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Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 15: The School of Nope

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We’re back on the main quest line.  The objective is to investigate the Tartarus region close to the disappeared village of Esta.  But we can’t enter there just yet.  We need a permit from Queen Noah and before she gives us that she’d like us to first investigate her definitely-not-untrustworthy-in-the-slightest advisor, Mephisto.

Mephisto’s School of Magic can be found just north of Grand Noah here:

If you scouted out this region before entering Grand Noah, the school will have been locked.  But now we have the key given to us by Queen Noah.  So let’s go and see what nefarious activities Mephisto is up to.

Oh.  Hi schoolgirls.

Seems like a normal school...

(Who are really monster girl mature students of a legal age.  We don’t want to get into any trouble here.)

I don’t suppose you can tell us where to find your headmistre—



Welcome... to the School of Nope.

My notes have “get details of magical bug girls’ Bad Ends to add later.”

Really.  I mean, really.  Do you really want more of this:


Nope nope nope nope nope nope come-back-Delphinus-all-is-forgiven nopity nope.

At least on the second floor we have some magical elves, succubi and pixie girls that are little less nopey.

Not all students are nope

Their Bad End is a group reverse gangbang, because we’re in one of those magical porno schools where 25-year-old porn actresses cosplay as school girls and bang the shit out of the janitor.

Did you have to bring your friends, succubus?

(it’s pixels, offendatrons.  Pixels.  The elf girl is probably over 1,000 years old anyway.)

Most of the student NPCs are doing magical studenty things.  There is a battlefucker in the room furthest over to the left.  Her name is Rufa and she likes using toys.

This seems - dare-I-say-it - ordinary compared to everything else in the school

She also has the correct number of limbs and no insect appendages burst out of her while doing the deed.  This counts as unexpected in this place.

Of more surprise is the presence of Alma Elma in a schoolgirl costume on the other side of the first floor.  Yes, you did hear that correctly – Alma Elma in a schoolgirl costume.

Alma Elma, wiping out the audience one fantasy at a time

She’s in disguise and also here to find out what’s going on with Mephisto.

Unsurprisingly, there are goings on with Mephisto.  She can be found in her office in the middle of the second floor.  She’s also not alone.  With her is the milfiest (and therefore sexiest) shikibus, Lilith.

Mephisto working with the Bad Guys, who'd have thunk it

So, Mephisto is working with the three succubus sisters.  After noticing us, Lilith can’t let us leave.  We’re going to have to wait a little longer for that Lilith fight, though, as Alma Elma shows up and both her and Lilith are spirited off for an epic battle elsewhere.

That still leaves Mephisto, and she promptly transforms into a giant demon lamia for the boss fight.

Headmistress of Nope

Mephisto’s attacks are mostly magical in nature.  I’m foolishly trying to level all the major characters up through the various jobs and don’t really have anything resembling an optimal party configuration.  The fight is pretty much Luka (still over-levelled because you can never remove him from the party) solo-spamming Demon Slicer over and over while the rest of the party tries to stay alive with phoenix feathers and priest magic.

Also, you probably don’t want to lose to Mephisto.  Her Bad End is another lamia unbirth scene, but with added cactus-spine fangs.

It's all gone nope


Oh right, School of Goddamn Nope.

On the plus side, you could probably stream that segment on Youtube and it wouldn’t need to censor anything other than the boobies.

(If I remember right, there is an actual let’s play series of the original Monster Girl Quest.  They made use of a lot of meme-y and similar comedy cut outs to mask all the naughty bits.)

Mephisto fesses up after we beat her.  She is still working for Alice 15th rather than the ancient (likely dimension-hopping) succubus trio.  It just so happens that their interests are in alignment here.  She also reveals that Alice 15th, her boss, is the one pulling the strings behind Grangold and manipulating them into waging war on everyone.

We take her back to make the same confession to Queen Noah.

Meanwhile, Alma Elma and Lilith are still fighting.  It looks pretty epic.  Go Alma Elma!  (But not too hard.  We wouldn’t mind... ahem... fighting Lilith later.)

Alma Elma and Lilith duking it out in an epic battle

Queen Noah hears Mephisto’s confession in her throne room, but the weird part about it is that, despite working for Alice 15th, Mephisto was totally sincere in her role as advisor.  Alice 15th ordered her to help Grand Noah as much as she could, and she’s happy to continue doing this even if that means going against Grangold, who appear to also be following the orders of Alice 15th.

The enemy of my enemy of my friend is also my friend of my enemy of my... I give up.

The net result is nothing really changes.  Queen Noah is happy to continue using Mephisto as advisor as she’s pretty damn good at it and seems willing to give her best for Grand Noah, even if her reasons for giving her best for Grand Noah were because she was ordered to do so by the current enemy of Grand Noah, and... no, it’s gotten too complicated again.

Queen Noah also points out it’s probably better to keep Mephisto close anyway, so they can see better what she’s up to.

The Queen is – finally – satisfied we’ve proven our worth.  She gives us a permit to join the investigative team at Esta and we can—

Mephisto asks if we can investigate Plansect Village.  A civil war has broken out between the plants and insects and the region is in unrest.  The village lies on the border and is therefore of strategic importance to Grand Noah.

Oh, for fuck’s sake.  We’re never going to get to see this next Tartarus region.

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  1. Is it a coincidence that several of these derails are leading to Original MGQ canon destinations, though sometimes out of order, even (especially, ) when there's no other apparent reason to head to those Original MGQ canon destinations?

    Honestly, I don't think so. It sounds a lot like the (alternate,) Future Kids are manipulating the Other Big Bosses into Keeping Things (Mostly,) On The Rails... whenever they don't just go ahead and do it themselves.

    Seriuosly, why? Do they think this is a "Back To The Future" scenario like in no. 2 where time was altered and needs to be changed back rather than the "Alternate Universes Converging" situation that it seems to be?

    1. Normally I stick around as a silent reader but figured I'd throw in my two cents here. I don't know if you played part one of paradox or reads Hydra's let's play of it but there were some pretty strong hints if not outright stated the more a world veers away from the true history the more damage apotysis does to the world. Because of this even though a lot has gone off rails already several factions are still trying to keep things somewhat similar so the world stays intact.

      Anyways aside from answering that question thanks for the let's play hydra. I've been stubbornly waiting on dargoth and team to translate, and while I wish it was faster I can definitely understand what a monster undertaking they're going through, so this is a nice way to get the broad strokes while we wait

    2. I've been following the Let's Plays, but I'm also not that good at subtext. Subtlety is not a strong point for me, and neither is seeing through it.

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  3. Normally, I sit and lurk around like creepy Amira stalking Luka in MGQ, but I just had to chime in. Hello nightmare fuel, thy name is School of Nope.

    Now, joking aside. I do enjoy your let's play so far. Right amount of funny, right amount of information and all around helpful. Keep up the good work! Back to creeper lurker I go! -Insert weezy voice.-

  4. This is mostly a follow-up to a critical comment on an earlier part of this playthrough. I actually really enjoy that you do this, and am looking forward to your continuation. Speaking for myself, I always liked knowing what exactly is Luka's fate from being defeated by the various monster girls(which is partly why I really love Setouchi's 'Beyond the End' series, which I hope he continues).
    With that in mind, the only change I would possibly ask in how you do these playthrough parts is going into a bit more detail as to what exactly happens to Luka during those defeats, maybe even a few more screenshots if they have more than one scene showing the defeat. For example, for some reason I really like the Bolt of Cotton trio(probably because of an great image I saw of them completely engulfing Luka in their bodies). While the off hand quips you make for them are fun, I am curious what exactly happens. Do they suck him dry(I hope not, they seem too cuddle-inclined)? Or do they completely wrap him up, before catching a breeze and drifting off with him, like an incredibly horny kite?
    I get that this might be difficult, one because it might take up more time/writing space than you'd like for each part, and two because you may not be getting perfect translations so it could be tricky.
    Even if you can't add these extra descriptions that's perfectly fine, I'm still going to check daily for these parts, keep up the good work.

    1. I might look at doing this. Maybe pick one monster girl in each section.

    2. That would be cool, though I know it may not be as easy as say VH since MGQ has so many more bad ends happening, so it might be tricky picking what might be the most interesting/visually appealing one to detail.

      I will say that I saw the CG of Luka succumbing to what I'm going to call an...overtly well endowed monstergirl(not sure if she's a witch, but she had a hat akin to one). If you buck up on that particular girl, I'd love to know what's happening.
      Again, keep up the good work what ever it is you decide to do.

    3. Yup...
      I was waiting for you to get the Magical School of Nope out of the way. Seriously, just... nope...