Monday, October 30, 2017

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 10: The Coliseum

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The coliseum is a location accessed from Grand Noah.  Leave the city by the west road and you’ll go to the coliseum rather than exiting to the world map.  Some of the teams are excited about trying to win the Queen’s Cup.  One group of guards is excited about being beaten (and presumably fucked) by various monster girls (Both Alice and Sonya call them out as perverts).

Ilias is here with her little party of slime girl and dog girl.  Haven’t you even got around to recruiting a fourth party member yet, Ilias?

(I’m probably going to regret this somewhere down the line when she shows up with a party of elite angels.)

In the foyer there are two NPCs behind the desk.  The one on the right seems to be selling tickets for spectators.  If you try to do this Sonya and Alice will berate Luka for even considering it.  They probably have a point.  If the coliseum is anything like the one from the original series, the fights all end up in big sloppy sex shows.

The person you need to talk to is the girl on the left.  This will enter you into the Queen’s Cup tournament and after some text letting you know a couple of days have passed, you’ll be taken to a staging room within the coliseum.

How to enter the tournament

This is another locked-in quest in that you won’t be able to leave or warp away.  As with all locked-in quests, there is a book to enable us to re-organise the party, change jobs, etc.  There are even a few NPC vendors dotted around the room.

We come back to the action after Luka and friends have already progressed to the quarterfinals.  Ilias and crew are already out, having been defeated by the sea horse marine squad in the second round.

Toldya you should have recruited a 4th member.

Once all the preparations are complete, it’s time to exit the room at the top-left.  That takes us out into the coliseum and a first fight against Arthur the Dullahan.

Arthur has three dark elf flunkies for the player to fight first.  As none of them seem to have levelled up since leaving Enrika, fight is a generous description.  Arthur is a proper boss fight though.  She’s also not new.  ‘Classic’ Luka fought her back in Monster Girl Quest chapter 2 and I’m assuming it’s the same Bad End.

Next match is versus Caesar the Cerberus.  She also has an orc, grizzly and wolf girl squad as a warm-up fight.  They don’t appear to have levelled up either.  Caesar seemed a lot weaker than Arthur.  That sort of makes sense considering she’s number 2 to Arthur’s number 1.  But it’s probably more because she’s a beast girl, and they’re pathetically weak to pleasure attacks.

Mephisto puts in an appearance before the final.

She has no ulterior motive for forcing us through this tournament.  None at all...

Unsurprisingly, she reveals she has ulterior motives.  She wants Luka in the final in the hope a ‘certain’ person shows up.  I wonder how much Mephisto knows as this seems to be another attempt to force history follow the ‘correct’ path.

Is the game going to bait’n’switch us again.  Nope.  Our final opponent is...

The first heavenly knight has arrived

Alma Elma!

Finally, after a long wait, the heavenly knights have arrived.

Should you be tempted to... ahem... throw the fight, her Bad End is the same as the one from the coliseum in the original series.  She ties Luka up with her tail and wanks him off in front of the audience.

We lost.  What a shame.

After ‘beating’ her, Alice correctly points out we shouldn’t get too triumphant about beating an opponent that’s clearly only showing a faction of her true power.

Then... plot-twist spoiler central warnings.

The surprise factor on this one might have been helped by my having to use shonky machine translation.  Initially I thought Mephisto was doing the White Rabbit thing of trying to guide history down the correct path (where Luka fights Alma Elma in the final of the Queen’s Cup).  Instead she was using us as bait to lure out Alma Elma.  The succubus queen has turned traitor and is refusing to obey the demon lord (presumably Alice’s mother, or whatever is masquerading as Alice’s mother).

Then... another plot twist.  Mephisto has brought along an ally to bring Alma Elma to heal.

Was not expecting Granberia to show up as well

It’s none other than Granberia.

At this point I’m a little confused.  Are we supposed to side with Alma Elma or Granberia?  That question is answered when Alma Elma joins our party.

Important tip.  You know how a new girl joins your party and you immediately send her back to the castle to wait until you can properly sort out her job and gear later.  DO NOT DO THIS HERE.  You need Alma Elma for this fight.

(Ignore the previous paragraph.  The game is smart enough to not let you remove Alma Elma from the party.  I checked this out later.)

It’s really just a fight between Alma Elma and Granberia.  Luka and friends are mostly here to be a bunch of chumps and eat some of Granberia’s attacks instead of Alma Elma.  It’s not like she needs us.  Anyone that remembers their little sparring match at the end of Monster Girl Quest will know that Granberia is rather weak to pleasure.  Alma Elma knows an awful lot of pleasure skills.

And I mean a lot.

Looks at Alma Elma’s list of sexcraft skills.

Wonders if we can ask her for a sparring session afterwards.  You know, for ‘training’ purposes.

Should you lose, you get a repeat of Granberia’s first Bad End from the original series – she stamps on Luka’s crotch with a big dragon foot until he leaks.  MGQ Bad End scenes have come on a long way since then.

You probably won’t lose though.  Use up all of Alma Elma’s SP on a sexcraft skill like Queen’s Drain, follow it by spamming any black magic spell with a heart icon and big damage bonus, and Granberia will last maybe three or four turns before she’s orgasming all over the place.

Mephisto reveals afterwards her plan had been to soften up Alma Elma with Luka's party and that she’d underestimated her strength.  Alma Elma asks her if she fancies a turn.  Mephisto wisely doesn’t want any piece of that.  That’s her cue to leave.

Granberia tries again to persuade Alma Elma back to the demon castle, but the succubus queen isn’t really interested.  She doesn’t seem to care for the current demon lord’s plans.  She’s a wind that blows where it wants.

Which also means she’s not interested in joining us either (aw, but I wanted a sparring session).  But on the other hand, she’s also happy to concede the final to us.

I guess that means we win.  Yay!

(Sonya doesn’t find it very satisfying).

After ‘winning’ we are awarded with the Queen’s Cup.  So that means we get permission to visit Esta and its nearby Tartarus region.

Well, no, not exactly.  It seems the queen has caught up to the fact that Mephisto might, in fact, be rather suspicious.

(What was it?  The green skin?  The weird glowing tentacles?  Or the fact she calls herself freaking Mephisto?)

She wants us to go and investigate her school of magic to the north of the city.

She’s not the only one with additional quests.  Caesar and Arthur greet us on the stairs with their own problems.

More side quests.  We're never getting to Esta.

Caesar’s problem is minotaurs, or rather a lack of them.  They’ve all run off somewhere and – as leader of sorts of the beast faction in these parts – she wants to get to the bottom of their disappearance.

Arthur, meanwhile, is our excuse to finally go to Yamatai Village.  Trouble is brewing there and she wants us to sort it out.

Okay, so it looks like that Tartarus expedition is going to have to wait.

As usual, when presented with multiple side missions, the best thing to do is to check with Amira back at the pocket castle.  According to her sliding scale of difficulty, Caesar’s quest appears to be next on the list.

Time to put on the cowboy hats.  Looks like we’ve got some stray steers to find.

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  1. I thought i'd find your reaction to having control of Alma fun. Whilst simply "wondering if I can ask her for a sparing session" is a fairly understated reaction, it is nonetheless amusing. I just look forward to seeing your reactions to the interactions with Alma in this game in general. Must admit though, a bit surprised you didn't' comment on the new art.

  2. I was confused on the art. I think I made a comment in my notes that it was new art. But seeing the old Bad End made me think I'd got it wrong, so I didn't include it.

    1. Yeah, no, it's new character art but old bad ends. Just compare the character art and the sex art and you should be able to tell by the different styles. The new art is done by the same guy as tiny Ilias by the way. Akazawa RED I believe.

  3. Oh, and just so you know, Alma joins your party (temporally) again later, if you don't go right to the next plot beat (as you would likely be want to do at that point) you can actually take her to anywhere you've been before, so you could use her to fight Leviathan for example.