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Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 56: Side Quests and Pirate Battlefuckers


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Before attempting the Bird God Shrine ritual I thought I’d knock off the last remaining side quests.  Some of them unlock useful items, one of which is another advanced job/race unlock.

As with part 1, the side quests can be found pinned on a board to the right of the doors at the end of the entrance hall in the pocket castle.  It might be because I haven’t really been paying attention, but part 2 seems to have a lot less of these, although the rewards from these later ones make completing them much more worthwhile than… say, teaching Ratty a poison breath attack, for example.

Unlocking Human -> Vampire Race Change

This is Promestein’s side quest.  Take her to the vampire pub in Sabasa and have her talk to the left-hand barmaid.

I vant your blood

She’ll give Promestein a sample of her blood.  Promestein does some on-the-spot experimentation, mixes it with something else, and then injects Luka with “garlic extract”.  This turns Luka into a vampire thirsting for blood.

Um, why?

It’s not bad and is actually rather useful.  Humans only have a beginning race and run out of further options (unless you unlock the Worm Summoner race with Lily).  This gives them an extended progression path as you can now switch their race to vampire.

After this Promestein will appear in the pocket castle lobby (between the maid and Teeny’s inn, you can’t miss her) and give you the option to make various race changes.

The first is to change a character’s race from human to vampire.

Providing you let her inject Bunni with “carrot extract” in part 1, she can also change a character’s race from slime to beast.

There is also a third option to change mermaids to fairies, but this requires completing Gigi’s side quest and recruiting Lucia rather than Lily.  What this means is that NG playthroughs have the option of either human -> worm summoner or mermaid -> fairy depending on which side you took during the Magistea Village war in part 1.

Pirate Gloria and the Lewd God’s Soul

The fishy pirates also have a side quest.  There is a rivalry between them and some human pirates led by a woman named Gloria.  Bonnie and the others want to settle who is the best once and for all.

Put Bonnie and Ashel in the party (or maybe just Bonnie) and sail directly east from the Naval Headquarters.  Travel in a straight line and you’ll come across another boat.

A pirate ship.  Easier to find than the vampire isle, thankfully.

This is Gloria’s ship.

Gloria the Pirate Queen

She has two henchwomen—Ariadne and Cresta

Ariadne and Cresta

All three are battlefuckers.  Rather than settle their disagreements through normal fighting, Gloria suggests they do it through battlefucking, and Luka is the one nominated to represent the fishy pirates.

(Sonya is as happy about this as you might expect.)

This segment is basically just three battlefucks to withstand, one by one.

Ariadne is a paizuri specialist.


Cresta likes a bit of buttock frottage.


Gloria will just wank you off.

Wank!  (ow ow ow ow, too hard)

Depending on what current job/race combo you have for Luka, she probably will wank you off, as her total damage is somewhere in the region of 4.5k.

Ariadne gives a pirate scroll on defeat and Cresta a gun scroll.  Gloria is the more important as she gives you an accessory that halves MP usage, but more importantly the Lewd God’s Soul, an item required to unlock the advanced level prostitute jobs as well as some of the advanced succubus races (I think).  This might be dependent on how many battlefuckers you have found and defeated.  After beating Gloria I got an achievement for besting 35 battlefuckers.  (Which isn’t actually all of the them.  Spoiler: there’s at least one more to come.)

I’m not entirely sure when this quest unlocks as I wasn’t looking.  So I don’t know what happens if you complete it before running into Aurora in Remina, or any of the other later battlefuckers.  It could be that the achievement and Lewd God’s Soul reward are tied together and you get the soul off whichever battlefucker happens to be the 35th battlefucker you defeat.

If you come back to recruit Gloria afterwards she’ll also give you Proof of the Pirate King, another advanced job/race unlock item.

So, yep, you probably want to do this side mission.

King Grangold’s Insecurity

This is more optional as the rewards are boosts to King Grangold, but they’re pretty hefty boosts, so you’ll probably want to carry this quest out if you make a lot of use of King Grangold in your “A” party.

It’s another one that had me confused at first, mainly because I seem to have a blind spot for the quests where you have to talk to the character in the pocket castle first in order to initiate the quest.

Talk to King Grangold in the pocket castle.  Mephisto, who is in the same room, will tell you that she’s been unable to show Grangold how to shift back into human form.  The king is worried about how he’ll be received by his subjects in his new, monstrous form.  Mephisto suggests trying small scale to start with by seeing how people react to him in a smaller village like Goddard.

Put King Grangold in the party and take him to Goddard.  As you enter the village you’ll get some lines of dialogue that indicate the quest has started.  Sonya will helpfully draw a face on Grangold’s shiny egg head.


No, it’s not helpful.

Talk to every NPC in Goddard.  They will all run away.  After you’ve scared away every NPC in Goddard a little girl will spawn in the centre of the village.

You need to terrorise this girl

She will also try to run away, but trips and hurts herself in the process.  The king will use magic to heal her, which reminds the girl of a previous time when she tripped and fell and the king used magic to heal her.  She then recognises him as the king despite his new monstrous appearance.  This completes the quest and gives King Grangold the hope he will be accepted again by his subjects.

The net gain is a whopping +40% to Magic ability and the ability to cast magic for half MP.  Very useful if you want to make King Grangold your main party nuke.

Medal Queen’s Search

This is another one where I don’t know when it unlocks.  I’d completely forgotten about the Medal Queen, to be honest, and only noticed this quest existed while looking up how to complete King Grangold’s quest.

Collect enough medals and select the reward that has the Queen of Grand Noah join the party.  (This is Queen of Grand Noah in her Medal Queen palace rather than her Grand Noah throne room.  Yes, I did not realise they were the same character for a long long while).

Her joining the party will unlock her side quest.  Talk to her in the pocket castle and she’ll reveal she wants to find the original Medal King, who is rumoured to have disappeared somewhere around Iliasville.

Remember this mysterious gravestone way back in the starting village.

Cripes.  They hid this in the very first village.

You probably thought Luka’s mum was buried there or something like that.  Nope.  It’s the Medal King.  Take Queen of Grand Noah here.  She’ll be able to translate the inscriptions on the gravestone and confirm it is the Medal King buried here.  At this point the spirit of the Medal King will appear.  Not only does this complete the Queen of Grand Noah’s side quest, it also unlocks the Medal King as an NPC you can trade small medals to for even more powerful items.

Whew.  That’s all the side quests done apart from Lazarus in the casino—which I think is just about winning (or buying) enough chips to unlock the soul item he’s holding.

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  1. You can actually get Worm summoner from Lucia as well, it requires completing her personal quest (taking her to all the spirit locations.), which also gives her the fairy race. This also unlocks further race transformations in the future, if you have Lucia available due to NG+, you can still do her quest, even if you didn't choose her this run. I recommend you do this, and if you can't, do an NG+, get her, and possibly give us a brief overview of the Ilias route whilst your at it.

    Seriously, I suspect your going to want all the race changing stuff eventually (and also see what Ilias's route is like), do it offscreen if you want to, but I strongly recommend you do it regardless of if you do it as part of the LP or not.

  2. You can get Alma Elma via one of the sidequests as well. But you might have to complete the game first. Not entirely sure on that.

    1. Yeah, Alma Elma can only be permanently recruited after completing the second chapter.

    2. Hmm. I'm wondering where. I know the mysterious lab in the western desert opens after the credits. I have no idea what other stuff there is or where you'd recruit Alma Elma.

  3. The mysterious grave just being the medal king's brings up an interesting question: What was the "that's not him, no can ever find that grave" letter Lazarus was writing in part 1 about?
    In a blog post prior to part 2 coming out, I think TRTR outright said the nameless grave in Iliasville wasn't important while the one Lazarus wrote about will be a big plot point later down the line.
    One theory is that it referred to the alt Luka's grave on the other side of the first tartarus.
    If so, then that being an empty grave may be related to... Well, it wouldn't be nice to post part 3 spoilers in these comments.

    Lucifina's grave is over in the village's normal graveyard, fyi.

    1. Civildeviation05/04/2018, 18:16

      I still figure it to be marcellous; I'm guessing Luka's father chasing is really chasing the 30 year younger version of himself.

  4. I can not find the pirate ship. i have opened the gates already and put the needed people in the party and it is still not there