Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 50: Vampire Castle


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And we’re down to the final rampaging monster queen.

The vampire castle is in the ocean northwest-ish of Yamatai Village.  It’s a bit of a pain to find.  For some reason I always manage to sail right past it.

It's here... maybe.  I swear this damn island keeps randomly shifting east or west every time I try to find it.

The castle itself is fairly straightforward.  The queen is up on the second floor, but the corridor to her is protected by a loop trap that teleports you right back to the beginning.  To deactivate that you’ll need to go down to the basement.  There you’ll find a coffin containing Carmilla.

Unlike the previous queen lairs, where the chief-henchwomen were too shagged out from the beatings they received in the cities to be up for a round two, Carmilla has fully recuperated from her loss in Sabasa and is spoiling for another fight.

As a vampire, she’s also still highly flammable.

Take it away, Alicetroemeria.

Defeating her will give you an item to get past the loop trap on the second floor.

However, as we’ve already had a second bout vs Carmilla, it will come as no surprise that we also need to fight our way through Elizabeth again to reach the queen’s chamber.

She’s also rather flammable.

But before going on to the inevitable boss fight, we should also cover the other sexy distractions awaiting us in the vampire castle.  There are three new vampire women in this area.  We already saw them during the defence of Sabasa, so let’s check them out in more detail.

First up, there’s Elder Vampire.

You know how it is when you get old.  Tentacles start sprouting out of the most inconvenient places.

My, what lovely... leeches... you have.

Luka, run!!!!


Too late.

She’s sort of a multi-leech girl in one.  Like the basic leech girl, she likes to draw a man into her mouth (one of them) and draw out their semen with her fleshy walls.  She’ll leave you pleasantly drained and... a bit too drained to be honest.

Then there is Conquista and Vendetta.

Not quite so ancient vamps

One looks like a student, and I think is a student.  The other is lady of the night merged with the other type of lady of the night.  She also has a rather splendid ass.  If you knock her (un)life down low enough, she’ll plonk that lovely ass down on your crotch.

Vendetta used finishing move: Ass.  It was super-effective.

Her Bad End is more ass, but not anal (I think).  It’s some sexy reverse cowgirl without the fishnets this time.

She'll suck it all up and more

Oddly, she functions more like a conventional succubus.  There is very little in the way of blood-sucking going on, and way more in the way of semen-sucking.  Her tight little pussy is quite powerful in this regard and she talks about how much vacuum she can create while sucking out the contents of our balls.  And everything else.

She does briefly consider keeping Luka around but in the end keeps going until we pass beyond the realm of pleasantly drained and enter the not-so-pleasant realm of Hades (again!).

A nice scene, but an odd one given how much the vamps of the original series played to various blood-drinking/vampire fetishes.

(I’d have put vamp fangs in her pussy just to spice things up a bit… hyuk hyuk.)

Back to the vampire queen and she also didn’t require any manipulation from Black Alice.

I don't think that's her cloak, you know...

Her philosophy seems to be a mix of Noblesse Oblige and Might Makes Right.  Which makes it rather simple.  Beat her and she’ll recognise our greater power and call off her vampire hordes.

Seems easy enough.

"I didn't mean this type of suck!"

Damn it, Luka.  Stop fooling around and let the inferno mage torch the highly flammable bat girl.

After beating her, she recognises our greater power and calls off her army.  She also loans us Elizabeth and Carmilla as fresh recruits for Luka’s “harem”.

And that’s that.  All four monster girl queens have been defeated.  Now I have the awkward task in the next few posts of making a whole bunch of background exposition and goofy side quests interesting without screenshots of smexy new monster girls.  Hmm, maybe I’ll be showing some screenshots of the queens in action after all.

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  1. This was entertaining enough, (I suggest you go see if after all the exposition after defeating the queens you can begin to recruit them, oh and bring Sara to Sphinx) but I'm currently in a foul mood due to Count Dankula's conviction.

  2. Awww, was anticipating more juicy coverage of Elizabeth and Carmilla as well, along with Vampire Queen. They were my top favorite in the MGQ series, since they were heavy on all the blood/vampire/cloak/envelopment fetishes.

    Can't wait for a property translation, if it's going to happen at all!