Thursday, November 23, 2017

Monmusu Quest: Paradox - When an artist goes too far?

Here's a bit of an ad-hoc bonus blog post inspired by an anon comment on the MQ:P playthrough post I made on Monday.

They suggested checking out the pictures folder in the game files as there's some interesting additional content for Gnosis's Bad End scene that was omitted from the main game.

Here's the sequence for the curious.

Gnosis is one of the MGQ-verse's many fucked up angels.  The Bad End scene starts innocuously enough with a blowjob.

It's a Xelvy, so things immediately go all John Carpenter's The Thing.

Xelvy and Delphinus might both get flak for being just as effective at destroying boners as erecting them, but the horror fan in me delights in not knowing what the hell they're going to hit you with next.  Xelvy in particular.  Some of his scenes are just crazy.

I mean, just as you've got used to the unusual mouth parts, off worms the spiky tongue to places we'd rather not have spiky tongues.

(ow ow ow)

This is pretty much where the scene ends in the game.  Gnosis keeps on sucking up Luka's semen and life, and eventually it's fade to black and off to visit Death in Hades for reanimation.

If you check out the pictures directory in your game files (be careful, thar be spoilers), you'll see the art actually takes it further.

I think that might be Luka's testicle Gnosis is sucking up through Luka's cock.

And then I'm not sure.  Is that Luka's inside-out love-sac she's pulled up there, or maybe some representation of his soul/energy.  Whatever it is, Gnosis sucks on it like yummy candy.

It's interesting this didn't make the final cut.  I wonder if TTR looked at pics of Luka's inside-out bollock being dragged up the inside of his cock and went, "Thanks for that, Xelvy, but I think we'll give those last pics a miss."

This is in keeping with the overall tone of the Monster Girl Quest series.  There are many horrible horrible ends implied for Luka, but the truly icky stuff is kept off screen.  You'll never see his skin and flesh slough off after he's been dunked in digestive acids, for example.  And he never gets visibly mutilated.  Which makes sense - these are sex games after all.

(Hmm, I would appear to lack this common sense.)

It did get my little black cells thinking.  I'd like to write a fantasy-esque romp in an MGQ-esque world at some point.  A interesting angle might be to throw in a group of unsuspecting nerdy types from our world into a MGQ-esque world.  Maybe even have them aware of what monster girls are.  Of course we'd have some nice sexy fun times to start with.  Then it might be interesting to show what really happens Beyond the End for some of those Bad Ends.

In full graphic detail.

For the lulz. ;)

It reminded me of a book I read in my teens that was a brutal deconstruction of the whole Earth kids transported to a Dungeons & Dragons magical fantasy world plot.  The kids had the powers of their RPG characters, but then the thief got gutted trying to pick the pocket of a noble and the female cleric (or sorceress) spent most of the first book in a catatonic state after being brutally raped by some random mooks.  Things got better, but they bloody well had to fight for it.  I think it might have been Joel Rosenberg's Guardians of the Flame series, but it was a very long time ago when I read it.

I'm thinking that might be a fun deconstruction of the MGQ world.  After all, you never really get to see the icky bad stuff the monster girls do to Luka (and each other!).  Definite potential to explore that angle, I think, although I'd need to be careful to avoid making it too cynical or grimdark.

I think I could have "fun" with this.

I'm a bad bad person. ;) 


  1. Thanks. And I have to say these scenes that been cut out. Seems kinda tame. Like you i wonder why this scene was cutout? After all it still in the game folder. So it not like TTR was disgusted or gross out.
    Maybe it because they thought the scene was too long so they decided to cut it? Perhaps they did it as a form of an Easter egg. In other words they wanted people to check the folders to see what in it? If that the case other contents have been cut out of the game but kept in the folders? Btw isn't Jackson in HRPG-World basically your Version what happens if someone. From this world enters another world that has Monster Girls? Granted he was entering games that has Monster Girls in them,but still it kinda the same.

    1. I did think about it, but what I was imagining is probably too dark for the Jackson in HRPG series. I need to keep some of my writing projects free of horror-head's grimdark desires! :D

    2. To dark? Nonsense you can't have Erotic Horror, without the Horror aspect to it. I mean how dark can it truely be? Most of your characters with the exception of Phil usally ended up losing their lives in a hot but disturbing encounter with a non-quite human female. After all ask Stewart Peter Bate. How his usual meetings with denizens of Hellspace goes;)

    3. It's only the Jackson series I want to keep from getting too dark. I think my plan for it was to write a first book parodying H and normal JRPGs and then a follow-up going into horror games like Dead Space - but mainly played for sex and laughs with a smidgeon of danger, rather than sex and horrible Bad Ends.

      (really need get back to the Lightning Warrior Raidy chapter that's been sitting on my hard drive for the past few years!).

      Other stuff I want to push as far as I can get away with! I'm not sure what I'd do with an MGQ-type fantasy. The original series is already pretty good at switching gears between goofy parody and serious world-endangering threats. Going full horror might be the way. The LitRPG (I think - can't remember the exact name) genre is a thing on amazon. I think I could pull off a fairly nasty ambush by going with a jokey, colorful cover, set it up as a bunch of Earth lads transported to what looks like a silly monster girl hentai game, then turn everything on it's head by brutally Bad End'ing one of the main characters about a quarter of the way in. ;)

    4. Yes I have noticed a trend of LitRPG. I think I see why you don't Jackson to be grim dark. Instead of
      MGQ parody. Why not go with a Dark Soul parody(with monster girls course). If your not familiar with Dark Soul lore. The main character you play as is curse with undeath. Basically he immortal with one cavet lore wise(never really in game) the longer he has the undeath
      The more chances he turn hollow. Basically a mindless zombie. You can have it where in your story instead of them dying when they have encountered with a Monster Girl. They slowing start changing. It be can be metaphorically. Like they start being cold to each other emotionally or it could be Champion of Corruption type of change where there growing horns and tails and stuff. Or why not The Clive's Barker Hellraiser route. A group of friends found a puzzle box which they solved. That transported them to another world where they meet pinhe-.......

      BTW last month I brought Lighting Warrior Raidy 1,2,and 3. I beat one,and now I'm on 3 have ever done a review on Lighting Warrior Raidy or a let play?

  2. Is it wrong of me to like Gnosis even more for sucking Luka's bollocks right out?