Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 38: Scenic Mountain


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We’re off to the Scenic Mountain on a quest to restore the magical power to a monster that is quite happy dissolving Luka – and even her own daughter! – to mush.

No, I don’t understand why we’re doing it either.

The Scenic Mountain is right next to Lady Village.  This is where we get to fight the “lady” encounters from the original series.  That would be Madame Insect and Madame Umbrella.

Not quite so lady-like...

There is also a brand new monster girl, Aradia.  She was teased on Toro Toro Resistance’s blog before part 2 came out.  If you like big beautiful tits, well:

The Ur Titty Monster

Is that too much?  Can you have too much boob?

Best I can work out, she’s an ambulatory pile of giant boobs.  I’m not sure how it all works either.  Further research must be done in the name of science.

Her temptation move is to bury Luka in tits.

I think Luka is under there somewhere...

Hmm, I can see the appeal.

Lose and she draws us into a world of tits.  Nestled between her giant boobies, she sucks us off with a mouth nipple.

Can boob heaven really be considered a Bad End?

It’s one of UN_DO’s monster girls, so there is more Aradia waiting for us back at the pocket castle after we recruit her.  She has 3 request scenes, but technically it’s 4 as her 100-Affection scene gives us a choice to fight the boobies or drown in their softness.  “Fighting” plays out like an extended version of her temptation scene (spoiler: we don’t resist for very long).  Drowning has us suckling on her giant teat and getting a milk bath.  The other scenes are variations on her nipple-fuck Bad End.

So, a little… milkier… than we started, we arrive at the top of the mountain.  This is where we will confront the nefarious… Candy?

I'm starting to think this mountain is really just a bad acid trip

Ambulatory pile of boobs.  Now what looks like a giant ambulatory blancmange.

Whatever.  It’s Japan.  Just roll with it.

No Candy.  We’re not a roll.

You can’t eat us…

Someone forgot to screenshot her boss fight Bad End.


Like Poseidoness, Candy is also a bit of a dim bulb.  Filling her belly appears to be her prime motivation.

Either my notes went missing on this section, I bungled a translation, or the game straight-up doesn’t cover it, but I never really worked out how Candy fitted into the plot.  When I first saw her artwork, I assumed Black Alice was behind her somehow.  That would make sense, except the defining feature of Alice’s gals so far is that they aren’t recruitable, even after you beat them.  And this isn’t true for Candy.  You can recruit her afterwards.  She needs a number of specific food items.  I think they are all item drops from other monster girls.  The two-mouth girl that can be found outside Yamatai Village drops one of them.  I think one of the harem succubi in Succubus Village drops another.  I’ve been doing a “collect-em-all” on the monsterpedia throughout the game, so I already had all the food items Candy wanted.

Her request H-scenes are vore-related and fatal if you select the low-affection one.  In one she slathers Luka in strawberries and cream and then licks it off with first her hair tongues, and then the big tongue from her lower mouth.

Candy likes to cover you in strawberries and cream and lick it all off

The other has her feeding us sweet cake while jerking us off with her big tongue.  She shoves a breast in our face, wanks us off into a teacup and then drinks it.

You drink my milk, I'll drink your milk.

If you selected the 10-affection option… well, see above.  Candy swallows more than cum.  Say Hi to Death in Hades for me…

Defeating her will get back the cake that holds all of Cassandra and Emily’s power.

So we give it to Alice to eat and then walk off into the sunset laughing our asses off.



It’s not like Cassandra and Emily join the party after you give them their cake back.  They’re still mean girl jerks.  In Cassandra’s case, literally.  Candy had already scarfed down a fair bit of the cake.  There’s enough left to fully restore Emily, but it only partially restores Cassandra.  She now looks the same age as Emily and isn’t too bothered about it as it means they can both be snarky teen girls (of a legal age) together.

Cassandra, MQ:P version

But not as recruits in Luka’s harem army.  This surprised me, but then made sense with the text that followed.

Returning (some of) Cassandra’s power completes King Grangold’s quest (assuming you’ve already resolved the Succubus Village conflict).  He’ll give you a reward next time you see him and you can also recruit Queen Ant providing you’ve completed the Yamatai Village side quest and have the fairy nectar.

Returning Cassandra’s powers also opens up another side quest.  Remember Magical Mari-chan and her mysterious magical girl ceremony?  Cassandra and Emily talk about that as they leave the mansion.

I think it might be worth going back to Goddard and having a little chat with Magical Mari-chan…

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  1. Hmmm. I’m trying to figure out what that hat on Aradia’s head is. Almost seems to me like a witch’s hat, just not sure. Also, very interested in this monster. And very confused by Candy.

  2. Ahhh Aradia...yeah she's one I saw some art for and whose Bad End I was really looking forward to knowing more about. Judging from her hat I thought she was some kind of witch(breast enlargement alchemy gone wrong?) but I didn't expect you to just run in her out in a field, lol.
    At any rate...I do wish the art on her was pulled out just a bit more so I could understand what I'm does she even move around like that... And there are way more breasts in her CG than her portrait which makes me wonder if your "world of tits" phrase was literal...
    She goes from an extremely well endowed women in a pile of breasts to an extremely well endowed woman in what seems like a steamy ocean of breasts (into which Luka is sinking). So I'm guessing when Luka loses, she stuffs him into her breasts and traps him in a tit pocket dimension inside of her where she can drown him in her breasts forever.
    Like you said...I don't think being trapped in boob heaven is really that Bad of an End...

  3. Where's all the science then?