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Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 32: Gold Port

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Last up it was tentacles, tentacles, tentacles...

Now I think we’re back to plot, plot, plot.

(That's a hint to say we're in walkthrough mode rather than snu-snu mode today.)

Amira.  Your snake tits are fired.  It’s time to head back to Grangold to work out what the fuck we’re supposed to be doing.

Castle Grangold is rubble.  Bobble-head king and Queen Ant have relocated to a warehouse below and to the right of the castle entrance.

The new palace HQ
Grangold's ruling pair

You can’t recruit Queen Ant yet.  I’m guessing you have to carry out King Grangold’s quests first.

The king has two requests.  The first is to investigate some shenanigans at the succubus village.  And not to worry, that’s just the village name.  The inhabitants aren’t really succubi.

(Alice: “Um, about that.”)

A demon has shown up and caused some kind of power struggle.  Hmm, interesting.  In the original series that was Eva, but it can’t be her this time as we’ve already run into and recruited her.  A new character?

The second problem concerns the village of ladies.  Their leader, Cassandra has locked herself away in her mansion and refuses to speak to anyone.  Alice, knowing who (or rather what) Cassandra is, is concerned about this and insists we check it out.

Veterans of the original Monster Girl Quest series will also know who (or most definitely what) Cassandra is.  My recommendation would be to lock all the exits and burn her mansion down, ideally with her still in it.

Other quest goals include finding Orichalcum for the next upgrade and contracting with the last remaining elemental spirit – Salamander.  So, off we toddle.

To get into West Grangold we need to pass through a gate to the south-west of the capital.

The gate blocking the way to succubus heav... ahem... the west of Grangold

If, like me, you like to explore a bit to see the... ahem... sights before going to where you need to go, this would have been the roadblock preventing you from getting to the west of the country (if for some reason you had a burning desire to visit the succubus village... for no particular reason). Talking to the restored (at least in mind) King Grangold is the key event to unlock this gate.

Out of the road.  A man has a succubus to see.

Once the soldier steps aside to let you through, the world opens up considerably.  The wandering monster girls are the same, but there are a lot of new locations to visit.

Salamander’s Volcano is the first place you’ll encounter, and is also one of the later places to visit.  At least according to Amira (hey, didn’t we fire your snaky ass).

Travelling north from there gets us to Gold Port.  Just west of Gold Port are the Orichalcum mines.  Travelling further we get back to green plains and forests and both the succubus and ladies’ village.  One of these is accurately named...

The game even allows us to continue west through another hill passage and to the desert region out to the west.  The tartarus region is here, but is blocked by a pillar of fire that presumably requires contracting with Salamander to get past.  There are also some suspicious ruins in the south-east of the desert.  Anon’s tour guide comment from the start of the week is indeed accurate.  Don’t go here unless you want Luka’s party to get curb-stomped by various powerful chimera.

For now I’ll stick to what I vaguely hope is the correct sequence and drop into Gold Port.

Not the succubus village, unfortunately

As soon as we enter Gold Port a mysterious woman comes up to us with stories about a ghost ship and treasures.

Alice's ghost detecting senses triggered.  Whoops, was that a spoiler?

Anyone familiar with the original series will know what this is about.  For now I’ll push this back a couple of posts as Amira recommends doing the Orichalcum upgrade first (which will be the next place we visit).

The battle fucker for Gold Port is Magda.

I would not recommend beating her up to get your money back.  Wrong game.  Definitely... ow... wrong game.

What the fuck are you doing with the gigantic axe, Magda?  Once again I wonder if some of the battle-fuck gals are really suited to this line of work.  One thing you can say for sure, no-one is going to go all Grand Theft Auto on the prostitutes of MGQ-world, not if they want to keep attached to their precious dangly bits.

The battle-fuck segments seem to have reverted back to static artwork and close-ups of static artwork.  Part 1 had this problem as well, although I think a later patch fixed some of this by adding more artwork later.

The NPC gossip hints at the presence of the top tier professions.  I think they might be a part 3 unlock, although some of the more powerful monster girl characters (such as Alma Elma) already have levels in the tier 3 jobs and races.

Background gossip mentions that the fish are coming out of the north sea with various unpleasant mutations.  Thar be Chaos oop North.

You can also find Lazarus and Merlin lurking in the pub and recruit them.

I have heard rumours that there are some bugs here, that recruiting Lazarus before carrying out a later monster queen’s quest ends up breaking something.  I don’t know if this is true or was true and has been patched.  If anyone can enlighten me in the comments (ideally without spoilers), I’d be appreciative.  For now I’ve left them in the pub.  Who wants more dudes getting in the way of the waifu harem anyway?

And that’s sort of it for Gold Port.  We’ve been a little light on the smexy stuff this post.  I’m sure the Succubus Village will correct that.  That’s still a little way off.  For now it’s time to head off to the Orichalcum mines and get our gear upgraded.

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  1. I don't recall any glitches related to recruiting Lazarus. Although it might screw up that side quest involving Eva if it hasn't been done yet.

    Recruiting him opens up the casino in the Pocket Castle. This is the earliest point advanced jobs/races can be freely used, as one of the cash-in prizes is the Underworld License for Merchant and Oracle jobs/races.
    Paradox continues to assert its superiority to Pokemon. RIP Game Corner.

  2. "Who wants more dudes getting in the way of the waifu harem anyway?" well, there's someone exclusive to the Ilias route who I'm sure you'd find at least amusing to bring along. You'll likely figure out who I mean when you see them.

  3. Found something interesting today. Seems there us some9ne else trying to use Hydra's universe.

    1. I don't mind that, to be honest. I've always been a fan of including sly references to other stories in my own fiction. It's a nice idea to take a scene and view it through a different character.