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Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 24: Great Poison Swamp

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At the moment we’re chaining our way through various contacts as we look for ways to bypass the various defences of Grandgold.  Alma Elma got us through Gold Fort.  Nero gave us a device to switch fast travel back on and also pointed us on in the direction of the next link in the quest chain.  I have no idea who our surprise contact is this time, but we need them to get us past the golem army guarding the route through the marching hills, and they’re currently hiding out in the Great Poison Swamp.

The Great Poison Swamp is a big purple lake just north of Goddard.  The entrance to the location can be found here, on the south shore:

The swamp is big, but this is the only entrance

As with everywhere else they’ve been encountered, the purple tiles are poison swamp tiles and do damage every time they’re walked over.  This damage isn’t particularly high and can’t even kill a character as it stops once the character reaches 1 HP.  You might want to keep at least one eye on it as it would be slightly awkward to get ambushed in the middle of the swamp and then find out your whole team is starting the battle on 1 HP.

Also in keeping with the rest of MQ:P part 2, a new location means all brand new monster girls.  Three of them, to be exact.

The ghoul girls are another wolf-pack encounter, as they come as a trio and are recruited as a trio.

Lost ghoul gals - looking for a loving home

They seem to be upgraded versions of the zombie girls.  Personally, I’ve never seen the sex appeal in rotting zombie girls, but given some of the other things I write about, it would be rather lacking in self-awareness on my part to get all critical about it.  I’m sure there are plenty of necromantics out there who’d love to give these poor girls a loving home.

I’m less sure on the warmer.

Technically an undead girl, I think

She’s another, specialised, type of undead.  She was revealed as a new encounter way in advance of part 2 coming out, so anyone following the game’s development will remember her, as well as her rather unusual Bad End.

Probably best not to think too hard about what's happening here...

Um, yeah.  Apparently it does make Luka come a lot before he suffocates to death.

Rather amusingly, both undead recruits have additional lines of dialogue with Chrome back in the pocket castle.  Warmer disapproves of Chome’s rather poor hygiene while the ghoul girl squad responds to Chrome’s outpourings of admiration by trying to eat her.

The third new encounter is brom girl.

The slime girls are toxic...

She’s a type of slime girls that’s extremely poisonous.  Her Bad End is to dunk Luka in her gelatinous body and wrap his genitals up in poison slime.

Splodge, splodge, splodge...

Again I feel ‘poisonous’ might have a different meaning in MGQ-verse as the effect of smothering Luka’s sex organs in ‘poison’ slime is to cause him to fill her jelly body with tons of spunk.

(I’m not one to talk.  I wrote most H-space toxins to behave this way because... fun.)

But that’s enough poison jelly baths and heads inserted in places heads shouldn’t be inserted.  We should at least try and find our contact.

It’s Mephisto.  You can find her on a ridge of stone rising up out of the marsh somewhere to the north.

Why the fuck are you hiding out here, Mephisto?

This also raises some questions.  Such as: Why did you make us trudge all the way through this toxic swamp when you could have just as easily joined the party back in Grand Noah?  We could have avoided all this dicks-dipped-in-poison-slime and heads-inserted-in-places-heads-should-not-go unpleasantness altogether.

“I have a nice bath prepared for you at the castle where I’ll splodge all my lovely tingly venom into your cock.”

“Shh, now is not the time, brom girl.”

Mephisto might not be trustworthy in the slightest, but she tells us she can get us past the golem army blocking the way through the Marching Hills.

This, I guess, is also where we officially get to recruit her to the ‘harem’.  Talking to her in the pocket castle reveals an additional menu option.

Mephisto has two forms – mage with tentacles, or giant demon lamia.  Selecting the new option allows her to switch between forms.  Functionally, she seems to be two characters in one as she has a different trait and request moves depending on which form she’s in.

The giant lamia request move is similar to her Bad End.  I don’t think we need to see that one again.

Her mage request option features a brand new H-scene where Mephisto takes Luka to her school, binds him to a desk with magic, and then lets her pupils use him for... um... educational purposes.

Taking up Mephisto's offer of additional tuition might have been a mistake...

There is a fish girl (sahuagin), alraune and fairy.  All three are fully devoted to their ‘education.’

Yup, probably a mistake... (you don't want to know what she does with the other stem)

After a few extracurricular lessons, it’s time to continue on our journey and find out what Mephisto can do about those pesky golems blocking the way to Grangold (the city).

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