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Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 22: Gold Fort

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We have the heavenly knight and succubus queen Alma Elma in the party.  As much as there’s a temptation to lock ourselves in a bedroom with her all day, we have a world to save.  The armies guarding the gate of Gold Fort have been lured away by a decoy attack, so this represents a perfect opportunity to sneak behind enemy lines and work out what the hell is going on in Grangold.

There is still a guard on the gate, but he’s a man and Alma Elma is a queen succubus.  The guard and Alma Elma vanish into the bushes over on the right and… well, you can guess what happens.

He never stood a chance...

She doesn’t kill him, though.  Alice checks on that when Alma Elma returns.  I have a party of killer, man(and monster girl)-eating blobs that have been devouring their way across the countryside, but Alice is concerned about a random guard.  It’s rather cute.

(Although it’s possible “devouring” works differently here.  Digestive juices count as pleasure damage and it is still possible to recruit a monster girl after “eating” her.  So who knows how things work in MGQ-verse.)

In the castle, Alma Elma departs from the main party as she takes care of the remaining garrison.  By “take care” we mean put everyone in a blissful post-orgasmic stupor in the blink of an eye.

They never stood a chance...

Everyone human, that is.  Alma Elma warns us when she gets back that there are a number of automata and ant girls roaming around that she was unable to affect.  Those form our random encounters for this location.  Two of them are the ant girls and automata girls we already fought in Lima.  They are joined by a brand new type of monster girl – Paizuri Doll.

Aw, adorable lickle titty dolls

Paizuri’s Doll speciality – unsurprisingly – is her large breasts.  Her temptation move is to bind Luka with her long blonde hair and drag him close enough to wedge his cock between her massive boobies.  She’s not very talkative, but her boobs are extremely expressive as she squeezes and rubs until we inevitably pop.

Titty Doll used Boobs.  It was super effective.

Her Bad End continues right from where she left off.  She keeps plumping those big soft boobs against our cock until copious amounts of white stuff are leaking out of her cleavage.  Eventually Luka loses consciousness from all his exertions.

Despite not being devoured or drained to a dried fish, it’s still an End for Luka.  The experience has left him so depraved, all he wants to do is go challenge titty dolls (and lose) over and over.

Gold Fort is a relatively small dungeon.  You can find Ilias imprisoned in a room on the righthand side.  She is still only accompanied by her loyal slimo and doggo.

You can recruit 4 party members you know, Ilias.  That might help prevent this from happening.

There is some good armour and a decent sword in the chests, but it’s no big deal if you miss it as any gear in this game is usually outclassed by whatever’s available in the next town or city.

The major lore/plot location is the general’s room on the second floor.  We find the general lying dead on the floor.

He definitely never had a chance!

At first Alice asks Alma Elma if she went too far, but it turns out the general has been dead for a couple of days.  You can find his diary at the back of the room.  From his entries it’s pretty clear he’d been brainwashed by the queen (and maybe daughter) back in the capital.  This brainwashing was wearing off with distance from Grangold, but before he could break free of it entirely, someone came along and offed him.

As for who offed him, a couple of likely candidates show up right as we leave Gold Fort through the North Gate.

They might - ulp! - stand a chance...

Morrigan and Astaroth.  I guess this means we’ll be losing Alma Elma here.

Sure enough, she detaches from the party to take on the two Lilith sisters and cover our escape.  Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

She’s done her job.  We’re through the Gold Fort and inside Grangold territory.  What delights await us here?

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  1. Hmmm. Y'know... it seems to me like this iteration of the series has, even just what we've seen so far, as much or more paizuri / breast-lover oriented material as each of the earlier MGQ games. Huh. Is it just that they've got more artists that like doing that now, giving more work to said artists, or are they including more monsters in general?

    All things considered, probably a combination of all the above, trying appeal to many different fetishes I guess. Still, the breast-lover in me can't help but approve.