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Thursday, May 18, 2023

New(ish) Short Story: "A Bubble, Popped"

This is continuing my ongoing project to update the old H-space Bestiary shorts into proper short stories.  This time I took the "Bubble-Tail Succubus" story and filled in how Bate ended up in the bedroom of the succubus.

The new and improved story can be found on Patreon and SubscribeStar.

These are temporary exclusives.  My plan is to start putting out ebook collections once I've updated enough of the old stories.  If you wish to support me in the meantime, you can get them early on Patreon and SubscribeStar (as well as access to the latest House of Hellish Harlots updates a couple of months before the public release).

As with a lot of the H-space stories, this is firmly weird pulp sex horror.  The ending is a little nasty (as is the case with a lot of the H-space stories).

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

New(ish) Short Story: Men are from Mars, Mantraps are from Venus

One of my ongoing background projects is to take the old H-space bestiary shorts I wrote a few years back and beef them up into proper short stories.  The latest is available on Patreon/SubscribeStar.

"Men are from Mars, Mantraps are from Venus" on Patreon.
"Men are from Mars, Mantraps are from Venus" on SubscribeStar.

This is another temporary exclusive.  I'm slowly working through the old H-space bestiary stories.  At some point I'll have enough to start gathering them into ebook collections for Amazon and other places.

This was originally the Venus Mantrap story.  I fleshed out the background to explain how the soldiers got there and also to try and build up the classic "Green Hell" jungle atmosphere.

As with the original, the ending is pretty icky, so watch out for that one.  I do like to push the horror a little bit more with the H-space stories.

In case people are wondering, I don't have a good track record with H-space stories getting accepted on Literotica.  They're usually a little nastier than my regular horror stories and the scarlet imps tend to get a story bounced whenever they show up.  As a result I don't bother posting them there (but do still plan to post other stories).  It's also nice to have some exclusive content I can hold back for patrons/subscribers.  a writer has to eat, so all support gratefully accepted!

Saturday, October 29, 2022

New Story - "In The Red Light Backrooms"

And the new story is up.  Literotica were quicker to approve it than I was expecting, which is great as it's in perfect time for Halloween weekend.  Here it is:

I was aiming for more conventional spooks and scares, so the dial of Erotic Horror is turned more towards the Horror/Weird end.  There is a nice succubus sex scene, so I didn't leave the erotica off entirely.  The story is inspired by the Backrooms stuff, but only the basic idea.  It's not intended to use, adapt or extend any of the existing lore.  If somebody wants to take the idea and run with it further, feel free (just age gate it appropriately!).

I hope you enjoy it.
Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 27, 2022

New Short Story on the way - "In The Red Light Backrooms"

I have been working on a new short story for Halloween.  It was originally intended for Literotica's Halloween contest, but it ended up being a little longer than I anticipated (over 10K words) and I couldn't finish it in time.  It is finished now.

It's set in Amsterdam's red light district and influenced by the Backrooms stuff.  By influenced, I mean the first principles concept of someone clipping out of reality and being trapped in a weird place.  The Backrooms itself seems to be one of those big shared internet lore things (like the SCP foundation) and I know very little about it other than the general idea and some youtube short films.  It seemed a cool concept, and fired up the inspiration for this little tale.

Here's a teaser:

Damien Kane and Chris Abbott noclipped out of reality on an otherwise unremarkable summer morning at precisely 11:01.  The where from was a corner of De Walletjes, more infamously known as Amsterdam's main red-light district.  Damien and Chris were there—and let's not beat about the bush—to get laid.

As for the where to...

The corridor of doors stretched off into the distance before turning to the left.  Around that corner would be another long corridor of doors leading to another left turn.  Sometimes it would turn to the right.  Sometimes—more rarely—it would end in a T-junction.  It never opened back out onto the street outside.  If there was even an outside.

The corridor was narrow and claustrophobic, with a low ceiling.  The floor was covered in thick linoleum—mushy and slightly tacky.  The air carried the tang of stale sweat, cheap perfumes, and—beneath it all—a hint of something far less pleasant.  It called to mind sordid and illicit pleasures.  Illumination came from fluorescent tubes above the doors.  They washed everything in a wan glow—sometimes red, sometimes pink.

If the lights dimmed, you ran.

If the lights flickered, you ran fast.

Each door had a large glass window.  For most of them a red velvet curtain was pulled across to hide the room on the other side.  For some that curtain was pulled back to reveal a feminine figure dressed only in lingerie.  Always attractive.  Always sexy.  Never human.

Damien remembered the words of the Irishman.

"You have to pick a door, but it has to be the right door."

How do you know if it's the right door?

"Do you think I'd still be here if I knew that!"

Damien hadn't seen the Irishman in some time.  Maybe he'd found the right door.  More likely he'd walked through the wrong door and never returned.

Damien heard a wet snuffling phlegmy sound.  Far off behind him... for now.

Time to move on.

The story is finished.  I've submitted it to Literotica and it will probably appear there in a few days (usually about 3)

If you don't want to wait, I've already posted the completed story to Patreon and SubscribeStar.  Subscription to either is for the low low price of $1 per month and you'll also get a new "House of Hellish Harlots" update at the end of every month as well (two months before it goes live on the public website).

Friday, July 29, 2022

A Succubus for Valentine's Day is out! (sort of)

 My 2nd collection, "A Succubus for Valentine's Day and other tales of Perilous Pleasures" is now out (sort of).

Here is the obligatory blurb:

Alluring, exotic, delectable, sexy... dangerous.

M. E. Hydra returns with a second collection of thirteen sizzling stories featuring seductive succubi, amorous aliens and other sexy femme fatales.

“A Succubus for Valentine’s Day” shows the perils of letting a succubus play cupid.  Two tourists discover a dark secret lurking in Amsterdam’s red light district in “Venus of the Red Lights”.  In “Knight vs Succubus”, a knight battles for his life and soul against a cunning and seductive demon.  A man finds out his pleasure planet of blue-skinned alien babes is not as it seems in “The Spiders of Thomisoidus”.  And finally, a young man has a very special date in “A Summer Dance with a Succubus”.

You will be enthralled, aroused, and terrified in equal measure by these and other tales of wicked, sensual predators.  They’ll give you pleasures beyond your wildest dreams, and terrors beyond your darkest nightmares...

This is my second collection of short stories, first published in 2011 through Excessica. I've republished it with a new cover and afterword (and a thorough editing pass to fix anything I missed the first time around). 

You can find it at


Barnes and Noble:

Apple Books:

It should also have updated at Smashwords, but check the preview first to make sure you're getting the updated version (the copyright page should mention cover art by Wombo AI and a 2nd edition date of 2022, which should indicate it's the correct version):

I also uploaded it to Google Play this morning, so it should go live there in a couple of days.  Check my author page:

Where it isn't currently available, sadly, is Amazon.  I'm working on it and hopefully will have it available at some point, but I'm having to deal with staggering levels of incompetency from Amazon KDP's support department.  I'll put up a post describing my 'experiences' in full grisly details in a few days.  Kafka-esque nightmare doesn't even begin to cover it.

UPDATE: The problems at Amazon appear to have been resolved.  You can now find it there as well:

Friday, July 15, 2022

A Succubus for Christmas is out!

It's publication day!  Or rather, second publication day.  My 1st collection, "A Succubus for Christmas and other tales of Devilish Delights" is now live on Amazon (and other ebook stores) and ready to buy.  You can find it here:

And the obligatory back cover blurb:

Beautiful, seductive, enthralling, sensual, irresistible... deadly.

The succubus is an enduring icon of myth – a demon that seduces and sleeps with her prey before taking their life and soul.  In this collection M. E. Hydra brings you thirteen erotically charged tales of sexy succubi and other exotic creatures.

In “A Succubus for Christmas” a man discovers his surprise sexy gift also possesses a dark side.  “The Masterton Covenant” asks how much would you risk for one night of perfect pleasure.  Four men are taken to a very special establishment in “Flesh Pitchers of Prague”.  A tough demon slayer discovers why ‘men can’t fight them’ in “Slayer vs. Succubus”.  A man is drawn into a deadly yet delectable web by a sexy spider woman in “Arachne’s Web”.

You will be enthralled, aroused, and terrified in equal measure by these and other tales of dark, seductive beauties.  They’ll give you pleasures beyond your wildest dreams, and terrors beyond your darkest nightmares...

This is a republication of my 2010 short story collection.  My previous publisher, Excessica, has sadly closed their doors, so I'm republishing my old books under my author account.  To mark the republication I've added a new cover and an afterword detailing where the stories first appeared and the inspiration behind them.

The others will follow over the next few weeks.  I'm also hoping I'll kick my lazy ass in shape and get that brand new 7th collection finished before the end of year as well (or at least early next year).

Monday, July 11, 2022

A Succubus for Christmas is available for pre-order

A Succubus for Christmas and other tales of Devilish Delights is now available for pre-order on Amazon.  You can find it here.

Here is the obligatory blurb:

Beautiful, seductive, enthralling, sensual, irresistible... deadly.

The succubus is an enduring icon of myth – a demon that seduces and sleeps with her prey before taking their life and soul.  In this collection M. E. Hydra brings you thirteen erotically charged tales of sexy succubi and other exotic creatures.

In “A Succubus for Christmas” a man discovers his surprise sexy gift also possesses a dark side.  “The Masterton Covenant” asks how much would you risk for one night of perfect pleasure.  Four men are taken to a very special establishment in “Flesh Pitchers of Prague”.  A tough demon slayer discovers why ‘men can’t fight them’ in “Slayer vs. Succubus”.  A man is drawn into a deadly yet delectable web by a sexy spider woman in “Arachne’s Web”.

You will be enthralled, aroused, and terrified in equal measure by these and other tales of dark, seductive beauties.  They’ll give you pleasures beyond your wildest dreams, and terrors beyond your darkest nightmares...

This is a republication of my 2010 short story collection.  My previous publisher, Excessica, has sadly closed their doors, so I'm republishing my old books under my author account.  To mark the republication I've added a new cover and an afterword detailing where the stories first appeared and the inspiration behind them.

These are mostly my early stories before I started to tie them together into a shared universe.  One of them, "Arachne's Web", can only be found in this collection and might arguably be the best one in there.

If you already have the old collection, you probably don't need to pick up the newer version, but I'm certainly not going to say no if you wish to buy it to support my future writing!  I'd appreciate reviews if people can give them, but this is erotica (and fairly weird erotica at that!), so fully understand people wanting to remain anonymous with their purchases.

The ebook is scheduled to go live on Friday (15th), but is available for pre-order now.  I'm not normally the best at self-promotion, so I'm trying to give a little more pre-warning than usual.  A spike of sales is usually good for pushing a book up the ranks and helping more readers to discover it.

More importantly, I hope you all have fun reading it!

Sunday, October 10, 2021

New(ish) Story for Literotica's 2021 Halloween Story Competition: "The Subway Succubus"

 My entrant for Literotica's 2021 Halloween Story competition is up:

"The Subway Succubus"

Okay, so this one isn't brand spanking new.  I wrote it last year.  I was a bit poor with competition deadlines last year.  "The Succubus in Mr Herbert's Summer House" was supposed to be my entrant to the Summer Lovin' competition.  I didn't finish it in time, so I entered it into the Halloween competition instead.  "The Subway Succubus" was supposed to be my entrant for the 2020 Halloween competition, but I didn't finish that either.  I posted it afterwards.  It was rejected for being a little too nasty, so I used it as a (temporary) patron-exclusive on Patreon.

Roll around to 2021 and I'm a bit iffy on whether I'll be able to finish a new story for this year's competition.  I lost the first week of October to having to redo most of September's work after a software crash, and I'm currently up to my eyeballs trying to get a new public release of "House of Hellish Harlots" ready.

I do have a half-written story that I was originally planning to finish and enter, and I will set aside a couple of days next week to see if I can finish it.  What with everything else going on, I'm not confident that will happen and it will likely get pushed back for another attempt next year.

Then I remembered I had "The Subway Succubus" lying around.  I thought I'd resubmit it with a nice big disclaimer at the top and see if it would go through this time.  And it did.

As an aside, if I feel the need to put a disclaimer at the start, yeah, you can be sure the story is going in some nasty places.  So, consider yourself warned.  I wanted to write a proper scary-monster-succubus for this one.  It definitely brings the 'horror' of  'erotic horror' and gets a bit icky at the end.

Normally I write a bit about how Literotica's competition scoring works, but it's not really necessary in this case.  This one isn't placing, so there's no need to worry about that!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy (and are not too traumatised!) 

Thursday, October 29, 2020

New Short Story for Patrons - "The Subway Succubus"

This was originally intended to be for Literotica's Halloween contest, but I tried to finish two stories before the deadline and predictably failed to finish both.

Currently it's patron-only, but I've just submitted it to Literotica and it should appear there in 3-4 days (assuming it doesn't get rejected - this one is a little nasty).

The inspiration was a viral video I saw floating around on social media.  I turned it into a little succubus horror tale for Halloween.


"The Subway Succubus"

Update: 1st Nov 2020

As I feared might happen, Literotica rejected it for being a little too horrifying.  Probably a good thing I didn't finish this one in time for the competition!  Sometimes I can chase up on these things and get the decision reversed, but I think I'll leave this one as a temporary patron-exclusive until I find a home for it in a collection.

Thursday, October 01, 2020

New Story on Literotica - "The Succubus in Mr Herbert's Summer House"

 As I said in the last post, the new short story, "The Succubus in Mr Herbert's Summer House" has been entered into Literotica's Halloween contest.  The contest has begun and the story is now live.  You can read it here:

The Succubus in the Summer House

Two local toughs in a seaside town are given a job by a grizzled old mobster.  They must 'babysit' Mr Herbert's summer house for the night, and the mysterious woman tied-up on a bed inside...

(I had to truncate the original title as Literotica story titles have a character limit.)

Quick note on Literotica contests.  Because of the way the scoring works, voting lower than a 5 for anything is actually worse than not voting at all.  Also, don't do anything silly like downvote other stories to help mine.  While there is a prize, the contests are a bit of fun and not to be taken seriously.  I doubt this one will be a contender anyway because of the nature of the story. ;)

Also, yes, I'm aware of the formatting problem with the sentences in italics.  There shouldn't be two extra lines of white space after the sentences.  I'm guessing it's because the closing italics tag was put on the next line and Literotica formatted it oddly.  So, sorry about that.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

I don't think this particular story is finished just yet...

Friday, September 25, 2020

New Short Story - "The Succubus in Mr Herbert's Summer House"

 I have a new short story available to patrons:

"The Succubus in Mr Herbert's Summer House."

Two street punks in a seaside town are given a strange job watching over a house and a mysterious girl tied up on a bed.

The timed exclusivity is shorter on this one as I'm planning to enter it into Literotica's Halloween Story Contest next week.

It was originally planned for Literotica's Summer Contest, but took me too long to finish and I missed the deadline (my succubi like playing with their food far too much!).  It's a conventional erotic horror succubus story, so it should also fit the theme for a Halloween contest as well.

If you can't wait, the lowest (and only) tier on my Patreon is just a $1.  (plus tax, I think they're starting to hit people with that now.)

Otherwise I'll post again in a week or so with a link to the story on Literotica.

Friday, February 07, 2020

New Story - "The Succubus Heart Squad"

Oh, and this one is up on Literotica, so everyone can read it.

The Succubus Heart Squad

Piotr Kurtzburg is your average nerdy software developer.  Normally, he doesn't get anything for Valentine's Day.  This year he gets a surprise as a statuesque beauty wearing nothing but a longcoat over lingerie hand delivers a card and chocolates.  Who are they from and just what is the 'Heart Squad'?

Yes, this is the complete "The Heart Squad", that mini-serial I started a couple of years back and then abandoned.

It's for Literotica's Valentine's Day story competition.  Every year, at this time of year, I drag it out and try to finish it, and every year I fail to do so.  Except this year.  To be honest, I didn't think I'd finish it.  I was a bit late getting the latest House of Hellish Harlots demo out and didn't think I'd left myself enough time.

Then I wrote 6,000 words on Tuesday...

I hope you enjoy it.  I'm also hoping I didn't allow too many typos to slip through.  My usual editing process is to leave the work on the side for a couple of weeks and then go back with fresh eyes.  As I was still finishing off the 1st draft on the day it was supposed to be submitted, I might have had to shortcut that process somewhat.  So, it might not be as 'tight' as usual.  It's one of those stories I might end up tweaking again when I come to put it into an ebook collection.  Any feedback would be helpful to that end.

(There are sneaky hints to another one of my characters, but it shouldn't matter if you haven't read any of her stories - it's Valentine's Day, just enjoy the succubus orgy!)

Monday, September 02, 2019

New Story for Patrons - "The Good, the Bad, and the Monstrous Beauty"

Another new story up for patrons:

The Good, the Bad, and the Monstrous Beauty

This one actually went up on Saturday, but people tend to rush in with the subs for new stories and I didn't want them getting double-tapped by Patreon, given it was right at the end of the month.

And yes, it's another temporary Patreon exclusive.  I know this sucks for people that can't sub for whatever reason, but that money is helping with the bills at the moment, so I have to do the cold-nosed commercial thing.  As with all these stories, I will be adding them to the regular collections at a later date.

My productivity is slowly climbing back up from snail's pace, so I'm hoping I'll also be able to get back to free-for-everyone stories on Literotica as well.  There is a Halloween story I've had in the works for a while I'm hoping to get finished for this year.

In the meantime, it's been a while since I've done any Twine stuff, so I might see if I can get another one of those "Escape the..." type scenarios written up this month.

Hope you enjoy this new story anyway.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

New Short Story - "The Banquet of the Queen of the Goblins"

Finally finished that damn carnivorous plant girl story.  Not sure why the 2nd draft took as long as it did, but it did.

Might as well get the bad news out of the way first.  Yes, it is pay-walled behind my Patreon account.  Sorry, regular readers who don't have access to that.  As with the previous boobie girl story, it will find its way into an ebook collection at some point in the future.

You can find it here:

The monster girl was inspired by the carnivorous plant girl from Domination Quest: Kuro and the Naughty Monster Girls.

I did my usual thing when I dip into vore-ish areas to make the monster girl more interested in the sex part rather than the "git in my belly" part, so in that respect she deviates quite a lot from the initial inspiration.

It's another H-space story, although it's more in keeping with my older H-space stories rather than the Stewart Peter Bate stories I experimented with for a while.  At 8,200 words, it is much more like the older stories!

And now onto the more controversial stuff.

This is Patreon pay-walled again, are you ever going to go back to putting stuff up on Literotica for everyone to read?

Right, the problem here is that I'm still chugging along in low gear when it comes to writing.  As much as I don't like or trust the people behind Patreon, it currently is a useful source of income to keep my finances ticking over.  I'm of an old-school mindset when it comes to entertainment.  If people are giving you money, you need to give them something back to make them think it was worth giving you that money.  In this case it's timed exclusives (and some options to name protagonists, etc).

When I set it up, my initial aim was to give patrons something exclusive at least once a month and then anything I produced extra could then go up on Literotica (or here if Literotica found it a little too icky).  As I mentioned earlier, I'm currently stuck in low gear when it comes to productivity.  So far this year I've finished 2 short stories (16K words) and a demo opening section for a possible CYOA game (5K words).  This is obviously not ideal.  The only positive is that I am still chugging along to some extent.

While I am stuck in low gear, my options are limited.  I'd like to get out of low gear, so I can start terrorizing the erotic horror section of Literotica again.  (and also maybe blog a little more frequently than I have been doing of late.)

So, yep, sorry to the readers that can't get on Patreon (or are unwilling to give them money).  I will try and get something done for you at some point.  As for those that can, enjoy... uh... being erotically consumed as my lovely new carnivorous plant girl puts it.

(I'm not entirely sure she's being trustworthy, but her last prey seemed to enjoy himself...)

Saturday, January 26, 2019

New Short Story: Joey Farrell Walks Into An Obvious Booby Trap

I finally managed to finish that boobie monster girl story I've hinting at for a while.

It is a Patreon exclusive (temporary) for patrons, because those of you that have been supporting me on there deserve something for your support.  If you're not for whatever reason, don't worry, I will be including the story in my next short story collection (still in progress).

I also have another story in progress which I will be putting up on Literotica.  I don't intend paywalling everything, but I'd like to be able to give patrons something semi-exclusive every month.

As for my own feelings on Patreon, I still don't like them, but I haven't found a better alternative, so I'm stuck there for now.  As I mentioned in the Patreon post, I can't really commit to it as a reliable income stream, so I will be focusing on writing some new ebooks (short story collections, ideally a third Succubus Summoning novel) rather than the CYOA game scenarios on Twine I created last year. 

Here is a link to the new story (patrons only, sorry):

If you are a patron, enjoy boobs, lots and lots of demon boobs!  If not, I hope to have something for you on Literotica fairly soon.

Also, this story was initially planned to go out in November.  If you were a patron for the month of November, but aren't now for whatever reason, you're still entitled to a copy of the new story.  Email me at and I'll email you back a copy if I can find your name on the list of former patrons.

Damn, this was far easier when I just put up ebooks on Amazon!

Anyway, this week has been a a fairly good week for writing.  The break in Prague seems to have done me some good (apart from bringing back the plague).

Friday, November 02, 2018

Updates and plans for November

Literotica's Halloween story contest is over. My entrant, "AProudMaleFeminist gets Creamed" didn't place, but to be honest I didn't expect it to.  I'm trying to write myself back into form and that involves working through the gears of the more straightforward erotic horror stories I started out with.  I was pleasantly surprised by the final score (which I think was the highest in the Erotic Horror category, although not 100% on that), and that I didn't get a complete shellacking from angry male feminists.

It is a risk with certain hot button topics, especially when you want to create a juicy villain, that people see the end character as a stand-in for the whole group, rather than just an individual (and flawed) character.  I suspect it would be just as true if I made the asshole protagonist a MAGA-hat-wearing Trump fan, or a hardcore gamer.

I do like to give my succubi a varied diet, so please don't take it too personally if the current asshole-du-jour is from a group you identify with.  At the end of the day they're individual characters, and while my personal moral views will inevitably bleed into the stories, my overall goal is to create good characters first.

Okay, second.

Creating hot and icky (and usually fatal) horror-sex scenes is still first.  As it should be.

Anyway, I did put a full update post up on my patreon.  Rather than repeat it I'll just post the link here (this post should be open to everyone).

The shortened version is this November I want to sink my teeth into the next CYOA project.  I liked how Volumpula turned out (the trophy is gettable, honest!), but it did take too long and I want to see if I can get the development times down for these CYOAs.

I also have a few short story ideas I want to explore.  My version of a boob monster is something that looks close to fruition, so I'm going to see if I can pluck that and turn it into lovely cider (or something).

It's probably us she'll turn into lovely... milk...?

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Halloween Story Out - "AProudMaleFeminist gets Creamed"

I didn't think I'd make Literotica's Halloween contest this year.  I had a story unfinished from last year, but when I picked it up again I realised one of the characters was too similar to Volumpula and I didn't want to put it out right after the "Escape Volumpula" CYOA.  (I still think it's a very good story idea and I will finish it at some point.)

With a couple of days to go before the deadline I had a few ideas and fragments, but nothing close to completion.  Then an old idea unlocked, I typed up 4,000 words in a day and got the story in with half an hour to spare.

Here it is:

"AProudMaleFeminist gets Creamed."

Yes, the title is a little troll-y.  The story is a throwback to the old ones I used to write where random asshole runs into succubus/monster girl and (maybe) lethal snu-snu occurs.  Sometimes I try to add a bit of nuance to the assholes (or randomly destroy an undeserving good guy instead to keep readers on their toes).  With this one I stuffed him full of straw and gave him a good thwack.  Sometimes you have to have a little fun as a writer.

It wasn't the story I originally intended to put out, but I hope people have fun with it anyway!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

New Story - "Night of the Nude Succubus Orgy"

Yay.  I made it.

As can be seen from the list of entrants to Lierotica's Nude Day Erotic Story Competition, I did just manage to get my story in before the deadline (by about 45 minutes according to my reckoning - leaving it fine just adds to the drama).

Here is the direct link:

Night of the Nude Succubus Orgy

A bit about it.  I wanted to start with a traditional horror/ghost story opening going over the history of a spooky old mansion... and then it turned into a big old porn fest, probably one of the porniest stories I've ever written.  Oh well, I'll have to write that traditional spooky horror/occult tale some other time.

The opening is a bit long, cynically so.  There is a weird quirk to Literotica contests where it's better to have a reader give up half way through than have them read to the end and give the story an "ok" 4 out of 5.  Because of how the scoring works, it's better for a writer if they're given no score at all rather than a 4 (or lower).  Shorter stories have traditionally suffered for this in their competitions.  So stick with it, even if you don't care for the wobbly occult stuff, it gets a lot hotter and sexy later.

Another note on Literotica contests.  Please don't vote more than once or bomb other writers entrants.  One, it's not very sporting and two, Literotica has algorithms to spot that type of behaviour and the votes just end up getting scrubbed.

While I wouldn't recommend starting an erotic tale this slow, it was fun to play around with all the Crowley stuff.  Aleister Crowley is a real-life historical occult figure and tends to get name-checked a lot in this type of story to give them a pseudo-grounding in reality.  The indie adult game "Lust for Darkness" I talked about a couple of weeks ago clearly took some inspiration from Crowley's exploits.  A bust of his likeness can be found in the mansion and one of the books you can find mentions Crowley's Thelema religion.

Rather humorously, I botched my research and had to make some last minute edit changes as the original date I had for when the ritual took place was during a time when Crowley had already moved back to England.  The body double stuff is pure fiction on my part.

The succubi also developed stronger characters than I was expecting.  I'm tempted to use them again.  Maybe there's a full novel here once I include the other succubus scenes.  Obviously it will depend on how the story is received.  I enjoyed writing it, but that might not necessarily translate to people enjoying reading it!

If you did really like one (or more) of the succubi in the story, let me know in the comments below and I'll see if I can give them some more action in a future story.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Some good news, finally - a new Literotica story on the way

Some good news, finally, as the title says.

I've kept quiet about this one, mainly because I wasn't sure I'd get it finished in time and I didn't want to repeat what happened with "The Heart Squad" earlier this year.

Literotica is currently running their annual Nude Day Erotic Story Contest.  I thought I had a good idea for last year, then failed to finish it on time, because I've had a rough patch of struggling to finish stories.  I dusted it off for this year... and just about got it done, considering I posted it just now, about an hour before the contest deadline.

The main reason is I... uh... might have got a little carried away.  Normally I aim for around 6K words for a short story.  When I finished typing this up (in 3 days) it came to a whopping 13K words.  The succubi had a lot of fun in this one.

I don't know when the story is going live.  I think I entered it in time, but I have had a few problems with Lit randomly bouncing some of my recent stories.  It is is a little tamer than my usual death-by-sex stories, so I think it should be okay, but you never know.  There was a weird period where I did wonder if Lit had a rogue mod problem, so we'll see.

Anyway, if I do get bounced, I'll just serialize the story here.

Hopefully that won't happen and I'll put up a new post with the story link as soon as it goes live in the next day or so.

As my getting carried away put me under a little time pressure, I had to pause work on the slime girl CYOA for a couple of weeks to get this done in time.  To give an idea of how much time pressure - the first draft wasn't complete until Sunday, so I had to type up about 12,000 words in 3 days.  This does mean the editing window was much much shorter than I'd normally like, so there will probably be a few more typos and sloppy sentence constructions than I'd normally be happy with in the finished story.

Now that this is done I will get back to that slime girl CYOA.  I have a decent chunk of the 1st draft already written, but again, I might have got a teensy bit carried away with all the sexy action...

Monday, March 05, 2018

The Heart Squad (part 5)


A shape flowed out of the darkness and stepped in front of him.  It was the tall and busty flame-haired woman.  She was still wearing nothing more than a longcoat over frilly pink lingerie.

Had she been waiting out here all this time?  She must be freezing her nips off, Kurtzburg thought.

If she was, she gave no outward sign.  She greeted Kurtzburg with a breezy smile.

"Mr Kurtzburg, we never realised you had to work so late."

She glanced up at Kurtzburg's floor, where everything was in darkness.

"You must have been so lonely, working up there all on you own.  You should have let us know.  We would have come up and kept you company."

A stretch limo—sleek and gleaming white—pulled up alongside them.  The back door opened and two excitable women leaned out.

"Hello, Mr Kurtzburg," they said in unison.

Both looked younger than the flame-haired woman and were just as attractive.  He recognised them from the pictures that had been sent him.  In person they exuded a strong aura of wanton sexuality.  They seemed like the type of girls that did anything and everything.

"I think there's been some mistake," Kurtzburg said.  "You have me mixed up with someone else."

"You are Mr Piotr Kurtzburg, of..." the flame-haired woman reeled off Kurtzburg's home address and even his date of birth for good measure.  "I don't think there's been any mistake."

Nope, that was rather... specific.

"Why me?" he asked.

"Someone thought you deserved it," the flame-haired woman said.

That didn't help Kurtzburg at all.

"What did you think of the chocolates?" she asked.

"Um, I didn't... um... eat them.  The QA women shared them."

The woman looked disappointed.

"Oh well, can't be helped," she said.  She smiled.  "Their husbands and boyfriends will be in for a good night tonight.  What about you, Mr Kurtzburg?  Are you ready to embark on a night of unadulterated passion and hedonism?"

She held out her right arm, simultaneously blocking Kurtzburg's path and directing him in the direction of the back of the limo.  The two girls, all smiles, beckoned him to join them on the back seat.  A third girl regarded him with sultry interest from an open window.  Wow.  They'd looked attractive enough in the pictures, but were even more gorgeous in the flesh.

Kurtzburg was tempted.  Sorely tempted.  But...

...this was way too good to be true.  There was no way it could be legit.

"I don’t think I can get into that car with you," Kurtzburg said.

"Aww," the flame-haired woman said.  "Don't be so uptight.  Those inhibitions aren't healthy.  Come with us.  We'll help you lose them.  It will be fun."

She moved forwards to caress him.

Instinctively, Kurtzburg stepped back.

"Sorry, I think this is all one big misunderstanding.  You have the wrong guy.  No-one would arrange all this for me."

The woman placed a hand on her hip.  Her lips pouted in irritation.

"My, you are an awkward one."

Her sensual lips turned up in a smile.  Her eyes twinkled.  For a brief—split second—moment, Kurtzburg would have sworn he saw a pink flash.  Then...

...Kurtzburg was sitting on the back seat of a luxurious stretch limo surrounded by four gorgeously uninhibited young women.

What the hell.  You only live once, he thought to himself.

to be continued...