can keep up to date with how the translation project is coming along over at

While I was furtling through the game's Graphics folder I also noticed something I'd missed before.  This is not new to 2.20, it was also present in the previous builds.  Similar to the Gnosis scene I talked about earlier, there's some Alma Elma artwork I don't remember seeing in the game.

Alma Elma, how could you do that to poor Luka?
What do we call this, a tail belch?  Yes, those are Luka's feet, which appears to be all that's left of him.

I second your "Euwwwwww!"

Alma Elma does have a request scene where she gobbles up Luka with her tail (similar to one of her vore Bad Ends in the original series), but she spits him out before... well... stomach bulge stage.  So I'm not sure how Luka gets to earn that particularly gruesome fate.

Is this what happens if you request H-stuff from Alma Elma on the Ilias route?  An alternate Bad End?  I'm curious to know.

Possibly related is this pic:

Alma Elma just giving Luka one last big squeeeeze...
This seems to follow on from Alma Elma's max affection request scene (which is lethal, but she's good enough to tell you this beforehand).  Again, I'm curious if this is actually in the game.

(It's possible we have to fight Alma Elma again at some point and these are the Bad End versions of her H-request scenes.  Seems weird though, given she seemed very much on our side the last time we saw her.)

The first one is unusual because, while some really really horrible stuff happens to Luka in the worst Bad Ends, we don't ever see his body visibly destroyed on screen.

I'm still itching to write that monster girl fantasy novel/story which subverts MGQ's tendency to spare the audience and instead gives readers those Bad Ends in all their ghastly, horror-filled glory. ;)


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  2. Hmmm. Thought on Elma Alma's Bad-End Looking scenes - Have we possibly got another evil Alternate version of one of the main Monster Girl Bosses like with Tamano?

    Faux Edit: Also, regarding the 'Titty Flies' - I honestly considered the original MGQ versions of them to be potential fun that got tainted by the maggot bum type content and the fact that and the tit-tails looked... ungainly, I guess, with the pairs of breasts not quite touching each other from side to side. Felt like wasted Paizuri potential. The MGQ: Paradox Part 2 scene with Media oth, *shivers in delight*

  3. Tail swallow belch - loss scene from Alma Elma when you fight her (optional superboss), exclusive to Alice route I believe.

    The 2nd picture, nope, do not recall ever seeing....maybe just like Gnosis and was removed from game but not from assets?

  4. Glad to see you comment on these. I wonder, you haven't happend to see some of the things that will undoubtedly be massive spoilers for part 3 have you? Since there are some things like that in the LoC...

  5. Gotta say while it is interesting seeing the extra scenes Alma Elma is an odd bit for me. I generally enjoyed her in the original and her interactions in paradox are still interesting. However in paradox her end scenes actually turn me away a bit. A small amount is that new new art style doesn't feel as natural after 3 games of the old one, but mostly her tail vore in every scene just doesn't feel like it fits with how she was. After all in the original while she used her tail to hold Luka in place she was far more focused on pleasure instead of eating in all but her first fight. In this it feels like she can't make up her mind between good old succubus pleasure which canonically she focuses on to the exception of her fighting skills to the more carnivorous style of her tail. Just a random bit that's been going through my head since her recruitment

  6. Remind me what her fatal request scene was? I forget.

  7. F___ ______ ____
    ___ A__ _____ ____
    Correctly fill in the blanks and you have LoC's biggest part 3 spoilers.
    Hint: The last two words are the same.