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Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 21: The Ruins of Lima

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It’s time to invade Grangold.  Back in Grand Noah, Mephisto has cunning plan.

Wait, wasn’t Mephisto the double agent planted by Alice’s mother?  Who you uncovered to be secretly in league with the dastardly Lilith sisters.

Yes...  Well...  It’s complicated.

Mephisto’s plan is a decoy attack with everyone to draw most of the garrison away from Gold Fort.  While that’s going on, we’re supposed to go to the ruins of nearby Lima and meet with a contact who’ll then sneak us through the fort and behind enemy lines.  Once behind enemy lines, we’re supposed to find another secret agent in a village close to Grangold.  The overall objective is to get into Grangold and assassinate Queen Ant, who they think is manipulating the King behind the throne.

Sounds like a suicide mission to me.

Oh well.  I wonder who our contact is.  I’m guessing we’re going to run into another returning character in an unexpected role.

Lima can be found here:

Welcome to Lima.  Everyone's dead.

It’s a bit grim.  The inhabitants have been massacred.  Even children.  That’s Japanese games for you – all bright and colourful, then skeletons.

Lima is still hostile territory.  Random encounters trigger while walking around.  While Lima is a new location, the monster girl opponents are all returnees.  This time the Automata Girl and Ant Girls get to show up a little earlier than they did in the original series.

Ant girls

The ant girls are by Niku Drill, which means they don’t really have Bad End scenes as such.  They’re also tough little buggers with a multi-hit attack that hits like a truck.  I’d feed them to the blobs and not feel guilty about it in the slightest.


Undine and the Slimies disagree.  Nom nom nom.

In contrast, I remember Automata Girl knew a mind-boggling array of sexual tricks in the original series, and even had CGIs for most of them.  Out in the field she’ll try to tempt Luka with an ecstasy-bubble infused handjob, but all her other scenes can be unlocked back in the pocket castle providing you recruit her and figure out what the fussy bugger likes to eat.

Automata Girl gives a bubbly bubbly handjob

The contact is...

The mystery contact, revealed

Alma Elma.  Now, what’s a succubus like you doing in a place like this?

Joining Le Resistance by the looks of things.  She’s our contact and will help us get through the fort.  She joins the party and the first thing she does is fly off to attempt to recruit Tamamo.  Tamamo is still unhappy and depressed, but she’s not unhappy and depressed enough to go full betrayal, like Alma Elma has.  So, we leave her there.

In the meantime, the coalition of everyone else is marching on Grangold.

The decoy assault

This draws away the forces guarding the gate of Gold Fort.  It’s time for us to…

Wait.  If Alma Elma has joined the party, does that mean she’s also hanging out back at the pocket castle?

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

And if she’s hanging out back at the pocket castle, does that also mean she has request moves?

She does have request moves available...

Well, well.  I suppose we should, to satisfy inquiring minds and all that...

Alma Elma’s first request scene is a repeat of her coliseum Bad End.

At the second one, things get interesting.

It feels better than it looks

This is Alma Elma’s classic tailvore scene, where she sucks Luka up and massages/drowns him in ecstasy, but with new artwork.  She also spits Luka out (after emptying his balls, obviously) at the end, which is a pleasant surprise.

The third request scene is advertised as full sex, but it also comes with a warning.  Alma Elma asks us if we’re really sure we’d like to proceed.  Yeah, of course we’re sure.  Let’s get to it!

Should probably have paid more attention at that last choice...

Mistakes were made.

Alma Elma is not being evil, it’s just the code of being the succubus queen.  If someone asks her for sex, she feels obligated to show them the very heights of sexual pleasure that only succubus energy drain sex can reach.  Which coincidentally also involves completely and utterly fucking our brains – and everything else – out in the most comprehensive way imaginable.

Needless to say, Luka does not survive the experience.

But as Alma Elma says afterwards, he didn’t appear to have any regrets, so neither should she.

Well, I mean, it’s not as if death is a setback here.  A quick hi to Death in Hades, a jump in the glowing pentagram thingy, and Luka is right back at the gates of the pocket castle.  Where we can... mmm... do it all over again.

No, bad Luka, we’re getting side-tracked from the main mission here.

Time to head to...

Wait.  The game doesn’t appear to be in any hurry to fast-track us to the next location, and we currently have a level 60 engine of sex and destruction chilling out back at the castle and also available to fill a party slot.  I wonder what can be done with a level 60 engine of sex and destruction...

Hi, Sphinx.  Bosh!

Hi, Leviathan.  Bash!

Hi, Yamata-no-Orochi.  Cra—  Never mind.  A case of mistaken identity.  Sorry to bother you, ma’am.  (ow ow ow ow).

Unfortunately, you don’t get anything but an achievement for beating Sphinx and Leviathan.  Leviathan is tempted to go back to her wilder days of adventure on the high seas, but ultimately decides she has too much responsibility as admiral of the navy.

Yamata-no-Orochi kicked our ass, even with Alma Elma.  I suspect with a better party configuration or a few more levels it might be possible, but it already feels like what we’re doing is a bit cheaty.

If you want to engage in a bit of power-levelling and drag some of your lesser-used characters up a few levels, now is the time.  Alma Elma is as powerful as you’d expect for a heavenly knight and ridiculously OP for this part of the game.  So much so, I’m surprised the game allows this rather than sticking us on rails right to Gold Fort (where she’ll likely be taken away from us).  Whether it was intentional or not, it’s certainly fun to control Alma Elma and have her snu-snu her way through two continents of unsuspecting monster girls.

But alas, the story needs to push on.  It’s time (finally!) to enter the Gold Fort.

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  1. I don't know if you decided to take her out for a spin because you read my comment, or because you figured it out on your own, but either way it is good (and amusing) to see you do so. And yes, with a decent party configuration and smart usage of stuff like song of defense (to reduce damage taken) you can beat Yamata No Orochi too at this point, who will actually join the party afterwards, making it a great option for those who want to cheese as much as possible. As for Alma's scenes, it speaks well of her that she provides a warning for the lethal request scene (even if the fact it's lethal speaks poorly of her) but it's still a shame there isn't a non-lethal version.

    Anyway, I suggest you look at Alma's job list while you can, some of what's in there might surprise you!

    1. I play the game in chunks and sometimes I'm deeper in than the posts (which I keep at 3 a week because the writing of them is more time-consuming than the game!). I'd already passed the Alma Elma point when I saw your comments, but didn't want to tip off that I was further along in the game than I was. ;)

      It is definitely a lot of fun taking Alma Elma for a spin. I did do a lot of grinding to get some other characters I wanted to try out leveled up.

      I did miss that Yamata No Orochi was recruitable. I only fought her once and it dragged on for long time before everyone was knocked out and Yamata no Orochi could eventually focus Alma Elma out. I'll probably go back to recruit her properly once I have the rest of the characters high enough level.

      Her job/race list is interesting. As of yet I haven't unlocked the 3rd tier of jobs/races (which has Alma Elma's Queen Succubus race). I've seen a few hints that it happens later in part 2.

    2. Yeah, tier 3 jobs and races will begin being unlocked as the game progresses. That's still quite a ways off.
      The Queen races are character exclusive in part 2, unfortunately. There's also one character exclusive job.

    3. I just thought you mind find it amusing that she has Doctor, Maid and Chef in her job list, not just the stuff you'd expect from her.

    4. I think her job list sort of fits within MGQ-verse. The skill set for Nurse/Doctor and Maids implies these jobs are just as much pandering to Nurse or Maid fetish as being actual nurses or maids. And I'd imagine Queen Succubus implies mastery of all the erotic arts - including nurse/maid cosplay fetish. Admittedly, I don't quite know where chef fits into that. Maybe it's a required course at succubus finishing school. :)

    5. Fair enough,it's just that having the tier 2 skill mastered means that she would be able to act as a full fledged doctor, not just appeal to the fetish, which is funny to think about. "Alma, I have internal bleeding, take me to the hospital" "it's okay, I'm a doctor, I can fix that" "wait what."

      As for chef, perhaps she wanted to be able to have decent food whenever she wanted, and so learnt to cook? Sounds as feasible as any other theory. Well, that or she heard the phrase "the quickest way to a mans heart is through his stomach" and decided that being able to seduce a man by making him good food was a brilliant idea. Which now makes me want to read a story about a succubus who seduces a man by presenting herself as the ideal housewife.

  2. Oh, man, I really want to see the full English version of that last Alma Elma scene.

  3. Damn that kind turn Grim fast:(

  4. You can recruit both Sphinx and Leviathan, the latter requires you have someone specific in your party, who you probably don't have yet, before she'll come along. Forgot if the sphinx required someone specific or just enough of the game completed.