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Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 42: Tartarus IV


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While most of Monmusu Quest: Paradox is a retread of the original Monster Girl Quest series, the Tartarus locations are usually where the game goes into Wow! mode.  Considering these are just smut games and given the limitations of RPG Maker style, Toro Toro Resistance does a remarkable job at generating atmosphere in these segments – whether it’s an alternate reality where Luka quit his quest at Granberia and the world was subsequently scoured by Ilias’s angels, or a desolate tower in the far future where La Croix, one of the villains in the original series, is the last one standing in a world consumed by chaos.

So far the game has teased tartarus locations at us, but not actually allowed us to descend into a pit filled with the worst Delphinus and Xelvy can imagine (let’s face it – it’s going to be them two).  This tartarus region is located on the western edge of the desert.  There is no exploratory team researching it because this whole region is too dangerous, although there is a convenient rope ladder set up to allow us to descend, implying someone must have looked into it at some point in the past.

Yet another pit of nope

The route to the ladder is blocked by a giant flame.

Alice recognises this as the work of the White Rabbit and calls her out on it, causing the annoying bunny girl to show her face.

You.  Again.

She reveals she put it there to make sure Luka is following the “correct” path by contracting with the four elemental spirits.  Following the correct path reduces chaotization.  The actions of the fiery angels and lilith sisters are also trying to achieve this, which does beg the questions:

Why are they so busy fighting each other if they have the same goals?


Who does that make Big Bad?  Adramalech came out of nowhere in part 1, which I thought was a weakness of that game.

White Rabbit also mentions she’s being chased by Nero and Neris.  She doesn’t know why they’re so keen to kill her, given that she’s some sort of natural law, but she doesn’t particularly want her head knocked off, so off she hops.

And down we go.

Hello Delphinus.

When giving your life for music goes too far...

And hello more Delphinus.

Nope and nope

So what do we have – a girl that looks like she’s been merged with a harp, what appears to be a giant flatworm twisted around into a vaguely feminine form, and what looks like the computer girl from Superman III.  (Hmm, I suspect virtually no-one will get that last reference.  Here’s the relevant youtube link.  And yes, explaining pop (ha!) culture references is as bad as explaining jokes.  But... oh let’s just move on.)

We also get a Xelvy.


Yup, that looks like a Xelvy.

(Yes, I think those are teeth and eyes in that yin-yang ball abdomen thing.)

Do we even want to risk seeing the Bad Ends on these?  Sorry Luka.  We have an audience.  We can’t let them down.  So take your clothes off and hope none of them are as bad as Eater.

Harp girl wraps her strings around Luka and plays him like a musical instrument.  An energy string lined with vibrating energy beads goes down the urethra at some point.  I don’t really have any frame of reference to know if that’s pleasurable or not.

Making sweet music together - I hope!

Libo-libo draws Luka into her capsule with her and vacuums up his semen with a variety of tubes.  The worm girl gives Luka a... handjob... wormjob?

Then we have Twinkell.  They give our ass a good tonguing while having a competition to determine which pussy is best pussy.  White hair’s is very very tight.

Twinkell has a competition to see which pussy is best


Hey, no-one said I was supposed to judge this particular part of your anatomy as well!

Uh oh.  Pixelated tentacle penis time.

I think my boner just went negative.

I think it’s also a very rare incidence of futa in the MGQ series.  While it’s not my thang, I’m not going to complain about the one scene in a hundred that veers away from the stuff I normally like (as opposed to 4chan or hentai foundry, where some monster girl threads have to enforce a strict No Futa policy to avoid being drowned in the stuff.  But whatevs, diffr’n strokes for diffr’n folks.)

This region is also pretty tough on the game front.  Most of the apoptosis monster girls seem immune to a lot of the status effects, which means you can’t really cheese them with hungry blob/plant girl parties.  I found Twinkell in particular to fairly nightmarish to fight even with decent-levelled parties.

As with the other tartarus regions, we inevitably end up at the door only Luka can open.

This takes us to a heavily corrupted version of Remina castle.  You know what I said at the start about generating atmosphere, well this section ramps it up to eleven.  There are people stuck in the walls in various states of disassembly.

That's... uh... a lot creepier than I ever expected RPG maker to go

I didn’t even think it was possible to get this level of creepy out of chibi RPG-maker sprites.  Most of them are still alive and spouting gibberish like notes or random DNA strings.  Seeing this makes me wish there was a dedicated team capable of remaking this as a more modern 3D game as I think this segment would be very Silent Hill-esque (the good ones!).  There are coffins lying around that look like La Croix’s work.  There’s also another room locked by a key card and one of those tier III chests I still have no idea how to open (and should really make a note of where I see them, because I’ll never remember to backtrack to open them when I do finally learn the relevant skill).

Strangely enough, there are no NPCs (unless partially disassembled people fused with walls count) or boss fights.  It’s a relatively easy – if creepy – walk through to another Hades region.

So what alternate world are we going to find on the other side?  Guess we’ll find out in the next post.

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  1. Trickster advance job lets you open tier 3 chests

  2. If you're having trouble with Apoptosis, I've heard that one of the changes made by the 2.20 update was giving the Apoptosis race a weakness to the Sonic element.

  3. captain selens 6000 affection item gives u the god like thief gloves capable of opening the platinum chests. but dont bother, that particular item is available only after credits roll

  4. I guess I will show my age by admitting that I got the Superman OKI reference.

  5. Adramelech's role is a bit complicated.

    The apoptosis primarily exist to be the universe's antibodies, purging any elements that are considered toxic to space/time.
    If a world's corruption level is too high, the universe decides to amputate the infected limb. The apoptosis begin appearing outside of the Tartarus and consider everyone, not just dimensional interlopers, to be toxic elements.
    As the situation worsens, eventually a top class apoptosis like Adramelech will appear to finish off the world.

    An easy thing to miss in part 1 is La Croix's last bit of dialogue. If you talk to her again after being directed to the teleporter, she'll reveal Adramelech appeared and was destroyed 3 times before. Every respawn is stronger than the last.