Friday, October 27, 2017

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 9: Fossil Mine

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We’re on a quest to find some dragon scale stone to upgrade a gear.  This is the fifth of these blacksmith quests (and the first of part 2).  They’re usually pretty straightforward – go to location, go to bottommost level, walk up to the big pile of sparkly stone and press the action button.

The quest location is very easy to find.  It’s the mine entrance just south of the city.

Entrance to Fossil Mine

Unsurprisingly, the mine is infested with monster girls.  There are more frog girls and two brand new monster girls.

The first is some kind of nope bug.

Attack of the nope bugs!

Oddly, it’s one of the few monster girl names in my translated file that’s still in Japanese.  I think it’s Chrysanthemum Bug or something like that.  She looks like a caterpillar girl, but I guess she could also be a peripatus/velvet worm monster girl.  (Yep, that is a thing.  I wrote a H-space story, “Onychophoral Dreams”, featuring one, and that was inspired by artwork I’d seen floating around on the internet.)

Do I want to know what's happening here?

I’m not even sure what’s happening in this pic, so I think it’s probably best to leave well alone.  In her temptation scene, she sucks our cock into... something and extracts all the ‘milk’.

Her bad end has Luka all wrapped up in silk while she gives him a multi-handed handjob, followed by a blowjob finisher.  These are reversed in her request scenes, with the multi-handjob being her 10-affection scene and her temptation ‘sex’ unlocked at 100 affection.

The second new monster girl is a big-titted spirit girl and she is up there and in the running for one of my early favourites of the new batch.

Busty ghosts in need of bustin' (but not by the new lot, coz they're shite)

Her temptation scene is to wrap her big soft boobies around Luka’s cock and lick away at the glans with her long tongue.  Should you fail to resist that (guilty… sigh), she’ll move onto a sloppy blowjob with a lot of sound effects and deep throat Luka until he’s nearly empty.

She's hungry for more than cum

The nearly is an important distinction here.  Luka realises quickly that she’s slurping out his lifeforce as well as his cum (it’s what ghost girls do in MGQ-land), but the spirit girl tells him not to worry as she’s not going to drain him fully.  As with the Will-o’-wisp girl she finishes up with a “the taste is delicious, but if I take any more you’ll die.”

Aww, the ghost girls in MQ:P [part 2] are so considerate.

It’s still a game over, though, as Luka likes it so much he abandons his mission to come back and... well... come, again and again.

Like nope bug, if you recruit spirit girl, you can request an extended version of her boobilicious temptation scene back in the castle.

I'm sure we can spare a little bit of lifeforce...

Mmm.  Being wrapped in heavenly soft boobs and licked all over.

For all of the Monster Girl Quest series’ rep for squick and weirdness, you might be forgiven for thinking the game’s primary speciality is titjobs from what we’ve seen so far.  I’m sure that will change.  We’re going to get Xelvy-ed at some point.

And we do, the moment we’re foolish enough to open that suspiciously placed chest near the entrance.

Yargh! MIMIC!!!

The mimics have upgraded again.  This one is called Boxed Girl.  I’m not sure what’s trying to burst out at the seams of that wooden box, but it does not look girl.

As with all mimics, she’s a fairly tough fight.  It’s also another indication I’m probably over-levelled, as I was able to beat her.  The mimics seem designed to whomp any player not prepared for them the first time around.

Boxed girl has a mystery prize box shtick to her.  Her temptation move is to try to get the player to open her treasure box by inserting a ‘key’.

I think we all know what she means by ‘key’.

It seems a pretty naff temptation move.  I mean, what kind of idiot is going to voluntarily insert their erection into a slimy hole lined with wriggling tentac—

*shakes head*

Goddamn it, Luka.

It’s not as icky as I was expecting.  Like the mermaid merchant, boxed girl likes to drain Luka’s gold as much as his sack.  Her scam is to get people to shove their dick in the hole in an attempt to unlock her ‘treasure’.  When Luka fails to resist her sexy palpating of his penis, she talks him into handing over more gold for another try.  And another.  And another.  And another…

On the plus side, we have plenty of gold.

On the negative side, I don’t think even Luka has that much cum.

For a Xelvy, it’s fairly restrained, to be fair.

Anyway, that’s enough playing the slot machines, we have some rare stone to retrieve.

It’s fairly easy to find.  The staircase icon is a little different, and does blend in a bit with the background, but not enough for you to miss it.  Just head west from the entrance.  On the next floor the quest objective is to the northwest.

The quest objective

And that’s that.  No boss encounter here.  Grab the stone and head back to the blacksmith.  This unlocks Dragon Scale gear.

Now we should be ready for the Coliseum.

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  1. "Next: The coliseum" Oh, this is gonna be good.

  2. The ghost girl's design looks sort of like Saigyouji Yuyuko from Touhou.

  3. The Boxed girl's name is a pun on "boxed daughter/daughter in a box" which is a term for sheltered rich girls and the fact that she's a literal box girl