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Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 61: Ilias Temple Ruins II


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Hang on to your hats.  Explanations are coming.  Plot twists.  Craziness.

There’s also going to be plenty of me mistranslating things and getting it wrong.  Thankfully, you all out there are great and quick to correct my blunders in the comments.  Please keep doing so.

Right.  We’re on the third floor (in game terms) of the Ilias Temple Ruins and chasing after the cryptic and annoying White Rabbit to try and get some explanation as to what the hell is happening.  Oh, and our world is dying.

We follow her up the steps.  Alice has already dropped strong hints that we’re likely to find a boss battle at the top of them.

We arrive at the top in time to see the White Rabbit get killed in surprisingly gruesome fashion by what appears to be a full-powered Ilias.  Uh oh.


Oh, it’s a chaotized Ilias.

You're not looking too well there, Ilias lass

This is the same Ilias that contacted us at the very beginning of the game.  She’s the one trying to contain the chaotization within the ruins (which also appears to have badly affected her).  She explains what broke the original world, and as White Rabbit hinted at earlier, it’s us.  Or rather, the original canon!Luka.  When he killed Ilias at the original series it destabilised everything, sending ripples back through time and budding off countless parallel universes.

(I think.  You’ll have to excuse my explanations for this last section.  Machine translation of the original Japanese only goes so far.  From what I can gather, the constant time rewinding to save Luka from sexy bad ends opened up various holes in time and space, and then killing Ilias removed the ability to fix things should something go horribly wrong, and something did indeed go horribly horribly wrong.)

This world was the first to spin off, but what was the calamity that caused all the craziness in this world—heaven to fall, the tartarus regions etc.?

It was Remina.  White Rabbit pops back into existence to tell us this.

Or rather show.  Ilias (or White Rabbit II) sends us back in time to see the exact cause.

Unsurprisingly, I’m rather confused at this point.

Remina in the past is quite advanced and we arrive in an experimental lab.  They’re in the middle of some kind of experiment.  It’s either some kind of fusion of magic and holy, or they’re trying to call up the spirit of Heinrich (or both—I’m clearly winging it on iffy translations and educated guesswork at this point).  This is the experiment that went horribly wrong—like skinned-alive people being stuck in walls wrong.

Remina used to be fairly hi-tech

The White Rabbit tells us she cannot intervene, and neither can we.  What we’re supposed to do is follow the corridor around to a room in the north.  There are a few NPCs.  One drops a keycard that is useful both here and later (or rather I think it’s an automatic trigger before entering the chamber at the end of the corridor).

And now the experiment, which appears to be using Heinrich’s sword as a catalyst to call up his spirit (or some energy his spirit contains, not entirely sure on this).  Seems harmless enough.

You probably don't want to do this... 

Except they get Black Alice instead.

Yup, did warn you.  Now you've gone and yanked Black Alice out of her time and space.

There are traces of Black Alice’s blood on the sword and it causes some kind of resonance that calls up her instead of Heinrich(‘s spirit?).  She looks the worst for wear, saying she’d just been defeated by a brave hero.  The experiment must have picked her up from the moment right after she was defeated by Heinr—

Oh wait.  This isn’t the Black Alice from the past.  This is the Black Alice from the future.

The Black Alice who was defeated by canon!Luka at the end of the original series.

The Black Alice who had just devoured Ilias.

The Black Alice who had devoured and taken on the powers of a god...

We are all fucked

In the original series Black Alice was unable to successfully balance the forces of dark and holy within her body before being defeated by Luka.  Here she has more time and...

Oh fuck

We are so fucked.

By successfully balancing the opposing forces within her body, Black Alice awakens to godhood.  This rips a hole in the space-time continuum and triggers the catastrophe of Remina.  I suspect this is what blasts a chunk of heaven out of the heavens and creates the various tartarus regions.

Beyond oh fuck

Rather interestingly, the game refers to Black Alice as the 3rd god to be created.  I thought Ilias was the only god.  My MGQ lore is rusty.  The only other god I can think of is the original monster lord and progenitor of Alice’s line.

God Alice ascends and looks around at her new playground.  Because of these events, all kinds of parallel worlds have bubbled off.  She (and we) see an alternate reality where the monster girls were not sealed and rule unopposed.  In another, the angels destroyed the monsters utterly and rule a world devoted solely to the worship of Ilias.

Our playmates for [part 3]

She also notices we’re here and observing her... which comes as a rather unpleasant shock to White Rabbit.  She nopes out of there and takes us with her back to Ilias...

...who promptly nukes her with lightning again, in case we’d forgotten she’s a complete psychopath.

Given that White Rabbit II is now a chunk of smouldering charcoal (alas poor Rabbit), it falls to Ilias to continue the explanations.  Out of all the parallel worlds she mentions there are two unique worlds where history diverged a lot and one side completely crushed the other.  It’s the representatives of these worlds that are running around trying to influence things on this world.

And speak of the devil, here are the shikibus sisters.

Speaking of the devil does indeed make them appear
Now what are they doing here?

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Here's what I hope is a more condensed explanation.  It's quite likely wrong, so please feel free to correct if you have better (i.e any) Japanese reading comprehension.

There is the canon!world of the original MGQ series.  In that canon!Luka did experience all the lovely sexy (and not so sexy) Bad Ends we chucked him into, but was saved by Ilias rewinding time.  This weakened the fabric of space/time, which was finally pushed over the edge by Luka and friends killing Ilias.  This opened up holes and created the potential for parallel universes to bud off.

(So Luka killing Ilias is the initial "catastrophe" event.)

Now to paradox!world.  Because of all the damage to the space/time continuum, an experiment caused the Black Alice fought at the end of MGQ to be pulled back in time to Remina.  There she was able to successfully absorb the powers of the Ilias she'd consumed to ascend to godhood, causing the catastrophe in paradox!world.

Other worlds were also budding off and multiplying all over the place.  In one, the monster girls beat Ilias and her angels.  In another, the angels eradicated the monster girls.  It's representatives of these worlds that have been running amok on paradox!world.

Right, so that's where we're at.  More to come (plus the inevitable final boss) next post.


  1. Well, few words.

    1. Eden blocked temple with her barrier because that was the source of chaos, BUT. She didn't know that Ilias was the source and that she locked her there. Like White Rabbit said - She is an idiot. But strong idiot.
    She saved this world from destruction, but that barrier was tempory solution. Evem withous Luca and co, it'l break. That is wht Rabbit brought Luca here - to fix things.

    2. Experiment at Remina. You all be suprised but it was actually mentioned in the original trilogy. Don't beliive me?
    30 min 25 sec
    Well that was only excuse. In the original world nothing happens with this experinment.

    3. If you choose Ilias and not Alice, here we finally confirm that tiny Ilias is a part of the Ilias from original world. Or something like that -___- I was confused here too.

    4. God is only word. People call Ilias like that when they met her and so she always use this. She is actually an avatar of light energy. So Goddes here mean - Ilias and Alice 1 (avatar of dark force). Black Alice become Avatar of Chaos.
    And White Rabbit did not send us in time, it was just image or something. That is why she was scared when BA could see them. That means that her power now beyond space and time.

    Few. Too many words for me.

    1. The canon Remina experiment didn't cause anything to happen because Ilias nuked the place BEFORE the experiment could be completed.

    2. So in other words Black Alice is Deadpool.

  2. Interesting news from TRTR.
    Paradox 3 won't be coming out this year.
    The next big series, "Monmusu xxxx" (Title pending) will probably be revealed after part 3.

    1. Interesting. Post seems to talk about smaller and medium projects. Probably makes sense given the MGQ games are huge and sometimes you need to do something else to preserve sanity.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. re posting. Original post deleted due to embarrisingly poor grammer. I need to work on my proof reading skills.


      I'm not so sure about the idea of Black Alice being brought back in time. I think the time lines already align correctly at that point. In Mgqp part 1. we were told that the tartarus rifts appeared 30 years ago so if they were a result of the battle between luka and illias in the original game (more likely, to my mind, the white rabbit experiment and the "forbidden" (as labled in the game) fusing of dark and light magics that was the whole "white rabbit" experiment. So it seems to me that in this offshoot universe, remina was not destroyed by angels (again in the original game's time line that had happened 30 years previously) and continued to develop it's experiments for another 30 years to the point that they could pull black alice from the original reality into their own. No time travel because the times are already matched up. Of course this would mean that this worlds luka was born a lot later than than the original games luka but this has to be the case because the rifts that opened up as a result of his battle with illais are 30 years old in this game. But before we all blame poor old luka, lets remember that he was simply stopping illias from wiping out both the human race and the monster girl race.

  3. Civildeviation16/04/2018, 18:28

    Just be sure to mention in the next post that Alice and Illias routes allow you to encounter different boss monsters and each have a few differing recruitment options that you can only get by playing through it twice.

  4. Wait a second... this just came to me... but with all this messing around with time, could it be plausible that Monster Girl Quest NG+ Ecstasy is technically canon?

    1. no because the NG+ was a mod created before Paradox was announced and translated

    2. No, I mean there's nothing in Paradox that negates Ecstasy from occupying the same canon.
      The backstory for Ecstasy is that Luka beat Ilias, but then some crazy rigmarole happened that caused him to go back in time at the start of the game, where he can change the events of the canon story.
      But in Paradox, it's revealed that the whole multiple dimensions nonsense happened because the original Luka killed Ilias.
      So, technically speaking, there's nothing that's stopping Ecstasy and Paradox from existing in the same canon, even though they don't actually exist in the same canon.

  5. *End of Evangelion flashbacks*