Thursday, January 28, 2021

House of Hellish Harlots ver0.015 (Doctoress + Potions)

The new version of "House of Hellish Harlots" is available for patrons and can be found here:

Here's the full change list:


- I've added some, both physical and personality.  This is getting close to final finished version there.  I think they cover close to everything I want to cover.  Submissive/Dominant keep their names for now, but might get renamed to Passive/Assertive at some point if I feel I need to remove confusion with the usual BDSM definitions.

- There is a proper character creation section at the start that explains what the stats are.

- Personality stats can be set at the beginning (but not Physical stats, those are still random, for now).


- Players can use these to temporarily alter both physical and personality stats.  Get strong enough to survive Anna Boa's hugs!

these are sold by:


- She sells an assortment of stats-altering potions.  (That have no side effects!)

- She also gives the player a fun and pleasurable way to convert semen to coins. (Completely risk free!)


- Some tweaks to standardise Action point management.

- Some new ailments for her to cure.  (That are completely unrelated to potions and the side effects they absolutely do not have.)


- Alsharajea Hira, the Corruptress.  She's a very bad succubus with a big juicy ass that loves anal.

- Queen Colubridis.  A "Queen" lamia with big appetites and a wicked blowjob.

I must admit to being a little scared when the poll popped up Queen Colubridis (gluttonous lamia) and I saw just how many pages I'd written on her.  She is indeed gluttonous.  I might write more on it in a future post, but for now I think I'm just going to let the long ones go long and let players have fun with them.

It's still a Patreon-exclusive at the moment, but I am getting closer and closer to having enough content to put out a proper public release (2 more NPCs, a proper intro, and maybe 10 or so new harlots).