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Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 54: Remina (alt)


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Right, so with our harem forces bolstered by various powerful monster girl queens, it’s time to go and pluck the missing blue orb from Black Alice’s castle in an alternate reality.

Got that?

Ok, let’s go.

The stopping off point is the alternate succubus village.  If you’ll remember, there was a dude by the river standing next to a boat that looked like it might get used at some point.

Giz us yer boat

Well that point is now.

Or rather not.  The boatman won’t hand over the boat until we get permission from the mayor.

The mayor’s house is up in the north, just left of the path heading out of town.  If I remember right, it was blocked by a maid last time we passed through here.  The mayor looks like a loli, which is suspicious.  She’s grateful to us for driving off the succubus queen(s), but when Luka brings up the boat to Helgondo she refuses, saying it’s too dangerous.

At least until Black Alice... sorry Alicetroemeria... steps in.  They appear to know each other and the mayor changes her mind fairly sharpish.  Cue another line of suspicious “..........”s from our Alice.  Methinks shenanigans.  Methinks loli mayor is not as she appears and knows and recognises her demon lord.

Then it’s off to Helgondo.  Despite being in a different reality, the monsters in the ocean and on the land before the tunnel are the same ones we encountered in our world.

Once inside the tunnel we run into some new encounters.  Four new monster girls and none of them are repeats from the original series.  Obviously I wasn’t paying close enough attention when perusing the graphics folder, as I thought the game was nearly out of new encounters at this point.

Two are Setouchi’s, which I like as I like their artwork, even the weirder stuff.  One is Pile of Snakes Woman.

I think surrounding yourself with giant poisonous snakes definitely qualifies as playing hard to get

Not sure what’s going on here—whether she’s sitting on a pile of snakes, or is some kind of weird scylla/lamia crossover where the tentacles are replaced by snake heads.  Her temptation move is a snake bj, for which there is mercifully no artwork.

(I really hope I’m not inadvertently responsible for this whole snakejob thing after putting this story out.)

After that, her Bad End scene is rather restrained, or rather, we end up being restrained by snakes while she bounces away on top with what seems a perfectly normally human pussy.  (Of course, being part snake, that part of her anatomy does get rather tight when she gets around to properly milking us.)

Tight.  Very tight.

Next girl is called Master Shadow and she clearly has some sort of undead/ghost thing going on.

Ghost goo girl?

Maybe an iffy translation of lich?  I don’t know.  Her Bad End is rather undignified as she dunks Luka head first in spirit goo and drains first his cum and then all his life energy.

One of Luka's many undignified Ends

I skipped on the other two—Kirin and Enera.  I’m not a big fan of the loli/chubby chibi head shape and body type.


...and nope

The artwork looks fine from what I saw in their respective temptation scenes, just doesn’t do anything for me.

On the other side of the tunnel is a rundown church.

What's a church doing all the way out here, and why is the priest acting so strangely?

The priest inside looks somewhere between distracted and completely blissed out.  The reason for that becomes clear as we bump into Lilim and Lilith (the other one) on the way out.  Ah, so that’s where those twins got to.

Ah, that'd be why

They recognise Alicetroemeria and nearly give out her real name before she cuts them off in a way that implies they came very very close to making a very bad mistake.  This is also where you can recruit the Lilim twins as Alicetroemeria talks them into joining.  I wonder what Black Alice is up to here.

Remina is over to the west.  The Helgondo monster girls are all taken from the original series—Wyvern, Behemoth and Kyoryuu.

Remina.  Come visit.  Ignore the poison pools and ravenous monster girls.

Unlike previous towns, Remina is more of a background dump than a quest gate.  There’s nothing stopping you from running straight past it to the demon castle, but that would mean missing out on some useful items, so it’s worth visiting.

Humans and monster girls are co-existing in Remina, but there are tensions.  Most of these appear to be caused by the Church of Ilias, which is also aggroing the science community as well.  An angry mob wants to burn down the main academy/lab.  It’s worth going in here as the scientist next to the blackboard has the Scientific Extremes item required to unlock some of the advanced jobs (Scholar?).

This guy has the book you want

There are also some nice call backs to the chaosised Remina we visited through Tartarus.  Going left takes you to a residential area that should look familiar (this is where we first emerged from the first tartarus region many many moons ago).  In the first building there is man with his scylla wife and daughter.  This is also the same house where we found [Nuruko] in part 1.  I did bring her along to see if it triggered any interactions, but there weren’t any, which seems like a missed opportunity.

Hmm, I have a feeling I’ve been here before...

There is a succubus prostitute hanging around at the end of a long alley.  Sonya is not going to let Luka have any fun with her even if you select ‘yes’.

The other side of the town is the commercial district.  You can find the battlefucker, Aurora, in the item shop.

Items with a bit of battlefucking on the side

Other than that there’s not much around.  Alicetroemeria enjoys herself going around incognito and we learn the pubs are segregated, mainly to avoid accidentally poisoning the squishy humans.

Things get a little more interesting in the castle.  You want to talk to the king anyway as he’ll gift you the Warrior God’s Soul needed to unlock more advanced jobs/races.  There is also plenty of talk about Edina, the king’s daughter, and some big whopping hints that Luka is the descendent of Heinrich and Edina.  This would mean he also has hidden royal blood to go along with his hidden angel blood.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of the hidden king trope popular in fantasy stories, but then the recent Star Wars film tried the parents-are-nobodies angle and… it was not very well received.

I guess a Heinrich-Edina pairing might go some way to explaining why Black Alice went off the rails.  Although, to be honest, I’m not sure she was on any to start with.

That’s it for Remina.

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  1. In the market district is a succubus noting the value of potatoes and planning to propose them as a crop in Succubus Village. Eva is horrified.

    The churches are where the party can be changed in absence of the Pocket Castle. In Remina's church there are followers of Ilias calling for a crusade against the city, but Robo Pope say the pope of the time was a moderate who'd never approve of it.

    In the Ilias route she flat out says Luka is the descendant of Heinrich and Edina. She seemed pleased while explaining this ancestry. Probably because it means the only thing Heinrich inserted into Black Alice was a sword.

  2. I think I have read somewhere that the only reason why Black Alice went mad is because Heinrich actually decided to kill her instead of being with her. It was something like Black Alice being in love with him, but he decided to push her away. And because of that she views humans as flawed, as well as all of creation.