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Monday, April 02, 2018

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 55: Black Alice's Monster Lord Castle


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After a brief stopover at Remina which didn’t give us much other than some juicy background info, it’s time to continue on to the monster lord castle up in the north.

Here be succubi and all kinds of filthy fun

In the castle Alice reminds Luka to stay focused.  We’re not here to fight the demon lord Black Alice.  We’re here to pick up the blue orb.  We should stay focused on the task at hand and avoid running into Black Alice.

Black Alice... sorry... Alicetroemeria agrees.  We should avoid running into Black Alice... who is standing right next to us.

There are also some rather attractive succubi to tempt us with their seductive wiles as we make our way through the castle.

I say tempt us with their seductive wiles, but it might be more pound us to a pulp with their muscles.

I'm not sure you want these thighs wrapped around you.  They might fracture something.

Aha, here are the succubus martial artists teased on the original cover.

Demon Monk’s temptation move is a powerful vacuum blowjob.  Sadly there are no pictures of this, but we do get to see her ride us, muscular cowgirl style, afterwards.

She's going to ride us very very hard...

She’s tight and very pneumatic, and after Luka comes she jabs her tail in his ass and pumps him full of aphrodisiac venom.  Despite this, it’s not a drained-to-husk snuff ending.  But given that she takes Luka off to train on, I don’t think it will be long before she breaks her new toy.

I like this artist’s style, mainly because Luka actually looks like a mature hero here and it doesn’t matter because the succubi still over-sex him.

Other monster girls include the Guivre Girl.

Naughty and nice all in one package

She’s half-demon, half-angel, I think.  Although I wonder if TTR had a research fail here as when I looked up guivre I got a mythical French wyvern thing.

She’ll tempt Luka with a blow-job.


And then, like Demon Monk, rides us cowgirl-style afterwards.  Using her half-demon, half-angel powers, she alternates her pussy between angelic (soft and fluffy) and demonic (muscular and very very tight).


The scylla maids running around are one of Xelvy’s creations, hence spines where There Should Not Be Spines.

She's very efficient and diligent, and not at all... spiky

Her bad end scene is surprisingly medium for a Xelvy.

One of Xelvy's more restrained scenes

I’m not sure the angles work here, but at least she milks out our cum without those spines going into soft parts of our anatomy.

That’s enough fun.  Time to continue the exploration.  Oh and one important thing:


I wouldn't go up here...

This is the middle staircase leading up to the 3rd floor.  The NPC will tell you that it leads to Black Alice’s throne room.  Alice will also warn you again that you’re not here to fight Black Alice.

The main downside of walking up the stairs is Alicetroemeria will leave the party.  This is presumably to take her place on the throne so we can fight her.

Or maybe.  Despite her strategic disappearance at this point, I do wonder if they’re one and the same person.  Walking through the castle the NPCs talk a lot about an ongoing war between Alice and her sister.  I might be reading more into it than is there, or just misreading a bad machine translation, but I do wonder which loon we currently have in our party.

You can fight Black Alice, but it’s not advised, especially if you were leaning on Alicetroemeria’s offensive capabilities, as she will have left the party before this fight.  Despite this I still made a reasonable attempt at it.  Whether it’s winnable or not depends on what damage Black Alice’s Monster Lord’s Cruelty attack caps out at.  Against me it was a total party kill.  I could survive that as I’d levelled up all my party members through the Apprentice Hero job to pick up the self-resurrecting Protection of the Goddess ability.  The first Monster Lord’s Cruelty anyway.  The second Monster Lord’s Cruelty... yeah, that was a party wipe.

I reloaded and avoided this part of the castle in the end, mainly because I don’t know if you actually get Alicetroemeria back once she leaves the party.  You probably don’t want to lose her either, as her damage output is useful when fighting the proper boss of this region.

Where you need to go is up the east tower.  That’s where the treasure room containing the blue orb can be found.

It’s not a simple case of picking it up, as standing between us and the treasure room is the infamous Black Sanyaki (Black Rose?).

Legends of their time

This is the legendary trio of Kokka (succubus), Kokuja (lamia), and Kurobara (vampire).  They are quite a tough boss fight.  The Bad End you get varies depending on which one of the trio landed the final blow.

If it was Kokuja, she’ll suck Luka’s sperm out with a tail orifice she heats up for extra comfort.

Hot (literally!) tail-sucking action

Kurobara will suck you up with her pussy.

Vampires have other mouths to suck with...

Kokka will really suck you up with her pussy.

...but they don't suck as hard as succubi

And I mean really.  She doesn’t waste any time on it.  The gal is on a schedule.  Cue sweet, but extremely short sex as she sucks out all our cum and energy in not much time at all.

But, as always, this is a fate for alt!Luka.  In this reality, like Heinrich before us, we gave Black Sanyaki a good spanking and sent them packing.

Interestingly, their profiles in the monsterpedia have a (1) after the name, which implies we’ll be seeing them again for more sexy fun in part 3.

The blue orb is ours.  Time to head over to the Bird God Shrine.

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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 47: The World Tree


<- Previous: Fairy Isle

And we’re back.  Kind of.

We’re in the middle of taking the fight back to the monster queens.  After knocking some sense into the Elf Queen, it turns out the real malodorous influence is happening over at the neighbouring World Tree.  The normally passive and peaceful Queen Alraune has become rather warlike all of a sudden.  So over we go to bring peace by setting everything on fire.  Starting with the Walraune blocking the entrance.  I suspect Inferno Mage Alicetroemeria is going to enjoy this particular dungeon.

We come in peace.  Burn everything down.

The world tree has a very similar structure to the slug and harpy towers of MQ:P part 1.  There are three floors with multiple stairs (or rather, vines in this case) leading to the next floor.  Some lead to dead ends with treasure chests.  The central path pretty much gets you to Queen Alraune.

It also gets you to the rainbow material required for smithing prism weapons.  That is reached by climbing down a vine in the southeast corner of the 3rd floor and gets you to here:

Rainbow rocks

Before we show Queen Alraune the error of her ways by setting her on fire, I suppose I should go over the wandering monster girls you can find in this region.

Walraune was in the original series.  She likes to trap Luka in her petals and give him a very long blowjob.  Also present is the Dryad you fought around the same time.  In the original she was also brainwashed and switched from sweet to sadistic after taking enough damage.  Both versions are present here.

Nice 'n' nasty dryads

If I remember correctly, you probably don’t want to lose to either of them as their Bad Ends involve attaching their roots to you and leaching out all your moisture.

We also get two new Forest versions of Alraune and Dryad.

New model Alraune and Dryad

Forest Alraune likes attaching a special flower to our dangly bits and gulping down all our juices.

Forest Dryad starts innocuously enough with what looks like a blindfolded handjob.

This doesn't seem so bad

She doesn’t seem too bad to lose to.  Sweet and innocent and... what’s that?

Wait!  That isn't a hand.

A plant gal’s got to get her moisture, and her favourite way is to attach her tentacle root to the crotch and start sucking away.  At least she’s considerate enough to keep Luka around afterwards rather than sucking out all his fluids and leaving behind a dried-up mummy.

In the original series Queen Alraune was brainwashed by one of the doll weapons designed to beat the heavenly knights.  They haven’t showed up so far in Paradox (thankfully, they were a bit shit compared to the other bosses), so I’m guessing it’s either Lilith or another one of Black Alice’s creations behind all this.  Queen Alraune can be found in the middle of the third floor.

She's big, bouncy and flowery... but mostly bouncy

She’s also no less flammable than the other plant girls, so prominence away Black Alice!  Uh, I mean, Alicetroemeria.

Queen Alraune does have a few annoying AOE status effect pollen attacks, including an instant kill one, but her vulnerability to fire should make this a fairly straightforward fight.

Afterwards Mephisto is brought in to clear the brainwashing, which causes the real culprit behind it all to reveal herself:

Who and what are you?

And you are... Aži Dahāka.  Whoever that is.  It looks like someone added a bunch of extra nonsense to the letters to make the name sound more mysterious.  That seems a really lame thing to do (ahem).

In this case Aži Dahāka is the name of an ancient Persian demon.  I must confess to not knowing too much about that particular mythology.

This Aži Dahāka looks like a lamia with other bits thrown in.  She reveals she’s acting on behalf of Black Alice which triggers a very suspicious facial expression from our own Black Alice.  Seeing the respective Black Alices face off against each other is something I’m rather looking forward to, even if the most likely outcome is they team up to snu snu Luka to a particularly icky Bad End.

But first we need to take out the real boss for this area.  As she appears to be a lamia, I figured it would be a simple switch from fire magic to ice magic.  And it worked... ahem.

Ilias’s evaluation afterwards (and the monsterpedia) reveals Aži Dahāka is strong to both fire and ice.  Really, I didn’t notice.

(Alicetroemeria might need a teensy bit of a nerf.)

But Aži Dahāka is a new gal, so what we’re really interested in is what debauchery she gets up to if you deliberately throw the fight lose to her.

Her temptation move is to hold Luka up and tempt him with her pussy.

Seems tempting enough.  Why not.  What’s the worst that can happ...

Snakes on a... particularly sensitive part of anatomy

Um, Aži dear.  Why is there a snake biting the end of my cock?

Aži.  Why is there a motherfucking snake biting the end of my motherfucking cock!  I’ve had it with these mother... yeah, we’re just going into cliché now.

Afterwards is more conventional sex.  Being a lamia, Aži Dahāka has quite a mobile pussy and uses it to full effect to squeeze and suck out all our semen.  Rather refreshingly for one of MGQ’s snake gals, she even refrains from opening her vagina wide and shoving us in face first.

She's a good squeeze

But that’s alternate!Luka’s fate.  Our Luka froze her into an icicle (despite her being resistant to ice – have I said enough times already how OP Alicetroemeria is).

She’s one of Black Alice’s minions, so there are no opportunities to recruit afterwards.  She does a runner and I imagine we’ll see her again in part 3.  With the snake demon gone, Queen Alraune returns to her normal placid self.  Unfortunately, we can’t seem to recruit her either as she’s too busy recuperating from being set on fire repeatedly.

There is also a very long callback to MQ:P [part 1].  If you remember all the way back to the harpy tower, we were able to cure all the harpies of the lust plague afflicting them, but not the queen.  She needed a special fruit from the World Tree.

Well, we’re here now, so does that mean we can recruit Miss Fluffywings?

Not quite yet.  Queen Alraune needs some time to grow the fruit.  I suspect we’re waiting for the requisite plot trigger.  Maybe after we’ve dealt with the other three queens.  However, she does give us the soul item that unlocks the advanced singing and dancing jobs.  Sonya is curious as to why Queen Alraune had this item and she reveals she wanted to be a star when she was younger.

Returning back to the fairy isle has Queen Elf reward us with an item.  Unfortunately, both her and Queen Fairy are still not recruitable as yet.  I suspect it’s the same trigger condition as the World Tree fruit.

Now that we have the requisite material for the elf blacksmith to make prism items, there are some side quests to catch up on.  Papi can be taught how to make prism gear.  There is no quest here, just bring her along to chat with the blacksmith.  Papi fails the first couple of times, but then gets some help from Salamander and between them they learn how to make prism items.

Unsurprisingly (as this is a 3-part series), this is not the ultimate material.  The elf blacksmith talks about the greatest blacksmith, Randolph, and legendary weapons forged from meteorite iron.  Alice also mentions she knows about this as the weapons were forged in the demon castle in Helgondo.  As for Randolph, nobody knows where he is, but I suspect he’ll show up sometime in a future chapter.

And that’s that for the World Tree and Fairy Isle (at least until we come back to recruit the queens).  One Queen down, three to go.  Next up, it’s time to have some fun with some frisky fishies in the secret mermaid base.

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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 33: Orichalcum Mines


<- Previous: Gold Port

It’s time for another gear upgrade.

Just west of Gold Port are the Orichalcum mines, where we can find the next upgrade material.

The cave entrance you're looking for

I might have got the name wrong, as the game calls these the Lava Cave Mines.  Hmm, I don’t see any lava around...

The 1st floor is mazy.  There are a few treasure chests dotted around, but it’s a bit of pain trying to map out the full extent of the floor.  I’d recommend putting Encounter Half on someone, or even wearing one of the no-encounter accessories while running through here.

Now about those encounters.

Snek! And [whatever the meme-y name for an octopus is]!

New girls.  New girls!

Fair play to Monster Girl Quest, the game has packed so many different types of monster girl into it, we’ve now gone beyond normal lamias and scyllas.  It has to be demon versions.

They’re not that demonic to be fair.  Lamias are vulnerable to cold and scyllas are vulnerable to lightning.  Both are also very blobbable if you want to use the instant KO tricks to cut combat down to one or two turns at most.

But priorities priorities.  What we all want to know is what filthy smexy stuff they like to get up to.

Don't try this at home with your pet snek!

Ow lamia.  You’re strangling my precious dangly bits.  Take it easy.  Don’t squeeze so hard.

Hey wait.  No.  Don’t put the tip of your tail in there.


This is not how it works.  Luka is a freak.

Cue party leaving in disgust and inevitable Bad End.

You're getting so squeezed, boy

Squeeze.  Lots of squeeze.  I mean she is a lamia, despite those demon bat wings.  Coils around chest – squeeze.  Vagina around cock – squeeze!

She also shoves the tip of her tail in our mouth for... what... equality?  I dunno either.


Pop.  Ahhhhh.

On the MGQ sliding scale of demons Lamia is at the nicer end.  After wringing Luka out, she announces she’s going to take him back to her nest and do the same thing to him every day.  At least she doesn’t eat him.

What about her octopus friend.  I’m not sure what that orifice is below her waist.  It looks a little too toothy.  I don’t think I want my dangly bits anywhere in its vicinity.

Knock scylla down to low enough health and you don’t get much choice.

Don't try this at home with your pet... eldritch abomination.  Fhtagn.  Fhtagn fhtagn!

That’s a lot of tentacles.  You might want to start struggling, Luka, before she inserts you in...

Goddamn it, Luka.

I don’t care if she has tentacles in there and it feels amazing and not toothy at all, we’re supposed to be saving the world(s).

Bad End time.  And it’s...

You're gonna get sucker welts...

...suckers for suckers?

It’s a tentacle job of sorts, with lots of little sucker kisses.  And thankfully enough lube.  Sucker welts on your dick hurt like a bitch the morning after.

As with lamia, scylla is a nice(ish) demon girl.  After milking Luka of his white stuff, she also decides to drag him off to a life of orgasmic bliss.

But we can’t let that happen.  Worlds (universes?) to save, and for that we need a chunk of whatever weird metal is at the bottom of these mines.

There is a rope leading down to the next level.  If you go left after entering the mines you should wander across it.

At least the rope is easy to spot this time...

And here’s the lava.  A lot of the floor is covered in it.  Given we’re in a fantasy universe with slightly loose physical laws, the lava doesn’t constitute a barrier.  Luka and party can walk across it, but it will cause damage in a similar way to purple poison marsh tiles.

Another monster type shows up here.

They just want to give you a nice relaxing warm bath

It’s the lava girl from Salamander’s Volcano in the original series.  She’s part of the slime girl family and will give you a nice relaxing lava bath if you let her (seriously, she can reduce the temperature to pleasant rather than having Luka burst into flames).  Like mud golem, if you’re running a hungry blob girl party, you’re not going to like lava girl.  She’s immune to the digestion status (as far as I can tell) and will need to be fought normally rather than having one of the slime girls gobble her up.

On this floor you can find a suspicious chest sticking out of the lava.  Unsurprisingly, it does turn out to be another mimic-like boxed girl.  Rather amusingly, she doesn’t realise she’s in lava, and once she does, begs the player to help her instead.  You can do this and she’ll reward you with 3 small medals and tell you about a mimic paradise island to the east of Happiness Village.  As far as I know, the only way to get to that sea is through the big stone gate next to the Naval HQ, and I don’t think that’s opening until part 3.  I’m guessing an island full of mimics is going to be a prime Job XP grinding location in a similar way to the bottom floor of the Administrator Tower in part 1.

When an ambush turns into a rescue plea

The orichalcum can be found down in the south-east corner of this floor.  As with most of the ore “quests”, it’s completely unguarded.  It’s a bit of a shame.  It would be nice to see these ore quests tied in with some kind of boss fight, similar to the dragon bandits in part 1.  There’s only so much content that can be packed in, I guess.

Even MGQ can run out of spare monsters to boss-guard the sparkly stuff

Once you have orichalcum, both the vampire blacksmith in Grangold and the dragon blacksmith in Gold Port can make orichalcum weapons.  The dragon blacksmith will also offer to teach Papi how to make orichalcum gear if you bring her the legendary Dragon Mallet of Blacksmithing that is rumoured to be lost within the North Ocean Floor Temple.

“What, this mallet,” Papi says, pulling out the random bit of treasure we looted from a chest a few blog posts back.

Um, yeah.  About doing things in their correct sequence...

Never mind.  Papi is now a fully-qualified orichalcum blacksmith.

The dragon blacksmith also drops hints of the next upgrade material – Rainbow(?) – which can be found on the elf isle.

As I have no idea where that is despite scouting out the next few locations, I suspect Papi won’t battering rainbows into swords for some time yet.  Maybe not until part 3?

In the meantime it’s time to go talk to a ghost perfectly-not-suspicious-in-the-slightest human about a haunted ship.

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Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 14: Yamata no Orochi Caves

<- Previous: Yamatai Village

Working out the blogpost breaks for the Yamatai Village quests is a bit awkward for reasons that will become apparent.  I did think about giving the village and shrines separate posts, but there isn’t enough happening in Yamatai Village on its own and the village + shrines is too big for a single post.  And then there’s that back-and-forth into the Yamata no Orochi Caves (which I think is the right name for this location).

Anyway, we’ve satisfied the Cat and Fox shrine quests.  Now it’s time for the Raccoon Shrine quest, which involves going into the Yamata no Orochi caves to find the Raccoon God.

And not fight Yamata no Orochi.  Alice is absolutely insistent on this.  She tells us Yamata no Orochi is a very powerful demon.  I think the game is trying to subtly hint that Yamata no Orochi is a challenge boss along similar lines to Sphinx in part 1 (and Leviathan earlier).

Paradox makes use of the MGQ Chapter 3 Yamatai monster girls to populate the caves.  This means appearances for the Miko Lamia and Kejourou.  There is one new monster girl – a Miko Arachne.

Dancing dancing spiders

She has a very annoying curse dance.  If you’re relying on magic attacks for damage, make sure to have Nullify Silence equipped, or you might end up like this:

She's a rare spider girl. She doesn't eat Luka afterwards.

To find the raccoon tanuki girl*, take the right fork on entering and walk into the big cavern behind the waterfall.

*Pedantic aside warning.  I wrote it as machine translated, but raccoon is not strictly accurate.  Japan doesn’t have racoons, it has raccoon dogs (tanuki), which while sharing a superficial resemblance to America’s lovable (unless you’re a pet owner) trash pandas, are a completely different animal.  They look like someone spliced a raccoon and badger together, and threw in a bit of fox for good measure.

Tanuki girl is cowering over on the left.

Quest objective for shrine #3

She asks not to be eaten.

Alice never passes up an opportunity to bully (sort of) fox girls

After some teasing from Alice about tanuki pots, we’re returned to the Tanuki Shrine.  That’s shrine #3 solved.

Oddly, you don’t seem to be able to recruit tanuki girl.  I tried talking to her afterwards without much luck, so I don’t know if she can be recruited.  Maybe she’s exclusive to players on the Ilias route?  Maybe you’re supposed to recruit her later?

I don’t know to be honest.  If she is recruitable and you know how, post in the comments below (but please avoid spoilers if it involves waiting for a later event to unlock her).

Last shrine is the snake shrine, and I’m guessing this is where we’re going to have to do some fighty stuff.  The snake shrine is in revolt, and it’s as suspected.  The good white shirohebi sister confirms on the bridge—her more rebellious twin has been corrupted by Black Alice and is raising an army.

Was raising an army.

While speaking to Good Shirohebi there’s a loud crash from the main shrine building behind her.  On entering it we find a lot of bashed up monster girls.  Nobody is dead, but they aren’t in any state to fight.  On the second floor we find the reason for all this, and it’s not much of a surprise.  Neris (Alice 17th) has been beating up all the monster girl queens Black Alice recruited and it’s Evil Shirohebi’s turn.

Neris getting involved again
Or would be Evil Shirohebi’s turn.  For some reason we picked the wrong time to show up as Neris scarpers leaving us to fight Evil Shirohebi instead.

Boss fight!

Now don’t get tempted there Luka-clone.

They're fighting... I think
Shirohebi is a lamia, so blast her with ice magic effects and all will be fine.  This is a repeat boss fight from the original series, which might also explain why Neris ran off.  “Classic” Luka fought Evil Shirohebi at some point in his adventures so it might as well be here, or something like that.  I still don’t know what’s going on.

That’s enough to settle the issues of the 4th and final shrine.  If you go back to the village headman he’ll reward you with the Book of Eastern Secrets.  This unlocks the Samurai, Taoist and Ninja jobs.

It also triggers the beginning of a side quest.  Outside the main hut you’ll find a group of four young men.

You're going to have to find these four idiots at some point
They have a plan to see the world and... get fucked, basically.  The side quest is to find them after they’ve dispersed.  Three can be found right now, but the fourth buggered off to Succubus Village, which we haven’t reached yet.  I’ll come back to this side quest when we reach that location.

We’re still not done with Yamatai.  Evil Shirohebi can be recruited if you talk to her in the snake shrine.

Her good sister has to stay around and run things, but Evil Shirohebi is available (probably in more ways than one).  But first she requires we fetch her a Beckoning Cat item from the Yamata no Orochi caves.

This had me stumped for a while.  If you ask around the NPCs they’ll tell you rumours of a secret treasure cave in the Yamata no Orochi caves.  I didn’t find it on the first lookthrough and so assumed it was something that was unlocked later, maybe when your party has levelled up enough to defeat Yamata no Orochi.

This isn’t the case.  Enter the caves and this time take the left fork.  This leads to another waterfall area with chests.  While they might look unreachable, the first party member can hop across the short gaps.  It’s a variation on the classic top-down JRPG ice puzzles.  The Beckoning Cat isn’t here (the far chest is another boxed girl).

The thing I missed was this damn rope here.

Completely missed this rope the first time around
Climb down it and then walk to the right to enter the secret treasure area.

Walk through the waterfall to the right of the sign... find the secret treasure cave
The Beckoning Cat can be found in here as well as a bunch of other treasure.  Now you can go back and recruit Evil Shirohebi.

And that’s all for Yamatai Village.  With both Caesar’s and Arthur’s side quests resolved, it’s time to hop back onto the main quest line and check out Mephisto’s school of magic for Queen Noah.

Wait, what about Yamata no Orochi?

Well you can find her here, in the cave north of where you find Tanuki Girl.

Warning: Yamata no Orochi, do not approach
But I wouldn’t recommend fighting her unless you have a serious fetish for tongues and licking that you absolutely have to satisfy right now.

Okay, okay.  But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

It's okay Luka.  She'll let you go in a year.

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