Monday, January 04, 2016

A Chance Glance and a Chance Conversation in a Student Bar, part 8

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“No, but I do.”

The voice came out of the corner of the room.  Devin looked over and saw there was another devil woman in the room.  She was casually sitting in his chair and watching them.  If anything, she looked even more devilish—more intimidating—than Boo.  Her skin was vampire-pale and she was clothed from head to foot in black leather.  She wore stylish, kinky black boots with high stiletto heels.  Her equally stylish black gloves extended back to her elbows.  A gothic black leather corset was cinched tightly around her waist and emphasised her large bust.  The top of her bosom was uncovered and her deep cleavage was displayed to devastating effect.  The overall appearance was somewhere between up-market dominatrix and kinky torturess.  Devin didn’t know how she’d entered the room.  It was as if she’d coalesced out of the darkness.

“N-n-nÿte?”  Boo seemed to know who she was and also seemed a little afraid of her.

So was Devin.  The new demoness had black horns and eyes like empty black pits.  She radiated a palpable aura of dread.  Devin saw she had a wicked-looking whip coiled up in her hands.  It did not look like a sex toy.

“What are you doing here?”  Boo recovered her composure a little.

“Carnivrillarofax thought this might happen.  He asked me to stop by and check in.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Boo said.  “You’re too late.  He’s already spilled his seed inside me.  That makes him my claim.  You know the rules.”

Her vagina contracted around Devin’s cock, holding him tight within her.

“Those aren’t really rules,” the other demon, Nÿte, said.  “They’re more like guidelines... to prevent conflict between our kind.”

The demon dominatrix stroked the coiled-up whip in her hands.

“Now me, I don’t mind a little bit of conflict.”

Her black lips parted in a smile that revealed white teeth.  The incisors were long and pointed.  Fangs.

“How about you?”

Boo looked away.  “No,” she said.

Her pussy relaxed its death grip on Devin’s cock.  Boo got off him and stepped off the bed.

“I relinquish my claim.  He’s yours.”

Meekly, she put her clothes back on and left the room.

That left Devin alone with the demon dominatrix.  He wasn’t sure that was much better.  Tangible dread rolled off her in waves.  This was not an angel sent down from above to rescue Devin.  She was from a place just as dark as Boo, maybe darker.

Nÿte looked him over, as if sizing him up as her next meal.  “While I do enjoy watching you tremble in terror like a tiny mouse, it is quite unnecessary.”

That was a relief to Devin.  The pale-faced demon didn’t look like the sort who was satisfied with mere killing.  Devin had a feeling that had the circumstances been different she’d have quite happily torn his soul out and taken it back with her to hell to torture for all eternity.

Yes, he was very relieved to see her stand up and walk towards his door.

But she had saved his life (and possibly soul), he should at least acknowledge that.

“You saved me,” he said.  “I don’t know what I can possibly do to thank you, but... thanks.”

“It’s nothing,” Nÿte said with a bright smile that was totally at odds with her terrifying aura.  “A request from a friend I was more than happy to carry out.”

She put her hand on the door and was about to leave when she paused.  She turned her head and looked at Devin.

“Mmm, you know, I’ve just thought of something you can do.”  She closed the door and gave Devin a smile filled with predatory lust.  “We can do.”

to be continued, or concluded (depending on how much fun Nÿte decides to have)...

A couple of months back I mentioned I had an idea for a third entrant for Literotica's Halloween contest, but that the ending didn't work for an erotica story.  Well, "A Chance Glance and a Chance Conversation in a Student Bar" was that story and this was the ending as originally planned.  For a horror or normal short story, I think it's a fine point to end the story.  Nÿte has a perversely honourable streak, she's doing a favour for a friend, at this point it's implied she's going to fuck Devin's brains out until the sun comes up and then leave, and it can be left to reader's imagination exactly what kinky fun they get up to.  For other types of story that's fine.  For erotica, however, you can't show the sizzle and not serve up the steak.  I think a lot of you out there would be quite disappointed if I showed you Nÿte but didn't give her any scenes.  So, to avoid any disappointment, next week we'll have Nÿte getting her kink on.

(please don't break all his bones, tear him to pieces, or rip his soul out)


  1. Thank you - it was Nÿte (which now leads to a whole lot of other questions....)

  2. Honestly, from a pure narrative point of view, I'm happy for this story to end here. There's been a good mixture of plot and sexytimes, and I don't think another scene would add anything at this point. Maybe you could do a separate story later, giving you more time to flesh it out?

  3. I would be very happy to see Nyte do her thing with him!

  4. I couldn't take the story seriously anymore after I spottet the Pirates of the Caribbean reference...

    1. Was unintentional, but as soon as you mentioned it I realised what you meant. It's a convergent concept I guess. Societies, even demonic/bad ones will have their rules to prevent unnecessary conflict in certain areas, but those rules don't hold if one party is not averse to conflict. (it fits with something that has come up in my previous stories). I might look at rephrasing that quote to make the reference less jarring.