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Sunday, October 10, 2021

New(ish) Story for Literotica's 2021 Halloween Story Competition: "The Subway Succubus"

 My entrant for Literotica's 2021 Halloween Story competition is up:

"The Subway Succubus"

Okay, so this one isn't brand spanking new.  I wrote it last year.  I was a bit poor with competition deadlines last year.  "The Succubus in Mr Herbert's Summer House" was supposed to be my entrant to the Summer Lovin' competition.  I didn't finish it in time, so I entered it into the Halloween competition instead.  "The Subway Succubus" was supposed to be my entrant for the 2020 Halloween competition, but I didn't finish that either.  I posted it afterwards.  It was rejected for being a little too nasty, so I used it as a (temporary) patron-exclusive on Patreon.

Roll around to 2021 and I'm a bit iffy on whether I'll be able to finish a new story for this year's competition.  I lost the first week of October to having to redo most of September's work after a software crash, and I'm currently up to my eyeballs trying to get a new public release of "House of Hellish Harlots" ready.

I do have a half-written story that I was originally planning to finish and enter, and I will set aside a couple of days next week to see if I can finish it.  What with everything else going on, I'm not confident that will happen and it will likely get pushed back for another attempt next year.

Then I remembered I had "The Subway Succubus" lying around.  I thought I'd resubmit it with a nice big disclaimer at the top and see if it would go through this time.  And it did.

As an aside, if I feel the need to put a disclaimer at the start, yeah, you can be sure the story is going in some nasty places.  So, consider yourself warned.  I wanted to write a proper scary-monster-succubus for this one.  It definitely brings the 'horror' of  'erotic horror' and gets a bit icky at the end.

Normally I write a bit about how Literotica's competition scoring works, but it's not really necessary in this case.  This one isn't placing, so there's no need to worry about that!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy (and are not too traumatised!) 

Thursday, October 01, 2020

New Story on Literotica - "The Succubus in Mr Herbert's Summer House"

 As I said in the last post, the new short story, "The Succubus in Mr Herbert's Summer House" has been entered into Literotica's Halloween contest.  The contest has begun and the story is now live.  You can read it here:

The Succubus in the Summer House

Two local toughs in a seaside town are given a job by a grizzled old mobster.  They must 'babysit' Mr Herbert's summer house for the night, and the mysterious woman tied-up on a bed inside...

(I had to truncate the original title as Literotica story titles have a character limit.)

Quick note on Literotica contests.  Because of the way the scoring works, voting lower than a 5 for anything is actually worse than not voting at all.  Also, don't do anything silly like downvote other stories to help mine.  While there is a prize, the contests are a bit of fun and not to be taken seriously.  I doubt this one will be a contender anyway because of the nature of the story. ;)

Also, yes, I'm aware of the formatting problem with the sentences in italics.  There shouldn't be two extra lines of white space after the sentences.  I'm guessing it's because the closing italics tag was put on the next line and Literotica formatted it oddly.  So, sorry about that.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

I don't think this particular story is finished just yet...

Friday, February 07, 2020

New Story - "The Succubus Heart Squad"

Oh, and this one is up on Literotica, so everyone can read it.

The Succubus Heart Squad

Piotr Kurtzburg is your average nerdy software developer.  Normally, he doesn't get anything for Valentine's Day.  This year he gets a surprise as a statuesque beauty wearing nothing but a longcoat over lingerie hand delivers a card and chocolates.  Who are they from and just what is the 'Heart Squad'?

Yes, this is the complete "The Heart Squad", that mini-serial I started a couple of years back and then abandoned.

It's for Literotica's Valentine's Day story competition.  Every year, at this time of year, I drag it out and try to finish it, and every year I fail to do so.  Except this year.  To be honest, I didn't think I'd finish it.  I was a bit late getting the latest House of Hellish Harlots demo out and didn't think I'd left myself enough time.

Then I wrote 6,000 words on Tuesday...

I hope you enjoy it.  I'm also hoping I didn't allow too many typos to slip through.  My usual editing process is to leave the work on the side for a couple of weeks and then go back with fresh eyes.  As I was still finishing off the 1st draft on the day it was supposed to be submitted, I might have had to shortcut that process somewhat.  So, it might not be as 'tight' as usual.  It's one of those stories I might end up tweaking again when I come to put it into an ebook collection.  Any feedback would be helpful to that end.

(There are sneaky hints to another one of my characters, but it shouldn't matter if you haven't read any of her stories - it's Valentine's Day, just enjoy the succubus orgy!)

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Halloween Story Out - "AProudMaleFeminist gets Creamed"

I didn't think I'd make Literotica's Halloween contest this year.  I had a story unfinished from last year, but when I picked it up again I realised one of the characters was too similar to Volumpula and I didn't want to put it out right after the "Escape Volumpula" CYOA.  (I still think it's a very good story idea and I will finish it at some point.)

With a couple of days to go before the deadline I had a few ideas and fragments, but nothing close to completion.  Then an old idea unlocked, I typed up 4,000 words in a day and got the story in with half an hour to spare.

Here it is:

"AProudMaleFeminist gets Creamed."

Yes, the title is a little troll-y.  The story is a throwback to the old ones I used to write where random asshole runs into succubus/monster girl and (maybe) lethal snu-snu occurs.  Sometimes I try to add a bit of nuance to the assholes (or randomly destroy an undeserving good guy instead to keep readers on their toes).  With this one I stuffed him full of straw and gave him a good thwack.  Sometimes you have to have a little fun as a writer.

It wasn't the story I originally intended to put out, but I hope people have fun with it anyway!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Literotica's Nude Day Contest Results

Are in.

I didn't place, but I think I came close.  I was on the site just as the results were announced (which tends to be important if you want to check scores as winners usually have their entrants bombed by jealous eedjits right after the announcement).  The 3 winners were all in the 4.83-4.84 range and I think my story finished up around 4.82-4.83.  So, close.

Closer than I was expecting to be honest.  Usually I have to throw in a nice ending and a satisfying twist like this or this to place.  "Night of the Nude Succubus Orgy" has 3 idiots who end up being very very lucky.  But it's good fun and I know the "nice-ending" fans have been a little under-served of late with all the grimdark H-space stuff.

The main purpose was to get back on Literotica, and that was achieved.  I'm hoping this will continue.  I have a story I didn't quite get finished for last Halloween and hopefully by next Valentine's Day I will have retrieved "The Heart Squad" from its current production hell.

And also, you'll notice on the right...

roughly about here if I got my placement right--------------------->
(Which I... uh... didn't)

...I have a link button to my Patreon.

Yes, I finally managed to set one up if you missed my announcement yesterday.

My Patreon page is here.

I'm going to be using this to fund things like writing the Literotica stories, the H-space monster girl bestiary shorts and the CYOA scenarios.

A big thank you to the people who are already backing me.

Today I've mostly been writing bouncy paizuri scenes with a lovely pink slime girl.  That CYOA scenario is back on the go, even if it has spiraled a little out of control.  More updates to come as soon as I'm nearer completion.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

New Story - "Night of the Nude Succubus Orgy"

Yay.  I made it.

As can be seen from the list of entrants to Lierotica's Nude Day Erotic Story Competition, I did just manage to get my story in before the deadline (by about 45 minutes according to my reckoning - leaving it fine just adds to the drama).

Here is the direct link:

Night of the Nude Succubus Orgy

A bit about it.  I wanted to start with a traditional horror/ghost story opening going over the history of a spooky old mansion... and then it turned into a big old porn fest, probably one of the porniest stories I've ever written.  Oh well, I'll have to write that traditional spooky horror/occult tale some other time.

The opening is a bit long, cynically so.  There is a weird quirk to Literotica contests where it's better to have a reader give up half way through than have them read to the end and give the story an "ok" 4 out of 5.  Because of how the scoring works, it's better for a writer if they're given no score at all rather than a 4 (or lower).  Shorter stories have traditionally suffered for this in their competitions.  So stick with it, even if you don't care for the wobbly occult stuff, it gets a lot hotter and sexy later.

Another note on Literotica contests.  Please don't vote more than once or bomb other writers entrants.  One, it's not very sporting and two, Literotica has algorithms to spot that type of behaviour and the votes just end up getting scrubbed.

While I wouldn't recommend starting an erotic tale this slow, it was fun to play around with all the Crowley stuff.  Aleister Crowley is a real-life historical occult figure and tends to get name-checked a lot in this type of story to give them a pseudo-grounding in reality.  The indie adult game "Lust for Darkness" I talked about a couple of weeks ago clearly took some inspiration from Crowley's exploits.  A bust of his likeness can be found in the mansion and one of the books you can find mentions Crowley's Thelema religion.

Rather humorously, I botched my research and had to make some last minute edit changes as the original date I had for when the ritual took place was during a time when Crowley had already moved back to England.  The body double stuff is pure fiction on my part.

The succubi also developed stronger characters than I was expecting.  I'm tempted to use them again.  Maybe there's a full novel here once I include the other succubus scenes.  Obviously it will depend on how the story is received.  I enjoyed writing it, but that might not necessarily translate to people enjoying reading it!

If you did really like one (or more) of the succubi in the story, let me know in the comments below and I'll see if I can give them some more action in a future story.

Friday, August 23, 2013

A sort of entry for Literotica's Summer Lovin' Competition

Literotica have started their annual Summer Lovin' short story competition.  I wasn't going to enter, but then I remembered "Snared, Sucked and Slurped" had a summery setting and I'd been meaning to post it up on Literotica anyway.

It's not a serious entry.  I don't take the competitions that seriously.  Occasionally I enter a "nice" story to win like "A Summer Dance With A Succubus" or "Iron Girders and Steel Springs", but most of the time I have fun trying to see how many readers I can catch out with some weird and icky horror.  Regular readers here will remember "Snared, Sucked and Slurped", featuring vore and a Sea Anemone Monster Girl, is very much the latter type of story.

Feel free to put a vote in if you're swinging by.  I don't expect the story to place.  Bad End stories never do because of the bad ending (although "Halloween Nÿte" and "Don't Fuck The Flowers" came surprisingly close) and "Snared" is one of my more simplistic stories.  My objective is usually to see if I can pick up some extra readers from the increased exposure the contests have.

And to squick out unsuspecting Romance readers that didn't spot the category before they jumped in.  Hyuk, hyuk.

It's going to be a little quiet around here for the next month or so.  I'm deep into the last couple of stories for the next collection (more on that soon!).  You'll get a chance to see one of those new stories in the Halloween competition in a couple of months.  It features Nicole, which should please fans of my nicer stories, and yes, I will be trying to win with that one! :)

Friday, October 12, 2012

New story for Literotica's 2012 Halloween Short Story Contest

October is normally a month where I rouse myself out of torpor and start posting new stories up on various web sites.  It's a Halloween thing!

First up is "Ways to Break a Good Man, no.2", my entrant for this year's Halloween contest on Literotica.  I'm not eligible to win as I already placed in the Nude Day contest earlier this year.  I still like to enter stories, it's Halloween after all, and not being eligible means I can let Horror-head off the leash and throw out something dark, nasty and not necessarily crowd-pleasing.  That's always a good thing, as if I don't feed him every so often he kills off all my characters or has them do odd things like gobbling people up inside their vagina.

I'm not sure on this one.  It was a bugger to write and might be one of those ideas that are impossible to make work no matter how they're tackled (advice M. Night Shyamalan should have heeded before making The Village).  After all, it's quite difficult to make one of these

sinister and scary.

I like taking a situation that looks absurd on the outside (a man wrestling a blow-up doll) and contrasting the silliness with what is actually a horrific threat to the protagonist.  It's the same car crash as smashing erotica into horror and seeing what bounces out of the wreckage.  The Biggest Tits in the World (the version in Succubus for Freedom is much better than the early draft on Lit) ran off the same principle, and like that story this one is already picking up mixed comments.  It'd be nice if the bad comments were more helpful than 'stories with sex dolls suck', but it might be one of those concepts that are virtually impossible to pull off.  I have a weakness for trying to make the absurd and silly scary.  Anyway, I hope more like it than dislike it.  I also get to cross the doll fetish off the To Corrupt In A Story list.

If you're after a more conventional succubus story, I'll add to C's recommendation of Ironiclaconic's "Thirteenth Seduction".  Classy tale of a man and his devil girl.  Wish I'd written it myself.  LiquidMatthew's "A Bestiary of Monster Girls" is also a humourous variation on the Monster Girl Encyclopedia.  The Halloween contest seems very popular this year.

I'm planning to post a few other stories this month.  Hopefully that will placate the people left a little bemused by this rather odd tale.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

New story for Literotica's 2012 Nude Day contest

At some point soon I'll be starting previews for the my next collection, A Succubus for Freedom. Sadly there's the small matter of finishing the last two stories first so I can edit and upload the manuscript. They're putting up a bit of a fight. More news on that when I have an exact publication date.

In the meantime here's a brand new story I've been sitting on until Literotica's Nude Day short story competition opened up:

Iron Girders and Steel Springs

It's a monster at 11K words and is also a bit of a change of pace for me. Bizarrely, given how many horror stories I've written, this is the first time I've tackled this particular horror trope. Actually, if you don't count "Vampiric Boobies" as a vampire story, this is the first time I've tackled any of the big three supernatural horror tropes.

Normally I enter nasty horror stories into Literotica's contests for the amusement value. This time I thought I'd try and put a serious entrant in for a change. Hence the length, slow build-up and additional focus on characterisation (these are common features of most winning entries).

If you like it, and I hope you do, please show your appreciation by rating the story a '5' at the end (given how Literotica contests work, anything else is worse than not voting at all). If you don't like it, sorry and don't worry, we'll be back to the usual succubus-related mayhem in the forthcoming collection.