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Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 44: Demon Invasion


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We were in an alternate world, hanging out with one of the great heroes of the past (who coincidentally happens to be travelling with one of the worst villains) when we got a message all heck was breaking loose back in Luka’s world.

One harpy feather later and...

Our newest recruit

What is Black Alice doing with us?  She got sucked into the warp and followed us back into our world.  Fortunately, she seems quite tickled at the prospect of going up against the demon armies and joins the party.

This is probably for the best.  As a party member, she’s fairly OP.  Despite only being level 40 or so, she has access to the tier 3 Black Mage jobs and her trait is to double-cast black magic.  With the right gear and stat bonuses, she can dish out a helluva lot of damage.  So yep, it’s probably a good thing she pitched in on our side.

She is also a bit... not there.

I think someone recommended keeping her in the party for her comments.  I concur with this.  Alice is a fruit loop.  All hell is breaking out around her and she talks about tea parties (before dishing out five-digit damage double fireballs).

I think I can say I’m on team Black Alice at this point.

Originally, I was going to break this part into four posts covering each city, but I think it’s time we push on and get this series done before part 3 comes out.  Also, while there are plenty of new encounters, I’ve a strong reason to believe we’ll be seeing them as regular encounters in other locations (for reasons that will become clear later).

Right.  Grand Noah, San Ilia, Sabasa and Grangold are all under attack.  Technically, it doesn’t matter which order you do them in, and at one point I did get confused as to which was the first (I may have rushed to the other cities to see what new monster girls were around to “play” with).  The monsterpedia is fairly helpful here.  It lists the new monster girls in the order elves, mermaids, spiders, vamps.  So we’ll start with Grand Noah (which is where we warp to after the distress call comes in anyway).

Grand Noah is under siege by a combined army of elves and fairies.  The random encounters are various low-level elves and fairies we’ve seen in previous locations.  They’re still at the same level and therefore not really a problem.  Also present are various fixed encounters where the monster girl character sprite is visible and usually in the process of molesting some unlucky (or lucky) townsfolk.

The giantess girl in the town square is fairly hard to miss.

I wonder who we're supposed to fight...?

There is also a carbuncle girl (I’m guessing this is a fairy-tale reference) molesting a priest on the bridge to the coliseum.  These are one-time encounters.  There are also recurring encounters (respawns every time you come back to the city) with new girl Elf Amazoness and original series Trick Fairy.

I’m not going to put Bad End details here just yet as I suspect we’ll be running into these girls again.

Various routes, including the road to the coliseum, are blocked by mass fighting.  You’ll need to head towards the castle where you’ll find the androgynous-looking Queen Fairy marshalling her troops from behind the lines.

Sweet child of the 60s

Queen Fairy was a boss fight in the original series that specialised in sending various lewd plants into Luka’s pants.

The boss fight managed to drag out for an age because my party is effectively Alicetroemeria, Luka and a ragtag punch of other characters I’m running through the Maid job to pick up the value-oriented Job XP +50% ability.  After this I did some switcharounds because I didn’t want every fight to take thirty minutes with the risk of a party-wipe if they managed to nail the one character capable of actually doing anything.

What happens after beating Queen Fairy is a bit of a surprise to me.  In the original series she tag-teamed with Queen Elf and I was expecting that fight to follow this.  Instead Queen Fairy calls back her army and vacates the city.

Hmm, I suspect we’re going to have to track her back to her home turf.  That mountain outside Yamatai?  Although Queen Fairy and Queen Elf were located on their own island in the original series, if I remember correctly.

Anyway, that’s Grand Noah clear.  Time to move on to San Ilia.

San Ilia is under attack from the mermaids.  I think this is a slight change to canon as the mermaid queen attacked Port Natalia in the original series.  Once again the wandering monsters are various mermaids from previous locations.

The new encounters are the mermaid general from the original series and a new mermaid knight.  There is also a mini-boss encounter blocking off the route to whoever is leading the mermaid encounter.  This is new girl Lorelei.  She offers to give us a nice bubbly bath massage, which is rather tempting...

Bubble bath soapy massage?  Sign me up!

Oh well, that’s what save’n’reload is for.

Leading the army is the mermaid princess from the original series – El.  She gets blasted back by a cannon and we confront her in the central square.

The littlest mermaid

Alice knows her mother has a hatred of humans from a Little Mermaid thing that didn’t work out too well and is sad that hatred has been passed down to her daughter.  El wants to prove she’s good enough to be next queen, which means beating us and taking the city.

Beating El is enough to call off the assault.

Now I spot the trend.  The deputies are leading the armies while the real queens are being held back as the inevitable boss fights in their own bases.  Unlike with the elves/fairies, I know where that is for the mermaids.  It’s on the road from Plansect to Gold Fort.

That’s two cities cleared.  Next is Grangold and spiders.

Again the random encounters are various spider girls from MQ:P [part 1].  There is a new type wandering around with their own map sprite (and also fighting the golem in the town centre).  They are a group of very kitsch arachnes drawn by the same artist who did the succubus harem.  I like them and like their Bad End and will be sure to show it off when we “lose” to them in the arachne base.

The deputy boss fight is more like a deputy boss rush as we fight first the tsuchigumo and then two of the arachne lord from the original series.  Unlike the elves and mermaids, the spider queen is here in person.  But we don’t get to fight her.  After we defeat the arachne lords, the spider princess shows up at the entrance to the castle.  She’s looking for the King of Grangold, who isn’t in the castle because it got blown up in the fight with alt!Tamamo.  The king is currently in his temporary warehouse HQ.  He emerges to blast away a few of the rank’n’file arachnes.  This draws the attention of the spider princess, who jumps over for their epic boss battle.

Hey, star of the story over here.  Shouldn’t you be fighting us, Miss Muffet?

We get another new spider girl to fight against instead – Atlach-Nacha.

A titty spider to go with the titty flies?

Woo, Clark Ashton Smith ref.  Atlach-Nacha was the spider god in one of his weird stories – “The Seven Geases”.  That story can be read here, but I wouldn’t get your hopes (or other parts) up.  Atlach-Nacha is male and conventionally monstery here.  A gender-flipped version did show up in an Alicesoft visual novel (that was porny).  Funny to see a Cthulhu mythos monster (that isn’t Cthulhu or a shoggoth) show up in such things.

I did have a “The Seven Geases” porn-parody type story/novel on my todo list.  Maybe that could be the original fiction serial I follow this series with?  (Spider girls, snake girls, one huge slime girl, plus one hapless protagonist.  Probably good for a laugh.)

Goddamn it, so many ideas.  So totally disorganised when it comes to writing them.

Anyway, back to Atlach-Nacha and... that’s a lot of tits.

Despite the fearsome name, she doesn’t even get proper boss music.  She does have a lot of tits, though...

She exploited our weak point...

I don’t think Atlach-Nacha is meant to be any kind of boss.  If you fight her properly rather than throwing the fight to see what she does with those many tits (she uses them to squirt aphrodisiac silk around Luka until he’s all cocooned up and spurting his life away in her cunt), you’ll find out she’s vulnerable to status combo tricks like trance/intoxicating pitcher and can be beaten in one turn.

In keeping with the previous two cities, we don’t get to fight the queen of the race as Spider Princess calls a tactical retreat.

That’s three cities clear.  We also get a new recruit as King of Grangold joins the party afterwards.

Last is Sabasa.  I’m a bit hazy on this one as I did bits of it out of sequence.

As you enter the city, Sara will run off citing a need to defend her people.  We have to take the slow way through Sabasa fighting vampires along the way.

Or rather, one vampire, as the only non-Loli-Bandit vampire we’ve seen so far is the generic vampire girl found in Grangold Desert.  She is joined by other non-random encounters – Conquista and Vendetta.  Later on we also get the Setouchi-special Elder Vampire.

There are two mini-boss fights required to free Sabasa.  Carmilla and Elizabeth show up from the original series.

Do you think they'd say yes to a threesome?

Carmilla is fought at the half-way point, which unlocks the way to fight Elizabeth deeper in the city.  Elizabeth has Sara trapped by what looks like a horde of vamps.  She taunts Sara by telling her she’s going to enslave the whole country.  At which point Sara reveals her heritage as the daughter of the sphinx.

Oh hello, does that mean we’re going to get Succubus Sara.

Oh yes.

That's the Sara we've been waiting for

After blasting away the minion vamps, she rejoins the party for the boss fight.  Again it’s like the previous three cities.  Defeat the lieutenants and the invasion is called off.  I guess the game is saving the vampire queen for the vampire base, wherever that actually is.

That’s all four cities saved.  So it’s time to return to Grand Noah to plan the next move... which we’ll do next post.

But before then, we might as well get to know Sara’s new succubus body better.

Totally worth a trip to Hades

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Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 42: Tartarus IV


<- Previous: Nightmare Wilderness

While most of Monmusu Quest: Paradox is a retread of the original Monster Girl Quest series, the Tartarus locations are usually where the game goes into Wow! mode.  Considering these are just smut games and given the limitations of RPG Maker style, Toro Toro Resistance does a remarkable job at generating atmosphere in these segments – whether it’s an alternate reality where Luka quit his quest at Granberia and the world was subsequently scoured by Ilias’s angels, or a desolate tower in the far future where La Croix, one of the villains in the original series, is the last one standing in a world consumed by chaos.

So far the game has teased tartarus locations at us, but not actually allowed us to descend into a pit filled with the worst Delphinus and Xelvy can imagine (let’s face it – it’s going to be them two).  This tartarus region is located on the western edge of the desert.  There is no exploratory team researching it because this whole region is too dangerous, although there is a convenient rope ladder set up to allow us to descend, implying someone must have looked into it at some point in the past.

Yet another pit of nope

The route to the ladder is blocked by a giant flame.

Alice recognises this as the work of the White Rabbit and calls her out on it, causing the annoying bunny girl to show her face.

You.  Again.

She reveals she put it there to make sure Luka is following the “correct” path by contracting with the four elemental spirits.  Following the correct path reduces chaotization.  The actions of the fiery angels and lilith sisters are also trying to achieve this, which does beg the questions:

Why are they so busy fighting each other if they have the same goals?


Who does that make Big Bad?  Adramalech came out of nowhere in part 1, which I thought was a weakness of that game.

White Rabbit also mentions she’s being chased by Nero and Neris.  She doesn’t know why they’re so keen to kill her, given that she’s some sort of natural law, but she doesn’t particularly want her head knocked off, so off she hops.

And down we go.

Hello Delphinus.

When giving your life for music goes too far...

And hello more Delphinus.

Nope and nope

So what do we have – a girl that looks like she’s been merged with a harp, what appears to be a giant flatworm twisted around into a vaguely feminine form, and what looks like the computer girl from Superman III.  (Hmm, I suspect virtually no-one will get that last reference.  Here’s the relevant youtube link.  And yes, explaining pop (ha!) culture references is as bad as explaining jokes.  But... oh let’s just move on.)

We also get a Xelvy.


Yup, that looks like a Xelvy.

(Yes, I think those are teeth and eyes in that yin-yang ball abdomen thing.)

Do we even want to risk seeing the Bad Ends on these?  Sorry Luka.  We have an audience.  We can’t let them down.  So take your clothes off and hope none of them are as bad as Eater.

Harp girl wraps her strings around Luka and plays him like a musical instrument.  An energy string lined with vibrating energy beads goes down the urethra at some point.  I don’t really have any frame of reference to know if that’s pleasurable or not.

Making sweet music together - I hope!

Libo-libo draws Luka into her capsule with her and vacuums up his semen with a variety of tubes.  The worm girl gives Luka a... handjob... wormjob?

Then we have Twinkell.  They give our ass a good tonguing while having a competition to determine which pussy is best pussy.  White hair’s is very very tight.

Twinkell has a competition to see which pussy is best


Hey, no-one said I was supposed to judge this particular part of your anatomy as well!

Uh oh.  Pixelated tentacle penis time.

I think my boner just went negative.

I think it’s also a very rare incidence of futa in the MGQ series.  While it’s not my thang, I’m not going to complain about the one scene in a hundred that veers away from the stuff I normally like (as opposed to 4chan or hentai foundry, where some monster girl threads have to enforce a strict No Futa policy to avoid being drowned in the stuff.  But whatevs, diffr’n strokes for diffr’n folks.)

This region is also pretty tough on the game front.  Most of the apoptosis monster girls seem immune to a lot of the status effects, which means you can’t really cheese them with hungry blob/plant girl parties.  I found Twinkell in particular to fairly nightmarish to fight even with decent-levelled parties.

As with the other tartarus regions, we inevitably end up at the door only Luka can open.

This takes us to a heavily corrupted version of Remina castle.  You know what I said at the start about generating atmosphere, well this section ramps it up to eleven.  There are people stuck in the walls in various states of disassembly.

That's... uh... a lot creepier than I ever expected RPG maker to go

I didn’t even think it was possible to get this level of creepy out of chibi RPG-maker sprites.  Most of them are still alive and spouting gibberish like notes or random DNA strings.  Seeing this makes me wish there was a dedicated team capable of remaking this as a more modern 3D game as I think this segment would be very Silent Hill-esque (the good ones!).  There are coffins lying around that look like La Croix’s work.  There’s also another room locked by a key card and one of those tier III chests I still have no idea how to open (and should really make a note of where I see them, because I’ll never remember to backtrack to open them when I do finally learn the relevant skill).

Strangely enough, there are no NPCs (unless partially disassembled people fused with walls count) or boss fights.  It’s a relatively easy – if creepy – walk through to another Hades region.

So what alternate world are we going to find on the other side?  Guess we’ll find out in the next post.

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Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 41: Nightmare Wilderness


<- Gold Volcano

We’re done with the Grangold towns and villages for now, so it’s time to head out to the Tartarus pit located in the dangerous western desert.  It looks like a straight walk on the world map, but in actuality we’ll have to go through a dungeon-type location to enter the desert – the Nightmare Wilderness.

This is not a straight walk on the world map

Thankfully, it doesn’t live up to the name and is relatively short to traverse (unlike the many many screens of the Marching Hills).

We even get three brand new monster girls.

The welcoming party

These are Gelatinous Cube Girl, Tiger Girl and Youki.

I’ve been looking forward to seeing Gelatinous Cube Girl ever since she was spoiled on Toro Toro Resistance’s blog.  I was surprised she didn’t show up in Undine’s Fountain.  I must not have been the only one looking forward to her, because – if you’re running the (pre 2.20) Dargoth patch – her H-scenes have already been translated.  I’m guessing this was by one of the volunteers as the translation has a few little quirks (“little swimmers”).

Gelatinous Cube Girl has a temptation move where she drags Luka into her cube.  Her Bad End also involves pulling Luka into her jelly cube.

Could be worse...

Once she has Luka trapped, she forms a jelly cone around his dick and pulsates him to repeated orgasms.  Afterwards, she pulls him all the way in, but it’s fine as she’ll let him breathe, somehow.

Hmm, are we sure this translation is accurate?

Gelatinous Cube Girl is much less fearsome than her namesake.  From the spoiler screenshots I thought there might be some paralyzing electricity involved, or Luka getting diffused within her cube, but it’s mostly just pleasant stuff.

Her temptation scene can’t be requested in the castle, instead she has a new scene unlocked at 100 affection.  She pulls us on top of her bouncy cube and proceeds to bang the shit out of us.

Slime girls can be passionate lovers

Which also looks rather pleasant.

Gelatinous girl seems to fall on the Lime side of the slime family tree rather than the nastier Blob Girl or Slime Beth side.  Not a bad thing, unless you like your slime girls nasty and melty.  Don’t worry, I’m sure the upcoming Tartarus region will give us nasty a plenty.

Youki is big-sis Oni.  I’m guessing that should be pronounced “Yoki”, as those are the name of the big red ogre things currently kicking my ass in Nioh.

She’s certainly muscly.  If she does manage to knock Luka flat with her club, she’ll climb on top and use her muscular pussy to squeeze out all of Luka’s “seed juice”.

Muscles in places you wouldn't even believe

This is another Luka loses the will to carry on Bad Ends, as once she’s done she just buggers off and leaves Luka where he is.

If you recruit her, she has a muscular paizuri scene where she squeezes her big boobs around our cock.  It looks like a lot of force is involved given the geyser of semen she gets out of Luka.

Tiger Girl was another one spoiled before MQ:P [part 2] came out.  She’s got a bit of a samurai theme and some fairly vicious sword attacks.  I’m not really a big fan of the quadruped beast girls like centaurs and some of the kitsune, and Tiger Girl is no exception.  I like them conventionally succubus-like, or very weird.  So, I think we’ll pass on the tiger pussy.

There’s a little hut halfway through the nightmare wilderness that contains a friendly little oni and big oni.  It functions as an inn, but you shouldn’t really need it as this section is mercifully short.

On the other side is the western desert.  Gelatinous Cube Girl is taken out of random encounter rotation and replaced with the Vampire Girl from the original series.  She was one of the first encounters on Helgondo, if I remember right.  MQ:P appears to have moved her to an earlier slot.  She’s also the first vampire you can recruit outside of Vanilla of the loli bandits.  Vampires appear to be very high level monsters in this universe.

There are a couple of locations of interest in the desert.

To the north is the Bird God Shrine.

Be grateful it's a warp point

Ah, I remember this from the original series.  This was how Luka got to Helgondo, and what those mysterious orbs are for.  We need six of them to summon the bird god to carry us over the mountains ringing Helgondo.

The game doesn’t actually mention this.  For now it’s a suspicious location that will clearly do something later.

It does fulfil one important function – it’s the warp point for this region.  Which makes sense, as running through the nightmare wilderness from Lady Village every time you want to visit here would get very tedious.

There’s another location to the southeast.

Yeah, don't go here unless your party is max-levelled

Entering this location scares Alice.  For good reason.  The wandering monsters patrolling the grounds around the abandoned research facility are all chimeras and experimental organisms from chapter 3 of the original series.  They even have the one that was glimpsed in the original series, but never had a fight or scene.

You don’t want to be here right now.  Not unless you want to get slapped around a lot.  I thought my party was over-levelled and still got flattened.  There’s also nothing to do here as the door is locked by a card reader.  I’ll go over it in more detail when the plot calls us for us to actually be here.

What we’re really here for is the Tartarus pit, which can be reached by going south around the mountains and then back north.

And that seems an appropriate point to leave things.  Come back next week when we finally descend into the first Tartarus region of Monmusu Quest: Paradox.

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More Patreon Thoughts

Many thanks for the feedback and comments on my first post about this.  From them I gleaned a few things.

One, people are happy to ship a $1/month to support my writing.  That is reassuring.

The other is that this would be for my fiction writing.  The game reviews, walkthroughs, etc I post on the blog here are nice distractions, but not what people want to be funding via a Patreon.  This is also good to know.

If I hadn't checked first I suspect my Patreon page might have ended up an unholy kludge of talking about blogs, monster girl bestiaries, Japanese hentai games, half-baked game ideas, oh and did you know I sometimes write succubus porn.

Now I know it should be:

"Give me money to write erotic horror fiction featuring sexy succubi and monster girls.  I'm really good at it.  Here's my Literotica page so you can see."

The next point concerns when to go live.

I was originally planning to have the Patreon page up and running by now.  I had a rethink after seeing the excitement in some posts and also some justifiable concern in others (as I've not exactly been the most prolific on the new story front of late).  I don't want to hype things up, get people subbing, and then have that turn bad if the fifth or sixth story in a row I'm working on falls apart before I finish it and I have nothing to show for it by the middle of March.

I want to do this right.

So this is the plan.  I have two short stories on the go at the moment.  When I've finished both of them, I'll open up the Patreon.  I'm aiming to post one to Literotica's usual annual Valentine's Day contest.  The other will be a Patreon-exclusive.  This is so that when I launch, I will be launching with something.  It's also an incentive for me to stop dicking around and finish the stories I'm working on.

That's the plan for launch.  Next, for going forward.

I want to get back on Literotica (and similar sites) this year.  Last year I went for the big novel plans, failed and knocked my confidence a little, so I think a spot of rebuilding on Lit might do me some good.  And who knows, might even result in that long-awaited "Succubus Summoning 301" chapter finally getting posted.

This means taking a look at the other things I have running.

The H-space monster girl bestiary has drifted a little from its original purpose.  Initially it was supposed to be somewhere for me to park monster girl/sex scene ideas until I had a full story to put them in.  With the last few I found the opposite to be happening.  The idea started to expand into a full story in the process of writing it.  Rather than fighting this, as I was stupidly doing for most of last year, I'm going to write these out as full-length H-space stories like the ones I used to write in the past (like this, or this).

The playthrough series of Monmusu Quest: Paradox I'm currently in the middle of has proven to be more contentious than I realised.  I know some people like it from the comments, but I also know some people don't like it because they think it's taken over my fiction writing.  To be honest, me not posting any new stories for ages because there's seven or eight of them rotting half-finished in various notebooks has not helped dissuade this perception.  So my fault there.  I don't want to abandon the series halfway through because I don't think that's fair to the people currently enjoying it.  However, as part of these Patreon discussions, this would be a good point to consider what to move on to next.

One thing the series has been good for is getting me in the habit of keeping to a regular schedule.  (Yes, I broke it today for this, I know.  Writing this post was way more of an ass than I realised - I was supposed to post it yesterday for starters.)  The series even kept going unscathed during a 100-hour playthough of Persona 5, which is impressive considering my bad habit of occasionally going completely AWOL for a couple of weeks at a time on computer RPGs.  Now, if I can transfer this good habit of posting 750-1K words every Mon, Wed and Fri over to posting an original fiction series, we might be onto something.

Yes, I did try this last time with Okasare Kenny, and it didn't work out too well.  The difference there was I was trying to keep to a much more gruelling daily schedule with an idea I knew I should have kept to its original form of a series of novellas.

I think I should be able to keep to 1k word chunks every Mon, Wed and Fri without it swallowing up all my writing time and this would be something that would fit very well to the Patreon model.

So here's the feedback part.  I have a couple of ideas and - as part of a post where I'm looking to grab some Patreon bux - I thought it might be a good idea to toss them out there to see what people think.

1) Ongoing series - [4 (or more) Guys in MGQ-world]

Not MGQ world exactly (I don't write fan fiction), but a similar fantasy setting filled with sexy monster girls that are more interested in fucking the characters than fighting them.  The characters would likely be from our world (similar to the Jackson in HRPG-world stories I wrote a few years ago).  I imagine the mood will be pretty swingy on this one - goofy to start, but very dark in places, especially with the more vore-themed monster girls, but not as grimdark as say H-space.  I've been itching to go full horror-head on an MGQ-style setting for a while, and this might give me an excuse.

The advantages: I'm following on from the game playthrough series with an original fiction series in a similar setting (likely written in a similar style to what I use in the playthrough).  This should hopefully appeal to both the people that like the MGQ playthrough and people wanting original fiction with graphic sex scenes.  I also won't give a shit about quality.  This shouldn't sound like an advantage, but with me - who is way too nitpicky with his own writing - it might free me up to splurge thousands of words of fun adventure and sex on the page without obsessing over how "good" it is and locking up in the process.  Also, gamers in a fantasy world requires zilch in the way of research, removing another barrier to just having fun writing.

This is my preferred option, mainly because while thinking it up I came up with a few "meta" ideas for audience participation that would work very well with Patreon.

On the other hand, it is more MGQ-type stuff, which people might be sick of at this point.

2) Succubus Summoning

This is the option I think most people would want - me continuing Phil's adventures in bite-size chunks here on the blog.

The advantage here is obvious.  Those bite-sized chunks quickly become full chapters and then, before you know it, a full novel.  Plus, people have really really been wanting me to write this for a long time.

I think it also has the biggest danger of failing or falling behind schedule, because I do give a damn about this story and want it to be the best it can.

That said, one of my biggest problems is being nitpicky and obsessing over making a story the best it can.  Trying to hit 3 1K-word deadlines a week, every week might bust me out of that, or wreck me.  Not sure.  The thought of trying to make the series work under those conditions does scare the hell out of me, but maybe that's what I need right now.

High risk, but potentially very high reward.

3) Barry Lyle Goes Out In Fucking Style

You probably don't have a clue what this is.  It's the book I was trying to write in the first half of 2017.  An overwhelming army of succubi invade a city on earth.  Barry Lyle is a student at university when the sky turns black with demons.  After hiding for a while, he realises he has no chance of surviving and throws himself at a group of seven succubi in the knowledge that at least he'll die having his brains fucked out.  The problem: all 7 succubi saw him at the same time and succubi don't fight over food.  Barry is going to have to make a choice and the 7 succubi couldn't possibly let him make that choice without letting Barry have a taste of what they have to offer first...

This is an easy option for me.  The first quarter is mostly written, so I probably have about 3 or 4 weeks worth of updates without even having to do anything.

I don't know how strong the overall idea is.  The mood is all over the place on this one.  The setup is clearly comical, but in order to make Barry's decision to take the suicide-by-succubus option plausible, I had to show him what the other non-succubus demons were doing to the students they caught.  Those scenes... are not comical.

4) Various Mini-Series

Another easy option.  No big series, just various little ones.  I've done this before with the Jackson stories.  The reason you haven't seen the bee girl H-space story was because as I was writing it I thought this might make an interesting little mini-series about a team of soldiers trying to burn down a bee girl hive and eventually being overwhelmed sexily by various bee girl types.

This would make a decent filler option for those times when I need to take a breather on a longer ongoing series.

Those are some thoughts.  I estimate I'm about 2/3 to 3/4 of the way through the MQ:P series (which will return Friday as normal).  I think it will be another month or so before that winds up.  This gives me some time to get a follow-up series prepped and ready.  (If I decide to go with Succubus Summoning, having the whole first chapter done would be a must before I'd even consider running it.)

Whew, this post was a real ass to write.  Let me know what you think in the comments.

Now, time to get back to that succubus Valentine's Day story.  (You are not fucking stalling out on me this time!)

Monday, January 15, 2018

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 40: Gold Volcano

We’re almost done with Grangold.  One of the tasks we do have to do before proceeding (the tartarus region to the west is blocked off until we do) is contract with the last remaining Elemental spirit – Salamander.  She can be found in the volcano back by the gate we passed through to get into west Grangold.

This section is going to be short, because there isn’t much to it.

It's here, in case you haven't already guessed

Like the bottom floor of the Orichalcum mines, most of the volcano floor is covered in lava.  As we’re in a fantasy world, walking on it is not immediately lethal.  It hurts, but won’t burn us to a crisp.  It’s still irritating, but thankfully the map is pretty small and easy to explore.

Also irritating are the wandering monsters.  The demon lamia, demon scylla and lava girl from the Orichalcum mines can also be found here.  They are joined by basilisk girl and dragon girl, who both appeared in the same location in the original series.

I have no H-scenes

You don't want to see my H-scene

A hungry blob party is not so useful here as lava girl is immune to digestion.  You’ll also want to bring a lot of gold needles as the basilisks will be turning a lot of your party members to stone during your trip through the volcano.

The dragon girl design is very odd as the girl part is the dragon’s tongue.  She’s a vore monster, so her Bad End scene is her tongue body fucking Luka’s brains out until he’s docile enough to be swallowed.  As a biological strategy it... sort of makes sense.

Dragon girl likes giving lots of tongue

It’s not a long run to Salamander.  By this point, with the world and multiple universes in the balance, you’d think we could skip the whole “prove to me your power” nonsense.

Unfortunately, Salamander and Undine don’t like each other.  And I mean, they really don’t like each other.  Their animosity is beyond the playful dunking on Slyph the other spirits used to engage in with the original series.  It triggers a fight where it didn’t look like there was going to be one.

Goddammit Undine, can't you take your grudges elsewhere

Thankfully, Salamander is nowhere near as hard as Undine.  I’d switched to the imp party to get around lava girl’s resistances and Salamander, as part dragonkin, is vulnerable to pleasure attacks.  A lucky hit early on had her horny and in a trance, and the imps pretty much obliterated her with various pleasure attacks before she recovered.

I suspect that “fight” would not have looked like a fight to outsiders.

Uh oh.  We’ve barely cleaned up Salamander when Granberia puts in an appearance.  A double-header boss fight, again?

Thankfully not.

Granberia seems really conflicted.  Alice points out that the other knights have already deserted.  Even Granberia knows Alice’s mother is not acting like Alice’s mother.  She’s not going to join us just yet, but it looks like she’s hanging up her sword for now.

This scene is a little weird coming after the events of the magical girl ceremony.  Enough that I wonder if I might have done things out of sequence again.  Salamander’s position in the monster library with respect to Cassandra and the Succubus Witch also makes me think recruiting Salamander, then going to the great poison swamp for the magical girl ceremony is the “correct” order.

Granberia popping up and then effectively doing nothing also makes me wonder if this encounter plays out differently on the Ilias route.  I’ve heard people say the two paths start to diverge a lot more at this point and I wouldn't be surprised if the angel-lovers get an additional fight here. 

And that’s that for the Gold Volcano.  I did warn you it was going to be short.  I guess that’s the danger of repeating content from the original series – some segments are going to seem underwhelming.

There is one more thing that can be done here (and at Undine’s Fountain).  The catfish mermaid Gigi has a quest line where she visits various sites of great elemental power.  Take her to the spots where both Undine and Salamander were standing and she’ll learn some new skills.


...and here.  Does anyone even use the old catfish?

We’re now pretty much done with Grangold.  It’s time to head out west to that Tartarus location.

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Friday, January 12, 2018

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 39: Magical Girl Ceremony


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Magical Mari-chan has been quite the quest tease.  Back when Goddard was suffering under the effects of the magical lust cloud, she locked herself in her house.  When that was lifted, she made us think she was the town battlefucker and then randomly started twittering on about magical girls instead.

“Do you want to be a Magical Girl?”


“Well, fuck you.  The stars aren’t right.”

At least they weren’t.  Carrying out Cassandra’s quest in Lady Village makes the stars right… for reasons.

After Cassandra and Emily’s powers are (partially) restored they talk about going to the Great Poison Swamp for a magical girl ceremony.  Magical Mari-chan is the expert on all things magical girl, so it’s time to go to Goddard to find out what’s happening.

 Talking to her, she reveals the ceremony is about to start.  From her description it sounds like the “ceremony” is really just a big battle royale, with the last girl standing bestowed the powers of a magical girl.

So let me get this straight.  Young impressionable girls are encouraged to go to a great poison swamp filled with man-eating ghouls and toxic blob girls, and battle each other in brutal hand-to-hand combat until only one is left standing.

Oh, and the powers come with some kind of curse or grudge, according to Alice.

*squints at Magical Mari-chan*

Is that you in there, Kyubey?

My machine translation didn’t do such a good job with Alice’s comments.  She mentions curse and grudge.  I wonder if this is a nod to the Madoka Magica anime series.  If you haven’t already seen it, I’d recommend checking it out.  The story-telling is some of the best I’ve seen in, well, anything.

So it’s back to the Great Poison Swamp (it’s the great big purple lake just north of Goddard, in case you’ve forgotten).  I’ve already recruited and picked up everything I need from the denizens of the poison swamp, so this trip is about the story and boss fights.

Ilias’s crew can be found here.  They’ve already been knocked out.  Normally, I’d taunt Ilias for being pathetic, but I have a nasty hunch she’s going to show up with a squad of leet angel minions at some point and kick my mockery down my throat and out through my ass.

For now, the boss fight in this area is Cassandra and Emily.

I did tell you we shouldn't have helped them out

They want to be the first magical girl mother and daughter team or something.  Emily is a repeat from the original series, so her H-scenes are the same – you’ll get squeezed a lot in bright yellow tentacles.  Emily might also be one of the “oldest” MGQ monster girls in that I think her character design and artwork were one of the first to be teased after the original demos featuring Slime Girl and Alice.

Cassandra has new scenes as befits her partially sealed status.  They’re not the most dignified.

Femdom humiliation: Blob girl style

She plonks Luka headfirst in her pudding body and wanks him off with her sticky, amorphous flesh.  Mud Golem memes ver 2.0?

Surprisingly - for her anyway - she doesn’t dissolve us to mush afterwards.

Beating them here finally allows you to recruit them, should you wish to.

So, is that it – a little on tacked side quest to enable us to recruit Cassandra and Emily?

Hmm, wait.  Wasn’t there one character from the original series that was conspicuously absent in the Succubus Village.  She’s here:

I knew we'd forgotten something from the succubus village

This is the succubus witch from the original series.  She’s seeking to be a magical girl as well.  Alice tells her she’s too old.  The witch counters by saying she’s only as old as her heart.  Catfight!  Catfight!

Once the fight is over we can finally proclaim ourselves king of the hill (or swamp).  So what do we get?  Magical Mari-chan shows up to bestow the powers of a magical girl.

Luka is the one pushed forward, and is none too enthusiastic about it.

But wait…

Okay, so I’m reluctant to spoil this one, as it’s rather unexpected and did have me laughing at the screen.  I’ll post it at the bottom.  If you’re playing through the game yourself and want to experience it blind, stop reading after the “-> Next: Gold Volcano” link below.

Suffice to say, Luka does not become a magical girl.  Sorry tumblr, you’ll have to use your imagination for this one.

It does, however, unlock the Magical Girl job, which I haven’t really figured out.  I think it’s some sort of hybrid between Black Mage and Hero of Justice.

Once it’s all over, everyone heads back to Magical Mari-chan’s house in Goddard.  This is where you can recruit the succubus witch.  In the original series she had a lot of creative and varied Bad End scenes.  Just how many, well take a look at her request menu in the pocket castle:

Succubus witch knows a lot of techniques...

Some of these are very weird, such as shrinking Luka with magic and using him as a human dildo.

It doesn't stop here...

Or even getting us off with her hat.

It's the new fetish - hatjobs

Completing the quest also unlocks Mari-chan as a battlefucker.  She likes shrinking Luka with magic and bouncing him around in her cleavage.

Brings a whole new meaning to booby fuck

That’s it for the magical girl ceremony.  Is there anything else we need to do in Grangold.  Oh wait, I forgot about Salamander.  It’s time to recruit the 4th and last of the elemental spirits.

-> Next: Gold Volcano

And now, the spoilery stuff.  Stop reading now if you don’t want to see it.





Just before Luka is about to be bestowed the powers of a magical girl, the ceremony is crashed by none other than Granberia.  She states that she cannot allow this to happen and barges Luka out of the way just as Mari-chan is about to zap him with her heart wand.

The results are… interesting:

I don't think I could possibly leave a comment that would do this pic justice

Magical x Granberia.

I did let out a chortle.  Unsurprisingly, our tough dragon is a bit put out by this.  She leaves in embarrassment.

Spoilers over.  See you next week when we take a trip to Salamander’s Volcano.