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Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 29: Grangold Uncorrupted

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After all the epic story shenanigans of our last outing, it’s time to shift pace down a little and catch our breath a little.  The game seems to think so as well as this section is a lot of story stuff

(Which I hope to get as much right as possible with my limited translation skills.  Thankfully, plenty of you have been chipping in on the comments with corrections and additional info I managed to miss.  Please keep doing this.  I’m sure other readers appreciate it as well.)

(Also, I really need to do an Ilias run at some point.)

Grangold Castle is rubble.  One of the possible big bads, an alternate reality Tamamo, has revealed herself as the power behind the shikibus sisters (who seem to quite like Luka and are probably going to utterly bang his brains out in part 3).  alt!Tamamo was driven off by this reality’s Tamamo and Nero and Neris (who seem pretty obviously Luka and Alice’s grown-up children from another reality).

The end result of all this is that thanks to Luka and his ever-expanding harem of monster girls, all the major human kingdoms now appear to free(ish) of monster girl influence and can return to some resemblance of normality.

Aside from the poor king of Grangold.  Whatever latent powers that were waken within him appear to have stuck him in his filigree egghead form.  He still seems a jolly nice chap despite this unfortunate transformation.

That appears to be it for the great human war.  Luka and friends are carted off to a swanky ballroom in Grand Noah for the big victory speech.  This is another one of those annoying little JRGP sequences where all you can do is run around and get little snippets of background info from all the various NPCs.

Fancy-shmancy functions are always a drag

The nobles seem very keen to marry Sara off to someone.  If this Sara is like the old Sara, they’re probably going to be disappointed as she doesn’t swing that way.  Unless she’s in succubus form, in which case good luck to the groom.  He’ll need it to survive the wedding night.

Lazarus and Merlin are griping about who was the most wounded.  The rest of Luka’s party are displaying their foibles in the usual manner.  (The imps mostly looking on in horror at Eva’s blatantly grasping nature.)

Both Tamamo and Alma Elma are present.  Can we recruit them…?

Nope.  Tamamo wants to chase down her alternate reality version.  She wants to find out how that version of herself ended up going so bad, so she can avoid travelling down the same path.  Alma Elma is eager to track down Lilith and sisters for a rematch.  (Can we dream of all four on us at the same time?  Even if that probably isn’t remotely survivable.)

Mephisto (cactus-spine vagina aside) interests me as a character.  She’s still following orders to help out Grand Noah, even if it’s clearly now in defiance of the monster queen that gave out those orders.  I still like to think she’s deliberately loopholing this to do what she wants/feels is right, as it makes for an interesting character interpretation.

And speaking of that queen.  At the end of the feast an illusion of Alice 15th appears and declares war on humanity.

Alice 15th declares war

Uh oh.

Interestingly, this is a flip from the original series in that it’s the monster girl side that appears to have gone genocidal rather than Ilias and the angels.

After that proverbial turd in the punch bowl it’s time to put the celebrations on hold and get back to war prep.  Queen Noah suggests going back to Grangold.  Oh yeah, now the magic lust field has gone everyone should be back to their senses, which means we can get back to that enjoyable JRPG pastime of talking to every single NPC in the hope that one of them advances the plot.

In Grangold there’s mostly a lot of clean-up stuff.

The giant golem girl you fought at the end of the Marching Hills can be recruited as a party member here.

Giant Golem Girls!  Get your very own Giant Golem Girl!

Talk to her handler and give her an Elixir, Magical Gear, Yamatai Sake and Chi Pa Pa and you’ll get a brand new golem girl of your own (you like being used as a living dildo, right…?).  You can also pick up an object that unlocks the golem race (an advanced form of Doll).

Alice suggests going back to Goddard now that everyone has returned to their senses.

This is where I managed to get things a bit scrobbled for reasons you’ll probably figure out when you see where I end up going next.  I’ll keep things as I played through them, but I think I went slightly off the “correct” walkthrough sequence for a bit.

(I blame Amira).

One thing I’ll juggle back to where it fits better (because we’re a bit light on the smexy-sexy this post) is the Grangold battle-fucker.  She’s open for business now that everyone is no longer a horny zombie.

I say smexy-sexy, but…

Are you sure you're dressed appropriately for this whole battle-fuck thing...?

Augusta appears to be teensy-weensy bit overdressed for the sexy-smexy stuff.  Her moves are to rub Luka’s dick against her armour.

Does this work?  Armour is cold and hard.  I don’t really visualise it, to be honest.  Then again, Luka also gets his jollies from having his dick splodged in digestive slime, so maybe he’s a cut above us mere mortals.

You can also upgrade Vanilla’s shop here.  Just talk to the merchant in the item shop.

And that’ll do it for today.  Apologies for it being a bit of lore-dump scrobble.  Next up we’re off to the beach.

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  1. There are people who aren't turned on by the sexy curves of armor?

  2. Alt!Tamamo was hawt... i hope she doesn't disappear in part 3 but ends up happily living (fucking some lucky luka) with the rest of the monster girls, like the angels did in the original series...
    Imagine a threesome with her and lilith?

  3. I've been watching a Let's Play of the game by B.J. Black (specifically Part 12 of his Part 2 series), and in it Tamamo mentions that she used to be the same as her alternate counterpart. It's implied that rather than the alternate Tamamo turning out evil, she instead was never sealed and so never learned humility as a result.