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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Halloween Story Out - "AProudMaleFeminist gets Creamed"

I didn't think I'd make Literotica's Halloween contest this year.  I had a story unfinished from last year, but when I picked it up again I realised one of the characters was too similar to Volumpula and I didn't want to put it out right after the "Escape Volumpula" CYOA.  (I still think it's a very good story idea and I will finish it at some point.)

With a couple of days to go before the deadline I had a few ideas and fragments, but nothing close to completion.  Then an old idea unlocked, I typed up 4,000 words in a day and got the story in with half an hour to spare.

Here it is:

"AProudMaleFeminist gets Creamed."

Yes, the title is a little troll-y.  The story is a throwback to the old ones I used to write where random asshole runs into succubus/monster girl and (maybe) lethal snu-snu occurs.  Sometimes I try to add a bit of nuance to the assholes (or randomly destroy an undeserving good guy instead to keep readers on their toes).  With this one I stuffed him full of straw and gave him a good thwack.  Sometimes you have to have a little fun as a writer.

It wasn't the story I originally intended to put out, but I hope people have fun with it anyway!

Monday, April 09, 2018

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 58: Snow Heaven


<- Previous: Snow Continent

We have successfully penetrated the interior of the snow continent.  There are angels.  Lots of angels.

There are five variations of the booby angel soldiers.

Luka's Angels?

They were present in the original series (although not until part 3), and their Bad End is appropriately boobilicious.

Boobilicious times 5

As you’d expect from an Arekishi creation, their Bad End involves paizuri… lots and lots of paizuri.  The whole squad takes it in turns to wank Luka off with their breasts.  Yup, definitely boobilicious.

The Trinity angels from the original series are also present.

More sexy angels...

I love their temptation scene.  Two of them hold our arms while the third opens up her top as if to say, “You’re about to get a good boobing.”

"I am now going to boob you."

And she does indeed give us a good boobing.

Maximum boobing

Up, down, squeeze... until our knees are trembling and we’ve emptied our balls all over her divine chest.

That’s just the temptation scene.  For the Bad End Trinity decides that three of them isn’t enough and they enlist the help of another squad for their cross of holy punishment.

Apparently, this is angelic punishment

Face pressed into boobs.  Boobs wrapped around back of head.  Hand pressed into boobs.  Double boobs pressed around cock.  Boobs, boobs, and more boobs.

And this is the punishment for sinning?

Don’t mind me, I’m just off to go and kick puppies and maybe burn down an orphanage or two.

I’m a sinner and I need boobs punishment.

The village we saw at the end of the last post is filled with angels.

Village of angels

One of them gives a proper explanation for how the snow continent came into being.  People had it wrong when they thought it was raised up out of the oceans.  It’s a chunk of heaven that fell out of the sky.  Many angels were killed in this disaster and then found themselves stranded without their divine powers (which explains how our parties of random monster girls can even fight them—in the original series the angels had some form of divine protection and only Luka could even touch them).  The angels built the town using what they’d learnt from humans and have been holding on in hope of Ilias’s return ever since.

Within the town you can find the usual assortment of blacksmith, item shop, weapon shop, inn, etc.  There’s a restaurant where the angels feel very guilty about how much they enjoy various cakes and sweets.  Surprisingly there is also a battlefucker in the town:

Lone survivor Shoki

She is Shoki and is the last remaining survivor of an expedition sent by Sabasa to investigate the snow continent.  Some of the angels even talk about Sabasa.  They refer to the ruler as a barbarian nympho.  If you have Sara in the party she will be upset about this in her swordswoman form.  Sonya tries to comfort her… until Sara flips to her succubus form and reveals she’s quite proud of her nympho reputation.

Alicetroemeria continues to be very unlike the Black Alice everyone remembers.  She likes the polar bears and even wonders if she can be friends with the angels.  Again, it makes you wonder what happened to change this incarnation into the total monster Black Alice everyone fears.

There is also talk of a chief angel, but she’s currently not here and instead pouring her energies into keeping a barrier up.

In her absence another angel has been nominated to run the town.  She can be found up in the top right corner of Snow Heaven.

You seem familiar...

She is Ranael and looks suspiciously like the angel that decimated Luka’s home village in another timeline.  If that’s the case then you probably really don’t want to see what’s under that dress.

Talking to Ranael confirms what the other NPCs have been saying.  The snow continent fell out of the heavens after a catastrophe some thirty years ago.  The source of the mana disruption is likely the Ilias temple—the real one, not the one in Iliasville.  But we won’t be able to enter at the moment as it’s protected by a barrier maintained by the chief angel (likely Eden).

This is another occasion where I wonder how much the Ilias path has diverged.  All the NPCs here would likely be reacting a lot differently if Luka rocked up with Ilias in tow.  Or maybe they wouldn’t recognise her in her loli, depowered form.

Anyway, we have our next target.  We need to go down to the shrine in the southeast and ask the angel chief to kindly drop the barrier long enough for us to enter the Ilias Temple Ruins.

-> Next: Snowy Shrine

Monday, December 11, 2017

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 28: Grangold Throne Room

<- Previous: Grangold Castle

Are we excited?

When Toto Toro Resistance revealed the new major characters for Paradox, I was really looking forward to seeing what naughtiness the shikibus sisters got up to.  I was disappointed we never got a Lilith scene in part 1, but I think the wait is finally over.  We were teased with her showing up at Mephisto’s school (where we got cactus spine vagina instead), but I’m pretty sure she’s waiting for us upstairs for epic succubus sexy times a boss battle.

So let’s go!

Sitting on the throne is indeed Lilith.

Finally, we meet at last

She’s the one responsible for the magical field smothering the whole country under a blanket of lust.

Oh wait, actually she isn’t.  While we’re talking to her she reveals (as Alma Elma suspected) she doesn’t have the power to corrupt the whole country this way.

Huh.  Then who is?


Tamamo!?  I thought you were supposed to do the Big Damn Heroes moment on our side.  And why aren’t you sealed in your loli form?

Alice realises this isn’t her Tamamo.  This an alternate Tamamo from another reality that’s been consumed by darkness.

So we’re not fighting Lilith after all.  Awww.  New alt!Tamamo is fairly hot to be fair.

Boss battle time!

And by boss battle, I mean total curb stomp.  At least, unlike the Erubetie battle that caught me off guard earlier, we’re not supposed to win this one.

This is because it’s time for the real Tamamo to arrive for her Big Damn Heroes moment.

The real Tamamo

She breaks her seal to reveal her true form, completely surprising Alice in the process.  Ah, yeah.  Alice wouldn’t be aware of what happened in the original series.  Her tutor, Tamamo, is not a descendent of the six legendary demon spirits, she is one of the six legendary demon spirits.  She only walks around in loli form most of the time because the bulk of her power is sealed away.  However, she can break it for short periods and let her true power out.

Like now, versus her evil (more evil?  No, I think just evil.  Tamamo’s character has been fairly consistently “good” throughout the series) alternate reality counterpart.

While the two Tamamos slug it out, it looks like we get the undercard bout versus (yay) Lilith.

As befitting her status as a top succubus, Lilith is pretty strong on the pleasure side of things.  At any particular moment I think half my party was either seduced or helplessly writhing on the floor in the grip of orgasm.  Like Alma Elma, bring Lilith along to any social gathering for an instant orgy.

Her temptation attack is to shove Luka’s face between her big soft boobies.

Must... resist...

Not going to lie, was mightily tempted.  Unfortunately, for some inexplicable reason, I neglected to save before this fight, like way back to before the sewer system level of neglect.  So, as much I wanted to forget everything and bury my face in Lilith’s more than ample bosom, I also really didn’t want to go back all the way to the beginning of the sewers.

(This becomes hilariously ironic for reasons you’ll find out about at the end of this post.)

Afterwards, I went and sought her out in the boss refight room on the second floor of Ilias’s temple for “safer” sexy times.  This time we let our face stay between her big soft boobs and she uses her succubus energy drain to suck out all our resistance.

Resistance (okay HP) declining rapidly

Resistance gone (there wasn’t much of it to start with, to be honest), she switches to sandwiching our cock between those big soft boobs.

It's in there somewhere

Lots of plump squeezing happens and in no time at all our “energy” is fountaining out all over Lilith’s splendid tits.

Lilith draining our energy (messily)

It’s all fun and games until somebody ends up a dried fish.

There was one odd thing that did happen in the rematch.  At some point Lilith randomly opened a conversation (as some bosses do, even if raising their affection is pretty much meaningless AFAIK) where she told Luka that her sister, Astaroth, rather fancied him, and what message would he like to send back to her.

Oh my.  I suspect Luka is going to get one hell of an epic fucking from those three in MQ:P [part 3].

But that’s way off in the future.  First there’s getting past this fight.  I’d like to say I used guile and tactics, but I suspect it’s probably because my Luka is around ten levels higher than he should be.  If you want to fight Lilith at a “fairer” level, I’d advise bringing a party of succubi with seduction/climax protection and levels in black magic (The pyromaniac imp, Rami, is probably perfect here if you’ve levelled her up enough).

After Luka defeats her, Lilith acknowledges he’s pretty powerful.  Not 100% on this as the machine translation seemed a little wonky, but she seems to suggest to alt!Tamamo that they should bring Luka on board with whatever long-term scheme they’re running.  alt!Tamamo isn’t so keen on that idea, so Lilith leaves.

While we’ve taken care of Lilith, unfortunately things are not going so well in the main event clash.  our!Tamamo can only break her seal for a short period of time and that time is running out.

That means it’s time for yet another Big Damn Heroes moment.  This time it’s Nero and Neris teleporting in.  They have no illusions as to alt!Tamamo’s power, so there’s no kidding around here.  They morph straight into their max-power forms.

Luka, your kids have grown up

Yeah, they’re blatantly Luka and Alice’s kids from an alternate (probably the original MGQ) reality.

They warn that letting out this much power will likely bring down the whole castle, so there’s nothing more we can do except leg it while the twins join forces with our!Tamamo.

Once the dust settles over the ruins, everyone is safely out.  Neris, Nero and our!Tamamo join us by the castle gate.  They survived, but alt!Tamamo managed to escape.  On plus side, so did Alma Elma.

(And Ilias, but I don’t think anyone cares about her.)

So that’s that.  A segment packed with juicy plot.  Six legendary demon spirits from another reality appear to be the power behind the shikibus sisters.  Where Black Alice fits in all this, I have no idea.  She’s always been one to run her own schemes.

For the moment, we appear to have fixed the Grangold situation.

And this is where the hilariously ironic part comes in.  So far MQ:P has been fairly generous with avoiding the typical Lost Forevers of other, more famous, JRPGs.  You’re always free to revisit previous locations in search of monster girls you might not have recruited yet.  Grangold castle – and its sewers – appear to be an exception to this.  As far as I know – and I might be wrong on this – you can’t re-enter the sewers or castle after the Lilith/alt!Tamamo battle.  So, if you want to recruit the cute fox girls and not-so-cute black golems wandering around these locations, you need to do it before confronting Lilith in the throne room.

Which means I’m going to have to go back to the save game before the sewer entrance after all.  Sigh.

See you next time (You’d better be worth it, cute foxgirl waifus…)

-> Next: Grangold Uncorrupted

Friday, October 27, 2017

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 9: Fossil Mine

<- Previous: Grand Noah

We’re on a quest to find some dragon scale stone to upgrade a gear.  This is the fifth of these blacksmith quests (and the first of part 2).  They’re usually pretty straightforward – go to location, go to bottommost level, walk up to the big pile of sparkly stone and press the action button.

The quest location is very easy to find.  It’s the mine entrance just south of the city.

Entrance to Fossil Mine

Unsurprisingly, the mine is infested with monster girls.  There are more frog girls and two brand new monster girls.

The first is some kind of nope bug.

Attack of the nope bugs!

Oddly, it’s one of the few monster girl names in my translated file that’s still in Japanese.  I think it’s Chrysanthemum Bug or something like that.  She looks like a caterpillar girl, but I guess she could also be a peripatus/velvet worm monster girl.  (Yep, that is a thing.  I wrote a H-space story, “Onychophoral Dreams”, featuring one, and that was inspired by artwork I’d seen floating around on the internet.)

Do I want to know what's happening here?

I’m not even sure what’s happening in this pic, so I think it’s probably best to leave well alone.  In her temptation scene, she sucks our cock into... something and extracts all the ‘milk’.

Her bad end has Luka all wrapped up in silk while she gives him a multi-handed handjob, followed by a blowjob finisher.  These are reversed in her request scenes, with the multi-handjob being her 10-affection scene and her temptation ‘sex’ unlocked at 100 affection.

The second new monster girl is a big-titted spirit girl and she is up there and in the running for one of my early favourites of the new batch.

Busty ghosts in need of bustin' (but not by the new lot, coz they're shite)

Her temptation scene is to wrap her big soft boobies around Luka’s cock and lick away at the glans with her long tongue.  Should you fail to resist that (guilty… sigh), she’ll move onto a sloppy blowjob with a lot of sound effects and deep throat Luka until he’s nearly empty.

She's hungry for more than cum

The nearly is an important distinction here.  Luka realises quickly that she’s slurping out his lifeforce as well as his cum (it’s what ghost girls do in MGQ-land), but the spirit girl tells him not to worry as she’s not going to drain him fully.  As with the Will-o’-wisp girl she finishes up with a “the taste is delicious, but if I take any more you’ll die.”

Aww, the ghost girls in MQ:P [part 2] are so considerate.

It’s still a game over, though, as Luka likes it so much he abandons his mission to come back and... well... come, again and again.

Like nope bug, if you recruit spirit girl, you can request an extended version of her boobilicious temptation scene back in the castle.

I'm sure we can spare a little bit of lifeforce...

Mmm.  Being wrapped in heavenly soft boobs and licked all over.

For all of the Monster Girl Quest series’ rep for squick and weirdness, you might be forgiven for thinking the game’s primary speciality is titjobs from what we’ve seen so far.  I’m sure that will change.  We’re going to get Xelvy-ed at some point.

And we do, the moment we’re foolish enough to open that suspiciously placed chest near the entrance.

Yargh! MIMIC!!!

The mimics have upgraded again.  This one is called Boxed Girl.  I’m not sure what’s trying to burst out at the seams of that wooden box, but it does not look girl.

As with all mimics, she’s a fairly tough fight.  It’s also another indication I’m probably over-levelled, as I was able to beat her.  The mimics seem designed to whomp any player not prepared for them the first time around.

Boxed girl has a mystery prize box shtick to her.  Her temptation move is to try to get the player to open her treasure box by inserting a ‘key’.

I think we all know what she means by ‘key’.

It seems a pretty naff temptation move.  I mean, what kind of idiot is going to voluntarily insert their erection into a slimy hole lined with wriggling tentac—

*shakes head*

Goddamn it, Luka.

It’s not as icky as I was expecting.  Like the mermaid merchant, boxed girl likes to drain Luka’s gold as much as his sack.  Her scam is to get people to shove their dick in the hole in an attempt to unlock her ‘treasure’.  When Luka fails to resist her sexy palpating of his penis, she talks him into handing over more gold for another try.  And another.  And another.  And another…

On the plus side, we have plenty of gold.

On the negative side, I don’t think even Luka has that much cum.

For a Xelvy, it’s fairly restrained, to be fair.

Anyway, that’s enough playing the slot machines, we have some rare stone to retrieve.

It’s fairly easy to find.  The staircase icon is a little different, and does blend in a bit with the background, but not enough for you to miss it.  Just head west from the entrance.  On the next floor the quest objective is to the northwest.

The quest objective

And that’s that.  No boss encounter here.  Grab the stone and head back to the blacksmith.  This unlocks Dragon Scale gear.

Now we should be ready for the Coliseum.

-> Next: The Coliseum

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

H-space MGB Story: Leech-Tongue Succubus (part 2)

continued from part 1

The wet, slurpy sounds grew louder and sloppier.  Kowalski's moans rose above them before tailing off in an exhausted rattle.  Then...


Bate heard the clicking sounds of the succ's high heels against the stone floor.  She rounded the pillar and turned to face him.  Was it his imagination or had the pale round globes of her boobs grown even bigger since he'd last seen her?  It didn't matter that she wasn't human.  Those twin bulges triggered a powerful surge of arousal in his groin.  She crouched down and smiled sluttily up at Bate.  Her hands were covered in shiny black gloves.  She stroked one hand up his cock and it swelled out rigid like an iron bar.  Her other hand pulled down her top and let her big tits flop out.

Bate spat on her face.  With his arms and legs currently trapped within the meat wall it was all the defiance he could muster.

The she-demon smiled up at him.  She licked the spittle off her face with a tongue as black as the lingerie she was wearing.  It wasn't just the color of her tongue that was off.  Bate thought he saw the end open up, like the blind maw of a leech or maw.  Only briefly, easy enough to miss, but Bate had seen it.

Not that it mattered to his raging hard-on.

The succ slid Bate's cock between her big slutty tits.  Being wedged between her big soft boobs felt even better than the soft caress of her hand.  Her skin was warm and silky smooth, and her boobs felt like big soft pillows.  The succ pressed them together and they smothered his cock completely.  She looked up at him with her smoldering slutty eyes and started to tittyfuck him.  She pressed her hands into the sides of her swollen breasts and lifted them up and down, rubbing that sensually smooth skin against Bate's bulging cock.  Her lips pouted in a wanton pout as she switched to alternating her up and down movements, jostling Bate's member between her flesh cushions.  The movement and the feel of her tits turned Bate on even more.  He felt like he was heating up all over.

Squeeze.  Rub.  Plump plump.  Jiggle.

Bate's temperature kept rising.  His balls felt tight and itchy.

They made you want to come.  They made it so good it felt like you had no other purpose in life but to come.

The scarlet imps watched like creepy children out of a horror or science fiction film.  Bate barely noticed they were there.  The succ pressed her tits together around his cock and a cracked moan escaped his lips.

The succ's mouth opened and her tongue fell out, and kept falling.  It was long, far too long.  It was black and shiny like a leech, and with a gaping maw at the end like the mouth of a leech as well.  A mouth within mouth.  The inner one dilated like it was tasting the air.

Her tongue kept reeling out of her mouth like a snake slithering from a cave.  It was long enough to reach all the way down to her breasts.  There, it wormed down into her cleavage.  Bate felt it sucking on the end of his cock.  It stretched and engulfed first his glans and then the rest of his penis.  He felt the muscular walls grip him as her tongue covered him like a warm living sheath.

"Now she's going to suck you all up," one of the imps said, her eyes shining in expectation.

The succ pressed her tits together and started jiggling them again.  Her tongue flexed and squeezed so that it felt like continuous rings of pressure were rolling up his shaft.

Sucking on him.

The heat in Bate—the tension in his balls—grew unbearable.  He let out a loud moan as his hips bucked and he spurted cum up the narrow tube of her long flexible tongue.  He heard wet noises as she sucked it up.  The wet noises intensified and with it the suction.

Oh God.

Bate tipped his head back as another ejaculation erupted from him in a white burst of pleasure.  The succubus kept plumping her tits against his cock.  Her tongue kept tugging on him with muscular squeezes.  Kept sucking.

A third ejaculation burst from Bate.  A fourth.  His head thrashed from side to side as he was lost in thrall to the pleasure she was giving him.  A fifth.  A sixth.  He fancied they were travelling up her tongue in little bulges, dragged out of him like a string of precious pearls.

Seven.  Eight.  Nine.

So many Bate could no longer keep count.  They all rolled into one continuous flow of pleasure up her gulping tongue.  His cries and sighs rose to a peak and then terminated in a final weak rattle as the succubus sucked up the last of him.

She retracted her tongue, stood up and moved onto the next one.

"Wait.  Go back to the start."


"The moment the squad was able to fire their guns."

"Oh right, the moment the dimensional phenomenon passed."

"What else happened then?"

"Squad-Sergeant Henry Dunlop ran a succubus through with a piece of steel rebar.  Then Specialist Benjamin Hicks and the other members of the squad opened fire and—"


"What is it?"

"A thought.  No, it's probably nothing.  Unless...  But how?  Hmm, I need to think about this.  You can go now."

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

H-space MGB Story: Paizu Succubus

She had the biggest pair of tits SGT Stewart Peter Bate had ever seen in the flesh.  It was unfortunate he was a POW and she his captor.

"Name: Frank Meyer.  Rank: Sergeant.  Serial Number: 531-07-0374.  Date of Birth: April 28th, 1990.  This is all the information I am permitted to give you.  I demand to be afforded the rights of a POW as per the Geneva Convention."

The woman with the massive mammaries looked at him and laughed.

Woman wasn't really the right word.  She wasn't human.  Oh, she had plenty that looked human, in particular that eye-catching bust of hers, but she also had milky-white eyes with no iris or pupil, a pair of horns curling down behind her ears, a black devil's tail with a spade tip, and a pair of vestigial bat wings emerging from her back that looked far too small to enable her to fly.  She wore an outfit that resembled a complex cat's cradle of black ribbons and was little more than lingerie.  It looked like something a street hooker would wear underneath a fake fur coat.  On someone else, in other circumstances, it might have turned Bate on.

Not now.  Not like this.  Currently he was imprisoned in a small square room with padded black walls.  He was naked and slouched on a couch that felt like leather but softer and squishier.  His wrists and ankles were bound with straps of the same material.

"Name: Frank Meyer.  Rank: Sergeant.  Serial Number: 531-07-0374.  Date of Birth: April 28th, 1990.  This is all the information I am permitted to give you.  I demand to be afforded the rights of a POW as per the Geneva Convention," he repeated.

"Why does he keep saying that?" another voice asked.

The tall, busty devil woman was followed into the room by a smaller, slender young women with the figure of a waif.  She wasn't human either.  Her bright red skin gave that away long before getting to her other devilish features.

The scarlet imp looked familiar.  She was the one responsible for Bate's capture.  He remembered her gloating smile as she'd got close enough to prick him with her trident.  The pointed tines hadn't penetrated deep, just enough to break his skin and get the drugs on their tips into his bloodstream.

Bate's explo party had been ambushed by hindigs.  Hard to believe what had looked like a bunch of schoolgirls in red paint had been able to take the squad down with such ease.  Everything had gone black the moment she'd stuck her trident in him and then he'd woken up here.  He wondered what had happened to the rest of his squad.

"It's human foolishness," the busty she-devil said.

"Name: Frank Meyer.  Rank: Sergeant.  Serial Number: 531-07-0374.  Date of Birth: April 28th, 1990.  This is all the information I am permitted to give you.  I demand to be afforded the rights of a POW as per the Geneva Convention," Bate said mulishly.

"Do you think we follow human rules and laws," the scarlet imp said.  "They have no meaning here."

"Are you scared we might torture you?" the busty she-devil asked.

Bate stared sullenly at the floor and said nothing.

"It's not what I'm here for," she said.

"Or me," the scarlet imp chirped.

The busty she-devil nudged Bate's knees apart and went down on her knees between his legs.  She swept her long wavy black hair behind her shoulders and undid her complicated bra.

"Like what you see?" she asked Bate as the shiny pink curves of her boobs fell free.

Bate did, if he was forced to be honest.  They looked human enough, being a luscious flesh-tone pink in color with slightly darker nipples.  Despite being enormous, there was no sag to them.

"They feel as nice as they look," the busty she-devil said and demonstrated this by flopping them down into his lap.

And Bate couldn't deny they did indeed feel as nice as they looked.  His cock was buried beneath soft, silky-smooth boobs.  She moved her upper body in a circle, rubbing her tits against his cock.  This triggered a pleasant feeling in his crotch and his cock started to stiffen.  As it hardened, his erection pushed against the pliant surface of her tits.

Bate watched her slutty display and wondered what they thought they were trying to achieve.

"This isn't going to work," he said.  "You're not going to get anything out of me."

The she-devil put a hand around his cock and started to lazily pump it up and down.

"We'll see," she said.

She lifted a boob up and rested it on the swollen head of Bate's erection.

"She's going to get plenty out of you," the scarlet imp said.  "She's going to get it all."

The busty she-devil wrapped two hands around his cock and pumped, stroked and twisted.

"She can use all her hooker's tricks on me," Bate said.  "I'm not giving you anything more than my name, rank and serial number."

Bate was actually quite hoping she'd use more of those hooker's tricks on him.  He wasn't going to tell them anything, but he'd enjoy whatever she did try to get him to talk.

The scarlet imp lay on the couch at right angles to Bate and rested her chin on her folded arms.

"Once Poripapilla has her soft tits wrapped round your cock you'll tell her anything she wants.  But, to tell the truth, it doesn't really interest us."

Poripapilla wrapped her warm breasts around his cock and plumped them up against him like soft pillows.  She let out a series of sultry oohs and aahs as if this was a performance in a porn movie.  Her fingers dimpled the smooth skin of her breasts as she rubbed them up and down Bate's erection.  She really had a monster rack.  Bate was no slouch in the trouser department, but when she plumped her tits together, the marshmallow-soft flesh swallowed up his ten inches in their entirety.

"Poripapilla is here to milk you," the scarlet imp said.

Bate felt the pleasurable friction as her boobs rubbed against him.  It was easy to work out what they meant by milk him.  She was going to keep titty-fucking him until he came.  What he couldn't understand was why they thought this was a big deal.

Poripapilla pouted her lips at him like an irresistibly slutty porn star.  She smooshed her tits up against his cock.  The soft flesh and smooth skin packed up close to his manhood and made it feel like he was moving back and forth inside a warm tight pussy.  Bate felt a tickly stirring sensation in his balls.  A few minutes of this and she was going to make him come.

Bate was okay with this turn of events.

Was this some weird cultural misunderstanding between humans and the hindigs of H-space?  Did they think this was a bad thing, that they were torturing him?  It felt like a cultural misunderstanding.  Maybe being jerked off and made to come by your enemy had some special significance—a source of shame, an admission of surrender—he didn't understand.

Bate wondered what he should do.  Should he play along, beg her to stop torturing him with her luscious big fluffy tits?  He didn't want to risk overselling it and tipping them off that humans didn't think big bouncy titwanks were that bad of a thing.

Poripapilla plumped her tits together a little more forcefully—a little tighter—than before and Bate's cock gave a little twitch.  Not an ejaculation, but a warning one was on the way.

Poripapilla's eyes brightened.  She stopped fluffing her tits up against Bate's cock.

"Ooh," she said.  "I feel wetness.  He's leaking pre-cum."

"Can I tell him?" the scarlet imp asked.

"Oh yes," Poripapilla said.  "I adore it when they try to hold back."

"Poripapilla is a Paizu Succubus," the scarlet imp said to Bate.  "Succubi drain men's essence with sex.  Paizu succubi specialize in using their tits.  They wrap those big soft boobs around a man's prick and soak up all his life and energy like a sponge."

"Don't make us sound so unpleasant," Poripapilla said.  "We're nice succubi.  We always give our lovers a chance."

"She needs you to come," the scarlet imp said.  "Your semen is the trigger her body needs to absorb your prick.  Then, once she's absorbed you, those big boobs will pump out all the life in your body."

"You make it sound so icky," Poripapilla complained.

She placed one arm across her boobs, holding them in place like a bar while she bounced them up and down in his lap.  Her other hand reached under and tickled the underside of his nutsack.

"Think of it as two lovers becoming one in an act of sensual union," she said.

"You're not my lover," Bate retorted.  "Whatever is happening here has nothing to do with love."

Poripapilla feigned hurt briefly before her full red lips turned up in a crafty smile.

"I like the defiant ones," she said.  "Their taste is so adorably spicy."

She jiggled her boobs around his erection.  The soft flesh pressing and rubbing against Bate's cock kept him hard.

"So, it's simple," the scarlet imp said with a malicious smile.  "If you want to live, don't come."

"And what do you get from this?" Bate scowled at her.

"I get first taste," the scarlet imp replied.  She kicked her feet up behind her like a giddy teen.  "As is my right, for I was the one who captured you."

This was crazy, Bate thought.  He must be dreaming.

Plump, plump.  Shake.  Squeeze.  Rub up and down.  The woman with horns kept plumping her big tits against Bate's hard-on.

It couldn't be real.  He was asleep and a nightmare had gotten tangled up with a wet dream.

"Is he coming?" the scarlet imp asked after a few minutes of Poripapilla squeezing and jiggling her boobs against Bate's cock.

"He's close," Poripapilla said.  "There's so much pre-cum oozing out of his cock it's making my boobs all wet and slippery."

"I bet it feels like a tight wet twat in there," the scarlet imp said.

"Yes, put your head back and imagine it's my tight wet cunt giving your prick a good squeeze."

Poripapilla pressed her breasts tightly together right on squeeze.  A shiver ran through Bate and a soft moan escaped his lips.  So close and yet according to them he couldn't—shouldn't—come.

"Make him come," the scarlet imp said.

The older succubus laughed.

"The little one is getting impatient.  I'd like to drag it out for longer, but we've been playing for long enough.  It's time you were milked."

She rearranged her breasts, pulling them apart and then wrapping them back around Bate's cock.  He caught a brief glimpse of his glans—swollen and red like a miniature apple—before it was smothered and buried in soft pink boob flesh.

Poripapilla wrapped her arms around her bust to hold her tits in place, then she started to bounce them up and down in Bate's lap.  Slow at first, but getting faster and harder.  Buried within, Bate's cock slid back and forth between her soft pillows of flesh.

Poripapilla's all-white eyes were bright as she stared right at him.  Playfulness was shed for crude dirty talk.

"Come," she exhorted.  "Make my tits filthy with your seed.  Spurt it all over them."

Bate writhed and squirmed on the couch.  It was like fucking, just like fucking.  And now he wanted to come, really wanted to come.  Like he was about to burst.

Poripapilla kept bouncing her tits up and down in his lap.  His cock slid back and forth between their silky-smooth softness.

He felt an ominous twitch.  Poripapilla homed right in on it.  She pressed her hands against her overflowing tits and squeezed the marshmallow-soft flesh around the sensitive head of Bate's cock.

No good.  It was like cracks appearing on a dam.  He couldn't hold it in any longer.

Aw, fuck it.  This was nothing more than a nightmarish wet dream anyway.  It was far too weird to be real.

"Come," Poripapilla demanded.  She squeezed.

That was enough to take Bate over the edge.  His body trembled with orgasm.  His hips bucked, his cock swelled and he emptied a big fat load in the warm, silky-smooth crevice between her tits.  He couldn't see any of it.  Poripapilla had glomped her massive breasts together and Bate's cock and issue were buried within.  His cock twitched as it poured more into her warm cleavage.

Too warm, Bate thought.  And it felt strange as well, like his erection was sinking into soft marshmallow.

Poripapilla gave an erotic sigh and pushed her tits down deeper into his lap.

"Oops, you couldn't hold it back," the scarlet imp said.  "Now her big tits are going to suck you all up like a sponge."

That was ridiculous, Bate thought.  And shouldn't this wet dream be over?  Weren't they supposed to end when you jizzed yourself?

Poripapilla gave a soft little grunt.  Her tits shivered and flexed.

Bate jerked on the soft couch.  What was that?  It was like she'd found an invisible string attached to his vitals and was reeling it out through his cock.  It was far less painful than it sounded.  The opposite even.  There was a warm glow emanating from between her breasts that was transmitted and spread through his body until he was left in a state of blissful relaxation.  Her big boobs pulsed around him and it was like she'd grabbed the end of the string and tugged.

Bate let out a soft groan as another climax blasted through him.

Oh fuck, that felt so good.

And it wasn't stopping.  It was a constant flow of bliss pouring into her gently pulsing boobs.  The scarlet imp had been right when she'd said they were like a sponge.  It was as if the rest of his body was so envious of how good his cock felt nestled between her big soft boobs it wanted to join it and was mobilizing to do so.

Poripapilla's boobs swelled as she soaked up Bate's fluids.  Already massive to begin with, they expanded beyond porn plastic surgery size and into territories only visited by the febrile imaginations of frustrated hentai artists.  Their weight and softness overflowed Bate's lap.  His cock twitched and his eyelids fluttered in ecstasy as her poured more and more of himself into her.  He couldn't stop.  Didn't want to stop.

Bate's body withered and wasted as Poripapilla's boobs grew.  The last thing Bate saw before his vision faded to black was the scarlet imp approaching one of the grotesquely expanded boobs.  Her eyes gleamed like a junkie getting their fix as she battened onto an oozing nipple and sucked.

"This is...  I don't have words.  We've never had this level of insight into the hindigs—their community... organization.  This is exciting.  Really exciting."

"Doc.  A man died... was killed."


"Fuck.  It's easy to lose sight of that, especially when there's been so many.  I don't want to be like the other bastards, who treat men's lives as pieces to be pushed across a chessboard.  Never let me forget, Stewart."

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Hentai Game Look - In the Castle of Succubi

Text, text and yet more text.  That’s the short summary of In the Castle of Succubi.

Like its predecessor, House of Monster Girls, In the Castle of Succubi is less a game and more a visual novel with the occasional choice (usually along the lines of ‘Would you like this particular succubus to bonk your brains out?’).  Also like its predecessor, In the Castle of Succubi is aimed squarely at fans of big breasts.  All of the succubi are blessed with super-ginormous norks and there is an emphasis on paizuri (titwank) scenes.

The plot has you play an adventurer of some description that falls foul of a trap in the demons’ castle.  This puts you at the mercy of a succession of lovely succubi who are all very keen to take good care of you.  Their idea of care seems to involve wrapping their soft mammaries around your dick and rubbing up and down until all that inconvenient tension floods right out.

Much much much rubbing up and down.

There are six succubi in total.  The first part of the visual novel goes through each giving you paizuri in turn.  The second part has some choices and a wider range of sex acts.

Unfortunately, like its predecessor, In the Castle of Succubi has an ungodly amount of text.  This is definitely not shying away from the novel part of visual novel.  Be prepared to do a lot of clicking, and clicking, and clicking, to move to the next juicy big-boobed succubus pic.  In the end I lost patience with trying to follow the machine-translated text and resorted to clicking through like mad just to get to the next scene.  To me it seemed like there was about four times as many lines of description as there needed to be.  I appreciate this is probably an unfair criticism.  If you were to take one of my stories and bung it in a visual novel framework with a couple of naughty pics to illustrate it, I’m sure it would be just as frustrating for a non-English-speaking Japanese person to attempt to read.

No matter how well endowed you are, she's still going to smother it.

One for big boob lovers, although the amount of text to wade through is daunting.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 4! part 9

Hello and welcome back to MEHydra’s Let’s Play walkthrough of Violated Hero 4.  If you’ve only just joined us, this is a hentai game and the following post is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.

When we last left Luka-clone he’d just been dragged off to a mansion to make little baby vacuum cleaners with a loopy robot maid.  I’m not that into robot chicks so we’ll rewind the tape and smash her circuits in.  As ever the strategy is to pump cock (I did warn you this wouldn’t be suitable for minors) into Lilith’s tail/tentacle thing until she makes the bad girl fall over.

Marietta goes into repair cycle . . . until Luka-clone thinks about entering the mansion, at which point her protective programs kick in and she threatens to self-destruct and blow everything up.  We decide not to enter the mansion and Marietta decides to join us to make sure we don’t enter the mansion.

Okay, okay.  I get it, Violated Hero.  You don’t have any artwork for this big impressive mansion.

Screw it, we have Jeuri of the infinite gold production.  We can buy our own mansion and it will be twice as large and impressive, so nah!

Oh, so your fancy mansion has another 1,000 hot robo-chicks.

. . .

Um, yeah, I’ll concede that’s impressive.

I think I can guess what did for the old mad scientist perv.

We’ve cleansed another area, so it’s off to the Demon King castle where poor Makina has to hand the report in to Sharia.  The other two chime in, but to be perfectly honest I can’t really tell them apart.  One has seashells on the side of her head and the other has big floppy donkey ears and that’s about it.  I think they might have worked out Lilith’s up to no good, but as Translation Aggregator comes back with “cannot read a straw alligator, either” I can’t be totally certain on this.

Sharia still seems uninterested by the whole thing and all the demons retire back to their realms to await the coming of the (not so) mighty ambulatory bag of concentrated semen.

The 4th area is now unlocked.

But before heading off there I go back to 100% the last area in case there’s anything I’ve missed.

There wasn’t.  VH4 doesn’t seem big on special event tiles other than bosses, unless I’m unerringly missing them.

Area four looks like a rope bridge between some rocky peaks.  New area means new wandering mooks and VH4 continues the run of okay monster girls with some dragonnewt-type girls.

Her tail’s on fire but she still has tan lines.  #MonsterGirlWorldProblems.

The level-designer might have gone on a coffee break for this one.  A few tiles in a straight line and then the boss.

About halfway through the game I was trying to remember which bosses were remaining without checking the main VH4 website.  I remembered them all apart from this one – the red oni.  I suppose she might seem a little bland when the competition consists of cyclops siamese twins, a giant worm with a slime girl for a tongue and a strange wolf girl with very scary giant werewolf faces behind her.

This is Red Ogre Hisui.  She doesn’t have an ogre-ish face.  It looks more like a cute elf face.  Those thighs however . . .

Fear for your nuts, Luka-clone.

Before the fight she asks for our name because it’s traditional for red oni to inscribe the names of the people they fight on their breasts.  I guess she has space.

In the fight the random generic sex tentacle returns as Hisui uses a red version of Lilith’s tail/tentacle despite not having any discernible tail or tentacle.  It doesn’t matter as Luka-clone is well flattened before the four spunk hearts light up.

Hisui is a very polite red ogre, so she apologises in advance for the humiliation her code of honour dictates she must inflict on fallen foes.  Uh oh.

Um Hisui, I don’t think you need to apologise for this.

She rubs her ‘watermelons’ against our penis.

Yep, pretty sure you don’t have to apologise for this at all.

Much white stuff comes out and Hisui gets really excited about the taste.  So much so she decides to take Luka-clone as her husband and make babies.

In scarlet ogre society the man apparently has little say in this matter.

After Luka-clone passes out from much watermelon pressing she drags him off to her bed for some intensive baby-making nookie.  Wow, Luka-clone is a beast.  Three whole days and he’s still at it.

Hisui won’t let us go.  Not until she’s pregnant.  Her pussy is not going to take no for an answer either.

It’s okay though.  Give her a baby and she might let us go.  You can do it, Luka-clone.

Hang in there.

Can you hear me, Luka-clone?

Oh dear, it looks like the ambulatory bag of concentrated semen has finally emptied.

Fade to black.

So sad.  I guess the stars weren’t right for this relationship.  Three days though, bloody good effort.

Hmm, while I don’t have many red oni stories, there was a lot of paizuri in that Bad End and I do have this charming little paizuri story.

. . .

Yeah, we’ll put the chalk mark next to MEHydra for this round then.

That makes only one sub-boss left, the rather intimidating-looking Fenrir the Wolfess.  I have a bad feeling about that one . . .