Friday, January 12, 2018

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 39: Magical Girl Ceremony


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Magical Mari-chan has been quite the quest tease.  Back when Goddard was suffering under the effects of the magical lust cloud, she locked herself in her house.  When that was lifted, she made us think she was the town battlefucker and then randomly started twittering on about magical girls instead.

“Do you want to be a Magical Girl?”


“Well, fuck you.  The stars aren’t right.”

At least they weren’t.  Carrying out Cassandra’s quest in Lady Village makes the stars right… for reasons.

After Cassandra and Emily’s powers are (partially) restored they talk about going to the Great Poison Swamp for a magical girl ceremony.  Magical Mari-chan is the expert on all things magical girl, so it’s time to go to Goddard to find out what’s happening.

 Talking to her, she reveals the ceremony is about to start.  From her description it sounds like the “ceremony” is really just a big battle royale, with the last girl standing bestowed the powers of a magical girl.

So let me get this straight.  Young impressionable girls are encouraged to go to a great poison swamp filled with man-eating ghouls and toxic blob girls, and battle each other in brutal hand-to-hand combat until only one is left standing.

Oh, and the powers come with some kind of curse or grudge, according to Alice.

*squints at Magical Mari-chan*

Is that you in there, Kyubey?

My machine translation didn’t do such a good job with Alice’s comments.  She mentions curse and grudge.  I wonder if this is a nod to the Madoka Magica anime series.  If you haven’t already seen it, I’d recommend checking it out.  The story-telling is some of the best I’ve seen in, well, anything.

So it’s back to the Great Poison Swamp (it’s the great big purple lake just north of Goddard, in case you’ve forgotten).  I’ve already recruited and picked up everything I need from the denizens of the poison swamp, so this trip is about the story and boss fights.

Ilias’s crew can be found here.  They’ve already been knocked out.  Normally, I’d taunt Ilias for being pathetic, but I have a nasty hunch she’s going to show up with a squad of leet angel minions at some point and kick my mockery down my throat and out through my ass.

For now, the boss fight in this area is Cassandra and Emily.

I did tell you we shouldn't have helped them out

They want to be the first magical girl mother and daughter team or something.  Emily is a repeat from the original series, so her H-scenes are the same – you’ll get squeezed a lot in bright yellow tentacles.  Emily might also be one of the “oldest” MGQ monster girls in that I think her character design and artwork were one of the first to be teased after the original demos featuring Slime Girl and Alice.

Cassandra has new scenes as befits her partially sealed status.  They’re not the most dignified.

Femdom humiliation: Blob girl style

She plonks Luka headfirst in her pudding body and wanks him off with her sticky, amorphous flesh.  Mud Golem memes ver 2.0?

Surprisingly - for her anyway - she doesn’t dissolve us to mush afterwards.

Beating them here finally allows you to recruit them, should you wish to.

So, is that it – a little on tacked side quest to enable us to recruit Cassandra and Emily?

Hmm, wait.  Wasn’t there one character from the original series that was conspicuously absent in the Succubus Village.  She’s here:

I knew we'd forgotten something from the succubus village

This is the succubus witch from the original series.  She’s seeking to be a magical girl as well.  Alice tells her she’s too old.  The witch counters by saying she’s only as old as her heart.  Catfight!  Catfight!

Once the fight is over we can finally proclaim ourselves king of the hill (or swamp).  So what do we get?  Magical Mari-chan shows up to bestow the powers of a magical girl.

Luka is the one pushed forward, and is none too enthusiastic about it.

But wait…

Okay, so I’m reluctant to spoil this one, as it’s rather unexpected and did have me laughing at the screen.  I’ll post it at the bottom.  If you’re playing through the game yourself and want to experience it blind, stop reading after the “-> Next: Gold Volcano” link below.

Suffice to say, Luka does not become a magical girl.  Sorry tumblr, you’ll have to use your imagination for this one.

It does, however, unlock the Magical Girl job, which I haven’t really figured out.  I think it’s some sort of hybrid between Black Mage and Hero of Justice.

Once it’s all over, everyone heads back to Magical Mari-chan’s house in Goddard.  This is where you can recruit the succubus witch.  In the original series she had a lot of creative and varied Bad End scenes.  Just how many, well take a look at her request menu in the pocket castle:

Succubus witch knows a lot of techniques...

Some of these are very weird, such as shrinking Luka with magic and using him as a human dildo.

It doesn't stop here...

Or even getting us off with her hat.

It's the new fetish - hatjobs

Completing the quest also unlocks Mari-chan as a battlefucker.  She likes shrinking Luka with magic and bouncing him around in her cleavage.

Brings a whole new meaning to booby fuck

That’s it for the magical girl ceremony.  Is there anything else we need to do in Grangold.  Oh wait, I forgot about Salamander.  It’s time to recruit the 4th and last of the elemental spirits.

-> Next: Gold Volcano

And now, the spoilery stuff.  Stop reading now if you don’t want to see it.





Just before Luka is about to be bestowed the powers of a magical girl, the ceremony is crashed by none other than Granberia.  She states that she cannot allow this to happen and barges Luka out of the way just as Mari-chan is about to zap him with her heart wand.

The results are… interesting:

I don't think I could possibly leave a comment that would do this pic justice

Magical x Granberia.

I did let out a chortle.  Unsurprisingly, our tough dragon is a bit put out by this.  She leaves in embarrassment.

Spoilers over.  See you next week when we take a trip to Salamander’s Volcano.


  1. The best part is when Granberia demands to know how to turn if off, and fails the first time because she has to put her heart into the deactivation phrase.

  2. Judging from a certain screenshot, you've played a little past the events detailed in this post. If you don't mind me asking, on a scale of 1 to 10, how surprised were you by that particular plot twist?

    1. That's a sharp spot. Thankfully, it's likely only going to be a spoiler for people who've already seen it, but I'll be a little more careful in future. :)

      It's definitely an 8 or 9. And wow is her character OP.

  3. Fighting evil by moonlight
    Winning love by daylight
    Never running from a real fight

    She is the one named Sailor Granberia
    She will never turn her back on a monster girl/
    She is always there to defend
    She is the one on whom we depend
    She is the one named Sailor ...

    1. This would be a very amusing doujinshi