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Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 28: Grangold Throne Room

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Are we excited?

When Toto Toro Resistance revealed the new major characters for Paradox, I was really looking forward to seeing what naughtiness the shikibus sisters got up to.  I was disappointed we never got a Lilith scene in part 1, but I think the wait is finally over.  We were teased with her showing up at Mephisto’s school (where we got cactus spine vagina instead), but I’m pretty sure she’s waiting for us upstairs for epic succubus sexy times a boss battle.

So let’s go!

Sitting on the throne is indeed Lilith.

Finally, we meet at last

She’s the one responsible for the magical field smothering the whole country under a blanket of lust.

Oh wait, actually she isn’t.  While we’re talking to her she reveals (as Alma Elma suspected) she doesn’t have the power to corrupt the whole country this way.

Huh.  Then who is?


Tamamo!?  I thought you were supposed to do the Big Damn Heroes moment on our side.  And why aren’t you sealed in your loli form?

Alice realises this isn’t her Tamamo.  This an alternate Tamamo from another reality that’s been consumed by darkness.

So we’re not fighting Lilith after all.  Awww.  New alt!Tamamo is fairly hot to be fair.

Boss battle time!

And by boss battle, I mean total curb stomp.  At least, unlike the Erubetie battle that caught me off guard earlier, we’re not supposed to win this one.

This is because it’s time for the real Tamamo to arrive for her Big Damn Heroes moment.

The real Tamamo

She breaks her seal to reveal her true form, completely surprising Alice in the process.  Ah, yeah.  Alice wouldn’t be aware of what happened in the original series.  Her tutor, Tamamo, is not a descendent of the six legendary demon spirits, she is one of the six legendary demon spirits.  She only walks around in loli form most of the time because the bulk of her power is sealed away.  However, she can break it for short periods and let her true power out.

Like now, versus her evil (more evil?  No, I think just evil.  Tamamo’s character has been fairly consistently “good” throughout the series) alternate reality counterpart.

While the two Tamamos slug it out, it looks like we get the undercard bout versus (yay) Lilith.

As befitting her status as a top succubus, Lilith is pretty strong on the pleasure side of things.  At any particular moment I think half my party was either seduced or helplessly writhing on the floor in the grip of orgasm.  Like Alma Elma, bring Lilith along to any social gathering for an instant orgy.

Her temptation attack is to shove Luka’s face between her big soft boobies.

Must... resist...

Not going to lie, was mightily tempted.  Unfortunately, for some inexplicable reason, I neglected to save before this fight, like way back to before the sewer system level of neglect.  So, as much I wanted to forget everything and bury my face in Lilith’s more than ample bosom, I also really didn’t want to go back all the way to the beginning of the sewers.

(This becomes hilariously ironic for reasons you’ll find out about at the end of this post.)

Afterwards, I went and sought her out in the boss refight room on the second floor of Ilias’s temple for “safer” sexy times.  This time we let our face stay between her big soft boobs and she uses her succubus energy drain to suck out all our resistance.

Resistance (okay HP) declining rapidly

Resistance gone (there wasn’t much of it to start with, to be honest), she switches to sandwiching our cock between those big soft boobs.

It's in there somewhere

Lots of plump squeezing happens and in no time at all our “energy” is fountaining out all over Lilith’s splendid tits.

Lilith draining our energy (messily)

It’s all fun and games until somebody ends up a dried fish.

There was one odd thing that did happen in the rematch.  At some point Lilith randomly opened a conversation (as some bosses do, even if raising their affection is pretty much meaningless AFAIK) where she told Luka that her sister, Astaroth, rather fancied him, and what message would he like to send back to her.

Oh my.  I suspect Luka is going to get one hell of an epic fucking from those three in MQ:P [part 3].

But that’s way off in the future.  First there’s getting past this fight.  I’d like to say I used guile and tactics, but I suspect it’s probably because my Luka is around ten levels higher than he should be.  If you want to fight Lilith at a “fairer” level, I’d advise bringing a party of succubi with seduction/climax protection and levels in black magic (The pyromaniac imp, Rami, is probably perfect here if you’ve levelled her up enough).

After Luka defeats her, Lilith acknowledges he’s pretty powerful.  Not 100% on this as the machine translation seemed a little wonky, but she seems to suggest to alt!Tamamo that they should bring Luka on board with whatever long-term scheme they’re running.  alt!Tamamo isn’t so keen on that idea, so Lilith leaves.

While we’ve taken care of Lilith, unfortunately things are not going so well in the main event clash.  our!Tamamo can only break her seal for a short period of time and that time is running out.

That means it’s time for yet another Big Damn Heroes moment.  This time it’s Nero and Neris teleporting in.  They have no illusions as to alt!Tamamo’s power, so there’s no kidding around here.  They morph straight into their max-power forms.

Luka, your kids have grown up

Yeah, they’re blatantly Luka and Alice’s kids from an alternate (probably the original MGQ) reality.

They warn that letting out this much power will likely bring down the whole castle, so there’s nothing more we can do except leg it while the twins join forces with our!Tamamo.

Once the dust settles over the ruins, everyone is safely out.  Neris, Nero and our!Tamamo join us by the castle gate.  They survived, but alt!Tamamo managed to escape.  On plus side, so did Alma Elma.

(And Ilias, but I don’t think anyone cares about her.)

So that’s that.  A segment packed with juicy plot.  Six legendary demon spirits from another reality appear to be the power behind the shikibus sisters.  Where Black Alice fits in all this, I have no idea.  She’s always been one to run her own schemes.

For the moment, we appear to have fixed the Grangold situation.

And this is where the hilariously ironic part comes in.  So far MQ:P has been fairly generous with avoiding the typical Lost Forevers of other, more famous, JRPGs.  You’re always free to revisit previous locations in search of monster girls you might not have recruited yet.  Grangold castle – and its sewers – appear to be an exception to this.  As far as I know – and I might be wrong on this – you can’t re-enter the sewers or castle after the Lilith/alt!Tamamo battle.  So, if you want to recruit the cute fox girls and not-so-cute black golems wandering around these locations, you need to do it before confronting Lilith in the throne room.

Which means I’m going to have to go back to the save game before the sewer entrance after all.  Sigh.

See you next time (You’d better be worth it, cute foxgirl waifus…)

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  1. you can come back to the area later and a few things

    1 Evil tamamo(by the same artist as the Lilith sisters and the ancestors) isn't their in person she's used her magic to pull off something similar to our tamamo getting her adult body back so their both on a time limit.

    2 its implied tamamo is Nero teacher going by his skills and items

    3 you'll be very surprised with what black Alice has in store

    4 yeah Lilith wants you to join her side astaroth seem to of won her over on that idea, outside of the whole turning luka into dried fish they seem to like him.

    5 not sure on this one but I think evil tamamo threatened to kill Lilith during their talk.

    1. 3 you'll be very surprised with what black Alice has in store

      I just wanna re-iterate this one. It was a pretty big holy fuck moment.

    2. Actually, Nero explicitly refers to Tamamo as his teacher in this sequence (presumably referring to the Tamamo of his universe).

  2. Tamamo used Last Elixir!
    HP/MP restored!
    ...but you're still hungry.

  3. Cute fox girl waifus are always worth it imo

  4. You can enter later from the main gate of castle, I think.

  5. Yeah, you can enter again later (a LOT) later.

  6. I am definitely liking those succubi sisters.