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Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 36: Succubus Village 2


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We’re in the succubus village, which appears to be in the middle of a civil war.  Or mass orgy.  It is succubi after all.

The source of all this is the nope-uccubus Natasha.  She’s after a man and appears to have found him in the basement of the mayor’s mansion.

So I guess we’re playing mediator again.

The mayor is downstairs trying to protect a man from Natasha’s wrath.  And now we get the reasoning behind it.  The man is from Luddite Village.  Hmm, I thought Morrigan dried-fish all of those assholes.  Natasha is also from Luddite Village.  She wasn’t always a succubus.  She only ended up that way after Lilith and friends killed all the men and turned all the women into succubi.  Before then she was a girl... who was horribly abused by the man now being sheltered by the village.  Now she wants to take revenge for all the abuse she received.







This is a bit... um... heavier than I was expecting.

If I was a games journalist, I might be too traumatized to carry on.  Thankfully, I’m just a pervy shit who blogs about succubus smut, so I can continue to... okay, how the fuck are we going to resolve this one?

My natural inclination would be to stand by and watch while Natasha sucks his entrails out through his cock, but I think the game wants us to be better than that.  Luka is sort of a pint-sized Doctor Who in this universe, which means taking higher path even if Luddite oik deserves to see his small intestines come spooling out of his bell-end.

This is basically just an excuse to show her temptation scene.  No need to be alarmed, no entrails were pulled out of orifices they shouldn't be pulled out of.

So, the “correct” choice is to side with the mayor against Natasha.


Originally, I sided with the mayor and fought and beat Natasha.  Afterwards the mayor will take Natasha under her wing and try to raise her correctly.  She tells Natasha the man will also be punished... correctly (I don’t think I want to know what correctly means here).  But the end result has the mayor staying behind to care for Natasha and neither of them joining the party.

It turns out this is not the optimal choice.  In fact, the correct choice is a little tricky and I think depends on decisions made in MQ:P [part 1].

One quick reload later and this time let’s side with Natasha.  This means the boss fight is against the succubus mayor (who is simply referred to as “Succubus” in the monster library).

Wasn't this supposed to be a fight?  Why is my HP decreasing... oh fuck.

This is a repeat fight as she was also a boss fight in the original series.

Taking this route has a surprise outcome.  We beat the mayor, but it’s Lily of all people that talks Natasha out of tearing the Luddite shlob to shreds.  It’s the standard “Don’t let hate and desire for revenge consume you until you become what you hate” speech, but it was not one I ever expected to hear from Lily given that she’s not exactly the most stable of people.

This is the better outcome as it allows you to recruit Natasha.  Unfortunately, you can’t recruit the mayor as she ends up in bed recuperating from the battle.  I suspect this is another either/or recruit scenario and it’s not possible to add both to the “harem” without NG+ shenanigans (correct me in the comments if I’m wrong).

Who’s Lily again? you might be asking.

Okay, walkthrough hat on, but with the caveat it involves a bit on conjecture on my part as I haven’t played through the other route.

Succubus Mayor and Natasha are mutually exclusive recruits, but whether you get either of them or none depends on who you sided with in the Magistea Village questline in MQ:P [part 1].  If you sided with Lily (ignore the fact I sided with Lucia back then – I lost that save and went with Lily on the subsequent replay), the correct decision is to side with Natasha and fight the mayor.  This unlocks Natasha as a recruit.

I haven’t played through to confirm, but my guess is that if you sided with Lucia, the correct decision is to side with the mayor, fight Natasha, and then you get the mayor as the recruit.

Not 100% on this, so it would be great if someone can confirm this in the comments.


If you have Lily, choose to fight the mayor and then you can recruit Natasha.

If you have Lucia, choose to fight Natasha and then you can recruit the mayor.

So I could have had sexy succubus mayor join the harem, but instead I have to take psycho nope-uccubus because I picked Ms Tentacle Arms over Ms Giant Maggot.  FML.

Natasha does have a few scenes (okay, one scene, and not even her temptation move from her boss battle, surprisingly enough) you can request back at the castle, but given her past history, asking her for sex acts seems a little...

Do you think it's a good idea to ask for sex stuff from the psycho sex demon that was sexually abused as a child?

You monster.

I did warn you.

Totally deserved.

And we could have had the sexy mayor casting her sweet sex magic on us.  At least with this path we get to open up the Worm Summoner advanced race for humans as Lily gives us the unlock item on leaving the mansion.  (Is this true with Lucia as well – can anyone help in the comments?)

With the central conflict resolved, the succubus village quietens down.  There are still angry succubus sprites bouncing off each other (I think they’re fucking really), but we won’t run into any random battles.

But what if we haven’t recruited Mei or Harem yet?

Never fear, the game already takes this into account.  There’s a section of the village – cross the bridge to the north side and follow the river to the left – where succubi like to jump defenceless men and do things to them.  You can fill out the item drops and recruit Mei and Harem here if you haven’t already done so.

Still on the topic of recruitment.  Mincubus, Lencubus and Maccubus can all be picked up now.  Mincubus and Lencubus can be found where you fought them.  Maccubus is in the north of the village, in a house just to the west of the mansion.

There are some other things in the mansion.  Alleria is now available for battlefuck challenges.  She’s a human that downed a succubus with her sensual technique, but you wouldn’t guess this as sadly, like most of the other battlefuckers, she doesn’t have any additional art.

She does at least look like she's skilled in the sensual arts

Down in the basement, the righthand room is filled with various magical paraphernalia.  Ah, the succubus witch.  I knew this section was missing something.

And still is.  The maid informs us she’s out.  Hmm, so I wonder when she’s going to show up.

Hmm, what else is there to do here?  (Besides the obvious)

Comically, if you visit the inn, you’ll find out that a lot of the obvious is taking place, as the rooms are filled with succubi vigorously bonking the brains out of various NPC guests.

I don't think anyone is getting any rest here...

Ah, there is another side quest that can be completed here.  If you remember back in Yamatai Village, there were four young men that went out into the world to get fucked by sexy monster girls for adventure.  Three of those locations were already visited.  The fourth was the Succubus Village, which we’ve now reached.

You can find the fourth young man in the pub here:

Maccubus a little too much for you, huh.

It appears Maccubus was a little too much for him to handle.

The other three can be found:

In the inn in the Harpy Village:

Lovey-dovey life with harpy

In the grassy area near Meia’s house in Port Natalia:

Lovey-dovey life with mermaid

In the Forest of Spirits (Sylph’s forest) to the left of the first bridge:

Lovey-dovey life with Elf

Now why should you care about these pervs?  Once you’ve spoken to all four, go back to the headman at Yamatai Village.  As a reward he’ll give you Fairy Nectar.  To be honest, I didn’t have a clue what this does and had to look it up.  It enables you to recruit Queen Ant.  Give it to her in the warehouse that functions as the temporary HQ for Grangold and she’ll be so in love with the sweetness of it, she’ll join the party.

And that’s that for the Succubus Village.  It’s time to move on and see what ails the Lady Village... after a night in the Succubus Inn.

Or three.

Can we just stay here rather than going to Cassandra’s home and getting our dick melted off?

Goddamn it!

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  1. Yeah, Lucia let's you recruit the mayor, Lily get's Natasha. You got that right. The clue to this is that they should pipe up and say something at this point, even if they're not in the party at the moment.

  2. I think Lucia gives the the worm summoner notes after taking her to the four spirits' locations and unlocking the Fairy race for her. chi pa pa

    The Luddite guy is the sole survivor thanks to luckily being out of town when Morrigan went on her rampage.
    One of the points either Lily or Lucia makes is that unlike them, Natasha hasn't killed anyone in revenge yet. If she does give into her anger and disembowels the guy, there's no going back from that.

  3. BillyMasakado06/01/2018, 21:49

    Well lucky me I guess :) I was worried that Lily's path was required to recruit the Mayor.