Saturday, December 02, 2017

H-space MGB Story: Blue-Skinned Suckerboob

"Left boob or right boob?" the blue-skinned woman asked.

Now that was a difficult question.  PFC Stewart Peter Bate couldn't decide between them.  They were both lovely, both perfect.  Her breasts were plump, round, lusciously swollen.  Each was topped with a perky nub of a nipple surrounded by a ring of darker areole.  The girl pushed them together, accentuating the deep cleft between them.   Her cleavage looked soft... inviting.

Bate ran a nervous tongue over his lips.  His mouth felt dry.

They were big.  Stripper big.  Big-as-your-head big.  So big you could nuzzle your nose between them and sink so deep you'd never come up for air again.  And Bate was fine with that.  He wanted to feel that silky-smooth skin against his cheek, feel their soft fleshy pressure on either side of his face, feel her rubbery teat between his teeth as he flicked it with his tongue.

Oh fuck, was he so turned on right now.  It was a good job he was naked.  His pants wouldn't have been able to contain the boner he had right now.  His current boner would have burst right out of them, or snapped in half trying.

Hey, when did he get naked?

Bate's brow furrowed.  He felt there was something he should remember.  It was one of those nagging little doubts that floats around but you can never quite pin it down.  Like thinking there was something you'd forgot while buying groceries at a store.  It kept fluttering out of reach in the back of his skull, avoiding his efforts to grasp it.

Fuck it.  Probably wasn't that important anyway.  Now what was important—her boobs.

They floated before him—big, soft, enticing.  Bate wanted to reach out and grab them.  Feel their weight in his hands, squeeze them between his fingers.  It didn't matter that they were blue.  It was the shape.  Oh God, that shape.

Please God, Bate thought.  Just one squeeze.

He reached out with open hands.

The blue-skinned girl batted them away with a giggle.  Her other arm wrapped under her ample bosom and held her breasts together.  She swung them out of reach of Bate's clutching hands.


She had big eyes with big black pupils that could swallow you up whole.  Such a friendly smile as well.  Bate wasn't used to that combination.  In the places he'd seen them, big round boobs like hers were usually accompanied by terse smiles and cold, hard eyes.  Grasping eyes.

The blue-skinned girl had such a friendly smile.  It made it easy to overlook the fact she had blue skin.  Or that she didn't have any hair.  Something hung down from the top and back of her head, but it looked like membranous flaps of skin.  It resembled a nun's wimple, except blue in color.  Blue like her skin, only darker.  There were strange blotches and patches of black skin visible on her naked body.  They kind of reminded Bate of the skin of a frog for some reason.  Her skin looked kind of moist like a frog as well.  Bate didn't mind that.  It looked like she'd slicked herself up with oil.  Slicked up her boobs so they were all shiny and glossy and oh fuck was Bate's boner so goddamn hard right now.

Bate was okay with her strange appearance.  She had a good reason.  She was an alien.

Oh yeah, right.  Bate remembered now.  He was on an alien planet.  It was so cool.

She was just your friendly blue-skinned alien babe.

That was right.  It was all chill. He and his buds hanging out with some sexy blue-skinned alien chicks.

Williams and Spann were standing over by the damp cave wall.  Crouched down between them with her back to Bate was another blue-skinned alien babe.  Her back was covered in blobby black squiggles.  Like someone had got blind drunk and tried to paint black lines down her back.  She had a tail—a wide, stubby flap of flesh that looked like a thick leather loincloth.  It covered the crack of her butt and most of the swell of her ass.  Bate thought this a shame.  From what he could see, she had a gorgeous peach of an ass.

From this angle it looked like she had a hand on Williams' and Spann's cocks and was alternating between blowing them.  Looked like it from Williams' and Spann's postures as well—muscles all tensed up, heads tipped back, eyes closed.

So lucky.

"My sister gets two because she's senior," the blue-skinned babe said.  "I could have had two as well, but he wasn't interested."

'He' was Sergeant Sullivan.  He was lying off to the side.  He wasn't interested because he wasn't feeling very well.  He was having a little lie down until he felt better.

Poor Sarge, missing out on all the fun, Bate thought.

Sarge's head lolled at a funny angle.  His tongue protruded from his open mouth.  He stared at nothing with glassy eyes.

The buzzing in the back of Bate's head grew louder.  He was sure there was something he was supposed to remember.  Man, it was really starting to bug him.

He jolted as the blue-skinned girl caressed his hip.  It was a pleasurable jolt.  Her touch felt amazing, even if he could see the webbing between her fingers.  She smiled at him coquettishly.

"You need to choose," she said.  "Right?  Or left?"

She lifted first her right boob, then her left.

It was a tough decision.

"Eeny, meeny, miney, mo..." Bate said, pointing at one lovely swollen globe and then the other.  "That one," he said as his finger ended up pointing at her left breast.

"This one?" the blue-skinned babe said.  She gave her left tit a squeeze with her webbed hand.

Bate nodded, a big shit-eating grin on his face.

She sidled up to him and rubbed her big soft boobs against his body as she lowered herself down to a crouch.  She looked at him with her big, moist eyes and pressed her left tit against Bate's rampant erection.  The pulpy soft flesh of her tit deformed as his iron-hard manhood pressed into it.  She wrapped a hand around the base of his cock and tugged on him while smothering the head of Bate's cock in her ample tit-flesh.

Big tits, so awesome, Bate thought.  Even if they were blue.  He reached down and fondled her other tit.

Still with her hand wrapped around the root of Bate's cock, the blue-skinned babe pulled her tit back.  The nipple inverted, became a rubbery ring rather than a nub.  The ring opened up to reveal a glistening tunnel of pink flesh.

The same happened with her other tit.  Bate was exploring the rubbery lip of the freshly opened orifice when his finger was drawn inside and sucked on as if a mouth had opened up in her tit.


Bate's brow wrinkled.  He'd never seen a tit do that before.

The blue-skinned babe caressed his butt cheek with a warm hand.  Bate looked down at the wet orifice that had opened up in her breast.  The pink interior contracted and dilated enticingly.  Bate was hit by a strong urge to put his cock inside.  He wanted to shove his dick into her tit so badly.

The blue-skinned babe put it in for him.  Still gripping the base of his cock, she pressed her boob forwards.  The dark blue ring of her nipple encircled the swollen head of Bate's cock.  She pushed her boob into Bate and he felt himself slowly sink into a tunnel of flesh.  Warm, tight, wet—just like teen pussy.  So much so that for a moment Bate thought he had sunk his dick into tight, wet pussy.  Then he looked down and saw his cock was buried up to the root in her big round tit.

That nagging buzzing started up again in the back of Bate's skull.

This wasn't the time for it, he thought, angrily shunting the nagging thoughts aside.

"Like that?" the blue-skinned babe asked.

Bate nodded.  "Tight," he grinned.

The soft flesh of her boob was packed all around Bate's cock.

"What if I do this?"

Her tit throbbed.  Bate felt the flesh move around him.  A tight ring contracted around the base of his cock and rolled up his shaft.  His cock was sucked deeper into her tit and squeezed by soft boobflesh.

Bate didn't answer.  His contented sigh was answer enough.

"Mmm, my big soft tit is going to suck out all your cum," the blue-skinned alien babe said.

He felt her other tit suck and pull on his finger.  He knew breasts weren't supposed to work this way.  They were supposed to be milked, not the other way around.  But it felt so goddamn good though.  Her big boob bulged and pulsed while inside a tight ring of flesh tugged up and down Bate's cock.

"Are you getting close?" the blue-skinned babe asked.  "You can let it out, if you like.  Just pour it all out inside my big soft boob."

She gave Bate's buttock a playful squeeze.  Her tit did the same to his cock.  Then she sucked him deeper.

"Ooh, you're close.  I can feel it," she said.

Bate's cock throbbed and twitched inside her.  Her boob tightened around it.  Its pulsations slowed down, became more deliberate.  A muscular ring of force ran up Bate's shaft.  Again.  Again.  Now squeezing the head of his cock before bunching back up around the root in preparation for the next long, squeezing stroke.

Bate couldn't hold on.  His body trembled.  His cock throbbed and spat a thick load of cum inside her boob.  That wasn't enough.  Her boob kept pulsing, kept squeezing, kept sucking another shot out of him.  Fuck, her tit was milking him.

"Yes, yes.  Pump it all out," she exhorted.

Yes, but who?  It felt more like her boob was pumping his cum out of him rather than him pumping it into her.  His ejaculation kept going and going, dragged out longer and longer by the pulsing suction of her tit.

Her boobs were amazing.  She was amazing.

Her friends were amazing as well.  Both Williams and Spann were still going—still twitching and coming—and they'd started way before Bate.

Hey, was Williams on a diet?  Bate didn't remember him looking this skinny.  Spann too.

The blue-skinned girl had a hand between each of Williams and Spann's butt cheeks.  She pushed a finger up, up into their anuses.  Both men jerked as if electrocuted.  And continued to slim right down before Bate's eyes.  Becoming skinny, then gaunt, then practically nothing more than skin and bones.  Williams collapsed to his knees with a rattling sigh.  Spann followed.  Both toppled backwards and ceased moving.

The blue-skinned alien girl stood up and turned around.  Her tits were no longer just big, they were monstrous—big wobbly blue balloons that sagged down almost to her waist.  They jiggled as if full of water.  And maybe something else.  The light was dim, but Bate would have sworn he saw the imprint of a hand pushing outwards.  Maybe the indentation of a face.

Bate couldn't ignore the buzzing in the back of his skull any longer.  He tried to pull away.  His blue-skinned babe grabbed his ass and held him tight.  Her fleshy tit clamped around his cock and sucked him back inside with a noisy squelch.

"Have you not finished yet?" the other blue girl asked.  "Others of their kind will be along soon."

"Give me a moment."

Her eyes were almost apologetic as she looked up at Bate.  Her index finger slipped between his butt cheeks, found his anus, and then pushed up inside.  His shock at the intrusion was short-lived.  The blue-skinned babe found a secret place within his ass and pressed.  A flood of white pleasure drowned Bate.  With her finger pressed up against Bate's prostate gland, she made her boob pulse faster and stronger around Bate's cock.  His ejaculation became a gush.  He rose up on his toes and groaned as he emptied his balls—his everything—into her pulsating tit.

Then, spent in one single white-bright moment of overwhelming ecstasy, he toppled over backwards and expired.

The blue-skinned girl rubbed a hand over a breast grown bloated to five or more times larger than its pair.  She stood up and shared a passionate kiss on the lips with the other girl.  They were joined by a third, also with monstrously large—full—blue breasts.  Together, the trio snuck away back to their secret waterways.


  1. It seems like Diesel Mind made another game.)

    1. It looks interesting. The animations seem much improved, judging from their website:

      I played the demo and I couldn't get the text hooker to hook on for translation. The graphics look nice, but it is Dieselmine so the game play and everything else could be all over the place.

    2. It seems this time there trying a little bit harder. Maybe they might read someone post about making the perfect Eroge;)

    3. The CGIs/anims have been posted to Some unusual ones. Looks like it's following the same blueprint as for Monmusu Conquered World - CGI and scripted scenes for main characters, short anims for random encounters. I'll write something up on it, but I doubt I'll do a full walkthrough unless I get some sort of translation to work

    4. RPG Maker MV doesn't like to cooperate with ITH, but there's an alternative.

      Works like a charm.

  2. Wonderful! How about try to create in H-space monster that will force the use of the male body as an incubator? Like in this manga

    1. I had one in my ideas file that did something like that. Was a much weirder design though.

  3. Great vignette, as always! I do hope you'll begin to weave these together into a larger narrative. But I know I'll enjoy reading whatever you do.