Monday, October 09, 2017

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 1: Tunnel to Port Marle

It’s time to begin the playthrough of Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2].  I blogged my way through the whole of the first game back here.  There are fifty parts.  What can I say, it’s a long game.

MQ:P is a fairly complex in comparison to the original Monster Girl Quest series.  While I’ll be posting sexy monster girl screenshots and quipping about the crazier Bad End scenes, I’ll try to also make this a guide to help out people who are – like me – trying to battle through with limited or no translation.

The first time I booted this up from an old save file I was completely confused.  It’s been two years since I last played the game and I have no idea where I am or even where I’m supposed to go in order to find the brand new hawtness.

In the end, I played through part 1 again.  This wasn’t that much of a chore.  There’s a fairly extensive translation patch for part 1 out now and it’s fun to play through the game as a typical JRPG (I like the genre and have sunk lots of hours into more mainstream games like Final Fantasy).

If, like me, you also don’t remember what happened and where you’re supposed to go, here’s some help.  The last location visited in part 1 is the 3rd Tartarus region not far from Saloon.  This is likely where you’ll be and part 2 will start with Alice giving a little recap of the events of part 1.

Where you need to go is Port Marle.  The objective is to find a ship to take us to the next continent.

To get there, you need to go through the tunnel north of Luddite Village (this was the village where the three shikibus sisters went on an orgy rampage and drained the life out of all the male inhabitants (they deserved it).

If you're lost on coming back to the world of Monmusu Quest: Paradox, this is where you need to go

In part 1 this tunnel was closed.  In part 2 it’s open.

And so, off we go.

It’s time to meet the first monster girls of part 2.

Mushroom Girl

Mushroom widows

I was feeling fairly cocky as my party was over-levelled after I tried to 100% all the item drops in the library.  Turns out mushroom gal has a mass sleep attack that’s actually rather annoying.

Her bad end has Luka sitting on her lap while she wraps her fungus shawl type thing around him and uses it to wank him off.  The cum mixes with her spores and falls back on Luka to become the beginnings of her new seed bed and... I think it’s time we started seeing other people, Mushroom Girl.

Urscylla (Wolfscylla?)

There are wolves under her dress...

It’s downplayed, but I think she’s a proper Castlevania-style Scylla (with the snapping wolf heads around the waist) rather than the usual octopus girl.  The wolf heads don’t show up that much.  In her Bad End she’s more interested in inserting her tentacles into Luka’s anus

Come on.  It’s a hentai game, there are traditions to observe.

Last up in Novistador girl.

Ugly cute?  Surprised ugly cute?

I’m not sure what animal she’s hybridised with – some form of sea louse at a guess.  Her angry face on losing is surprisingly cute.

Boobies seem to be their thing.  They drop milk and if you knock their HP down low enough they’ll try and tempt Luka into inserting his cock into their tits.

Monster girl boobies work differently...

Their Bad End is a swarm of them wrapping those big boobs around Luka’s cock and smooshing away until they’ve milked him empty.

Ilias is also in the caves along with her tag-along Slime and Doggo.  She and Alice still loathe each other, but both Slime and Doggo are cheerful and friendly.

In the forest on the way to Port Marle a fourth new monster girl shows up – Fusuma (which also translates as folding door).  I’m guessing she’s some form of Youkai from Japanese myth.

I think this falls more on the side of "Creepy doll" than cute

This is the new artist that’s been brought in for MQ:P [part 2].  I don’t remember seeing their work in previous games.  Personally, I think their style is a bit too “creepy doll” to be sexy, but it’s quite fitting for Fusuma.  She might look like a vanilla monster girl, but her flowing cotton cape thing is drooling with digestive juices.  In the Bad End, she delights in telling Luka this as she wraps him up.  She also takes great relish in telling Luka how her pussy is filled with the same digestive juices and that she’s melting his dick inside her.

Yup, definitely 110% creepy

The creepy art style suddenly seems very appropriate.

Welcome to Monster Girl Quest.  It’s only going to get worse.

(and we wouldn’t have it any other way).

-> Next – Port Marle.


  1. I see they brought on a few new artists. hope they hold up to the original team

    1. I'd be surprised if the artist for that 'Novistador' isn't the same one that did the design for the MGQ Imp. That 'big breasts on a tiny, almost kid-like / Super-deformed body,' thing is distinctive.

    2. No, the noivistador isn't Arekeshi. It's cool (something beginning with k, kyou maybe?) (something begging with S, shinjou?) Who's also the guy who made Miss Kobayashi's Dragon maid, and also did the Bandersnatch girl in Paradox part 1. They also did a doujin involving the imp, so they do like Arekeshi's style.

    3. If you like Arekishi, you'll like the starting area of MQ:P pt2. :)

  2. h**ps://
    Part 2 Guide

    1. Must. Resist. Temptation. To. Look.

      Good to have if I get stuck, though. Cheers for that.

  3. Just an fyi: Alice and Ilias get different things now. Without spoiling anything, the characters that you can recruit on the Alice route are a lot stronger. There's 4 in each.

    1. oops, only 3 for Alice, 4 for Ilias.

    2. I was wondering if their paths would start to diverge at some point. Alice picking up Alma Elma and friends, and Ilias picking up angel equivalents would make sense.

      I'll have to try out a speedrun with Ilias that just focuses on the main plot and doesn't worry too much about grinding to fill out the roster/library.

    3. Trtr confirmed their paths wont diverge. As a matter of fact in part three the differences in each route are suppose to be more extreme than in part 2

  4. LOL, forgot that the first cave i went through I had the bracelet that avoided encounters, until now.