Friday, August 23, 2013

A sort of entry for Literotica's Summer Lovin' Competition

Literotica have started their annual Summer Lovin' short story competition.  I wasn't going to enter, but then I remembered "Snared, Sucked and Slurped" had a summery setting and I'd been meaning to post it up on Literotica anyway.

It's not a serious entry.  I don't take the competitions that seriously.  Occasionally I enter a "nice" story to win like "A Summer Dance With A Succubus" or "Iron Girders and Steel Springs", but most of the time I have fun trying to see how many readers I can catch out with some weird and icky horror.  Regular readers here will remember "Snared, Sucked and Slurped", featuring vore and a Sea Anemone Monster Girl, is very much the latter type of story.

Feel free to put a vote in if you're swinging by.  I don't expect the story to place.  Bad End stories never do because of the bad ending (although "Halloween Nÿte" and "Don't Fuck The Flowers" came surprisingly close) and "Snared" is one of my more simplistic stories.  My objective is usually to see if I can pick up some extra readers from the increased exposure the contests have.

And to squick out unsuspecting Romance readers that didn't spot the category before they jumped in.  Hyuk, hyuk.

It's going to be a little quiet around here for the next month or so.  I'm deep into the last couple of stories for the next collection (more on that soon!).  You'll get a chance to see one of those new stories in the Halloween competition in a couple of months.  It features Nicole, which should please fans of my nicer stories, and yes, I will be trying to win with that one! :)

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Succubus Summoning 207 and Plot vs Porn

It wasn't quite the first week of July as I was hoping, but I did finally manage to post Succubus Summoning 207 up on Literotica last week.  It was an awkward chapter to write as it features the reality-bending, fourth-wall-breaking Cέrμləa and her mind-melting description of how the universe of Succubus Summoning works (and also a few oblique hints to my other stories as well).

I was curious to see how this chapter would be received.

Anonymous - "this shit sucks!  THis is so fucking boring. Wheres all the fucking? I went fucking limp during this"


Um, yeah...well...

To be fair, I'm highlighting one negative comment when most of them have been positive (thanks for those!).  Quite a few people were asking for more plot and background and I hope 207 delivered on that.

Plot versus porn is an interesting discussion.  I find a lot of modern porn a little dull and mechanical because it's completely stripped down to only the sucky-fucky.  On the other hand, in adding plot/characterization/background/etc it's easy to lose sight of what an erotica/porn story should do - arouse.  Water down the sexy bits too much and you end up with a tasteless gruel no one is going to find appetizing.  That's why I tend to stick to the classic erotica rule: Every Chapter Must Have A Sex Scene.

In this case Cέrμləa was going to provide the exposition and Ab'ĝalga the sex scene.  And then the sex scene came out...weird.  Don't get me wrong, I like how it turned out, but I'm fully aware it won't be everyone's cup of tea.  Then, given my other stories, this probably isn't much of a surprise.

The tl;dr version - this chapter was long and weird, normal succubus fucking will resume next month(ish).

And because this is probably the best place for it, here's some clarification for points raised in the Lit comments.

First off an important point on source reliability.  If you're a fan of Doctor Who you'll be aware of Moffat's "The Doctor lies" whenever a retcon is required.  Cέrμləa is a daemon.  Daemons lie.

On the inevitability of hell reabsorbing worlds - Cέrμləa perceives time very differently.  Many inevitable things take a very long time to occur.  (no one sweats that much about the sun going supernova and turning the Earth into a cinder even though this is part of the inevitable life cycle of a star)

Ab'ĝalga would have dissolved Phil if she'd decided he was too 'ordinary' (and Cέrμləa was aware of this).

Yes, there was a nod to the hell-space series of stories.

207 is at the upper range for chapter length.  It's easy for some fantasy series to get longer and longer as the writer gets more into it.  Personally I think this is a warning sign the writer is losing control of their story.  I'll be trying to get future chapters down to a more manageable 5,000 words or so (plus, I have to keep some stuff back for the inevitable ebook).

If you have any more questions/feedback feel free to put them in the comments below.

I'm aiming for first week of September for 208, although this will probably slip given my usual slowness.  It will feature Cέrμləa - or rather a facet of Cέrμləa we haven't seen before - and will see Phil visiting another dominion.

Oh, and if you ended up here because Google told you I like to blog about certain types of games and none of this post makes any sense.  Please feel free to start with this:

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