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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Succubus Summoning Art - Nÿte by RaidouZERO

Some more lovely Succubus Summoning art by RaidouZERO.  This piece is of Nÿte.

I'm not sure if that's one of her prized skulls or a fresh victim about to be dropped onto her pile of "trash" skulls.  I like how her head wings seem natural and seem to fit in this picture.  I usually advise artists to leave them off, but they work with this style.

Here is RaidouZERO's original version on DeviantArt (where he also has links to some alternate versions with slightly different horns).  He's also done some lovely pictures of Nurse Honey and Verdé.

Thank you to Jude Duval/LudedWolf for commissioning the piece and RaidouZERO for creating it.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Succubus Summoning Art - Nÿte

I'm happy to share another piece of gorgeous Succubus Summoning art on the blog today.  This is VezoniaArtz's interpretation of Nÿte.  I think they absolutely nailed it.

This was my first time at getting a piece of art commissioned.  I really liked the Verdé piece VezoniaArtz did for Jude Duval and thought they'd be perfect for Nÿte.  It was a great experience.  VezoniaArtz was very professional, thorough and fast.  Highly recommended.

And more artwork of hot succubi is always a good thing!

Monday, March 13, 2017

More Succubus Summoning Artwork - Nÿte by ArbuzBudesh

More thanks to Jude Duval for commissioning this piece of Nÿte from ArbuzBudesh.  It was actually done a couple of months ago, but I have been a little AWOL recently as you might have noticed... :)

ArbuzBudesh creates a regular webcomic, Price For Freedom, which you can check out here.  The Lady Wolf character that shows up later in that serial might be of interest to people that like their demon femdom on the more extreme side.

There are other variants in Jude Duval's DeviantArt gallery.  An interesting byproduct of these art commissions is it's made me aware of areas where I haven't been as precise in character description as I could be.

Once again, thanks to Jude Duval for turning the wheels required to have these pieces created.

(Temptation to do something similar with the H-space Monster Girl Bestiary rising... ;) )

Monday, January 18, 2016

A Chance Glance and a Chance Conversation in a Student Bar, part 10

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8, Part 9

Nÿte crouched next to him and frowned.  "Maybe fucking you was not such a good idea.  It's piqued my appetite and those little squirts were nowhere near enough to sate my hunger.  Hmm, are there any students around here you don't particularly like?  No... no... that's a horribly unfair thing to ask of a decent human being."

She made some strange hand movements and said some words that slipped straight past his ears.  Slender black cords whipped out of the walls and coiled around Devin's arms and legs.  Then there was a discombobulating blur of movement and up was down and down was up.

Given a moment to get his bearings back, Devin realised he'd been trussed up like a hog and suspended from the ceiling.  Nÿte was on her knees beneath him.  She placed a hand around his dangling cock.

"You see, it's not because you have no more juice.  Our problem here is that the little trollop has pumped you so full of aphrodisiac pheromones I have to be very careful in how I get you off.  Get it wrong and I'll tip you over into an unstoppable final climax that will cause all your vital fluids to fountain out through your prick, your heart to burst, and your soul to be rent asunder.  And we wouldn't want that," Nÿte said as she pumped Devin's cock and it sprang back to full hardness like an iron bar.

While her one hand stroked up and down his shaft, she gripped his balls with her other.  She teased them out from his body and did some weird stretching massage thing to them that started off feeling odd, but then went on to feel really nice.

"I can't risk touching you with my softer parts—my lips, tits or pussy—but I'm sure you'll find my hands to be sufficient."

They were more than sufficient.  Devin's eyes closed as she started to do complicated things with her fingers that gave him little oohs of pleasure.  What was she doing?  He couldn't see.  It felt like she'd stretched out his penis and her fingers were tapping, twisting, kneading... stimulating nerve endings all over the head and shaft.  Was this some kind of tantric thing?  It felt a lot more intense than a normal wank.

Nÿte dabbed a tongue against his urethral opening and lapped up some of his pre-cum.

"Still a little dry," she said.

Then, before Devin realised it was happening, she poked a finger up his bum.

Nÿte saw his shocked look and rolled her eyes.

"I don't know why men are so fearful of being touched here.  There are a lot of sensitive nerve endings.  If stimulated correctly it can be most pleasant."

She did just that, and Devin whooshed out a surprised ooh.

Her finger roamed deeper, seeking out Devin's prostate.

"And it enables me to get to this lovely little gland," Nÿte said.  "It makes orgasms big, wet and deliciously juicy."

She pumped her hand up and down Devin's cock.  Her finger stroked against the side of his prostate gland.  A warm feeling spread through Devin's loins and broke with a flood of pleasure.  He wasn't even sure if he was pissing or coming.  The flow was long and slow like a good solid piss, but it brought with it the mind-blowing euphoria of a really good ejaculation.

Judging be her slurps, gulps and little murmurs of pleasure, Nÿte was catching the stream in her mouth.  After the flow subsided, her white face appeared before Devin and he noticed a trickle of semen running from the corner of her mouth.

"Most delicious," she said.

Her black tongue poked out and lapped up the rogue dribble.

Devin's head was drooping.  After rattling around his ribcage like a caffeine-dosed hummingbird, his heart was flat out on the floor and gasping.  He felt like a bag of water that had sprung a leak and emptied out all its contents.

Nÿte slapped him back to full alertness.

"Don't you dare die on me," she said.  "Carnivrillarofax would be very disappointed and I'd have to take it out on your soul for having such a pathetically frail body."

That got Devin's heart pumping again.  He looked around and saw the black inflatable walls had retreated and his room was back to how it was before... almost.  He was still trussed up and suspended helplessly from the ceiling.

"Your thanks were gratefully received," Nÿte said.

She sucked on one of her fingers as if it was a delicious lollipop.  Devin realised that was the finger she'd stuck up his bum.  Yep, succubi were pure filth.

She turned and walked to the door.

"Wait, you can't leave me like this," Devin said.

Nÿte gave him a mischievous smile.  "You'll be okay.  Someone will come along and help you down."

"But then they'll tell everyone.  It's going to be—"

"Yes, yes, it will be very embarrassing.  The whole hall, maybe even the whole university, will hear about the kinky new student who let themselves be tied up and hung from their ceiling.  Most of them will make fun of you and you'll be the butt of their jokes for the whole year.  But..." she paused for emphasis, "...there will be one among them that won't laugh.  She'll be intrigued to hear about the student that shares similar kinks and interests to her, kinks she can't really talk about with anyone else.  She will seek you out and, after you discover you have much in common, you'll have a wild time together at university, maybe longer."

Put like that, it didn't seem too bad, Devin thought.

However, virtually all the students he'd come across had seemed a staid, unadventurous bunch.

"What if there isn't anyone into this?"

It was too late.  Nÿte had already left.


And that's all.  I hope you enjoyed this impromptu little mini-serial.  Next up Succubus Summoning 212 (Yes, seriously!)

Also, if you've enjoyed this mini-serial, please check out my books for other sexy, smutty, scary stories featuring succubi and other monster girls.

Monday, January 11, 2016

A Chance Glance and a Chance Conversation in a Student Bar, part 9

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7, Part 8

"Mmm, you know, I've just thought of something you can do."  She closed the door and gave Devin a smile filled with predatory lust.  "We can do."

Devin's heartrate kicked up in his chest.  The demon wasn't leaving.

"How much did you spunk into that little trollop's cunt?" Nÿte asked.

She took a step towards the bed.  A step nearer to Devin.

"Um," Devin said.  "I don't know."

Nÿte gestured with her hands and said something so alien his ears failed to pick it up at all.  Darkness expanded out of the walls, floor and ceiling.

What's this? Devin thought.  The walls were closing in on him, literally.  It looked like someone had fixed black rubber air mattresses to the walls and was pumping them up with air.  They looked solid enough, but he watched one bulge outwards in between his shelves.  Rather than displacing his books and miniatures and knocking them onto the floor, the encroaching wall flowed around and swallowed them up as though it was a film of oil.  The same thing happened with the bed underneath Devin, although the intangibility only seemed to apply to the furniture.  The rising floor felt solid enough beneath Devin and carried him up with it.  It felt similar to lying on an inflatable rubber mattress, only the surface felt warmer, softer and smoother.

The walls, floors and ceiling stopped expanding when the room had shrunk to maybe a third of its original size.  All of Devin's furniture had been absorbed.  He lay on the floor of a rubber cube with dimpled black walls.  Nÿte was crouched over in the far corner with her knees apart.

"Instant sex dungeon," Devin remarked.

"So you like the sound of that?" Nÿte asked.


Devin decided he should be very careful about what he said next.  While the look of dommes in sexy black leather or PVC was a massive turn-on for him, he was less enthused about the S part in BDSM.  Getting beaten sounded painful no matter how sexy the woman doing the beating looked.  And he really didn't want to think about the level of hurt a demon dominatrix could inflict.

"The sex part more than the dungeon part," he said.

"Oh good, so you do want me to fuck you," Nÿte said.  She unzipped her crotch and her sex gaped hungrily.  "How splendid."

And then she was on top of him, her luscious black lips smooching his neck, his face, his lips.  She reached down and wrapped a hand around Devin's cock.  Her touch felt like pure, delicious sin and blood raced down until Devin's manhood was rock-hard and throbbing.

How did they do it? Devin thought.  How did they make you feel like they were the one thing you wanted more than anything else in the world, even after you knew the pleasures would likely kill you?

Then Nÿte steered him into her warm, wet sex and all other thoughts were blown away.  It was less like sliding into a moist fleshy tunnel and more like plunging into a tub of warm soft putty... putty that was alive and in motion.  Her sex squeezed up all around Devin's erection and formed lapping tongues to wriggle up and down his shaft.  It bunched up around the base of his shaft in a muscular ring and sucked.  And...

...well it started to get hazy at that point.  Everything blurred into one overwhelming tide of sexual euphoria.  Nÿte lay upon him, her big tits pressed against his chest, and sucked and kissed him up into some kind of sexual nirvana.

He thought he had nothing left.  He thought Boo had drained all the cum out of his balls.

Nÿte found more.

Her sex packed tightly around him, tugged and pumped an orgasm right out of him.  Not just one either.  The first hadn't even subsided when her sex pulsed and Devin was shuddering in the throes of another climax.

It felt... unbelievable.

Black spots danced before Devin's eyes.  His breath came out in short gasps, as though he'd just finished a sprint.  His heart fluttered uncertainly against his ribcage.

Nÿte put a hand on his chest and frowned.

"Tsk, that little trollop took more out of you than I thought.  As much as I enjoy this position, it doesn't give me the requisite margin of control required for these circumstances."

Proving her point, she shifted slightly on his lap and even this small movement was enough to trigger another eruption from Devin's overworked body.  It no longer felt like he'd just finished a sprint, now he felt like he'd just run a mile.

"Mmm, yes.  This is a clearly an unsuitable position," Nÿte said.

Her sex pulled back from Devin's cock and she got off him.  Devin was pleased to note he had just enough dignity to not mewl like a toddler whose toys had been taken away as his erection left the soft, fleshy clasp of her vagina.  Goddamn succubi.  He wanted her even though he knew a couple more orgasms like the one's he'd just experienced would end him for good.  Is this what it was like to be an addict?

Nÿte crouched next to him and frowned.  "Maybe fucking you was not such a good idea.  It's piqued my appetite and those little squirts were nowhere near enough to sate my hunger.  Hmm, are there any students around here you don't particularly like?"

to be concluded...  (for real this time)

Friday, December 04, 2015

New Story: "A Trial in Vennington"

Should I do a foreword for this one?  I suppose I must.

This is the #GamerGate story, the story I originally wanted to enter into Literotica's Halloween contest, but didn't get finished in time.  This turned out to be a good thing as the original had some characters and aspects that weren't working.

I intended the story as a parody (with sex!) of another story I read on the internet that began with the same premise, but took a different path with vastly different characters.  How I've treated the #GamerGate controversy might ruffle a few feathers, but these are feathers that needed to be ruffled as far as I'm concerned.  While the scenario and characters are intentionally far-fetched (the presence of an extra-dimensional sex demon should be a giveaway!),  I did want to sneak a few serious points in.  I hope they don't detract from the other fun and sexy stuff too much.

Oh, and because it references #GamerGate and SJWs, there's a chance some of you might be new readers unfamiliar with my other work.  If you're wondering why the story suddenly lurches into hardcore succubus smut, well that's what I write and what I'm known for.  If gratuitous descriptions of sex make you feel uncomfortable, now would be a good time to click the back button on your internet browser.  Same goes for anyone under 18, you really shouldn't be here right now! :)

Feel free to leave any criticism in the comments.  Even call me rude names if you feel strongly enough.  But be warned, I'm a bit of a masochist, so any nasty insults will likely turn me on... sexually. ;)

A Trial in Vennington

"Bring him out!"

Gary Garrett quaked beneath a black hood.  His hands were bound together behind his back by some kind of plastic tie.

Who were they?  Al Qaeda?  ISIS?  The IRA?

Was the IRA even a thing anymore?

What did they want with him?  He was a nobody.  He worked as a community manager for one of the smaller DoTA-type online games.  The job didn't pay particularly well, but it allowed Gary to work in an area he loved.

He'd been walking home from the bus stop when a van had pulled up alongside him, masked men had jumped out, shoved a hood over his head and bundled him inside.  He hadn't even got a glimpse of their faces.  After a short drive Gary had been shoved out and left in a small room with a bare concrete floor for what seemed like hours.

Gary was pulled, roughly, to his feet and led outside.  The hood was taken off his head and almost took his spectacles with it.  They snagged on the rough fabric, but only slid a few centimetres up his forehead before dropping back into place on the bridge of his nose.

It was night time.  A blood-red moon hung above them in a cloudless sky.  He was standing in the yard of what appeared to be a disused farm.  The surrounding buildings were ramshackle and moss-encrusted, as if the farm had been in a state of disuse for some time.  The yard was lit up by a ring of burning torches.

Gary didn't know what to make of his captors.  They definitely weren't ISIS.  He counted seven of them—two women and five men, although it was harder to determine with the men as all five wore dark clothing and black bandanas over the lower half of their faces.  They looked more like student activists than terrorists.  The two women made no attempt to hide their faces.  One looked an obvious radical student feminist—right down to her bright red hair and horn-rimmed spectacles.  The other girl also had dyed hair—light blue in her case—but had chosen more eclectic attire.  She wore a long white leather trench coat and looked like a mashup between gothic spy and urban warlock.

"Do you know why you're here?" the woman with red hair asked.

Gary shook his head.  He looked around.  Other than the blue-haired girl in the white trench coat his captors looked like the same sort of people he'd seen on YouTube videos of campus demonstrations, the sort of people that claimed to be liberal and yet pulled fire alarms and blocked entrances to prevent people they didn't like giving talks at universities.  It couldn't be them, though.  Those campus activists might be extremists, but surely they weren't extreme enough to yank people off streets in broad daylight.

"You, Gary Garrett, are to face trial for your crimes against feminism," Red informed him.

Whaaat?  Gary gawped at her.  He would have laughed out loud at the silliness of it had he not been so terrified he'd already wet himself.

"You are a member of GamerGate, that vile online misogynist hate movement devoted to driving women out of the games industry and off the internet."

Gary opened his mouth to speak.

Red pushed out a hand to interrupt.  "Don't try to deny it," she said sharply.  "Your Twitter handle is @TheMagnificentGGG and you post on Reddit as GaimerGaryGarrett.  We have your posting history for the last six months.  We know you were at the GamerGate meetup last night."

"I wasn't going to deny it," Gary said.  "Yes, I'm pro-GG, but it's not what—"

Red held up a hand.  "Stop!" she said.

She looked around at the other goons with a smug smile on her lips.

"Anyone want to finish for him?"

"Actually, it's about ethics in videogames journalism," one of the goons mocked in a silly voice.  It was followed by snerks and sniggers from the others.

Yeah, he'd walked right into that one, Gary thought.

"I haven't harassed anyone," he said.  "I only started posting in support of the tag because I was fed up with the gaming press constantly shitting on its audience."

"Aw diddums," Red said.  "Did the straight white man with all the privilege in the world get his fee-fees hurt?"

"Um, you do realise this is kidnapping," Gary said.  "I'm pretty sure that's still a fairly serious crime.  You could all go to prison for this."

Red's face twisted in a snarl.  "We do not recognise or acknowledge your patriarchal system of abuse and oppression."

Gary watched with a wide-eyed mix of both astonishment and horror.

They were mad.  Not just extreme.  Mad.

He'd had the misfortune of running into people like this on the internet before.  Everyone called them Social Justice Warriors, or SJWs for short.  It was a label meant to be ironic on both counts.  They were only interested in social justice in as much as it gave them a convenient club to bash people with and an equally convenient shield to deflect criticism when others tried to call out their bullying and harassment.  Thankfully—like the Keyboard Warrior meme they were descended from—their 'warrioring' was mostly confined to getting angry and shouting at people on social media.  Until now...

Someone gave Gary a solid kick to the back of his legs.  He buckled and fell down to his knees.

"GamerGate has gone on too long," Red said.  "The authorities won't do anything about it, so we've been forced to take matters into our own hands.  Your harassment and women hating must stop."

"But I don't hate women," Gary protested.  "There are two girls on my regular League of Legends team.  One of them even taught me how to get good."

Someone hit him on the back of his head.  It was an open-handed slap rather than a full-blooded punch, but it still rattled his brain inside his skull.

"We do not use girl!" Red roared.  "Girl is a diminutive used to deny full-grown women the respect they deserve."

"Um, she's like fifteen," Gary said.  "And she hates anti-GG even more than I do."

He was struck again.  This time it was a closed fist.  It knocked his head to the side and left his glasses resting lopsidedly on the bridge of his nose.

"You deserve this, GamerGate scum," Red said.

"I haven't harassed anyone!" Gary wailed.

Red wagged a finger at him.  "There's no point lying, Gary Garrett.  We did our research."  She picked up a tablet computer from the low wall next to her.  "Your history of crimes against women goes back further than GamerGate.  We know all about the woman you raped back at university."

This.  Again?  Inwardly he sighed.  Was he ever going to be free of it?

"If you've read your research you'll know I didn't rape her," he said.

"I'm sure you didn't," Red snarked.  "I'm sure it was all a big misunderstanding and you really thought she'd consented to having sex with you."

"No, I didn't rape her as I wasn't in the same part of the city where the assault took place.  I was playing Magic in the student union bar all night.  There's CCTV footage.  It's in the court documents and why the case was thrown out.  You'd know this if you'd read them instead of just the newspaper headlines."

It wouldn't matter.

Red scowled and put the tablet aside.  "I don't need to read them to know they're the typical lies put out by the patriarchy."

It was the same with every SJW he'd attempted to reason with online.  The moment they were given a fact or piece of evidence that didn't agree with their carefully cultivated and blinkered worldview it was all block, block, block.  He might as well debate a brick.

This wasn't online.  Neither was it debate.

They'd kidnapped him in broad daylight.  If they were okay with that, what else were they okay with...?

"We've heard enough," Red said.  "You are guilty and now it's time to pass sentence."

She picked up another object.  It reflected the light from the burning torches.  The blood drained from Gary's face as he realised it was a wickedly-sharp scalpel.


Something broke in Gary as he realised they were going to go as far as his worst fears.  He started babbling.

"I'm sorry.  I'm sorry.  I'll leave GamerGate.  I'll stop posting on Reddit.  I'll delete my Twitter account."

He didn't want to die.  Not over something as trivial and stupid as this.

He tried to stand up.  Somebody stamped on the back of his calf.

"Please don't kill me.  I'm sorry."

His stomach convulsed and he threw up.  He lifted his head and saw the contemptuous eyes of the activists all around him.

"Too late," Red said.  "GamerGate's reign of oppression has lasted for over a year now.  But no longer.  For you, GamerGate is over.  It ends tonight."

Those last three words triggered something in Gary.  He didn't know where the laughter came from.  They were going to kill him.  That was nothing to laugh about, yet laugh he did.  Maybe it was the absurdity of the situation.  Maybe it was a memory of the mockery a prominent anti-GGer had received when they'd used those exact same three words on Twitter.  First it was a nervous giggle, then a chuckle, and finally an uncontrollable guffaw welling up from the depths of his belly.

Someone punched him from the left.

He kept laughing.

Another punch came in from the right.  Gary went over.  His glasses left his face and bounced off the grit in front of him.

He couldn't stop giggling, even as they hit him.

Fuck, he hadn't taken a beating like this since some bullies had gone after him one time in secondary school.  All he wanted to do was curl up in a ball and bawl his eyes out until someone in authority came by.

No.  Fuck it.

Gary spat out a bloodied tooth.

It hadn't worked back then and it wouldn't work for adult him either.

He awkwardly levered himself back to his knees and stared defiantly at Red.

"I'm laughing because you're ridiculous.  You disrupt meetings with bomb threats, harass people off social media, even get people fired for comments taken out of context, and you say we're the hate group.  Look at you.  Even now you probably still think you're the victim in all this even as your goons literally knock my teeth out.

"You're losing.  You took advantage of people's basic empathy and decency, but now that sympathy is running out.  They're seeing through your screen of diversity, trigger warnings and safe spaces to see you for what you really are—another extremist authoritarian group that wants the power to dictate what other people can say, think and create.

"And, like all extremist authoritarian groups that don't get what they want, you fall back on intimidation and violence.  In your twisted worldview I bet you don't even think you're doing anything wrong.  No bad tactics only bad targets, am I right?

"Well guess what.  That's not how it works in the real world, not in the eyes of the law.  You're going to be put away for a very long time for this."

He stared from activist to activist.  He doubted any of them were past college age.

"All of you."

He lingered last on Red.  She was furious.  This wasn't part of the script.  He was supposed to huddle up on the ground and beg for mercy from their righteous judgment.

Fuck her.  He'd been forced to bow to bullies before.  No more, and not to ones as pathetic as this.

Red looked so pissed Gary thought she might charge over and stab him right there and then.  Her companion in the white trench coat put a hand on her arm.

"Let him rage against imaginary persecution.  He is in a higher court now," she said.

Red calmed down.  "Your defence has been noted and rejected as the usual paranoid ramblings of chan trash.  Sentence will be carried out."  Red gave Gary a spiteful smile.  "And for you the punishment will be deliciously ironic."

Skinny Blue, the blue-haired girl with the white trench coat, stepped forwards.  Evidently it was her turn in the spotlight.

"We're not going to kill you," she said.  Her thin lips were curled up in a smile Gary didn't like in the slightest.  "The demon will do that."

Gary turned to look in the direction Skinny Blue indicated.  His vision was blurry without his glasses.  He saw a woman leaning casually against the crumbling wall of a dilapidated outbuilding.  She was dressed in an outfit that had it existed in a game the SJWs would have attacked it for being problematic.  It consisted of lots of tight black PVC that displayed more flesh than it covered, including a generous amount of her quite spectacular cleavage.

Demon?  She looked more like a kinky adult film actress or professional dominatrix.  The woman looked a little bored by the proceedings, as if she'd seen it all before and was eager to get it over and done with so she could collect her pay check.

Had the SJWs hired a sex worker... to what?  Prank him?  Rough him up, maybe even sexually abuse him in some twisted idea of payback?

Another student activist with a bandana obscuring the lower half of their face entered the open area.  They carried an inflated airbed.  They dragged it over to Gary and plonked it down amongst the weeds and gravel.

"Where's Anthony?" Red asked.

The man shrugged.

"I thought he wanted to see this," Red said.

See what? Gary thought.

They'd piqued the interest of the woman dressed as a dominatrix.  She detached from the wall and approached them.

"Have you heard of succubi?" Skinny Blue asked.  "In ancient times they were described as demons from hell that lured men into sexual congress in order to weaken and sometimes even kill them.  Of course, our knowledge has advanced since those superstitious times.  We now know demons are entities that inhabit an adjacent plane of existence to our own."

Gary knew what a succubus was.  He'd played enough computer RPGs.

The woman approaching had horns, wings and a tail.  What he first took to be a dominatrix outfit took on a more sinister, occult tinge.

He also knew demons were fiction.  This was cosplay.  Superbly put together cosplay, right down to the Morrigan-esque bat wings sticking out of the side of her head, but still cosplay.

"Demonology is a science nowadays," Skinny Blue said, "albeit an exclusive and carefully hidden one.  Strip away the silly superstitions and pare the rituals right down to their core components and it's not all that dissimilar from computer programming.  Carry out the correct set of instructions and it's possible to bring one of those entities into our plane of existence and bind them to your will."

The 'demon' walked up to Gary.  Up close Gary's vision was less blurry and he saw she had both stunning looks and figure.  She had high, pointed cheekbones and while her face was model-perfect, it was also very pale and possessed an aristocratic severity.  Her long black hair was swept back and tied up in an austere ponytail.  A PVC corset cinched her waist and emphasised the curves of her chest and ass.  It looked both sexy and painful.

She nudged the airbed with her foot.  "A little basic, but it will suffice."  Her accent was clipped and full of Received Pronunciation—posh totty with hints of a filthy nature underneath.

She loosened her corset and turned the top down until her substantial breasts popped out.  They were large, firm and perfectly round.  Gary hadn't seen anything like them outside of anime—and that was supposed to be unrealistic!

"Shall we begin?" she asked.

"Oh, the myths were right about one thing," Skinny Blue said.  "Succubi are like vampires.  They feed off the energy given out during sexual intercourse, often depleting their victims entirely.  That's why we don't need to worry about the authorities.  When they find your body, your death will be put down to a tragic and untimely heart attack.  Extradimensional sex vampires are extremely handy in that regard."

Red stepped up and cut the ties binding Gary's wrists.

"The irony is perfect," she said.  "You misogynist shitlords idolise the unrealistic forms of beauty that oppress real women.  It's fitting your end will come from a living embodiment of your own puerile masturbation fantasies."

Gary didn't know what to say.  They were totally fucking loopy.

He looked at the semi-naked woman in the PVC bondage outfit.  Was she in on this lunacy?

They had to be trolling.  Yeah, that's what it was—dress a Barbie-doll model up in a stripperific dominatrix outfit and scare the shit out of him to make the point they weren't just sex objects.

Top kek, SJWs.  You got me.  You do have a sense of humour, who'd have thought it.  Can we go home now? he thought.

It was then he noticed his knees were knocking together.  Shaking.  Trembling.  It was like a chill creeping up from the ground.  It slithered up his legs in gelid ropes and crawled up his spine on icy fingers.  The sensation of dread rustled through the hairs on the back of his neck.  His teeth started chattering even though the early October night wasn't that chilly.

This wasn't cold.  It was an atavistic sensation of pure terror—an ancestral memory from back when humanity was small and fluffy and the nights were filled with teeth and claws.  Black dread radiated out of the figure standing before him in pulsing waves.

He noticed her eyes, or rather the lack of them.  At first he thought they were hidden in shadow, now he saw they were black wells sunk into an infinite abyss.  Her horns, wings and tail were not cosplay accessories, they were the real thing.  The spade tip of her tail flicked back and forth like a menacing snake.

All his senses screamed at him.  This... thing... should not exist on this physical plane.  Its wrongness caused his guts to twist and knot inside him, as if they wanted to turn themselves inside out.

Gary wanted to run.  It was an overpowering instinct that wrapped talons around his primitive hindbrain and squeezed.

The demon reached over and caressed his right cheek.  Black static crackled between nails as long as claws.  Her cold black lips turned up at the corner in an equally cold smile.

Gary couldn't move.  His legs were locked and shivering.  He might as well have been frozen to the floor with great sheets of black ice.

"Look at how terrified he is," one of the masked goons said.

"It's because he's never seen a real woman's tits in the flesh before," another laughed.

Did they not see it?  Did they not see what she—it—was?

"Mmm, the smell of your fear is delicious," the demon said.  Her voice had picked up jagged cadences, like rusty metal scraping together.

Gary's bladder let go.  Warm urine flooded his underpants and flowed down his legs.  The demon reached down and cupped a hand beneath his sodden genitals.  She brought it back to her face and licked her palm with a tongue as black as a bruise.  She wrapped equally black lips around a long finger and gave it a suggestive suck.

"Mmm, tastes delicious as well," she purred.

Her face was a perfect doll's mask—as pale as porcelain with two abyssal pits for eyes.  Gary tried to avoid meeting her stare.  He feared being dragged into those dark wells and lost forever in endless darkness and cold.

"Where is the fire I heard earlier?" the demon asked.


Gary's chattering jaw wouldn't allow him to shape the retort.  Instead he stared at the demon with sullen defiance.

She chuckled.  Her lips, sensual and plump despite being as black as plague buboes, turned up at the corners in the facsimile of a smile.

"That's more like it," she said.  "I like to see a little fight."

And then, as if it'd been turned off by a switch, the paralysing sensation of dread locking up Gary's bones was gone.  It was as if what was visible of the demoness was a shadow behind a shrouding curtain.  The others saw the silhouette of a beautiful woman.  He'd been permitted a glimpse between the curtains and saw what really lay on the other side.  But only for a moment, before the veils swished back across and the shadow of a beautiful woman returned.

Gary blinked.  The feeling of overwhelming dread had vanished so quickly and completely he wondered if it had ever been real in the first place.  Maybe it was just a temporary blip of brain chemistry brought on by the stress of the situation.

The girl smiled at him.  His gaze roamed all over her stunning figure.  She really did look like an anime succubus given flesh, improbable proportions and all.  His gaze kept sticking on the perfect round globes of her tits.  It triggered a primal sense of longing in him he hadn't felt since he was an awkward teen and completely clueless about love and sex.

Wait.  Wasn't she a demon?  She had horns.  And wings.  And that was definitely a tail swinging behind the delightful curves of her rump.

Gary's brow wrinkled.

And then his gaze switched back to the pale swell of her exposed breasts.  He followed her smooth curves and was drawn into the soft pink canyon of her cleavage.  His heart throbbed with need and was seconded by a similar throb in his loins.

"Why don't you take your clothes off and lie back on this comfortable airbed here?" she asked sweetly.

And then Gary was naked and lying on his back on the airbed.  The details on precisely how he'd got here were a little hazy.  The succubus stood astride him with her bat wings partially extended.  Beyond her he saw the blood-red moon hanging in a cloudless sky.

"The succubus will now carry out sentence," Red stated.

Somebody muttered something that caused their neighbour to giggle.  Red turned, face twisted in anger.

"Do not objectify the succubus!" she roared.  "She is a divine instrument of feminist vengeance."

"Diabolic," Skinny Blue quietly corrected.

There was an unhealthy gleam in her eyes as she looked down at Gary.  One hand had strayed inside her white jacket and was level with her crotch.

"Ignore them," the succubus said.  "You should only have eyes for me."

She stood astride Gary like a colossus painted in shiny black PVC.  Her big breasts curved out in two perfect hemispheres.  Completely defying gravity, they floated above Gary like a pair of pale moons.  Beyond them a perfect doll-mask face stared down at him with unrestrained lust.  His eyes weren't going anywhere else.

The succubus reached down and undid a zipper at her crotch.  She parted the shiny PVC to expose the hairless folds of her sex.  A warm wave cascaded down and flowed over Gary, covering him and shutting out the chill October air like an invisible duvet.  It brought with it traces of an exotic musk that caused Gary's nostrils to dilate and triggered a surge of excitement.

She made a gesture and Gary's erection rose like a cobra in thrall to a snake charmer.  Pouting seductively, the sexy demoness bent her knees and squatted down on him.  Her labia parted around his swollen glans as she impaled herself on him.  She didn't go all the way down.  Instead she took in maybe an inch of his length and teased him with little up and down motions that caused her moist inner walls to rub against his foreskin.

"I don't know why they think you're a virgin," the woman astride him said.  "I taste three women on this prick.  Mmm, one was good.  I like that.  There's no challenge when they haven't had a really good lay to compare you with."

Her labia fluffed out as she sank down and took his whole length inside her.  She was tight.  Wet enough for him slide up inside her with minimal resistance, but still tight.  Very tight.  And hot.  Not just warm... hot.

Gary was fucking a demon.

A demon that had been summoned by a group of SJWs to punish him for transgressions that existed only in their heads.

This was fucked up.

He knew this and yet seemed powerless to do anything.  It was like he was weirdly dislocated.  He felt her rise up and down on him, felt the mattress rock and bounce beneath him to her motions, and yet he also felt like a passenger watching it all from afar.

The succubus smoothly moved her hips up and down.  Her big breasts bounced and swayed with her movements.  She let out low erotic moans.

"We should film this," one of the goons said.

"It wouldn't work," Skinny Blue said.  "She is not of this plane of existence.  Her form won't register on any recording device."

The succubus moved up and down with smooth grace.  Gary felt his cock slide back and forth into her wet heat.  Her vagina was incredible.  He fit so snugly inside her it was like her parts had been specifically moulded to match his.  It felt so good that even with the audience and strangeness of circumstances, Gary couldn't resist the urge to respond.  He flexed his buttocks and thrust up to meet her.

The succubus slammed down on him and growled.  The message was clear.  She was the boss.  Gary lay back and let her get on with it.

"She's so dominant," Skinny Blue said.  Her hand was inside her coat, down between her legs, and she made no attempt to hide what she was doing with it.

The woman continued riding Gary.  She wriggled her hips with each stroke, as if wanting to make sure no single millimetre of Gary's cock remained unexplored by her moist vaginal folds.  Gary had never experienced sex with a partner as experienced as this.  She really was a professional.  She even had fine control over the muscular walls of her vagina.  With each downstroke the walls of her pussy gave his erection a teasing little squeeze.

This didn't make sense.  This was his punishment?  She was fucking him like she was auditioning for a breakout part in the porn industry.

One of the activists evidently felt the same as he raised the same point.

"It's a statement," Red explained.

"I'm not so... comfortable watching this," the dissenting activist said.  "It's too much like watching porn."

"Oh don't be so sex-negative," Red said.  "If you're that uncomfortable go and look for Anthony.  He'll be disappointed if he misses the climax."

Speaking of climaxes, Gary's wasn't far off.  As the sumptuous inner walls of the dominatrix stroked up and down Gary's shaft he felt pressure building in his balls.

"Are you going to come for me, baby?" the woman in tight black PVC asked him.

That sounded like a splendid idea to Gary.

"Yes, come," Red said with a ghoulish glee.  "Let her take your worthless soul."

"She is an embodiment of anti-life," Skinny Blue elaborated for the benefit of Gary.  "Her corrupt womb takes life rather than creating it."

Oh.  Yeah.  Not a hot dominatrix escort.  Demon.

Coming no longer sounded like such a splendid idea to Gary.

He tried to lift his arms.  The succubus folded her body over his and pinned his arms back to the mattress.  She stared into his eyes as her hips pumped up and down.  Faster.  Harder.  He heard the fleshy slaps as their bodies came together, heard the inflatable mattress squeaking beneath them.

He felt pressure building in his balls.

Nope, nope, nope.  Bad.  Coming was bad.  Really bad. He had to think unsexy thoughts—old grannies with wrinkly tits, STDs, pustulent gunk dripping from infected dicks.  Think gross stuff.  Infected dicks going into wrinkly granny pussy.  Don't think about her soft vaginal walls stroking him inexorably to ecstasy.  Don't look at her beautiful round breasts bouncing as she rode him.

The pressure grew.  Gary's toes were curling.  His whole body was trembling.

"I love it when they try to hold back," the demon said.  "It's always futile."

Her hips came down in one final downstroke that engulfed Gary's whole length.  She sat upright, closed her eyes and her black bat wings extended behind her.  Her pussy seemed to melt around Gary, as if he'd sunk his cock into soft, warm dough.

"Yes," she murmured.  "Yes, yes, yes."

No, no, no, Gary thought.

It was no good.  Malleable flesh rippled up his shaft like lapping tongues.  Softer lips kissed and suckled on the tip.  He couldn't hold back anymore.  His hips bucked and a slow explosion of pleasure rattled through him as he spurted a big load of semen up into her tight vagina.


She was going to drain his life and suck out all his fluids until only a shrivelled husk remained.  She was going to tear out his soul.  She was going to...

The violent throbbing pulses of ejaculation lessened and left behind the glow of post-orgasmic bliss.  The succubus milked the dregs out of his pipes with gentle squeezes of her sex.  Then, once the orgasm had subsided for both of them, she stood up, stretched and then zipped up her crotch.

"Mmm, that was rather pleasant," she said.

Gary looked up at her and blinked.  He was still alive.  At least he thought so.  Aside from feeling like he'd just been run over by a steamroller made out of pure sex, he otherwise felt intact.

Was this supposed to happen?

The activists didn't think so.  They looked at each other and chattered in confusion.

Skinny Blue addressed the demon in black PVC.  "Succubus, what is going on?  Why have you not slain and taken the soul of this human as per the conditions of our contract?"

The succubus turned to her.  Her face was a mask of innocence.  "You summoned me to slay and take the soul of one who has abused and is abusive to women.  I have done as you desired."

She smiled down at Gary.

"I am also grateful for this additional offering of sex you have provided me.  He was most agreeable, despite not being a virgin."

Skinny Blue looked puzzled.

So did Red.  Then her head jerked up.  "Where's Anthony?" she asked.

A door to one of the outbuildings opened.  The masked activist that had left earlier because he felt uncomfortable stumbled out into the courtyard.  He clawed off the bandana obscuring the lower half of his face.  The skin beneath was pale and waxy.  He turned and threw up over the wall.

The succubus's pale face was a picture of innocence.  Apart from her eyes.  They shone with dark amusement.

The activists chattered amongst themselves and went over to the outbuilding.  One went through the doorway.  He returned moments later with vomit already spilling down his chin.  He doubled up next to the entrance and splattered the gravel with the contents of his stomach.

The succubus took Gary's hand and helped him to his feet.

"Now would be a really good time to make a run for it," she whispered in his ear.