Sunday, January 30, 2011

"A Succubus for Valentine's Day" out in two weeks

My second collection of short stories, A Succubus for Valentine's Day and other Tales of Perilous Pleasures, is out in two weeks time. Here's a little excerpt to whet your appetite - a steamy shower scene with a succubus some of you might have seen before:

The girl pulled off her costume. Normally Pat would have respectfully looked away and allowed her to shower in a kind of pseudo-privacy, but they were far beyond such civilized niceties. The air in the shower crackled with the intensity between them. Primal forces were at work here.

The girl’s eyes locked with his as her costume fell to the floor. The swimsuit had only hinted at what lay beneath, what was revealed to Pat took his breath away. She had the figure of a svelte savage beauty—lithe, athletic and with a perfectly flat stomach. Pat was entranced as she padded across the floor to him like a jungle cat through exotic waterfalls. He knew he was her intended prey and didn’t mind. It was refreshing for the roles to be reversed.

Pat put up his arms to welcome her into his embrace, but she casually batted them away, sliding her body behind his instead. The erect points of her nipples rubbed against his back. Her hands came around and roamed over the firm contours of his chest and the taut muscles of his stomach. She liked what she found, leaning forward to blow warm air in his ear before planting a light kiss on the lobe.

She broke off her hug and continued moving round behind Pat. She plucked his shower gel from an alcove in the tiled wall and squeezed out nearly all the contents down the front of her body. Pat watched, his long dormant cock twitching to life, as the thick amber gel oozed down the valley between her breasts. She rubbed the gel into her flesh, bringing it up to a creamy white lather.

She turned to smile at Pat, a mischievous twinkle in her blue eyes. She upended the plastic bottle and emptied the last of the shower gel in a thick dollop on top of her outstretched palm. She discarded the empty bottle and padded stealthily behind him.

She pressed her breasts against his back again and Pat felt the slickness of the lather between their bodies. She moved her body against him, sliding up and down, side to side and in circular movements, using her breasts like a sponge to wash his back.

Different, and...pleasant.

Pat gave a shocked tremble as she reached around and closed her gel-slathered hand around his erect cock with an audible squelch. The coolness of the gel caused Pat to suck in an involuntary ‘ooh’ of surprise. It was a pleasurable shock though, and became more pleasurable as she slid her hand up and down his shaft with liquid pumps.

She giggled in his ear, the sound light and fresh like a bubbling mountain stream. Pat turned his head back, meeting hers for a wet kiss beneath the warm shower spray. She continued to pump his cock while spreading creamy lather across his chest with her other hand.

A Succubus for Valentine's Day and other tales of Perilous Pleasures - Out Feb 11th.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

For the shy and awkward...

This is for the shy and awkward at school/university/college.

It gets better.

(this is where I eat lunch)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Spiders, Silk and Sex

Oo-er, Succubus Summoning 201 has gone a bit...spidery. When the chapter goes up later this year (once I've got the whole arc down in rough draft), it'll probably be my first story up on Lit featuring that Monster Girl staple: the spider-girl or arachne.

It's not my first spider-girl story. Both of my previous spider-themed stories (there's one in the forthcoming Valentine's Day collection) managed to bypass Literotica somehow. Here's a taste of what you're missing from "Arachne's Web" in A Succubus for Christmas and other tales of Devilish Delights.

Gordon was underground, but he wasn't sure where. Unlike the other vaults he'd visited in his dreams lately, this room was so vast he couldn't see the walls in any direction. Old cobwebs formed gauzy hangings all around him. Dream or no, Gordon didn't want to see the spider that had produced them.

He picked his way through a forest of silken threads. They were sticky and stronger than they looked. Pulling them off his naked skin when he accidentally brushed into them was energy-sapping work.

Gordon heard a chuckle from above him, feminine and dripping with evil.

“So eager to return to my parlour, little fly,” the voice said.

Gordon looked up and saw Arachne sitting above him. She was completely naked and sat, suspended, in the white threads as easily as if they were a hammock or swing chair. Her green eyes sparkled and her luscious red lips curled up in a cruel smile as she looked down at him.

“You can't resist my body,” Arachne said with a smile.

Struck dumb, Gordon said nothing. He was mesmerised by the curve of her tits.

Arachne leaned back and opened her legs, baring the hairless gash of her pussy to him. As Gordon watched she reached down and caressed her smooth labia. One of her fingers slipped inside and her breathing roughened to soft little gasps. Gordon felt his own arousal grow as he watched her play with herself.

Arachne's gasps grew louder and huskier until finally she gave a strong shudder. He watched, astonished, as a stream of thick white liquid jetted from her pussy. The liquid solidified in the air to form white strands that floated down and stuck to his exposed flesh.

What the? Gordon thought.

It was silk, just the same as the old threads around him.

“I'm not letting you go now,” Arachne said, her luscious lips curled up in a cruel smile.

She sprayed more white fluid from her pussy and it rained down on Gordon in gossamer filaments. He tried to brush the strands away, but they adhered to his skin and tangled together like a net. When Gordon tried to back away he tripped over and fell into a dense knot of threads. Hopelessly entangled, Gordon could only look on as Arachne, moaning and sighing with pleasure, squirted more and more strands of silk over his supine form. They looked feathery-light, but Gordon couldn't break them and soon his arms were entangled as well.

Arachne laughed at his struggles. She flipped over onto her front, her hands grasping old threads as if they were ropes. There was something unnatural about her body, as if her arms and legs had joints in the wrong places.

Gordon paused in his struggles and watched in astonishment as Arachne descended down from above, supported by a thick white rope of silk extruded from her pussy. She abseiled down like a spider, flipping as she approached the ground to land lightly on her feet.

What was she? Gordon thought. The lithe curves of her body were absolutely breathtaking as she walked towards him, but there was something utterly alien about her that registered in his most primal senses. He resumed his struggles, desperate to escape the thing walking towards him.

Go on, you know you want to read what happens next...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Changing Face of High Street Horror

While I was back home for the Christmas holidays I paid a visit to my local Waterstones to see what was lurking on the horror shelves.

Paranormal Romance is still very much the ‘in’ trend. So much so there was a whole rack of shelf space given over to ‘Dark Fantasy’. Love 'em or loathe ‘em, it doesn’t look like the hunky dudes with fangs and the hunky dudes with fur and fangs are going away any time soon.

In the actual ‘horror’ section proper—Waterstone’s labelling, don’t look at me like that!—Monster Mash’em’ups are the other bandwagon rolling down the hill. I haven’t read them and sort of suspect they’re a one-punchline joke stretched far beyond its use-by date.

Of course, it’s because of this kind of nonsense Christopher Fowler (I wish I had a blog like his—he must type like a zillion words a minute or something) and Maura McHugh kicked off the Campaign for Real Fear.

Me, I’m kind of ambivalent. These are not the horror books I want to be reading, but they are for a lot of other people and they enjoy them enough to buy them by the truckload. Few things piss me off more than the whole snobbish ‘your taste is rubbish, you should read/watch/listen to what I’m reading/watching/listening to’ attitude, so I’m not going there. Even if it means I must accept the existence of true horrors like Eastenders, Friends and X-Factor.

Trends are cyclical anyway. Someone’s going to write the book where the shy but pretty heroine falls for the tall, dark and handsome vampire...who then tortures her relentlessly over the next couple of hundred pages by making her watch while he kills everyone she ever cared about, and we'll remember that vampires are actually really fucking scary.

Next year it will be...well, probably no Waterstones and its slot taken by a shop selling iPhone cases and other tat, I reckon.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Sticking with Dead-Tree Technology

One of the things I was happy to pick up over the Christmas break was a fresh set of A5 writing notebooks. It seems a bit weird to still be writing out stories longhand in the age of word processors and other computery goodness, but I find that works best for me. I’m old enough to remember my mum typing up estimates for my dad on a fancy electronic typewriter, but not old enough to have ever used one myself.

I keep trying to kick the habit. Ink and bits of dead tree, I mean it’s so primitive. Look, there’s this lovely shiny laptop with a blank screen all waiting to be filled with words. And look at this keyboard, so much faster and more efficient at producing words than that awkward scratching.

It never works out that way. It’s that delete button. It’s far too easy to use. If you’re of a slightly perfectionist bent (which I am), the delete button is the concrete block waiting on the tracks to derail the writing process. It’s too easy to get stuck at a point in the story, writing and re-writing variations of the same sentence over and over until I completely lose the thread of where the story was supposed to be going in the first place.

I like my little writing pads. They’re the tortoises—slow and steady—of the writing process. They’re a little more portable than laptops and don’t run out of battery. I like taking one with me to lunch and getting a couple of extra pages done over the break. I like the steady accumulation of pages until a story or chapter falls out. I like how I can write any old bollocks to skip snags, because it’s only the first draft after all.

With discipline (and maybe some tape applied over the delete button), I could do most of this on a word processor. I think I like the little pads because they're a clear separation between first and second draft. It doesn't matter if the first draft was done on paper or typed in Word, I usually end up typing the whole thing again for the second draft. I find it's the best way to trim out all the needless fat from a story. Copying up from a notebook is easier than having two Word's open and the fonts at magnifying glass size.

Alas poor trees, it may be a while before I'm weaned off you yet.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

More fun with Japanese translations...

I’m quite impressed with this automated machine translation malarkey. I mentioned it last week when I talked about a Japanese game coming out that looked like fun. A quick poke around the website reveals they’ve (I think it’s the same people, but I may be wrong) also done a series of audio plays. The name of the series auto-translates to “Whispers of human habitation Rina - Tengai - Slutty girl and inhuman treatment”, which is probably wrong as that sounds horribly unwieldy.

If you like my stories, then you’ll probably enjoy these audios as they feature being captured and then by various femdom-y succubi and monster girls. For those that like that kind of thing, they even provide some alternative endings with a more vorish bent. Mostly it’s lots of shlurp shlurp (with a variety of squelchy sound effects that sound like a brush being plunged back and forth into a pot of paste) until the victim ejaculates themselves to death (or exhaustion). My faves are probably Vol.7 with the Arachne and Vol.10 with the big-titted Succubus Lilia (Lily I presume).

They are in Japanese, which normally would be a substantial hurdle if, like me, you can’t speak a word of the language. Thankfully, they also provide transcripts of the audios. These are also in Japanese, but with handy use of Ctrl+C and Translation Aggregator, voila, English words fall out. Again, it’s automated machine translation, so the usual caveats about using common-sense and imagination to make sense of the translations apply. Mapping the transcripts to the voices is a little tricky, but I found it got easier once I started recognising the “fufufus” and the “ora oras”. After that it’s a case of lying back and enjoying their work. The corrupted little story-making cells in my brain have certainly been twitching with fresh inspiration.

If they are the same people, I think it’s a pity they aren’t planning to include voice work in the forthcoming game. Some of these scenarios rendered as a game would be a lot of fun I think.

There is some hentai artwork of varying quality included with the volumes. Some of the victims border a little too close to shotacon for my tastes, but that’s often par for the course with these things. Oi, artists! Real succubi can take down real men y’know! It’s only pixels in case anyone’s feeling too outraged. Me, I’m just here for the freaky monster girls with big boobies.

Well worth a listen if you fancy being teased and taunted by a Japanese energy-sapping succubus. My Japanese vocabulary has increased, albeit with words I suspect I must never ever utter in public! ;)

Sunday, January 09, 2011

"Divine Matches" anthology out this week

"Divine Matches", a new anthology from eXcessica, is out this week and it features one of my stories!

This is a collection of erotic tales about mythical creatures and gods and goddesses. My contribution is "Naga Special Massage" and features a naga, a creature with the upper body of a beautiful woman and the lower body of a snake, in a modern day setting. Technically, I suppose it should be "Nagi Special Massage" as she's female, but even mythical entities have to move with these modern, liberated times! In the story, she takes a man suffering from claustrophobia and shows him she's very adept at using her serpentine body to give a sexy full body massage. And then things get hotter...

Anyway, check it out if you fancy getting a taste of what the other talented writers at eXcessica are up to.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

A game release I'm looking forward to

This game at looks like fun. It’s a Japanese RPG. You play a brave lad who picks up his sword and heads out into the world looking for adventure...and ends up being, um, molested by various sexy monster girls.

There’s a demo up which features a bit of introduction and a fight (sort of) with a slime girl. It looks a bit like Succubus Quest, only with more elaborate ending sequences when you lose the fight (which is the fun part let’s face it).

Yes, it is in Japanese, but I managed to hook it up to some automated translation software. Which sounds rather complicated, but thankfully a very nice person up on has posted a comprehensive guide on how to set this up. The translations are far from perfect, as you’d expect from automated machine translation, but if you use your imagination they’re good enough to follow what’s going on.

The first part of the game is scheduled for around January/February. They boast of featuring nearly 200 types of monster girl in the finished game, some of which look very weird indeed judging from the side menu. That sounds awesome, but also a little worrying. 200 seems like a heck of a lot of work. If the rest of the encounters are as detailed as the one with the slime girl in the demo, the game would still be awesome even with only 20 types. I’d rather see a completed game with fewer enemies than a too-ambitious project doomed to an eternity in development limbo.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to its release when I can go forth and engage in unmentionable sexual acts the world from dastardly demon girls.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

New Year's Writing (Non)Resolutions

There’s probably going to be a ton of these spunked onto the web. Given how just about everyone breaks their resolutions before the holiday season is over, I’m going to engage some reverse psychology and create some resolutions for things not to do in the hope I break them spectacularly.

1. I’m not going to write faster.

This needs work. When I first started writing stories for Literotica I told myself I wasn’t going to get bogged down with the self-doubt and obsessive perfectionism that had afflicted my horror short story writing and just have fun. Now I’m starting to take it a little more seriously, the stories have grown more complex and elaborate and the flaws have crept back in. This year I want to get back the fun and less worrying about what I’m writing.

2. I’m not going to make more frequent blog posts.

Related to 1 above. More writing and less chiselling. Often I’d have an idea of something to post, tie myself in knots with attempting to write it and then abandon the whole thing because it was taking too long. These are supposed to be quick blog posts, not graded essays.

And now the individual writing projects.

3. I’m not going to polish Succubus Summoning 101 up and get it ready for publication.

I should have done this earlier. It’s popular on Lit and about the right length for a novel. Plus, if I don’t do it, some sleazebag will probably try and plagiarize it as has unfortunately happened recently to various Lit authors.

4. I’m not going to finish Succubus Summoning 201

Ugh. Important rule for building up a fanbase—don’t leave them waiting months for the next chapter. Sorry peeps. 203 has been stuck on the backburner for a while now, mainly because the 201 arc has a plot I thought I needed to work out in advance. It’s a fallacy of course. I wrote 101 a chapter at a time and it dropped nicely into place.

5. I’m not going to finish two more short story collections.

This is the tough one. I should be able to get one done, but getting a second finished will be very much dependant on speeding up my writing, especially as I don’t have much left in the pool of already finished tales.

Now let’s get down to breaking those resolutions as fast as possible!