Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 23: Goddard

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We are in Grangold territory, thanks to help from Alma Elma.

Unfortunately, we no longer have the queen succubus in the party as she went off to fight Astaroth and Morrigan in order to buy us time to escape.  We also appear to not be able to use Harpy Feathers, Warp spells or even summon the pocket castle while we’re here as the country is covered by some kind of anti-magic field.  No fast travel for us then.

The monster girls roaming these parts are a mix of old and new.  The basic scyllas and medusas from the original series make a return.  They were always in the category of okay, but forgettable on the ecchi scale if I remember right.

What would you like wound around your dick...

The new girl looks like some sort of butterfly girl and – on the surface – seems moderately less terrifying than the other insect girls we’ve come across so far.

Some sweet butterfly girls

Her Bad End is to grab Luka from behind, wrap her wings around him and then insert her proboscis down Luka’s urethra to get a good suck of his “nectar”.  Where this proboscis comes from I’m not entirely sure.  I think it might be her mouth.

Luka, the human milkshake.

It feels really good and Luka comes again and again until butterfly girl has sucked up the entire contents of his balls.  Beyond the End is a not so Bad End as she decides she likes the taste so much she’s going to keep Luka.  He doesn’t mind too much as he gets to experience ecstasy once a day when she syphons off his sperm.

Our target destination, where our next contact is waiting, is the nearby village of Goddard, which is fairly easy to find as it’s right next to the Gold Fort here:

The village of Goddard

There’s not much of interest in Goddard as it’s under the influence of the powerful ‘lust’ field smothering the whole country.  Everyone is horny and babbling on about how much they love the queen.  Everyone’s behaving like gender-flipped fans of [Goes to insert name of popular boy band, realises said boy band are about 20 years old and haven’t been a thing since the ‘90s.  Tries to think of modern equivalent.  Realises he can’t because all he listens to is Black and Death Metal.  Is Justin Bieber still a thing?  Feels horribly old and fuddy duddy.  Fuck it, let’s bail on this analogy right here and pretend we never made it.]  Everyone’s incomprehensibly stupid, so there isn’t much in the way of background info that can be gleaned.

There are two merchants that will sell stuff (in between babbling about how much they love the queen).  The blacksmith is too blissed out to do anything.  There is a battlefucker, but she’s locked herself in her house and won’t let anyone come in.  Rather interestingly, there are a couple of rafflesia flowers planted outside her house.  Is this what she’s using to counteract the malign lust cloud infecting everyone?

Even the battle fucker is scared to come out.

Something for later.  For know the only thing we can do is follow the main quest strand.  That involves going to the pub (always a good start).

We're not here for drinking...

Speaking to the barman and selecting the 2nd option (which I believe is ordering chicken dinner, which is obviously some sort of code as the place doesn’t serve food).

Or chicken dinner...

And then going upstairs to meet our contact.  Who is...

Or Nero... hey, wait.  What's he doing here?

...not Nero.

Nero is here, but he’s not actually supposed to be the contact.  The contact is currently over in the corner after Nero neutralised him with some kind of Taoist seal.  The contact was also under the spell of the lust cloud and wouldn’t have been any use anyway.

In game terms, Nero is technically our contact, as you need to speak to him in order to advance the storyline.  It’s also useful to talk to him as he gives us a useful device that negates the jamming field preventing fast travel (and pocket castle access) within Grangold.

He also gives us the information on where to go next.  The way to the capital is through the Marching Hills to the north.  Currently that way is blocked by a large force of golems.  We need to go to the Great Poison Swamp first and meet yet another contact, who’ll be able to get us past the golem army.

Seems straightforward enough.  Off to the Great Poison Swamp we go.

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  1. Civildeviation29/11/2017, 17:18

    Really ought to try this one Hydra. Right up your alley.

    1. The art quality is almost a dealbreaker, but all the animations going on make it worth another look.

    2. The scenes and monster girls are way better for this than I first thought. If only TTR could get someone like this to animate the Bad End CGI in MQ:P [part 3]. Animation is clearly the way to go now.

      One major annoyance with the game is that the timer thread interferes with hooking, which makes it a bitch to make machine translation work smoothly with it.

    3. Agree! But animations is expensive. I'm not sure T.T.R has the money or skills to do it.

    4. Civildeviation30/11/2017, 01:50

      Try if ya haven't. They have a thread regarding text hooking with the the zeroes, plus our beloved Dargoth is making a basic interface during the MGQ P 2.20 hiatus.

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  3. Not all of the residents are completely brainwashed. People indoors are less affected, one mage in the inn has erected a barrier for herself, and an old lady outside is coherent and explains that somehow it's less effective on the elderly.
    Trivial, but interesting.

    It's also easy to understand the guys drooling over the Queen although they haven't even seen her. I hope you didn't spoil the reveal for yourself.