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Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 34: Ghost Ship


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Fire up the Ghostbusters theme (the real one), we’re exploring a ghost ship today (and likely engaging in pest control of a different kind if my hunch is correct).

First there’s the business with Selene (who definitely isn’t a ghost at all).

When you first enter Gold Port, she’ll come up to you with stories about a ghost ship and treasure.  If you’re interested in finding out more, follow her back to her house and she’ll tell you the whole story.

She is the granddaughter of the famous pirate Selene (lies).  She tells us about a pirate ship that found a great treasure in a submarine cave.  Unfortunately, they also found a cursed box of disasters and brought ruin upon themselves when they opened it.

The fishy pirates are interested in the treasure.  Chrome (if you have her with you) is interested in ghosts.  Alice, Sonya and Luka are more concerned about the threat posed by the box of disasters.  This pleases Selene as she lets on that the treasure was only ever a story to lure in adventurers.  She wants to make sure the box of disasters stays sealed.

Oh, by the way.  She isn’t Selene’s granddaughter.  She’s the ghost of the actual Selene.  The game doesn’t say this (yet), but anyone that played through the original MGQ series will remember this quest.  Selene accidentally released the Beelzebub titty flies and wants someone to correct her mistake before they bust out totally and spread plague across the world.

In theory.  Paradox has shown before it likes to play around with the original story, so it might not play out this way.

To start the ghost ship quest, look for Selene on the docks of Gold Port and off we go.

Meeting Selene for adventure and high seas

As with the original series, the wandering monster girls here are siren and starfish girl.  They are also joined by new girl, coral girl.

Wait, didn’t we see coral girl back at...

Yes.  I know.  We were supposed to visit Poseidoness after the ghost ship quest.  I’m aware of this now.

Anyway, I suppose it gives me an excuse to show off coral girl’s Bad End.

Where's Luka...?

She turns you into coral.  It’s grim.  Moving along...

We have the starfish girl, who everts her stomach around you and dissolves you to mush.

Or the siren, who doesn’t have any ecchi art.

Can we leave this boat ride?

Nope, there’s even worse in story for our brave hero, Luka (assuming the boss is who I think it is, or rather, who I think they are).

The boss is located in the captain’s cabin, which can be found by heading to the west side of the first floor under the deck.  But first we need to find the key, which involves going to the east and down to an even lower deck.

By the way, I’d advise having a fast character (such as a harpy) with curse dance in the main party.  Sirens are a pain to fight because of all the status effects they inflict on the party.  Beating them to the punch and shutting their songs off with silence effects make exploring (or grinding) this area much more tolerable.

Beware the chicken song...

Ilias can be found on the lower deck cowering with her ever-faithful slime girl and doggo companions.  I don’t know what she’s doing down here either.  A staircase back up to the deck leads to a chest containing the captain’s cabin key, if I remember right.  There’s also a clue to finding other treasure which we’ll come to later.

Back to the captain’s cabin and Alice mentions she senses the presence of powerful demons.  Selene tells us they are currently contained, but are at risk of breaking out.

Yup, it’s the titty fly trio.  Boss fight time.

Attack of the Beelzeboobs

I found this a fairly long boss fight.  It’s best to focus on taking them out one at a time.  If you’re lucky, one of them will wrap Luka up in titty heaven, which should keep them occupied and prevent them using more damaging attacks on the rest of the party.  Just resurrect Luka after the titty fly has had fun titty squeezing him.

Defeat them and they burst into clouds of flies and leave the area.  That clue I mentioned earlier is to a hidden archway in the left wall.  Details below, although it’s fairly easy to guess something is up because of the presence of the corridor on the other side of the wall.

On the off chance anyone missed it...

Follow the corridor around and you’ll find a chest containing a key to the treasure room (which is outside the captain’s cabin).  Unlock that and you’ll find the purple orb and a shortcut back up to the deck.

Silver orb and purple orb, I’m sure these are supposed to be for something...

On leaving the vessel, Sonya asks the obvious thing of how did Selene know so much about this.  Which is when, as veterans of the original series knew all along, Selene reveals she was the real Pirate Queen Selene all along.  She accidentally released the flies and they were so powerful they killed everyone on the ship, including her.  Her ghost was so filled with regret at releasing such great evil onto the world, she couldn’t pass on until she found someone capable of putting it right.

Now, finally, with the threat taken care of, she feels she can move on.

Alice takes the knowledge she’s been in the presence of a ghost all this time about as well as you’d expect.  She faints standing up.

Selene saying she’s moving on and Selene actually moving on turn out to be two different things.  You can still find her in her house when you return to Gold Port.  Is this so we can recruit her?

Not quite.  Selene doesn’t think we destroyed the titty flies.  She thinks they dispersed rather than being destroyed and are now out in the world.

Uh oh.  It’s not like we already have about thirteen different other big bads to worry about.

But not in this case.  The titty flies finally being unleashed on the world is played for laughs rather than dread.  Their plans for world domination hit a brick wall when they arrive in a city and realise how much the world is changed.  Ilias is gone, monster girls are everywhere.  To the titty flies this is just weird.

Thinking the city might just be weird, they teleport out to the countryside to spread terror instead, arriving at Yamatai Village.

...where they are greeted by the sight of Yamata no Orochi casually hanging out by one of the dango shops.  That’s enough for the titty flies.

At this point you can finish off the quest and recruit them by warping over to the same spot in Yamatai Village.  The three Beelzebubs will be hanging out on the bench next to the dango store.  They explain that the modern world terrifies them (apart from C, who likes the dumplings) and will join up with Luka.  This also satisfies Selene, but rather than passing on, she also joins the party because she likes adventure.

Where to find the titty flies at the end of the quest

The recruited titty flies can be found in the MS Fish, where they’ll happily give you tight titty hugs if you ask them nicely.

A comfy titty fly hug

They’ll also let you lie on their nice soft titty abdomens and...


No-one warned us the price for a happy bounce on Barbarella's boobs was a maggoty bum

Hmm, I appear to have blocked out that memory for some reason.

Anyway, next up it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for.  It’s time to pay a visit to the succubus village.

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  1. In the newest patch which just came out, (2.20, which changes a whole bunch of shit and will take a while for Dargoth to adapt to) the Beelzebubs get new sex scenes. I suggest you show them off when you can.

    1. But, uh, don't use it for you main playthrough save until Dargoth adapts, not having all the skills properly translated would surely suck.

    2. I may have already queued that up to go live tomorrow. ;)

    3. I look forward to it.

  2. You picked Lucia instead of Lily, right?
    Then make sure to side with the original succubus in the next chapter. If not, then side with the new one.