Thursday, October 29, 2020

New Short Story for Patrons - "The Subway Succubus"

This was originally intended to be for Literotica's Halloween contest, but I tried to finish two stories before the deadline and predictably failed to finish both.

Currently it's patron-only, but I've just submitted it to Literotica and it should appear there in 3-4 days (assuming it doesn't get rejected - this one is a little nasty).

The inspiration was a viral video I saw floating around on social media.  I turned it into a little succubus horror tale for Halloween.


"The Subway Succubus"

Update: 1st Nov 2020

As I feared might happen, Literotica rejected it for being a little too horrifying.  Probably a good thing I didn't finish this one in time for the competition!  Sometimes I can chase up on these things and get the decision reversed, but I think I'll leave this one as a temporary patron-exclusive until I find a home for it in a collection.


  1. How about you write a one shot about the doomed warlock who accidentally teleported himself to the Succubus Castle in Succubus Summoning when Verde, Rosa, Nyte etc were in heat? I would love to see where he ended up and how he was captured. What do you think, MEH?

    1. Would love to. The ideas aren't there yet unfortunately, and if I force it, it'll just turn out shit. I understand people's frustration with this, but I'd rather take the time to do it properly than shovel out something substandard that will ruin the series as a whole.

  2. Don't suppose there's any chance of you returning to the Paradox LP for the Collab content?