Monday, January 18, 2016

A Chance Glance and a Chance Conversation in a Student Bar, part 10

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Nÿte crouched next to him and frowned.  "Maybe fucking you was not such a good idea.  It's piqued my appetite and those little squirts were nowhere near enough to sate my hunger.  Hmm, are there any students around here you don't particularly like?  No... no... that's a horribly unfair thing to ask of a decent human being."

She made some strange hand movements and said some words that slipped straight past his ears.  Slender black cords whipped out of the walls and coiled around Devin's arms and legs.  Then there was a discombobulating blur of movement and up was down and down was up.

Given a moment to get his bearings back, Devin realised he'd been trussed up like a hog and suspended from the ceiling.  Nÿte was on her knees beneath him.  She placed a hand around his dangling cock.

"You see, it's not because you have no more juice.  Our problem here is that the little trollop has pumped you so full of aphrodisiac pheromones I have to be very careful in how I get you off.  Get it wrong and I'll tip you over into an unstoppable final climax that will cause all your vital fluids to fountain out through your prick, your heart to burst, and your soul to be rent asunder.  And we wouldn't want that," Nÿte said as she pumped Devin's cock and it sprang back to full hardness like an iron bar.

While her one hand stroked up and down his shaft, she gripped his balls with her other.  She teased them out from his body and did some weird stretching massage thing to them that started off feeling odd, but then went on to feel really nice.

"I can't risk touching you with my softer parts—my lips, tits or pussy—but I'm sure you'll find my hands to be sufficient."

They were more than sufficient.  Devin's eyes closed as she started to do complicated things with her fingers that gave him little oohs of pleasure.  What was she doing?  He couldn't see.  It felt like she'd stretched out his penis and her fingers were tapping, twisting, kneading... stimulating nerve endings all over the head and shaft.  Was this some kind of tantric thing?  It felt a lot more intense than a normal wank.

Nÿte dabbed a tongue against his urethral opening and lapped up some of his pre-cum.

"Still a little dry," she said.

Then, before Devin realised it was happening, she poked a finger up his bum.

Nÿte saw his shocked look and rolled her eyes.

"I don't know why men are so fearful of being touched here.  There are a lot of sensitive nerve endings.  If stimulated correctly it can be most pleasant."

She did just that, and Devin whooshed out a surprised ooh.

Her finger roamed deeper, seeking out Devin's prostate.

"And it enables me to get to this lovely little gland," Nÿte said.  "It makes orgasms big, wet and deliciously juicy."

She pumped her hand up and down Devin's cock.  Her finger stroked against the side of his prostate gland.  A warm feeling spread through Devin's loins and broke with a flood of pleasure.  He wasn't even sure if he was pissing or coming.  The flow was long and slow like a good solid piss, but it brought with it the mind-blowing euphoria of a really good ejaculation.

Judging be her slurps, gulps and little murmurs of pleasure, Nÿte was catching the stream in her mouth.  After the flow subsided, her white face appeared before Devin and he noticed a trickle of semen running from the corner of her mouth.

"Most delicious," she said.

Her black tongue poked out and lapped up the rogue dribble.

Devin's head was drooping.  After rattling around his ribcage like a caffeine-dosed hummingbird, his heart was flat out on the floor and gasping.  He felt like a bag of water that had sprung a leak and emptied out all its contents.

Nÿte slapped him back to full alertness.

"Don't you dare die on me," she said.  "Carnivrillarofax would be very disappointed and I'd have to take it out on your soul for having such a pathetically frail body."

That got Devin's heart pumping again.  He looked around and saw the black inflatable walls had retreated and his room was back to how it was before... almost.  He was still trussed up and suspended helplessly from the ceiling.

"Your thanks were gratefully received," Nÿte said.

She sucked on one of her fingers as if it was a delicious lollipop.  Devin realised that was the finger she'd stuck up his bum.  Yep, succubi were pure filth.

She turned and walked to the door.

"Wait, you can't leave me like this," Devin said.

Nÿte gave him a mischievous smile.  "You'll be okay.  Someone will come along and help you down."

"But then they'll tell everyone.  It's going to be—"

"Yes, yes, it will be very embarrassing.  The whole hall, maybe even the whole university, will hear about the kinky new student who let themselves be tied up and hung from their ceiling.  Most of them will make fun of you and you'll be the butt of their jokes for the whole year.  But..." she paused for emphasis, "...there will be one among them that won't laugh.  She'll be intrigued to hear about the student that shares similar kinks and interests to her, kinks she can't really talk about with anyone else.  She will seek you out and, after you discover you have much in common, you'll have a wild time together at university, maybe longer."

Put like that, it didn't seem too bad, Devin thought.

However, virtually all the students he'd come across had seemed a staid, unadventurous bunch.

"What if there isn't anyone into this?"

It was too late.  Nÿte had already left.


And that's all.  I hope you enjoyed this impromptu little mini-serial.  Next up Succubus Summoning 212 (Yes, seriously!)

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  1. Another great story, I especially liked another appearance from Carni (Not sure I spelled that right, please pardon i'm using text to speech)Not all the encounters are fatal, but I wonder if Devin has even the slightest inkling how lucky he was to survive a good time with NT. Did I read that right?? 212 is coming soon? C'mon man, we all know that Succubus Summoning 212 is just a myth perpetuated by the succubi to keep us all reading M. E. Hydra's blog

  2. Great! Nÿte is my favorite of the SS team for sure now; she said exactly what I was thinking at the end of last chapter in the opening line. Good twist at the end where Devin was left trussed up, as this wouldn't have been a Nÿte story without at least little cruelty. I hope we'll see more of here soon.

  3. Indeed... he is quite the lucky guy to have survived NT's ''services''. He even got some advice for his future encounters with other women.

    By the way Violated Hero 6 is being developed :

    As always have fun checking out and keep up the nice stories going.

    1. I'm keeping an eye on VH6. It looks like they're trying to get in on the Kantai Collection thing (ship girls) with the robot girl faction.

    2. True the themes are quite similar. Good observation :)

  4. Hah I liked the ending!