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Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 58: Snow Heaven


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We have successfully penetrated the interior of the snow continent.  There are angels.  Lots of angels.

There are five variations of the booby angel soldiers.

Luka's Angels?

They were present in the original series (although not until part 3), and their Bad End is appropriately boobilicious.

Boobilicious times 5

As you’d expect from an Arekishi creation, their Bad End involves paizuri… lots and lots of paizuri.  The whole squad takes it in turns to wank Luka off with their breasts.  Yup, definitely boobilicious.

The Trinity angels from the original series are also present.

More sexy angels...

I love their temptation scene.  Two of them hold our arms while the third opens up her top as if to say, “You’re about to get a good boobing.”

"I am now going to boob you."

And she does indeed give us a good boobing.

Maximum boobing

Up, down, squeeze... until our knees are trembling and we’ve emptied our balls all over her divine chest.

That’s just the temptation scene.  For the Bad End Trinity decides that three of them isn’t enough and they enlist the help of another squad for their cross of holy punishment.

Apparently, this is angelic punishment

Face pressed into boobs.  Boobs wrapped around back of head.  Hand pressed into boobs.  Double boobs pressed around cock.  Boobs, boobs, and more boobs.

And this is the punishment for sinning?

Don’t mind me, I’m just off to go and kick puppies and maybe burn down an orphanage or two.

I’m a sinner and I need boobs punishment.

The village we saw at the end of the last post is filled with angels.

Village of angels

One of them gives a proper explanation for how the snow continent came into being.  People had it wrong when they thought it was raised up out of the oceans.  It’s a chunk of heaven that fell out of the sky.  Many angels were killed in this disaster and then found themselves stranded without their divine powers (which explains how our parties of random monster girls can even fight them—in the original series the angels had some form of divine protection and only Luka could even touch them).  The angels built the town using what they’d learnt from humans and have been holding on in hope of Ilias’s return ever since.

Within the town you can find the usual assortment of blacksmith, item shop, weapon shop, inn, etc.  There’s a restaurant where the angels feel very guilty about how much they enjoy various cakes and sweets.  Surprisingly there is also a battlefucker in the town:

Lone survivor Shoki

She is Shoki and is the last remaining survivor of an expedition sent by Sabasa to investigate the snow continent.  Some of the angels even talk about Sabasa.  They refer to the ruler as a barbarian nympho.  If you have Sara in the party she will be upset about this in her swordswoman form.  Sonya tries to comfort her… until Sara flips to her succubus form and reveals she’s quite proud of her nympho reputation.

Alicetroemeria continues to be very unlike the Black Alice everyone remembers.  She likes the polar bears and even wonders if she can be friends with the angels.  Again, it makes you wonder what happened to change this incarnation into the total monster Black Alice everyone fears.

There is also talk of a chief angel, but she’s currently not here and instead pouring her energies into keeping a barrier up.

In her absence another angel has been nominated to run the town.  She can be found up in the top right corner of Snow Heaven.

You seem familiar...

She is Ranael and looks suspiciously like the angel that decimated Luka’s home village in another timeline.  If that’s the case then you probably really don’t want to see what’s under that dress.

Talking to Ranael confirms what the other NPCs have been saying.  The snow continent fell out of the heavens after a catastrophe some thirty years ago.  The source of the mana disruption is likely the Ilias temple—the real one, not the one in Iliasville.  But we won’t be able to enter at the moment as it’s protected by a barrier maintained by the chief angel (likely Eden).

This is another occasion where I wonder how much the Ilias path has diverged.  All the NPCs here would likely be reacting a lot differently if Luka rocked up with Ilias in tow.  Or maybe they wouldn’t recognise her in her loli, depowered form.

Anyway, we have our next target.  We need to go down to the shrine in the southeast and ask the angel chief to kindly drop the barrier long enough for us to enter the Ilias Temple Ruins.

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  1. The first time Ilias tries to reveal her identity at the snow cave entrance they attack her for being an impostor.
    The significant deviations are about to come up though.

  2. The Trinities were my favorite angels during the original trilogy.

    Are there any angels that can be recruited?

    1. I'm on the Alice route and all the wandering angels can be recruited as far as I've seen. That includes Trinity. :)

    2. There are three angels that can't be recruited in the Alice route.
      Guess who. The first one is easy, the other two not so much. (Unless you followed Paradox 2's pre-release period)

    3. At a guess I'd say Eden (one of them), the other member of the angel trio that isn't Gnosis (who I can't remember the name of). After that I'm not sure how much the Ilias path mirrors the Alice one. Third could be Gnosis, or maybe Ranael, or maybe even be characters that don't show up on the Alice route.