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Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 6: The Open Seas

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“It’s a pirate life for me… a pirate life for me…” or whatever it is pirates sing.  Probably with lots of added “Yaarrrrrrr”.

We have a boat, the MS Fish, thanks to Bonnie, Ashel and the rest of the fishy pirates (who only pirate other pirates, so they’re the good fun pirates that don’t get up to all that raping and pillaging stuff, unless it’s Luka, of course, because the game wouldn’t be fun if there wasn’t a hot succubus trying to jump his bones every five paces or so).  Anyway, we have a boat, and the next place we’re supposed to go is directly north of the Navy Headquarters.

Which, of course, we’re not going to do, because it wouldn’t be a JRPG if you didn’t go haring off in search of hidden locations the moment the map opens up.  I’ve played Final Fantasy before.

The open section isn’t all that open to be fair.  We have the run of a central sea, but most of the northern shores are blocked by impassable mountains.  The Navy Headquarters is on an island to the east.  The sea to the north and south of it is blocked by rocks.  There is a canal running through the island, blocked at the far end by a massive stone gate.  I don’t think we’re going to see that open until Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 3], to be honest.

The Grand Pirates’ Cave is surprisingly far away, being right out to the west.  As with the Navy HQ, further progress is blocked by rocks.

There is a huge black smudge of a Tartarus location right in the middle of the sea.  Currently there is no way to enter it, at least none that I can see.

Just to the west of the Navy HQ is Sheep Island.

Sheep Island

It has a location filled with sheep girls.  Sheep girls are the chronic drunks of the monster girl universe, so we get silly music and lots of drunken sheep milling around.

Where the sheep girls go to get drunk

There isn’t a whole lot to do here.  Both the entrance to the building and a pathway behind it are blocked.  I tried bringing both the sheep and rabbit girls and nothing changed, so I think this might be a location to revisit later.

There are two other locations to explore along the north.

Spider Island

The first has a cave with the entrance blocked by an arachne (one of the ones from MGQ chapter 3, judging by her portrait).

Arachnes be here, but no entry for now

I guess this is where the spider girls holed up after Neris bashed them around.  The arachne won’t let us in or fight us, so I think this would appear to be another place we’re not supposed to be visiting right now.  There are some items hidden in chests in the surrounding woods, so it’s not a complete waste of time.

The second island doesn’t even have a name.

??? Island

There’s a bit of a Lovecraftian Cthulhu vibe here as we find the corpse of a doomed explorer/castaway.  They left a notebook that talks about fog, being unable to leave the island and some kind of eldritch structure.

Notebook found in a deserted campsite

As none of that is happening right now I think we can add another item to the list of interdimensional weirdness.  I suspect its significance will become clearer once we go through another one of the Tartarus locations.

At least we get a few new monster girls to play with along the way.

Mermaid Assault!

One is a returning mermaid from the original series.  I like this artist’s style and I liked the encounter in the original series, but I don’t think they’ve drawn that many characters.  It’s a shame as they’re perfect for the more vanilla monster girls.

The other two are more of Arekishi’s busty cuties.  And if it’s Arekishi, you know exactly what you’re getting…


More Boing!

…titty jobs!  Lots of big bouncy boobwanks.  Yummy.

The mermaid merchant also shows a true entrepreneurial flair.  She charges Luka for every spurt, and the poor lad is too addicted to the experience to turn her down.  So, by the end of it, he’s completely drained of both gold and cum.  Tick another one off as Monster Girl Quest adds findom to the list of fetishes.

Or should that be fin²dom, hurr hurr.

(It’s coz she’s a fish, with fins, geddit.  Never mind… I’ll get my coat.)

The returning mermaid from the previous series also has a sweet paizuri scene, if I remember right.  These seas are pretty much titjob heaven, if you can avoid the odd creepy Fusuma flapping around.

There are also a trio of similar Bolt of Cotton girls flying around.

Sky dancers

They also like to warp Luka up in smooth silky heaven.

Private dances.  Refusal not accepted

Although in this case, there appears to be an absence of both creepy doll faces and drooling digestive acids, so they’re fine by me.  We’ll have a private dance later, if you know what I mean.

Nothing for you to worry about, Luka my old pal.  Just keep sailing north.

The open seas aren’t all that open as it happens.  There’s only really one place to go – Finoa.  So that’s where we’ll head off to next time.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 5: Navy Headquarters II

<- Previous: Grand Pirates’ Cave

We have a boat, the MS Fish, crewed with some enthusiastic pirates.  This will take us to the next continent and Grand Noah, but before then there are some side quests to tick off.

The fishy pirates had their flag confiscated by the navy.  They’d like it back, and as an extra incentive it’s also stored next to the permit required to unlock both the pirate and marine jobs.

So, no biggie, just an all-out assault on the Navy HQ.

We have two new members of Luka’s “harem”.  On the eve of the battle we should pop in and see them for... ahem... comfort.  I mean, we might not survive tomorrow’s battle.

Both Ashel and Bonnie are Arekishi creations, so – unsurprisingly – their first request scenes involve big bouncing boobies wrapped around Luka’s cock and squeezed...

Squeezed between big boobies

...and squeezed...

Even more boob squeezing

Until we get our balls totally drained.

But not drained enough to miss out on a spot of nookie.

Ashel is fairly business-like about it as you’d expect – In you go.  Squeeeeze.

Luka wisely moves his head to the side to avoid certain death by suffocation

Mermaid pussies are a little more tactile than their human equivalent.  So, that’s no escape for Luka until his balls are completely drained... again.

In contrast to Ashel, Bonnie has a spot of baby fever.  Once Luka is inside her, she pulls him in deep and gushes about all the eggs Luka is currently fertilising.

There may be consequences for this, Luka...

Oops.  Even Luka realises he’s in a spot of responsibility bother, mournfully stating he’ll have to do the right thing and marry Bonnie once the adventure is over.

I don’t think Alice will like that.  Or Sonya.  Or... let’s face it, you’re screwed, Luka.  Better make plans to go into hiding once all this is over.

Anyway, that much needed distraction out of the way (because we might not survive tomorrow’s battle), it’s time to begin the assault on the Navy HQ.

Now that we’ve allied with the pirates, the Navy HQ has become a ‘dungeon’ location, with random attacks from sea horse and sea slug marines.  Despite this, the various merchants will serve the player, so you don’t have to worry about locking out the blacksmith, for example.

On top of the random encounters there are a few fixed encounters blocking our path.  The first is on entering the HQ location, the second is in front of the HQ doors, the third is on entering the HQ building, the 4th is blocking the stairs to the 2nd floor, and the final one is blocking entry to room with the flag and permit.  After clearing the way, you’ll be able to pick up the flag and permit here:

The objective for this quest

Picking up this unlocks both the pirate and marine jobs.

Oh, Admiral Leviathan is on this floor as well.  Can we fight her as a boss?

She doesn't look that hard...

Alice strongly advises against it.  Leviathan’s strength is comparable to a monster girl queen.  Feh, we’ve fought monster girl queens and won before.  She can’t be that hard...

ulp... followed by...

Mistakes were made.  Mistakes were made.

The punishment for Luka’s attempted insurrection is execution... by Leviathan’s vagina.  She draws Luka deeper inside her, the soft walls swell up and enfold him, and then she slowly drains his energy by forcing him to come over and over.


There are worst ways to be executed, I suppose.

But anyway, this was a hypothetical alternate reality where Luka was a real fucking idiot.  Obviously, we follow Alice’s advice and don’t go near the huge fuck-off sea dragon.  Our plunder secured and Bonnie and Ashel happy with the increasing rep for the fishy pirates, we slink off back to the MS Fish.

Future adventures await!

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Monday, October 16, 2017

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 4: Grand Pirates' Cave

<- Previous: Naval Headquarters

So last up we were given one of those mutually exclusive choices Monmusu Quest: Paradox likes to throw at the player sometimes.  We can either choose to ally with the navy, or the pirates.  As with the previous choices (Alice or Ilias, Lily or Lucia), I’m guessing it won’t affect the story too much other than unlocking one recruitment option and locking another.

Bonnie and Ashel seem to have more character than anyone on the navy (even if the sea horse marines are adorable), so it’s a pirate life for me.

But, before they turn over their ship for our exploration purposes, we need to carry out a quest for them.  They want to steal an item from the depths of some nearby caves.  It’s an old pirate treasure of some renown, and Ashel and Bonnie – who are attention whores, basically – think it will raise the name of the fishy pirates if they can filch it.

To move the story forward, you’ll need to repeat what you did to find Bonnie the first time – “talk” to the cat on the chair on the bottom floor, and then go upstairs to find Bonnie sneaking food again in the storage room.  Then you’ll be taken over to the quest location.

A couple of things before entering the Grand Pirates’ Cave.  First off, you’re locked in until completing this mission.  That means no warping away or entering the pocket castle.  You can still rest or change your party at the ship though.

Bonnie and Ashel also tell us that we won’t be able to recruit any of the navy characters, so it’s a waste of time trying to raise their affinity.  I guess this is a continuation of the party choices from part 1.  If you pick pirates, you get Ashel and Bonnie.  If you pick navy, you get a sea horse marine and a sea slug marine.

(Waah!  Why can’t I have both?)

The max party size also gets raised somewhere around here from 8 to 10.  You can still only have 4 active in battle, but it’s an extra two slots to level up reserve characters.  I say somewhere around here as I can’t remember whether this unlocks at the beginning or after completing this mission.

(EDIT: It's after you complete the mission)

The mission is fairly straightforward anyway.  There’s one fixed fight with sea horse and sea slug marines on entering the caves, and then random encounters on the way to the cave at the back.

The navy's crack troops

Both sea horse and sea slug have artwork for their temptation scenes.  The sea horse dives on top for hers, while the sea slug pulls Luka on top of her soft body for some nuru nuru fucking with hers (I may have failed to resist that temptation).

Soft, wet and very tight.  The navy's recruitment methods are very persuasive

I think both temptation scenes are better than their bad ends.  Arekishi likes drawing paizuri scenes and the sea horse being flat chested ain’t gonna stop him.  She makes good use of her sailor costume to make up for it, but it doesn’t quite work for me.  The sea slug girl grabs Luka from behind and wanks him off with her tail.  Both ends are ultimately the same – Luka is carried off to be an official sex toy for the navy.

The navy are not the only inhabitants of the cave.  Dagon makes a return appearance from the original series and is joined by a new girl – will-o’-wisp girl.

Not in the navy and therefore recruitable

Will-o’-wisp is a ghost/spirit type.  She also has the fairy ability of switching her size around.  Her temptation scene has her winding her body around Luka’s penis and giving him a gentle tug.

I think she's got us...

(Yup, I failed to avoid being tempted again)

For the Bad End she switches up to human size to give Luka a lot of ghost cowgirl.  Her Bad End is also surprising as you can see from the dialogue below:

She might be dead, but she's still a sweetie

Will-o’-wisp doesn’t want to drain her victims completely to death.  That’s surprisingly considerate for a monster girl in these games.  She’s just a sweetie, really.

It’s still game over, though, as Luka enjoys it so much he has to keep going back for more, and forgets his quest in the process.  Still, it’s a pleasant change from being wrapped up in acid-soaked bandages and melted away (I’m looking at you, Fusuma).

It’s more in keeping with the overall light-heartedness of this pirates vs navy segment.  Torotoro Resistance likes to lure people in with Arekishi’s cutesy busty sweeties before unleashing Delphinus or Xelvy on the player.

The mission objective can be found in a cave at the top of the waterfalls.

Your objective for this mission

The chest contains a dark sabre.  It will be obsoleted the moment you reach the next town, but Bonnie is happy about it.  Maybe it has some sentimental value to the fishies.

(If you chose to ally with the Navy, the Grand Pirates’ Cave will be filled with mermaid pirates rather than navy sailors and the final room is a boss fight vs both Bonnie and Ashel.  As far as I know, you can’t recruit them on this run, same as players choosing the pirate path can’t recruit either the sea horse or sea slug girls.  If this is wrong, please correct me in the comments.)

Anyway, mission complete.  We now have a boat.  We can travel to Grand Noah.  But first there’s some unfinished business back at the Navy Headquarters.

-> Next: Navy Headquarters II

Friday, October 13, 2017

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part2] - 3: Navy Headquarters

<- Previous: Port Marle

To progress further, we need to get a boat, and to do that we need to ask permission of the Admiral at the Navy Headquarters.

Navy HQ is a single big building with docks on either side.

Walking around are even more Sea Horse Marines.  They’re also joined by cutesy Sea Slug Marines.  I imagine we’ll be fighting both later on.

Inside, the Naval HQ has its own shop and blacksmith.  There is also a sailor girl battle fucker – Milia.

Her special technique is... armpit jobs?

Talking to the various characters reveals some background history.  There used to be three main pirate groups.  The Justi group went on to become the navy.  Rosa (who you might remember as the former queen of the mermaids in La Croix’s undead circus) led the mermaid pirates.  The third group was led by Selene.  She cropped up in the original series as a ghost and it’s also her treasure Luka needed to find in order to cross the sea to Port Natalia in both series.

Currently, both Rosa and Selene are missing.  The mermaid pirates also got beaten up during Neris’s mission to quell the rebel queens and are in hiding.

There is also information on two previously locked jobs – Pirate and Marine.

The quest character is Admiral Leviathan.  She’s not hard to miss.  She’s the giant monster girl on the top floor that looks like a monster girl version of a gyarados.

Is this what the sea horse marines become after evolving to the next level?

She can lend us a boat to take us to the next continent, but there is a problem she needs our help with first.  There are a new bunch of pirates causing trouble, the fishy pirates, and she wants us to help her put them down.

The plot thickens as a dog girl meets us on exiting the main HQ building.  She’s working for the fishy pirates and she takes us around the corner to their boat.  There we are met by the second-in-command, Ashel.

She also does all the cooking, cleaning and nursing

Talking to the crew reveals Ashel is hyper-competent.  The captain, Bonnie, isn’t.  Put it this way, she’s a mermaid that can’t swim.

To advance the story, you need to go downstairs and talk to the cat girl sitting on the main chair.

Go to the captain's chair first

She’s not in command, she just sits there because it’s warm and no-one knows how to get rid of her.  Talking here reveals Bonnie is upstairs sneaking food out of the storeroom.  You can find her here:

Bonnie is sneaking food in the storeroom

Luka is given a counter offer.  The fishy pirates can also provide us with a boat (this one), but they also need something from us.  Bonnie wants our help with fetching an item from a nearby dungeon.  It’s an old pirate treasure and Bonnie thinks nabbing it will raise the reputation of the fishy pirates.

Captain Bonnie of the MS Fish

So, the game is giving us another one of those mutually exclusive choices – Pirates or Marines?

Come back next week to see which choice I make.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 2: Port Marle

<- Previous: Tunnel to Port Marle

It’s time to visit the first town of Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] – Port Marle.

Port Marle

I think this might be new-new as well, as I don’t remember it being in the original series.

Currently it’s under the control of the navy.  This is described as an independent and neutral monster girl organisation tasked with bringing some order to the oceans.  It’s neutral enough that both Mecha-Pope and Sara let Luka know they can’t use their influence as heads of state here.

Oh yeah, that’s right, we have both heads of royalty from the previous two countries we visited tagging along in our entourage.  That’s… weird.

(Succubus Sara, when?)

Aww, a lickle sea horse marine.

An adorably cute sea horse marine

This is the monster girl navy apparently.  Port Marle is swarming with sea horse marines and they are ridiculously cute.  It’s a shame Monmusu Quest: Paradox is what it is, as I think Arekishi (アレキシ)’s Tatsunoko Marine design would make an adorable mascot plushy.  But porn game, yadda yadda, blah blah.

As you might have noticed, we have some English translation from Dargoth and co’s sterling efforts.  I suspect we won’t have it for long, but I’m grateful that most of the new items, skills, names, etc are already translated.  Great job, guys.

There’s not too much going on in Port Marle.  The game of find Amira continues, but she’s not trying to hide behind trees and other items this time.

Amira's not too hard to find in Port Marle

There is also the town battlefucker.  These are always very easy to find.  Just look for the drained dudes sprawled outside her door.  Gina specialises in swords.

She knows how to handle "swords"

To advance the story we need to go to the Navy Headquarters and request permission for a ship.  First we need to find someone to take us there.  This is the guy you need to talk to:

Where to find the boat to take us to the Naval HQ

He can’t take us there without a permit, so our next step is to find the viceroy.  She looks identical to the other Tatsunoko Marines.  You can find her stealing fish here:

Where to get the permit to be allowed to go to the Naval HQ

Talking to her grants us a permit to travel to Naval HQ.

-> Next: Navy Headquarters

Monday, October 09, 2017

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 1: Tunnel to Port Marle

It’s time to begin the playthrough of Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2].  I blogged my way through the whole of the first game back here.  There are fifty parts.  What can I say, it’s a long game.

MQ:P is a fairly complex in comparison to the original Monster Girl Quest series.  While I’ll be posting sexy monster girl screenshots and quipping about the crazier Bad End scenes, I’ll try to also make this a guide to help out people who are – like me – trying to battle through with limited or no translation.

The first time I booted this up from an old save file I was completely confused.  It’s been two years since I last played the game and I have no idea where I am or even where I’m supposed to go in order to find the brand new hawtness.

In the end, I played through part 1 again.  This wasn’t that much of a chore.  There’s a fairly extensive translation patch for part 1 out now and it’s fun to play through the game as a typical JRPG (I like the genre and have sunk lots of hours into more mainstream games like Final Fantasy).

If, like me, you also don’t remember what happened and where you’re supposed to go, here’s some help.  The last location visited in part 1 is the 3rd Tartarus region not far from Saloon.  This is likely where you’ll be and part 2 will start with Alice giving a little recap of the events of part 1.

Where you need to go is Port Marle.  The objective is to find a ship to take us to the next continent.

To get there, you need to go through the tunnel north of Luddite Village (this was the village where the three shikibus sisters went on an orgy rampage and drained the life out of all the male inhabitants (they deserved it).

If you're lost on coming back to the world of Monmusu Quest: Paradox, this is where you need to go

In part 1 this tunnel was closed.  In part 2 it’s open.

And so, off we go.

It’s time to meet the first monster girls of part 2.

Mushroom Girl

Mushroom widows

I was feeling fairly cocky as my party was over-levelled after I tried to 100% all the item drops in the library.  Turns out mushroom gal has a mass sleep attack that’s actually rather annoying.

Her bad end has Luka sitting on her lap while she wraps her fungus shawl type thing around him and uses it to wank him off.  The cum mixes with her spores and falls back on Luka to become the beginnings of her new seed bed and... I think it’s time we started seeing other people, Mushroom Girl.

Urscylla (Wolfscylla?)

There are wolves under her dress...

It’s downplayed, but I think she’s a proper Castlevania-style Scylla (with the snapping wolf heads around the waist) rather than the usual octopus girl.  The wolf heads don’t show up that much.  In her Bad End she’s more interested in inserting her tentacles into Luka’s anus

Come on.  It’s a hentai game, there are traditions to observe.

Last up in Novistador girl.

Ugly cute?  Surprised ugly cute?

I’m not sure what animal she’s hybridised with – some form of sea louse at a guess.  Her angry face on losing is surprisingly cute.

Boobies seem to be their thing.  They drop milk and if you knock their HP down low enough they’ll try and tempt Luka into inserting his cock into their tits.

Monster girl boobies work differently...

Their Bad End is a swarm of them wrapping those big boobs around Luka’s cock and smooshing away until they’ve milked him empty.

Ilias is also in the caves along with her tag-along Slime and Doggo.  She and Alice still loathe each other, but both Slime and Doggo are cheerful and friendly.

In the forest on the way to Port Marle a fourth new monster girl shows up – Fusuma (which also translates as folding door).  I’m guessing she’s some form of Youkai from Japanese myth.

I think this falls more on the side of "Creepy doll" than cute

This is the new artist that’s been brought in for MQ:P [part 2].  I don’t remember seeing their work in previous games.  Personally, I think their style is a bit too “creepy doll” to be sexy, but it’s quite fitting for Fusuma.  She might look like a vanilla monster girl, but her flowing cotton cape thing is drooling with digestive juices.  In the Bad End, she delights in telling Luka this as she wraps him up.  She also takes great relish in telling Luka how her pussy is filled with the same digestive juices and that she’s melting his dick inside her.

Yup, definitely 110% creepy

The creepy art style suddenly seems very appropriate.

Welcome to Monster Girl Quest.  It’s only going to get worse.

(and we wouldn’t have it any other way).

-> Next – Port Marle.

Friday, October 06, 2017

A Brief Recap of Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 1]

Before I jump into a Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] playthrough I thought I’d do a quick recap of what happened in [part 1], especially considering it’s been over 2 years since that game came out.  Of course, you can always read through my original Let’s Play of [part 1], but be warned, it is 50 parts.

The original Monster Girl Quest saw the player take the role of Luka as he travelled through a fantasy world filled with sexy (and dangerous) monster girls.  Accompanying him was the Demon Lord Alice.  Eventually they hook up rather than killing each other and save the world from the mad Goddess Ilias.

Monmusu Quest: Paradox is set in an alternative reality version of that world.  Paradox’s world had some sort of catastrophe befell it in the past, opening up pits to mysterious locations known as Tartarus.  The main Goddess (and major antagonist of the first series) Ilias has been missing since this event.

As with the original series, the game starts with Luka about to embark on an adventure, and while the route he takes is similar to that of the “classic” Luka, there is a lot of multi-dimensional weirdness going on.

First up there’s Sonya.

The impossible girl...
She’s described as Luka’s childhood friend, except she didn’t exist in the original series universe and various characters seem to think she shouldn’t be present in this reality either.

Then we have the White Rabbit.

That annoying rabbit
The White Rabbit sealed Alice’s powers away and while she acts as a hindrance most of the time, it appears to be to force Luka down the same path as “classic” Luka.  It’s not stated why, but there are hints that the world is at risk of being consumed by chaos if Luka doesn’t follow the “correct” path.

The world also has other problems.  Luka already resolved Sara’s succubus nature emerging early in Sabasa in part 1.  Grand Noah supposedly has a malign monster girl pulling strings behind the throne and Grangold has gone to war with everyone.

The monster girl world is also in turmoil.  Since Alice got lolified by the White Rabbit, three contenders have arisen to contest the vacant throne.  One of them is Alice’s mother, Alice the 15th, which is confusing to our Alice (the 16th) because she thought her mother was dead.  Another is Black Alice (the 8th Alice and the secondary antagonist from the original series).  She’s currently trying to raise an army to challenge Alice the 15th and was shown in part 1 with an army of former demon lords and legendary monster girls resurrected as dolls.  The third is the mysterious Alice the 17th, who also shows up together with the equally mysterious Nero.

Luka and Alice's children from another reality?
There are strong hints that Nero and Neris are Luka and Alice’s twin children from the other “classic” reality.  What they’re doing here hasn’t been made clear, but they appear to be on Luka’s side.

Slotting into the role of initial antagonists are the three shikibus sisters – Morrigan, Astaroth and Lilith.

Morrigan, sexually draining Luka to death

Astaroth, sexually draining Luka to death

Lilith, sexually draining someone else to death (we're going to have to wait for Part 2 to see her have fun with Luka)
They’re the ones behind the harpies turning into uncontrollable nymphomaniacs, the Queen of the South Seas being turned into a dried squid, Sara going full succubus and fucking up her kingdom, and about 90% of the problems Luka encounters on entering a new area.  They also fucked all the male inhabitants of Luddite Village to death, but that was probably doing the world a service, to be fair.

Despite their obvious villainy (including both Morrigan and Astaroth being more than happy to sexually drain Luka to death if given the opportunity) they also appear to be following a higher purpose.  As with the White Rabbits, their manipulations appear designed to force Luka down the same, or similar, path to “classic” Luka from Monster Girl Quest.

Part 1 culminated in Luka and party investigating the third Tartarus region.  This took them to a lonely tower in an alternate future where the world was dead and the remnants in the process of being consumed by chaos.  It was rather sad as the little robot girl Radio took Luka’s party through various rooms and showed them the memories of both humans and monster girls trying, unsuccessfully, to stave off the end.

In another twist, the last remaining survivor at the top of the tower turns out to be La Croix.  La Croix was a villain (of the tragic sort) in the original series.  Here, she knows her world is doomed and she passes on her research notes to Luka in the hope he can prevent the same happening to his reality.  She then sacrifices herself to delay Adramalech long enough for Luka to escape back to his own reality.  This fails, but at least she does enough damage to Adramalech for Luka and party to finish her off.

The end-boss of Part 1

As they try to escape the collapsing reality, Adramalech returns to try and make sure Luka dies with her.  It takes a surprise intervention from Luka’s father to save Luka and friends.  The reunion is short-lived.  Something has gone seriously wrong across multiple realities and Luka’s dad is trying to fix it.  He leaves, telling Luka to go back and save his own world.  Luka has La Croix’s notes, but he needs to find the La Croix of his world to decipher them.

Luka's old man is kind of bad ass
And that’s where Part 1 left off.  Join me on Monday as the Let’s Play of Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] begins!