Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Succubus Summoning Art - Nÿte by RaidouZERO

Some more lovely Succubus Summoning art by RaidouZERO.  This piece is of Nÿte.

I'm not sure if that's one of her prized skulls or a fresh victim about to be dropped onto her pile of "trash" skulls.  I like how her head wings seem natural and seem to fit in this picture.  I usually advise artists to leave them off, but they work with this style.

Here is RaidouZERO's original version on DeviantArt (where he also has links to some alternate versions with slightly different horns).  He's also done some lovely pictures of Nurse Honey and Verdé.

Thank you to Jude Duval/LudedWolf for commissioning the piece and RaidouZERO for creating it.


  1. Wow I can see this being night. She is sexy gota love that bodice she's wearing.

  2. It one of Nyte precious skulls. I misremembered. Nyte favorites as being pink instead of bleached white.

  3. Civildeviation29/11/2017, 04:00

    Wonderful art as usual. Wish I was in to big booty depictions though, as it is, this Nyte would probably turn me and those like me into a bloodbath before spending all the effort to get us ready for soul consumption.

  4. Personally I think that her breasts here are a bit too large to be truly beautiful. But that is personal taste. Otherwise looks pretty impressive. i could well imagine that that is Nyte

  5. I like the art pretty well, but since you brought it up MEH, I just want to note that head wings are one of the dumbest things anime has ever generated. I suppose you feel some affinity for them, since you've used them enough in your stories. But to me, they're the worst thing you've ever written, just barely beating out describing breasts as "fluffy."

    Leave the head wings to shitty anime, and don't refer to breasts as fluffy unless you write a story about woolly sheep girls, please.

    PS. I do enjoy your writing and these are just my personal niggles. Chances are I'll keep reading even if you call me a cunt and go out of your way to include these things in future stories. I just felt the need to complain about something.

    1. Haha. That's the problem with short stories that extend into longer stories. I think I gave Rosa head wings because she was originally supposed to be generic anime succubus. Then Verde didn't finish her lunch and things got complicated... :)

      "Fluffy" is odd because it's both a noun and verb. Noun for sheep girl fluff and Verb for "nice soft boobs that can be fluffed like pillows". Maybe it should be fluffable in this case! :D

      Feel free to complain. I can't guarantee I'll listen. People have been begging me for years to stop having my succubi suck all the life out of my protagonists all the goddamn time (I do try, but the poor girls get so hungry...) :D